Check Iphone By Model

Where to find the iPhone model

To determine the country for which the iPhone was made, we need its serial number. We recognize it by knowing it and where the apparatus itself comes from.

To do this, you need to turn on the iPhone, go to Settings, find the General section, and then go to About this device.

After you have found the serial number, you can go in two ways:

  1. An easy way to determine the homeland of an apple device is to use our service. You just need to enter the full model number of your phone, and find out all the information you need about the origin of your phone and the presence or absence of binding to a specific operator.
  2. If there is no way to check the phone through the site, then you can find out the information you are interested in yourself. The phone’s model number consists of four letters and three numbers, but in order to determine which country your iPhone came from, you only need the last two letters. For example, if the model number looks like this MC354LL, then you need to pay attention to the letters LL.

Checking iPhone for UnLock

In many countries, iPhones are sold specially locked for a specific telephone operator. In such a case, the use of this unit in other countries may be restricted. It is possible to eliminate this problem and use a brand new phone, but one way or another, it requires additional investment of time and money.

To make sure that your iPhone will function normally in your country, it is better to check when buying where your apple gadget was brought from, and whether it is locked to a specific operator.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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Checking iPhone before buying from “gray dealers”

Buying an iPhone from a gray vendor can save 5. 20 percent of the price of the device at official points of sale. Usually gray smartphones enter the Russian market from Europe and Asia. However, there is a slight chance that the iPhone has already been in use.

The first sign that the device has already been used is that it does not need to be activated. However, the activation request does not mean at all that the iPhone is new. The fact is that the activation procedure must be repeated every time after installing a new firmware. That is, this method is not 100% effective.

But you can still check the iPhone by serial number. For this you need:

  1. Go to Apple’s website under “Check Service and Support Eligibility”.
  2. Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the appropriate field (you can find it in the activation menu by pressing the i key on the right side of the window or in Settings General About this device)
  3. Press the Continue key.

If the smartphone is new or officially restored, a message like “You need to activate iPhone” will be displayed in a new window.

If the device has been activated, then in the Right to service and support section, the date of the expiration of the warranty period will be entered (356 days from the date of activation).

A one-year warranty can be considered proof that the iPhone is new.

Here’s what to learn about your new phone:

  • The country from which it was imported iPhone.
  • Correspondence of what is in the number printed on the box with what is inside the box.
  • Well, and an option when it is impossible to determine the detachment of the device from the operator by the model. Check iPhone by IMEI.

The basic data of the phone can be found without opening the package. On the back of the box there will be a sticker with barcodes with iPhone data.

  1. Model number;
  2. Serial number;
  3. IMEI number.

You can get the same information by turning on your phone and launching the Settings app. In the menu “General” “About device”.

If the serial number starts with 5K, then it is a factory refurbished unit.

Check Iphone By Model

1 Check iPhone by Model

By the model number, you can find out from which country this iPhone was brought.

Letters after the numbers before the “/” sign indicate the region of sale and warranty service.

For example MC131 TA / A. Iphone 3G 16Gb Black phone purchased from Taiwan (Chunghwa Telecom).

Official Russian telephones (PCT) have the following numbers: MB489RS / A, MB496RS / A, MB500RS / A, MC131RS / A, MC132RS / A, MC133RS / A, MC134RS / A.

Check iPhone at

How to check an iPhone for authenticity

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Almost half of iPhone owners in our country have bought their phones from “gray” dealers. That is, the devices were brought from the USA, Europe and Asia by private individuals. And while the trend continues. This article is for those who buy phones from similar sellers and those who buy used smartphones from their hands. If you are not sure that you have an iPhone in front of you, then here is an article on how to distinguish a fake iPhone from an original Apple smartphone.

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In some countries, iPhones are sold locked under a specific operator. This limits their use in other countries and requires unlock, which is not always possible. In addition, every time after a new firmware is released, you have to wait for the unlock release. There is an opportunity to use the services of unlocking phones (there should be an advertisement for intermediaries), but this is additional money. From 80 and above. And the result is not always guaranteed. Better and safer to check the iPhone for originality when buying.

Note to the hostess. Apple products are guaranteed worldwide. However, this does not apply to iPhones due to restrictions on the use of phones by various cellular operators.

Below is a list for self check

Green. Good (unlocked).

Phones with indices TA (Taiwan), ZA (Singapore), ZP (Hong Kong) are guaranteed to work in our networks.

Taking into account the lowest prices, most of the “gray” devices are imported from there.

How to find out the country of the iPhone?

What other iPhone country? A pensive reader will ask, After all, all iPhones are collected in China, as the inscription says “Assembled in China”, located on the back cover of the device. Indeed, all Apple phones roll off the assembly line in China, but they are made for certain countries. Therefore, today we will find out which country your iPhone belongs to.

In order to find out the country of the iPhone, we need its batch number (Part No. Iphone), which can be found in the iPhone Settings General About the device Model. It looks something like this MB489 ZA / A. The letters highlighted in red will help determine the country of the iPhone, if these letters are missing in the settings, then Part No. Can be found on the iPhone box and find out the country using the list below:

  • A Canada
  • AA Tunisia, Morocco
  • AB Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt
  • AE Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar
  • AH Kuwait, Bahrain
  • B UK, Malta and Ireland
  • BG Bulgaria
  • BR Brazil
  • BT Great Britain
  • BZ Brazil
  • FROM, CL, VC Canada
  • CH PRC
  • CI Paraguay
  • CM Hungary, Croatia
  • CR Croatia
  • CS Slovakia, Czech Republic
  • CN Slovakia
  • СZ Czech Republic
  • D, DM Germany
  • DN Austria, Germany, Netherlands
  • E Mexico
  • EE Estonia
  • EL Estonia, Latvia
  • ER Ireland
  • ET Estonia
  • F France
  • FB France, Luxembourg
  • FD Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
  • FN Indonesia
  • FS Finland
  • GB Greece
  • Gh Hungary
  • GP Portugal
  • GR Greece
  • HB Israel
  • HC Hungary, Bulgaria
  • HN India
  • IP Italy
  • J, JP Japan
  • IP Portugal, Italy
  • ID Indonesia
  • K Sweden
  • KH South Korea, PRC
  • KN Denmark and Norway
  • KS Finland and Sweden
  • LA Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico
  • LE Argentina
  • LL USA
  • LP Poland
  • LT Lithuania
  • LV Latvia
  • LZ Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay
  • MG Hungary
  • MM Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia
  • MO Macau
  • MY Malaysia
  • ND Netherlands
  • NF Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal
  • PA Indonesia
  • PK Poland, Finland
  • PL, PM Poland
  • PO Portugal
  • PP Philippines
  • PY Spain
  • QB Russia
  • QN Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway
  • QL Spain, Italy, Portugal
  • RO Romania
  • RP Russia
  • RR Russia, Moldova
  • RS, RU Russia
  • RM Russia, Kazakhstan
  • RK Kazakhstan
  • SE Serbia
  • SL Slovakia
  • SO South Africa
  • SU Ukraine
  • T Italy
  • TA Taiwan
  • TH Thailand
  • TU Turkey
  • TY Italy
  • UA Ukraine
  • VN Vietnam
  • X Australia, New Zealand
  • Y Spain
  • ZA Singapore
  • ZD Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland
  • ZG Denmark
  • ZO Great Britain
  • ZP Hong Kong and Macau
  • ZQ Jamaica

Previously, we thought that you can determine the country of the iPhone by analyzing the IMEI code using a special service, where you need to enter the 15-digit IMEI of the phone and press “Analyse”, but the results showed that the information encrypted in the IMEI regarding the region does not match the data of the iPhone batch number. Therefore, the Numberingplans service cannot be used to determine the country of the iPhone, it can be used to determine the make and model of the phone.

Note: Before June 14, 2011, knowing the country for which the iPhone was released, any user could determine whether the phone was locked or officially unlocked. Now the situation has changed a little, knowing the country, it became difficult to determine if the iPhone belongs to the Factory Unlocked category, since Apple put on sale officially unlocked phones, which were previously considered strictly locked for a specific operator. Some mobile operators that officially sell Apple iPhone now have a service to unblock on certain conditions for each operator.

How to distinguish an original iPhone from a fake

In this lecture below, the young presenter will detail how an iPhone can be quickly verified for authenticity. Topics will be covered such as:

  • Obvious external differences between the original iPhone and the Chinese one;
  • Difference in OS;
  • Subtleties of checking by serial number and IMEI;
  • Used iPhone activation.

Will show you what questions to ask the seller before buying, and how to check the phone for authenticity. It will tell in detail about foreign devices that are not intended for use: how to determine them, what is their problem and why they cannot be taken. The presenter will teach you how to check your smartphone without taking it out of the box. To do this, you only need the information indicated outside.

How to distinguish an iPhone from a fake

Iphone is one of the highest quality and most reliable smartphones on the market today. Its high cost is far from affordable for everyone and, therefore, sometimes the logical decision is to buy a used phone at a significant discount. How to authenticate an iPhone? Nobody can guarantee the seller’s conscientiousness, so you will have to carefully examine the device itself and find differences.

