Check Samsung Phone By Have

Decryption of iPhone IMEI check results:

Check Samsung Phone By Have
1.— Shows IMEI. Unique number of each mobile device;
2.— Shows the Serial Number of your iPhone;
3.— Activation status shows whether the iPhone has been activated at least once.
4.— Indicates if the Apple Care Additional Warranty is available and how long it is;
5.— Shows whether this phone has a warranty and its expiration date;
6.— Expiration date of contractual terms
7.— Shows whether your phone has a lock for a foreign operator.
8.— Shows your iPhone model, color and memory size;
9.— Shows which mobile operator your iPhone is locked to.
This information is not always available in automatic mode.

(point 3). You can’t start unlocking your iPhone if it has never been activated! If this field is absent when checking the IMEI of your iPhone, then the iPhone is NOT ACTIVATED!
(clause 6). This clause is relevant for iPhones that were sold under a contract, i.E. I have a binding to the operator. The checker shows the date of the end of the contract, and if it is over, then the value “Expired”.
If your iPhone’s contract has expired, this does not mean that this phone will be automatically unlocked.!
(point 7). “Locked” value. Locked, work with your operator is impossible; “Unlocked / Unlocked”. This phone can work with any SIM card in the world.

Free iPhone check by IMEI

On this page you can check iPhone IMEI.
If, as a result of the check, the field “SIM blocking” shows “Locked / LOCKED”, then your iPhone is tied to a foreign telecom operator and does not have support for working with your SIM card. For such an iPhone to work with any SIM card from any country in the world, you need to unlock the iPhone.
This checker is designed to check iPhone / iPad. With it, you can punch an iPhone by IMEI. Phones from other manufacturers cannot be verified.

Check IMEI of iPhone Apple

In order to check the status of your phone (Locked / Unlocked), you must enter the IMEI number (15 digits).
This request is processed automatically on the Apple activation server.
To find out the iPhone IMEI dial # 06 # or go to “Settings. General. About this device”. IMEI is entered without spaces.
Example of correct IMEI: 013031002443984
At the moment, there are problems with the Apple server, the checker may not work correctly!

If you failed to check your IMEI through the verification form Above, then your phone can be checked only on a paid checker. The cost of the service is only 150 rubles, after which you can get the necessary information!

Why is it important to check iPhone by IMEI?

This check must be carried out by IMEI, which is in the device’s memory (to do this, just dial # 06 # or go settings. Basic. About this device), not on a tray, not on a box, or on the body of the device. These elements are easy to replace. On this page, you can quickly and conveniently check the iPhone by name.

What is IMEI (“AMEY”) of your iPhone and what is it used for?

International Mobile Equipment Identity. Translation from English: “International Mobile Equipment Identity.”
IMEI is a Number (15-digit decimal) unique to each iPhone phone.
Aimei is assigned to the iPhone at the factory. It serves to identify the device on the network and is stored in the phone software.
There are no two phones with the same IMEI.

Name code structure

Depending on the year of assembly of your device, you may have a code of the old and new samples. Let’s consider both options. The old IMEI will have the following structure: 123456-78-912345-0. Let’s decipher it:

  • 123456. Type Approval Code. The numbers of the official sample model of your device.
  • 78. Final Assembly Code, country number of final assembly. For those who are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, it is he who is useful.
  • 912345. Serial Number, serial code of your device.
  • 0.Check digit.

Since 2004, a new number format has been applied: 00-000022-333333-1. The country of origin is also encrypted here with the seventh and eighth characters. The numbers in a slightly different form mean the same:

  • 00-0000. TAC, your phone’s unique model number.
  • 22. FAC. How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, we will also calculate it with its help.
  • 333333. SNR, serial number of the device.
  • 1.Spare, check digit.
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If your machine was manufactured during the period when FAC was abolished (2003-2004), then the 7-8th characters of your “have” code will be two zeros (00). In this case, you will not be able to determine the country where your phone was assembled by IMEI.

How to find out the country of the phone manufacturer by IMEI iPhone, Samsung, Nokia?

It’s no secret that phones of the same model, from the same manufacturer, assembled in different countries, can differ significantly in quality and reliability. Therefore, many experienced buyers are looking for how to find out the country of manufacture by IMEI, not trusting the data on the box. We will share with you information that will help you understand the “have”.Codes of devices, extract useful information from them.

How to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI

05, 70, 02, etc. It is the combination of these numbers that will help you see the real state of manufacture of your phone. It is worth noting that corporations that produce smartphones prefer to keep data about the country of final assembly secret, therefore all information specified below is unofficial. In addition, manufacturers of different smart phones (Samsung, Sony, iPhone, Nokia, etc.) encrypt states in IMEI codes under different symbols.

