Check Samsung For Originality By IMEI

What is electronic design and what are its advantages?

This warranty option has a number of significant advantages over a paper coupon. The main ones include:

  • The ability to contact an authorized Samsung service without presenting any documents (receipts, packaging, etc.);
  • A defective product can be returned for repair anywhere in Russia;
  • If the buyer wants to give this or that equipment to someone as a gift, then he does not need to present the present along with the check (sometimes it is not very convenient to do this).

What is the commitment?

The warranty provided to buyers of Samsung products protects the purchased equipment for a specific period of time established by the terms of the contract. This period begins to count from the date of purchase of the product.

  • Screen flickering due to improperly soldered display;
  • Inoperative state of the cooling function of the refrigerator (due to defective compressors);
  • Sudden shutdown of the washing machine during operation due to poor-quality waterproofing, etc.

In all these cases, the buyer can count on a free restoration of the purchased equipment at authorized Samsung service centers.

In general, the warranty provided by Samsung includes two types of services:

How do I check my Samsung phone warranty? Is it possible on the Internet?

This article will help you learn how to check the warranty for the products of this brand, as well as figure out what it includes.

What does ZoZPP say?

Thus, if the Samsung phone fails after the expiration of the warranty period, but within 2 years, the buyer will be able to make the relevant claims to the seller. At the same time, the owner of the phone will have to prove that the breakdown is related to a defect that arose at the production stage. It is possible that in this situation there may be a need for an independent examination.

How to check the warranty card by serial number or IMEI?

Users of Samsung products have the option of checking the electronic warranty online. This may require the serial number of the product or IMEI.

IMEI consists of 16 digits and is usually located on the nameplate under the rear access panel or written directly on it (if it cannot be removed). In addition, you can find out your IMEI through the phone settings by going to the “About device” section.

So, in order to check the phone warranty, you must proceed as follows:

  • First you need to follow this link.
  • In the window that opens, an empty form will appear titled “Electronic guarantee check“. It must be filled in, indicating the IMEI of the phone (tablet) or the serial number (if you need to check the warranty of other equipment).

Warranty period for Samsung phones in Russia

According to the information posted on the official website of Samsung, the warranty for phones sold in the Russian Federation is 1 year.

After the specified period of time, any repairs to the product will be made at the expense of the buyer.

Paper and electronic types

Samsung has two types of warranty cards:

How to find the production date on a Samsung phone?

Some users try to find out the manufacturing date of their Samsung phone, but they don’t know how to do it right. As practice shows, this procedure is quite SIMple. The main thing is to know what information is needed for this and where to get it.

So, the date of manufacture of the Samsung phone is encrypted in its serial number, which can be found on a special plate inside the phone or on the surface of the back panel (depending on the specific model).

Serial number is a set of characters consisting of numbers and Latin letters. For clarity, you can give a specific example. R38K503SRVD.

The date of manufacture of a Samsung phone is determined as follows:

  • From the end of the serial number, count 5 characters to the left. However, there is one important nuance here. If the number ends with a letter, then start counting the required number of characters after it.
  • Next, you need to pay attention to the 6 and 7 characters of the serial number. They represent the month and year the phone was manufactured.

So, in the given example, the date of manufacture of the Samsung phone is May 2018.

Summing up the above, it can be noted that Samsung is available to check the electronic warranty of the phone by IMEI. At the same time, the warranty period for phones on the territory of the Russian Federation is 1 year. During this period of time, customers can have a factory defective product repaired free of charge or have their money back (if the smartphone cannot be restored).