The main differences when checking an iPhone for originality

When buying, you need to pay attention to literally everything, starting with the behavior of the seller. An honest person selling an original Apple smartphone through an online ad would:

  • Indicate your phone number, not just your email address;
  • Ready to meet in person and discuss the details of the purchase;
  • Try to sell as expensive as possible (that is, not lower than the average market value of a used iPhone);
  • Allow you to authenticate.
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You have made an appointment and are holding a phone in your hands, which may soon be yours. How to check the originality of an iPhone? Take a close look at the interface first. The fake iPhone runs Android OS, or worse, Java. At best, Chinese craftsmen will be able to fake the look of iOS, but they won’t be able to completely copy the functions. Check basic programs: camera, messages, contacts, settings. You can prepare screenshots of the original operating system in advance (you can easily find them on the Internet) to compare on the spot.

How to tell the difference between a Chinese iPhone? Most likely, the build quality of the fake will leave much to be desired. In the original smartphone from Apple, all the lines look smooth, every detail adheres perfectly to the other. The presence of any irregularities and cracks can sometimes be explained by the fall of the smartphone, but in this case, at least, you can bring down the price. If you notice any flaws in the assembly of the phone, examine very carefully for other parameters.

Check iPhone by model on apple website. On the case of the device or on the packaging

If you still keep the original packaging from your device, then you can find the serial number printed on the barcode label.

For iPad and iPod Touch users. The serial number of your device is engraved on the case back at the bottom at the base.

  • Iphone 3G
  • Iphone 3GS
  • Iphone 4 (GSM model)
  • Iphone 4s

Your device’s serial number is printed on the SIM tray, along with the device’s IMEI number.

  • Iphone 7
  • Iphone 7 Plus
  • Iphone 6s
  • Iphone 6s Plus
  • Iphone 6
  • Iphone 6 Plus
  • Iphone SE
  • Iphone 5s
  • Iphone 5c
  • Iphone 5

You can find out the serial number only on the box of the device, in the device settings or in iTunes. We will show you how to do this below.

Iphone Authentication Step-by-Step Guide

1. Measure the display screen

Any fake differs from the original by at least one tenth of a millimeter. Find the diagonal of your model‘s iPhone and compare with your purchase. The screen should be exactly the same. Do not include the case in your measurements. Please note: there may be different sizes in the same generation. How to know if the iPhone 5s is original or not? Just measure the diagonal. Fakes of this model are made in the wrong size, focusing on model 5 or 5c.

2. Find the serial number

The originality of the iPhone is fully confirmed by the serial number. This is a combination of 12 Latin letters and numbers, which is indicated on the side of the box. Serial number verification is the most reliable method. Go to the Settings menu item and select General and About this device. Check the combinations that you found on the box and in the settings of the purchased phone must match.

After that, enter the serial number on a special page of the official Apple website: Checking the serial number. The system must accurately identify the generation and model of the smartphone. On the same site, the Apple warranty is checked, you will find out if the contract for free maintenance and repair is valid on your device.

3. Make sure there is a SIM card slot

The iPhone and iPad differ from most competitors in the presence of a nano-SIM slot. All smartphones from Apple, starting from the fifth generation (i.E. 5, 5c 5s, 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus), use this SIM format. In 4 and 4s micro-SIM. Slots in iPhones are presented in the form of pull-out slots on the side panel. The SIM card is inserted from the right side if you hold the smartphone with the screen facing you. Slide-out slot is a thin plate with a hole in the center that fits a micro- or nano-SIM.

4. Check the device using the SNDeepInfo service

Sndeepinfo service is designed to check used devices. On SNDeep.Info, you must enter the serial number or IMEI of the iPhone to find out if the smartphone is original. The site is also useful in that any person who has lost his phone (was stolen or lost) can add his serial number to the database. If you check a stolen iPhone, you will know about it.

Never contact sellers who offer you an iPhone with Apple ID lock (this is an email). Unblocking will not work even after flashing, and you will lose most of the useful iOS features. If they try to sell you a smartphone with a blocked ID, then most likely it is a stolen device. Also check if the device search function is enabled. Open Settings, iCloud, Find iPhone. It must be turned off without fail. Ideally, the former owner should completely remove their Apple ID from the phone and do a full factory reset.

Refuse to buy if the seller, for one reason or another, forbids you to check if a real iPhone. Examples of such excuses:

  • The presence of viruses on the phone, which supposedly disappear after a system reset;
  • Fragility of the smartphone (the owner is afraid that you will drop it);
  • Please check after purchase.

Phone IMEI Check / IMEI Number Analysis

Buy IMEI archive phones, new IMEI on 08/11/2020. 16:00:
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2296)
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2298)
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2296)
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2296)
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2298)
Apple: iPhone SE 2020 (A2296)
Realme: X50 Pro 5G RMX2075
Oppo: CPH2127
Samsung: Galaxy S20 5G (SM-G986B)
Samsung: Galaxy A01 (SM-A015F)
Samsung: Galaxy A11 (SM-A115W)
Samsung: Galaxy M01 (SM-M015F)
Samsung: Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F / DS)
Xiaomi: Redmi Note 9 Pro (M2003J6B2G)
Samsung: Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (SM-N986U)
Samsung: Galaxy Note 9 (SM-N960U1)
Samsung: Galaxy S20 (SM-G980F)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi Cellular (A2200)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi Cellular (A2200)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi 4G (A2198)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi 4G (A2198)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi 4G (A2198)
Apple: iPad 10.2 Wi-Fi Cellular (A2200)
Apple: iPhone 8 (A1863)
Apple: iPhone 8 (A1863)
Apple: iPhone 8 (A1863)
Apple: iPhone 8 (A1863)
Samsung: Galaxy Note10 SM-N975U
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 Cellular (A2068)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 WiFi (A2230)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 WiFi (A2230)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 WiFi (A2230)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 Cellular (A2068)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 Cellular (A2068)
Apple: iPad Pro 11 2020 Cellular (A2068)

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What is IMEI (IMEI)?
IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). Number consisting of 15 digits, is a unique number for each GSM mobile phone. Installed at the factory during manufacture and serves for accurate and complete identification of the device in the GSM network.

How to find out the IMEI code of the phone?
Determining the IMEI number of the phone, the IMEI number can be found by typing on the keyboard # 06 # In standby. This number must match the number on the sticker under the phone battery and the number on the phone box.

Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 plus: find the serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID
If you have access to your iPhone, you can find your device serial number, IMEI, ICCID or MEID in several ways.
In the About Device window on the iPhone The serial number and IMEI, ICCID, or MEID are listed in the About Device window on the iPhone. From the Home screen, go to Settings General About device and scroll down.

Apple iPad: Identify Serial Number, UDID, IMEI, ICCID, and Cellular Account (Phone Number)

IMEI for your iPad Serial Number, UDID (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 3G models), and Universal Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), Cellular Account Number (CDN), and Integrated Circuit Card ID (ICCID) (only for Wi-Fi 3G model) you can find out:

  • Using iTunes;
  • On the back of iPad
  • Ipad About screen
  • Ipad packaging

My mobile phone was stolen, what should I do? You can find the location of the phone in your database?
No, we can’t find it! We only determine the phone model by numbers from the IMEI number. To find the phone, contact the police.

  • Write a statement;
  • Ask them to send a request to the mobile operators where the phone is located;
  • Periodically ask the police about the results
  • If there is no positive answer from the police, ask for confirmation. Let them show an official response from the mobile operator.

How to add IMEI to the base so that it turns white?
The National Commission on Communications Regulation has banned mobile operators from servicing telephone sets imported illegally. Operators will turn off such phones after September 30, 2009.
We have nothing to do with the base of the National Commission, as well as the base of Ukrchastotnadzor.
When buying a mobile phone, ask for verification (check it yourself) for the presence of the phone’s IMEI number in the Ukrchastotnadzor database.

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What you can tell by the iPhone model number?

When buying an iPhone from the secondary market, you should always be very careful. It is never superfluous to check the serial number as well as the model of the device being sold. If the first one tells about the guarantee, the date of purchase, then the second will allow you to find out the origin of the device, which, in some cases, is even more important.

How to find the iPhone model number?

To do this, go to Settings General About this device. This is where the full technical information about the smartphone will be collected, including the model number. You can determine the history and state of the iPhone by the first letter:

  • M brand new machine that has not been repaired.
  • F the device has been officially refurbished by Apple Certified Refurbished.
  • N the device was replaced under warranty.
  • P personalized device. When buying, engraving was carried out.

The last letters will tell you about the origin of the device, in particular, the country for which the device was intended.

Let’s take a test smartphone as an example:

Best comment

Zz, This is where you are wrong. The person didn’t say that he didn’t know, but simply clarified, because further letter designations are not described in the article) For example, I bought my iPhone in USA, but I had no idea that there were any letter designations. And before that, I did not buy an iPhone from an official reseller and did not know which country it was intended for, so this does not mean at all that the iPhone was being opened. Then I took my iPhone to an authorized service center and already there I was told that it was intended for sale in France, and after the exchange, naturally, I was given a new one for RU.