Here is a summary table showing how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI (06, 01, 07 and others), as well as some estimates of direct users.

CodeCountryProduct quality information
01, 05, 06, 09, 10, 70FinlandGood mark
07, 08, 20, 41-49, 78GermanyGood mark
19, 40English kingdom
03, 80PRC
02, 20UAEPoor quality
13AzerbaijanPoor quality

If the country code you defined by IMEI conflicts with what is written on the box or under the battery of the device, then there is a possibility that the phone you are holding in your hands is a fake.

What is IMEI number and where to find it

“Have”.Code is a 15-digit unique number that identifies each released smartphone, tablet, modem. In addition to the country of origin, you can use it to find out a lot of useful information about the device: whether it has a proprietary warranty, the presence in the “black” lists, the software version. The gadget is identified by IMEI in mobile networks. Using this code, you can also get any information about unknown phone models.

Changing IMEI is a criminal offense not only in the UK, Belarus, Latvia, but also in our country. However, this does not reduce the number of fakes, which, by the way, can also be calculated by this 15-digit number.

Before you can find out the country of origin by IMEI of a Nokia, Samsung, iPhone or other gadget, you need to find this code. “Have” is usually indicated on the original packaging of the device, or under its battery. You can display this code on the screen of the smartphone itself by typing the command: # 06 #.

Alternative ways

In addition to the IMEI, the manufacturer of your smartphone, you can calculate the S / N. The serial number of the device. It is also listed on the box or under the battery next to the “have” code. You can determine the final country of assembly by this number by going to one of the popular services that specialize in providing such information.

CodeState of origin
54Belgium, Luxembourg
60-61South Africa
00-06USA and Canada

That’s all the ways that tell you how to find out the country of manufacture of the phone by IMEI, as well as using the serial number and barcode on the box. The coincidence of all the results, including the name of the country of assembly indicated on the box, is a guarantee that you have a branded device.

Approximate order of actions in case of loss. Cell phone theft.

Lost-Android. Managing a lost smartphone via the Internet.

In addition to searching with standard Android or iOS tools, you can use other software. For example, you can download and install the well-known Lost-Android program, which allows you to remotely control your phone.

What Lost-Android can do remotely over the Internet:

Lost-Android. The official app, it is in the Google Play Market. After installing the program, for the purpose of conspiracy, you will have a new application called Personal Notes with the administrator rights of the device. In its settings, a Google account is entered, through which it will be possible to control a cell phone from a distance.

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Why it is almost impossible to find a stolen phone by IMEI.

Why is there a problem finding a missing phone by IMEI.

1. The reluctance of the telecom operator to search for a phone by IMEI in its network at the request of the police or citizens. Everything is done formally, the search time is delayed, until all the deadlines provided for by law are released.

2.Software transmitting the coordinates of the smartphone and transferring remote control to the owner is easily erased and removed by resetting the phone to factory settings, formatting the memory or by flashing the device.

In order to effectively fight against theft of mobile devices, the consumer of communication services should be able to independently find a smartphone using IMEY in the operator’s network.

In any state of the firmware, the phone should always have special software that allows you to find it under any circumstances.

But at the moment there is no such functionality, so we have the problems that we have.

For the reasons described above, to the question: “How to find a phone by imei?” , you can answer: “Phones are returned to their rightful owners in isolated cases.”

Is it possible to check by IMEI before buying a phone, and whether it is a stolen phone?

It is possible, but in our country there is no official database of stolen IMEIs. Stolen devices. There are sites that provide an IMEI check service, but their databases are far from complete and are not connected with the databases of the competent authorities.

The addresses of the sites hosting the service “Find a phone by imei” are given below. This is the only possible way in our country to view the imei database of stolen phones.

Attention. On the Internet, you can find the offer “download the phone program by imei”, but you cannot trust such programs, because they contain malicious code. By installing such a program with a database of stolen imai on a PC, you can lose computer data or passwords, logins from your accounts on the network.

What is IMI?

All cell phones of GSM, WCDMA and IDEN networks have imei.

The IMEI is assigned to the device at the factory, during its manufacture and is stored in the device’s firmware. IMEI is transmitted over the air during authorization in the network and serves to identify the device in the cellular network.

IMEI is used to find stolen phones.

How to find a phone by IMEI via satellite?

Perhaps sometime in the future, the lost phone can be found via satellite, for example, through Elon Musk’s Starlink system. But at this point in time, this is not possible.

If you are offered to find a stolen phone via a satellite using IMEY or to download a special program for money, do not agree. There are many scammers on the Internet who use the gullibility of inexperienced users, take money and deceive them.

