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Samsung Galaxy A70. Replacing the screen (display module), original

Get these items for free with your Samsung Galaxy A70 purchase. Replacing the screen (display module), original

Samsung Galaxy A70. Replacing the screen (display module), original

Quick screen replacement in Samsung SM-A705 Galaxy A70. We use original display modules. Express replacement is possible within an hour.

Used spare part

Screen glass with touch screen and display (display module) on frame, service original.


Replacement in this way takes about 1-2 hours. The original module is delivered on a frame, which makes it possible to carry out repairs technologically and on time.

Signs at which the screen is replaced in the Samsung Galaxy A70:

  • Broken, damaged front glass of the screen (can be replaced separately)
  • There is no image on the display after a fall, other mechanical impact
  • Does not respond to pressure (touch screen does not work)


Six months. Warranty is provided for the part replaced and work performed. We also give a verification guarantee of 14 days to check the general functionality after repair.

Samsung Galaxy A70 2019 (A705): how to disassemble and replace the display

It so happened with Samsung smartphones that if they bring them in for repair, then most often to replace the display module. Bright and rich AMOLED displays, no matter how cool they get from year to year, remain fragile. One hard fall completely incapacitates the “picture”.

Samsung Galaxy A70 LCD Screen Replacement

Today’s A70 is no exception. Falls to a corner are among the most dangerous. Almost always the glass will crack, the matrix will often be damaged, since it is weakest in the corner places.

Let’s start by removing the SIM card tray. A paper clip, a needle or a thin screwdriver is the main thing, without fanaticism. Tray ejection mechanism is not very strong.

I left behind the scenes the process of separating the back cover, since it is extremely simple. The lid made of plastic is much stronger and more flexible than the glass one, you can peel it off with an ordinary spatula for parsing. We create the necessary gap and, working with a tool, like a wedge, peel off the cover. It is also not worth bending the lid too much, characteristic traces of bending may appear.

A whole set of screws holds the back bezel that hides the inside of the phone from us. We methodically unscrew it, put it aside. The screws are the same, you can not be afraid to mix up.

With the same spatula, snap off the rear frame from the body and set it aside. As you can see, there are contacts of the volume and power buttons on the frame, as well as an external speaker and wireless charging.

After gaining access to the board, disconnect the battery. We remove the risk of accidental closure during the parsing process.

It’s time to test your new display module before installing. I always do this, it is better to spend a small amount of time than to install a defective spare part without the possibility of its exchange or return.

Structurally, everything is very simple: we disconnect the connector of the old display (on the lower subboard) and connect a new one.

Since all the buttons and the cable remained on the rear frame, we will replace them with the usual closing of flexible contacts. I marked the necessary contacts. Any conductive tool will do. We hold both contacts for a couple of seconds and voila: we see the Samsung inscription.

After starting the system, we set the maximum brightness and meticulously inspect the image. On a light background, on a dark background, in all corners. We make sure that there are no graphic distortions and artifacts.

The sensor can be checked by dragging icons, typing on the keyboard, pulling the shutters and scrolling through lists.

Since we have a new display module with a frame, all we need is to transfer the internal components to the new base.

change, screen, samsung

All peripherals need to be turned off, also pull out the main board and the lower additional.

There are inscriptions on the board-to-board cable that will help you not to confuse the ends. “MAIN” must be connected to the main board, and “SUB” to the bottom.

Having lifted the main board, we are not in a hurry to transfer it to a new frame: a vibration motor and an earpiece are left under the board.

Unscrew the 2 screws of the fingerprint scanner and put it aside for now.

We raise the bottom board. It is slightly glued to the base, so if difficulties arise, it is better to add alcohol or heat.

We begin the transfer with three components: the earpiece, the vibration motor and the antenna cable. We pry everything with tweezers and transfer to the appropriate places.

On this model, the battery is glued quite solidly and with a large area, there are no tags for pulling out. I share in a simple way: I add a small amount of alcohol to the indicated places and leave it for a minute. The alcohol will loosen the double-sided tape and the battery can be removed with bare fingers.

This photo clearly shows the factory gluing of the battery. Before installing the battery in a new place, clean it from the old adhesive tape.

At the last examination of the disassembled frame, I noticed an interesting thing. On the inside of the window for the fingerprint scanner, the crack of the display matrix is ​​clearly visible.

On the new frame we glue two strips of double-sided tape for the battery and peel off all protective and shipping films.

We assemble the device in the reverse order, but do not install the cover. We carry out the last test and only then we return the plastic panel to its place.

I was able to peel off the lid in such a way that the factory glue did not suffer, and I just put the lid back in place. If you have removed the tape or damaged it, the best choice is to install the cover with glue (B-7000, T-7000, E-8000, etc.).

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Display not working on Samsung phone

If your Samsung phone doesn’t work with the display, there can be many reasons. Only professional diagnostics can tell for what reason a malfunction of this kind occurred.

Types of service Price, p. Time
The display on my Samsung phone is not working. Refurbishment / replacement (depending on model) from 700 / from 1500 from 40 min.
Phone diagnostics IS FREE minimal

So that you understand. Modern smartphones are made up of many small components that are connected to each other using loops. Not only the component itself can be damaged, but also microfractures on the plumes can appear. In the case of moisture penetration under the case, especially for sweet or viscous drinks, oxidation can occur, which also causes unpredictable consequences.

Learn more about the reasons why the screen is not working on a Samsung phone

We have already said above that it is possible to identify the exact cause only with the help of diagnostics on the professional equipment of the service center. But, consider the main signs.

It is worth mentioning that under this breakdown, many smartphone owners often mean a non-working touchscreen, i.e. touch screen. Describing a breakdown as a non-working display, it means that the screen does not respond to touch. We are considering cases when it is the display that does not work, i.e. no picture.


  • Physical damage. This category of causes includes not only shocks and falls, but also the ingress of liquids. There is not always visible damage on the screen surface. A microcrack in the board or one of the connecting components is enough for the screen to stop working. The influence of liquids was discussed earlier.
  • The display stopped working after updating the firmware. There are cases when the phone turns into a brick and does not react completely, or there is an indication of switching on (diodes are on or there is a vibration response), but the screen still does not turn on. Probably the firmware is not suitable, or there was a failure during the update and the installation went wrong. In this situation, you will have to reflash the smartphone again.
  • The screen stops working while using the smartphone. Those. you use your Samsung and at some point the screen goes blank. There is a high probability of failure of the proximity sensor, which is responsible for locking the screen during a call when you bring the phone to your ear.

We have listed all the reasons and cases of display failure in phones from Samsung and any other manufacturer. Most often, of course, the cause is physical injury.

Our advice: contact the service center. Trying to figure out the problem yourself, you can only harm and make the final repair more expensive.

How to take screenshots with a finger gesture:

This feature has been included in almost all recent Samsung TouchWiz phones (i.e. Android phones from Samsung that are less than 2 years old). This feature is usually enabled by default, but if it doesn’t work. here’s how to enable the feature and use it:

You need to activate the gesture itself before you can use it. To do this, go to the Settings app and select the Motion menu.

In the Motion menu, find Hand Motions. and then check the Palm Swipe to capture box.

Close the settings app, navigate to the screen you want to take a photo.

Here’s the fun part. Now shape your hand like a knife (thumb up) and slide horizontally across the screen from either side, from edge to edge. If you do it correctly, the swipe animation will work and the screenshot will be saved.

How to take a screenshot using hardware buttons:

This is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016). Just follow these quick steps to get it done right now:

Open the app / screen you want to take a screenshot of.

Now press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

You will see a quick animation and a feedback sound to indicate that a screenshot has just been taken.

Easy, huh? Then we have a cool palm swipe gesture that lets you quickly take a screenshot on your phone even faster.

Solved: unlock the screen. Samsung Community

Hi you can reset your screen lock through the google account registered on your phone.