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External evaluation

When conducting a visual inspection, you should pay attention to several important points:

  • Packaging. The original smartphone is sold in high-quality sealed packaging, which contains instructions, a warranty card and a charger;
  • Stickers. Not only confirm the authenticity of the product, but also allow you to keep the manufacturer’s warranty. Remember, the real phone should not contain the names of other companies and logos of foreign mobile operators;
  • The body and small parts are intact, strong, well secured;
  • Front camera. Expertly fitted, with white LED bulbs, most models, including the latest galaxy s9, are in the center;
  • Screen width and height. To determine them, you can use a ruler or a caliper (allows you to determine these indicators with millimeter accuracy);
  • Power button. A sinking and inconveniently located ON / OFF button indicates a fake;
  • The number and format of SIM cards. For 2020, most smartphones work with micro-SIM and have 2 slots;
  • Image quality. Ask to turn on your smartphone and take a close look at the quality of the images. They should be clear and even;
  • OS version (operating system). The same as indicated in the instructions;
  • Font size. Must be the same for all sections;
  • Side lighting. All Samsung smartphones, be it Galaxy s7 or Galaxy Win 2, SIMply do not have it! To check it is enough to put a black screensaver on the entire screen. The original will remain without backlight.
  • Localization and language are different for each country. The main thing is that all the inscriptions on the phone or on its packaging comply with the grammatical norms of a particular language.
  • Before buying a phone, be sure to visit the official Samsung website and examine the appearance and main characteristics of the model you like (weight, dimensions, logos, stickers, a palette of available colors, etc.).

    First turn on

    How to verify Samsung for authenticity? Be sure to turn on the proposed device and check the sequence of the information that appears on the screen:

    • Brand name;
    • Operating system name (platform logo);
    • Specific device model name.

    Advice! If at least one of the named elements is not highlighted, refuse to purchase.

    Also pay attention to the structure of the screen. The main feature of Samsung smartphones are special AMOLED matrices with subpixels of different sizes. They can be seen under a strong magnifying glass.

    How to check a Samsung phone for authenticity?

    Having become one of the world leaders, the smartphones of this famous South Korean company have become a favorite copy object.

    How to check a Samsung phone for originality and not fall for the bait of scammers?

    This can be done in several effective ways. Let’s consider each of them.

    Service Codes

    A service code or specialized team is one of the main ways to determine the authenticity of a phone.

    In the case of the Galaxy s9 and other South Korean devices, the entrance to the engineering menu is carried out by dialing #.

    This combination of numbers is radically different from the standard options, so a fake will not react to it in any way, while the original device will immediately enter the component testing menu.

    Another specialized command is the # character sequence. It is not reflected in any official instructions, but it works quite successfully.

    When you enter this code, the screen will display the smartphone model (for example, Samsung Galaxy s8), its production date, build number and other important information.

    IMEI check

    Any phone (regardless of cost and manufacturer) has its own personal code called IMEI.

    It is assigned to the device during manufacture, refers to the international identifiers of mobile equipment and allows cellular operators to identify phones in their network.

    To check Samsung by IMEI on the official website, you need to know the specific model number. As a rule, it is indicated inside the warranty card, on the seal with which the box is sealed, or under the battery near the barcode.

    For smartphones of the old generation (no older than the galaxy s7 model), another method is relevant. If you do not know how to find out IMEI samsung, dial # on your smartphone.

    After that, the screen will display a 15-digit numeric code. It must be entered into a special verification form located on the official website of the company.

    Mobile applications

    If you failed to verify samsung by serial number, use special applications with which you can authenticate a particular device.

    The most popular are:

    • Gfxbench;
    • GPS Test;
    • Antutu;
    • CPU-Z;
    • Geekbench.

    Mobile applications show the performance of the device, analyze the processor and system state of the device, and determine the state of the GPS sensor. Then all this data is displayed on the screen.

    If you doubt your own awareness, ask for help from someone who is familiar with the products of this company and is well versed in modern gadgets. This is the only way you can protect yourself from scammers.

    Check Samsung For Originality By IMEI

    What is IMEI (IMEI)?
    IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). The 15-digit number is a unique number for each GSM mobile phone. Installed at the factory during manufacture and serves for accurate and complete identification of the device in the GSM network.

    How to find out the IMEI code of the phone?
    The definition of the IMEI number of the phone, the IMEI number can be found by typing # on the keypad in standby mode. This number must match the number on the sticker under the phone battery and the number on the phone box.

    Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus: find the serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID
    If you have access to your iPhone, you can find your device serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID in several ways.
    In the About Device window on the iPhone The serial number and IMEI, ICCID, or MEID are listed in the About Device window on the iPhone. From the Home screen, go to Settings General About device and scroll down.

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    Apple iPad: Identify Serial Number, UDID, IMEI, ICCID, and Cellular Account (Phone Number)

    IMEI for your iPad Serial Number, UDID (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G models), and Universal Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Cellular Account Number (CDN), and Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) (only for Wi-Fi 3G model) you can find out:

    • Using iTunes;
    • On the back of iPad
    • Ipad About screen
    • Ipad packaging

    My mobile phone was stolen, what should I do? You can find the location of the phone in your database?
    No, we can’t find it! We only determine the phone model by numbers from the IMEI number. To find the phone, contact the police.

    • Write a statement;
    • Ask them to send a request to the mobile operators where the phone is located;
    • Periodically ask the police about the results
    • If there is no positive answer from the police, ask for confirmation. Let them show an official response from the mobile operator.

    How to add IMEI to the base so that it turns white?
    The National Commission on Communications Regulation has banned mobile operators from servicing telephone sets imported illegally. Operators will turn off such phones after September 30, 2009.
    We have nothing to do with the base of the National Commission, as well as the base of Ukrchastotnadzor.
    When buying a mobile phone, ask for a check (check it yourself) for the presence of the phone’s IMEI number in the Ukrchastotnadzor database.

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    Using the code on the packaging

    The first way that you should pay attention to in the first place is checking the code on the product packaging. Huawei smartphones always come in boxes with a barcode, IMEI and serial number. If this data is not available or the sticker is of poor quality, this may indicate that this unit is counterfeited or at least sold in non-original packaging.

    If the device was bought a long time ago and the box is lost, then you can also find the information on the identification code in the warranty card of your device. The code in the coupon must clearly match the code on the package, so please pay attention that the warranty coupon is filled out correctly when purchasing.

    Through settings

    You can also check your Huawei smartphone through the settings menu. Most devices of the company from the Middle Kingdom have a SIMilar function. To see the IMEI, go to the settings and scroll down the list until you find the “About phone” item. Go to it and scroll a little lower again. If your phone has such information, then depending on the firmware it will be located directly in the first menu, or look for it in one of the submenus of this section.

    Smartphone check for authenticity

    How to check the originality of Huawei smartphones in this case? Here the rather popular Internet service International Numbering Plans comes to our aid. With it, we can easily verify the authenticity of Huawei phones before purchasing. To do this, you need to find out the name of the device you have chosen and drive it into the service analysis line. After a while, the phone manufacturer will be displayed in the Type Allocation Folder column, and its model in the Mobile Equipment Type column. The belonging of the phone to the market can be viewed in the Primary Market column, where, for example, Asia or Europe should be displayed. If the IMEI data from the service coincide with the data given in the technical documentation, then everything is in order with the phone, and you can safely buy it.

    Via dial pad

    The easiest and most convenient way to find out the name of your device is, perhaps, to use the dial pad. Just enter the combination # on the keyboard and press the call button. After a short period of time, the data about your phone will be displayed on the screen. Agree, it’s pretty quick and convenient.

    There is also a way to check it, how to look at the sticker under the removable battery of the device. Cutting or scuffs in the area of ​​the sticker may indicate a change in the name. However, nowadays, phones in an all-metal case are increasingly appearing on the market, and this method is becoming more and more irrelevant, so we decided not to separate it separately.

    What is IMEI?