It is important to know that information about the phone’s IMEI code is transmitted through the landline network of the mobile operator and nothing else.

If the phone is in silent mode

If the phone is lost in the house or in the country and it is in silent mode, then you need to remember whether the alarm is activated on it. If the alarm is set, it will go off even when the phone is off, as well as in silent or airplane mode. When the alarm goes off, the phone can be heard and found.

How to check have a Samsung phone

On most Samsung branded models, the mobile ID verification code is the same as the standard combination. # 06 #. In this case, it usually does not matter whether the device in your hands is a model from the line of push-button devices. Like Samsung C3592 or one of the ultra-modern Samsung Galaxy S5.

In both cases, you can find imei on the box or in the documents for the phone, and also look under the battery of the device after disconnecting it. In addition, for the owners of the Samsung Galaxy line, it is important to know that the manufacturer provides an electronic warranty, which can be verified just by entering the device’s identification number on the manufacturer’s website. This service allows you to use the services of an Authorized

Samsung Service Center does not have paper warranty documents or cash receipts during the entire warranty period of your device if you purchased Samsung products from dealers participating in the “Electronic Warranty” program. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that at the beginning of the operation of the products of this company go to the manufacturer’s website, where you can also find out how to check if you have a Samsung phone.

How to check your phone by having a code

If you no longer have the packaging or documents from it, but at the same time your mobile communication device is in your hands and in working order, then the following instructions will help you understand how to check the phone by its code. To find out the imei of a working phone, you need to dial on the keyboard (in dialing mode):

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After that, sometimes you need to press the dialing button (green handset) and wait a little, after which the imei-code of this device will be displayed on the screen. Usually imei-code looks like 15 digits in a row, for example: 123456789101121.

The second way to find out the identification number of a mobile device without a box and documents is also not particularly difficult. You just need to open the phone case and take out the battery. There is usually a second sticker underneath that has the imei imprinted on it. This method is well suited if, for some reason, your phone cannot display the imei code on the screen. But in this case, there are several important nuances: some phones cannot be opened without hindrance and without harm to the design in order to get the battery. These are all Apple models. Secondly, the phone in your hands could have been previously repaired and the code written under the battery may be absent or differ from the code displayed at the request # 06 # or written on the box. This often happens if during the repair some important parts are replaced, such as the motherboard, since this sticker is most often located on it.

How to check have a mobile phone

Some novice users of mobile communications (be it a smartphone, a communicator or an ordinary cellular device) are sometimes interested in this question. How to check if you have a mobile phone? The answer to this seemingly not the most obvious and trivial question is quite simple, but depends on a number of circumstances, among which:

  • Did you buy the device “hand-held” or from an official distributor in your country
  • Do you have a box and / or documentation for your mobile device
  • Is it in working order
  • Type, model and brand of your mobile device
  • Has your device been repaired (and which parts were subject to repair or replacement) before

In most standard cases (when the device was purchased in a communication store or from a mobile operator), a simple way works. Look at the box from your mobile device. It is usually printed with an imei code. It is also possible that the sticker on which the imei code is printed is on the documents for the mobile device. This method will help a lot if the phone is not at hand, you have lost it, or it has been stolen from you. Of course, it often happens that the box or documents from the phone are not saved after the time has elapsed, and then this method will not work. This does not greatly complicate the process, because this article describes in detail how to find out IMEI in various ways.

Collection of answers to your questions

For various reasons, many users of mobile devices, both conventional and smartphones, are wondering how to check their phone?

  • How to check have a mobile phone
  • How to check your phone by having a code
  • How to check have a Samsung phone
  • Check have a phone in Ukraine

Each means of cellular communication (mobile device) has its own separate number. Unique for each device. International Mobile Equipment Identity is an international mobile equipment identification number, abbreviated as IMEI. With this code, mobile operators distinguish between cellular devices connected to the network. This number is entered into the device at the moment when it is produced and does not change during the entire period of its use.

Check have a phone in Ukraine

If you live in Ukraine, then you should know that on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine you can enter the IMEI code and check if this device does not pass through the search base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. This should be done in order not to make problems for yourself if the device you bought is stolen. This case includes Article 198 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. If a previously purchased mobile device still passes through the search base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then you should immediately contact the police station and write a statement providing complete information on the occasion of the purchase of this mobile device. In order not to get into a similar situation, it is strongly recommended to immediately check your phone number in Ukraine when buying on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

We just figured out in detail how to check your phone number, and also considered other important aspects related to the identification code of mobile devices.

It will not be superfluous to look at how to find out the serial number and imei of Apple phones and tablets: