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What is IMEI Huawei phone, how to find it out and use it to check the authenticity of the device

If you are at least sometimes interested in mobile phones, then you probably have heard such a thing more than once as “IMEI phone”. The reaction of most people to this parameter can often be described something like this: as “there is such, well, well, you never know what else is there”. Nevertheless, in fact, IMEI is not just a random set of numbers, but a very important information for a smartphone or tablet, which is better not to underestimate. And even better, when a person fully understands what you have, understands this concept and is always ready to apply this knowledge in his favor.

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In this small article, we want to tell you how to find out the IMEI number on the apparatus of Huawei and how this information can be useful to you in real conditions. And although the IMEI Huawei check in itself is not much different from checking the phones of other manufacturers, it will still be useful to recall some nuances. This article will be especially useful for people who were not previously interested in such subtleties in smartphones. Well, let’s not waste your time in vain and move on to the essence.


Only bad copies and replicas can be distinguished by the box, they usually do not hide when selling that this is a copy.

Left. replica/copy, on the right is the original (there is a full name of the phone and the manufacturer logo).

A variety of graphic elements (left) is issued a copy, on the right is the reverse side of the original box.

With fakes is already more complicated, the appearance of the box is a full copy of the original (all inscriptions and logos are present). In this case, pay attention to the presence of the information sticker. In the original, the full characteristics of the product, bar code, IMEI devices, serial number are printed on it:

Information sticker on a box from a real phone.

Attention! The inscription on the front side 5G is a sign of fake.

The original Huawei P30 Pro phone does not support work in 5G networks.

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How to redo the modem to the phone

Many users often ask about how to make a modem define as a phone.

To turn it into a regular phone, you need to perform a number of successive operations:

  • Connect the smartphone to a personal computer through a USB cord;
  • Select the connection in modem mode;
  • wait for automatic software installation;
  • If it is impossible to perform the previous step, you need to download official drivers or use the installation disk;
  • turn on the Bluetooth application for automatically adding a new device;
  • conduct the creation of a remote connection to organize workshops of tips;
  • choose a setting method (depending on the operating system to replace) through the section “Program-Standard-Svyvy”;
  • Change the manual installation of the connection after connecting to the Internet;
  • among the presented names of modems to make your choice;
  • In the “Properties” tab, select the link of additional parameters;
  • cancel the selection of components.

note! Thus, it was shown above how to make a modem defined as a phone.

What is IMEI?

IMEI is an abbreviation from the English International Mobile Equipment Identity, which is translated into Russian as “International identification of mobile equipment”. Any mobile gadget is equipped with such code, with which you can use the services of mobile communications or satellite telephony. Have usually consists of fifteen digits in which the manufacturer of the apparatus encrypts certain information. Sometimes the information hidden in it differs depending on the types of gadgets and the years of their production, but basically the following is hidden in the code:

  • The first six digits are the so.called Type Approval Code. the international encoding of the model and the class of mobile device. The first two digits of this code should be decrypted as the country of the manufacturer of this gadget.
  • The seventh and eighth figure of the code is the designation of the country in which the physical assembly of the device was performed. Do not confuse the country of the manufacturer and the assembly place.
  • The following six numbers are a unique serial number of the device that is assigned to him by the manufacturer. Within the framework of one model, there should no longer be devices that would repeat this number.
  • The last digit is a backup number, which in almost all cases is zero.

IMEI mobile phone is a very multifunctional information that both services and private individuals can use. And at first glance, all such codes seem useless, however, knowing how to use the code correctly, you get the opportunity:

  • Determine the authenticity of the smartphone when buying, having chopped it with, applied to the package, and the one that is on the phone itself or is stitched in its flash memory.
  • With the help of IMEI, you can always determine the owner of the device and return him a stolen or lost phone.
  • With the help of a mobile phone, a mobile phone is quite easily monitored by the mobile operator. This can be useful to find the missing device or even the owner of this device.
  • If you know, have your smartphone, then in case of theft you can block the device by informing your operator about this. IMEI also need to know when applying to the police.
  • The presence of a faithful IMEI code is a direct guarantee that the device is high-quality and was not forged.

It should also be remembered that having always reads the mobile operator, as soon as the SIM card was activated in the phone. After that, in cases of problems with the phone, he can instantly be blocked. Therefore, always keep this in mind before checking the authenticity of the Huawei phone.

The first way is simple

To do this, you do not need to have a solid baggage of knowledge on the operating system, it is enough to gain a certain combination of numbers in the pre.installed “phone” or “set of numbers”. As soon as the nomeronabrifier opens, enter the # values ​​alternately (if the entered code was not considered automatically, click the call button). After the code was activated, it will be possible to see both IMEI1 and optionally IMEI2 and meid. Each IMEI corresponds to a separate place for the SIM card. That is, if you have a two.sized smartphone, then IMEI codes will also have 2. Meid is necessary to determine the location in case of theft or loss of the device.

In the retail box and on the account there is a number IMEI, written on them, which is a good reason to keep them safe, and not throw them away. At least keep the box safe, because it will be useful if you need to check IMEI, or if you decide to resell the phone later. IMEI number will be a sticker on the side panel.

The fourth method is the box

Any Xiaomi phone has its own transport packaging with a charger and operating instructions. So, the phone itself went directly in the factory film and some markers, glued in front and behind the device. One of them contained just the same IMEI and Meid data. But in 99%, people simply peered these films, throwing them away or leaving them in the same box from which they got the gadget. The sticker may also contain data on the place of production and the volume of the battery. By the way, such stickers are rescue in the event that the initial value was not replaced by the first and not 10 times, when the very first and authentic number was long lost and forgotten. Thus, the presence of this sticker is necessary if you need to find out or edit the value of the identifier.

How to Change Huawei Modem IMEI

Android users can check their IMEI number of their device, even if they have lost the phone. All the methods described above work perfectly and work faster, but if you have lost your phone and did not save the box, it can still help you out.

  • Enter Google Dashboard using the Google account related to Android phone.
  • Click Android. Near the green logo of the robot.
  • This will show the list of devices registered in the account, as well as their IMEI numbers.

What else needs to be checked before buying?

In order not to encounter difficulties, it is worth studying the appearance of the product before buying. These actions do not guarantee the authenticity of the mobile device, but help to avoid marriage and cut off low.quality gadgets at the stage of choosing a phone.


First of all, packaging is inspected. She must:

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know

If the seller offers opened goods (or the courier delivers equipment in the rumpled packaging), it is most reasonable to refuse to purchase. Such a solution will help to avoid trouble and a quick warranty repair.


The next paragraph is associated with the appearance of the smartphone itself. Fakes are extremely similar to the original, but some shortcomings remain in them. For example:

Why is the Huawei/Honor phone is not charged: what to do?

Such little things give out fake equipment and help avoid mistakes when buying.


The state of the screen is the most important detail that requires close attention when buying. Chips, incomprehensible stripes, broken pixels are unacceptable, since their presence indicates a production marriage or counterfeit. Having discovered a flaw, you need to refuse to buy and immediately ask for a replacement or contact another store. Otherwise, you will soon have to give the phone to the service.

Smartphone version

A separate mention is deserved by the version of the OS. Smartphones developed for internal Chinese use are markedly different from devices for other countries. Therefore, in addition to checking Huawei according to IMEI, it is required to check the region for which the device has been released. In case of error, using the usual mobile services will not work.


Only bad copies and replicas can be distinguished by the box, they usually do not hide when selling that this is a copy.

Left. replica/copy, on the right is the original (there is a full name of the phone and the manufacturer logo).

A variety of graphic elements (left) is issued a copy, on the right is the reverse side of the original box.

With fakes is already more complicated, the appearance of the box is a full copy of the original (all inscriptions and logos are present). In this case, pay attention to the presence of the information sticker. In the original, the full characteristics of the product, bar code, IMEI devices, serial number are printed on it:

Information sticker on a box from a real phone.

Attention! The inscription on the front side 5G is a sign of fake.

The original Huawei P30 Pro phone does not support work in 5G networks.

How to find out the firmware version and the Huawei model number?

Information about the firmware of a smartphone or tablet can be found in system settings. For this:

  • We pass in the settings menu;
  • Scroll through the list to the very bottom and select the item “On the smartphone” (or “On tablet PC”);
  • In the list that opens, we write out data from the items “Version of Android”, “Firmware of the Module of Communications”, “Nuclear version” and “assembly number”.

This data is precisely the full information about the firmware of the device. At the same time, the “assembly number” also includes the model identifier of the device (it is also indicated in the “model number” paragraph) and information about the firmware region. On the example of the assembly number “S7-601UV100R001C170B101” we can get the following information:

In addition, for most devices, the manufacturer indicates the model of the model of the model on the box in the barcode area next to the certification sign.

How to find out the serial number of the Huawei device?

The serial number of the device includes information about the model and other data from the manufacturer. The serial number can be designated as Serial Number or S/N. You can find this number on a box in the barcode area, on the check and warranty coupon, or under the back cover in the battery area next to the barcode.

IMEI is an exclusive number by which the device is identified on a mobile network and recorded in the manufacturer’s system. This number will help to find your device in case of loss or theft, as well as receive consultations and service remotely. This code can be found:

  • on the box in the area of ​​the barcode;
  • under the back cover in the area of ​​the battery;
  • by combination # in the device number.
  • You can check the IMEI smartphone or Huawei tablet based on Android OS in settings-o-o-IMEI. If the smartphone supports two SIM cards, IMEI will be indicated for each radio module.

Why is it important to distinguish a fake

Each buyer should know how to check the Honor phone for authenticity by having or serial code. In this way it is possible to avoid buying a fake with cut functionality. Honor non.original mobile devices, as a rule, have a number of disadvantages:

  • Low assembly quality;
  • lack of warranty;
  • screen defects;
  • limited functionality;
  • the inconsistency of technical filling of what the manufacturer is stated and. D.

The only plus is the price, but this is a dubious advantage against a background of low quality and disappointment from the goods.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share how you control the authenticity of the Honor on your mobile device, and what do you do to check.

How to determine the date of production of a smartphone?

To determine the date of production, you must look at the serial number of the device:

  • Count the last five digits from the end. they mean nothing, we need the next four values;
  • The ninth digit from the end is the year of production;
  • The eighth digit or letter. a month of production (a. October, B. November, C. December);
  • Seventh and sixth. day of production.

For example: S/N: A5C1A01 2731 00011. Where 2. 2012, 7. July, 31. 31.

The assembly quality of the device

Due to the installation of the cheapest modules in fake smartphones, the quality of the devices is at a very low level: a dull and vague image on the screen, poor quality of photos and videos, noise during conversation, etc.P. The smartphone can slowly work and “slow down” due to a poor-quality and low-power processor, the microphone failure, and the connection periodically disconnects.

The Xiaomi brand uses only the highest quality components, and smartphones undergo the strictest quality control. This means the absolute absence of creaks, loose fit, rattling, using thin plastic, including an exuding pronounced plastic aroma.

Antetu Officer Authentication

Easy to use and free program for determining the originality of smartphones, installed from the Play of the market.

  • Find the official website through the computer and switch to it. Address. y.Antutu. Com. Page with QR code will open.
  • Launch the same application on the phone. The screensaver opens, press the start button.
  • Wait a camera launch with an area indicated by a square. In this square you need to place a QR code from the site.
  • The application will transmit the phone data to the server, and the verification result will be displayed on the PC screen. If the smartphone is original, an icon with the word “good” will appear.
  • If the original device is not purchased, a red circle appears.

ATTENTION! The testing process is automatic, you don’t need to press anywhere.