    IMEI is an abbreviation of the English International Mobile Equipment Identity, which translates into Russian as “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Any mobile gadget with the help of which you can use the services of cellular communication or satellite telephony is equipped with a SIMilar code. Have usually consists of fifteen digits, in which the manufacturer of the device encrypts certain information. Sometimes the information hidden in the name differs depending on the types of gadgets and the years of their production, but basically the following is hidden in the code:

    • The first six digits are the so-called Type Approval Code. The international encoding of the model and class of a mobile device. The first two digits of this code should be decoded as the country of the manufacturer of this gadget.
    • The seventh and eighth digits of the code are the country in which the physical assembly of the device was performed. Do not confuse the country of the manufacturer and the place of assembly.
    • The next six numbers are the unique serial number assigned to the device by the manufacturer. Within one model, there should no longer be devices that would repeat this number.
    • The last digit is the reserve number, which in almost all cases is zero.
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    The IMEI of a mobile phone is a highly multifunctional information that can be used by both services and individuals. And even if at first glance all such codes seem useless, however, knowing how to use the code correctly, you get the opportunity:

    • Determine the authenticity of the smartphone upon purchase by comparing it with the name printed on the package and the one that is on the phone itself or is stitched in its flash memory.
    • With the help of IMEI, you can always identify the owner of the device and return a stolen or lost phone to him.
    • With the help of an email address, a mobile phone can be easily tracked by a mobile operator. This can be useful to find a missing device or even the owner of this device.
    • If you know the name of your smartphone, then in case of theft, you can block the device by informing your operator about it. You also need to know IMEI when filing a report with the police.
    • Having the correct IMEI code is a direct guarantee that the device is of high quality and has not been tampered with.

    It should also be remembered that it is always read by the mobile operator as soon as the SIM card has been activated in the phone. After that, in cases of problems with the phone, it can be instantly blocked. Therefore, always keep this in mind before verifying the authenticity of your Huawei phone.

    How to find out the IMEI of a Huawei phone?

    If you decide, for example, to verify the authenticity of Huawei tablets, then you can do this in several ways. At the moment, there are four relevant ways to look at the devices, but it should be borne in mind that no matter what method you use, the code must always be the same.

    However, this information may be useful for more than just authentication. Often, the device identification code can be requested when performing various remote service procedures, when contacting technical support, etc. So finding out information about the IMEI code of your device will be completely useful, even if you have been using this gadget for a long time.

    What is the IMEI of a Huawei phone, how to recognize it and use it to verify the authenticity of the device

    If you are at least sometimes interested in mobile phones, then you have probably heard such a thing as “phone IMEI” more than once. The reaction of the majority of people to this parameter can often be described something like this: as “There is such, well, well, you never know what else is there.” Nevertheless, in fact, IMEI is not just a random set of numbers, but information that is very important for a smartphone or tablet, which is better not to underestimate. And even better, when a person fully understands what it is to have, understands this concept and is always ready to apply this knowledge in his favor.

    In this short article, we want to tell you how to find out the IMEI number on Huawei devices and how this information can be useful to you in real conditions. And although the IMEI check of Huawei smartphones itself is not much different from checking the phones of other manufacturers, it will still be useful to recall some of the nuances. This article will be especially useful for people who were not interested in such subtleties in smartphones before. Well, let’s stop wasting your time and get to the point.

    What can be found by IMEI?

    Although it is mainly used to identify the device within the network of a mobile operator, it is very useful for ordinary users as well.

    Let’s start with the non-obvious. We have already said a little earlier in this article that the seventh and eighth digits of the IMEI code mean the country where the device was assembled. This would not be of great importance, but it so happened that not all factories produce devices of the same quality, and if you check it, you can refuse to buy a phone made in China in favor of, for example, a Finnish assembly.

    Correspondence of IMEI code and country of final assembly:

    • 01, or 10, or 70. Finland.
    • 02 or 20. United Arab Emirates.
    • 07, or 08, or 78. Germany.
    • 13. Azerbaijan.
    • 03 or 80. China.
    • 30. Korea.
    • 67. USA.
    • 19 or 40. UK.
    • 60. Singapore.
    • 04. Hungary.

    Checking warranty repair status

    With the help of the IMEI code, you can also easily check the status of the warranty repair of your mobile phone or other Huawei gadget on the official website. To do this, SIMply enter the device identification code in the search bar, and in a few moments you will have all the available information about its warranty service.