Reset Lock Screen Pattern Using Google Account

If the Screen Lock pattern is entered incorrectly five times in a row, a prompt screen appears with a message to try again after 30 seconds. The Forgot Pattern option will also be displayed.

At the bottom of the screen, tap Unblock with Google

Enter your Google ID and password.

If you have forgotten your Google account details, you can use the backup PIN

During the initial setup of the device, you will be prompted to create a backup PIN Click on the Backup PIN, then enter the number.

Recover Google Account Information

St ep 1: Go to google account login site Click Find my account link.

On the Recovery Options page, select the appropriate option and click Continue.

If you cannot do this, then the only way to do this is to do a full factory reset, which means that you will lose ALL data saved on your phone.

View solution in original post

Essential guide to taking screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J2 / J3 / J5 / J7. Dr.Fone

How to find screenshot on Galaxy J5 / J7 / J2 / J3?

Once you have captured a screenshot on your Galaxy J, you can view it anytime you want. They can also edit the screenshot according to their needs using the device’s built-in editor application. If you’re having trouble finding a screenshot you recently took, don’t worry. We got you covered, here are 3 ways to find a photo on Galaxy J5 / J7 / J2 / J3.

Immediately after we take a screenshot on the Android device, it will notify us. After you take a screenshot, you will receive a notification on the screen that says “Screenshot taken”. All you have to do is click on it. This will open the screen for viewing or editing.

In addition, you can also access previously taken screenshots if needed. By default, all screenshots are saved in your phone’s gallery. So to find a screenshot on your Galaxy J5, J7, J3 or J2, just tap on its Gallery app.

In most cases, screenshots are listed in a separate Screenshots folder. Just click on a folder to access all the screenshots you have taken. If you do not see the distinctive folder, then you will find your screenshots with all other images on your device (gallery).

– How to find saved screenshots?

If they are very easy to find. You can go to the Gallery app and find the Screenshots folder / album. Or manually, you can go to the Pictures folder “Screenshots” in your phone memory and check all the screenshots you took.

Samsung J320 Galaxy J3 (2016) display replacement instructions Mediaparts replacement instructions

For a prepared person, the entire procedure for replacing the Samsung J320 Galaxy J3 display takes no more than 30 minutes, if you are doing this for the first time, then you will keep within an hour, having received moral satisfaction and saving up to 1500 rubles.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) SM-J320F is the youngest model in the J series line. The body is made of plastic, the smartphone is equipped with a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen, 1280 × 720, 294 PPI. For a budget smartphone, which is the Samsung j3 2016, the display is flawless. Considering that it is made using Super AMOLED technology, the picture quality is impressive, and viewing video content on such a screen is a pleasure.

At the same time, the display on the Samsung Galaxy j3 is as fragile as in the entire line. Due to the very slippery body, the smartphone often falls out of hands, and when falling “oil down” we get the law of falling sandwich, with all the ensuing consequences.

If you decide to replace the Samsung j3. you should read this manual. On replacement, you will save about 1000-1500r. and also do not run into unscrupulous craftsmen who, instead of the display, will only replace the glass for you. You will not immediately understand this. but after a while you will notice glass peeling, dust getting between the display and the glass, and much more.

Samsung j3 screen. comes assembled, that is, it is a module consisting of glass under which there is a touchscreen, and a matrix (display). Screens for this model are available in 3 color ranges: white, black and gold. We got a white one on the operating table. So let’s start replacing the display.

Remove the back cover. As we already said, the back cover of Samsung j3 2016 is plastic, and so as not to damage it when removed. use the pick from the autopsy kit.

Unscrew 10 screws in order to subsequently remove the frame of the Samsung J320 Galaxy J3.

Warm up the frame around the display and the back of the smartphone with a hairdryer in order to remove the middle part of the case. You can use a regular fan to blow dry your hair. Be careful not to overheat the display.

We take out the middle part of the case on which the motherboard and cables remain, remove it from sin away.

We separate the display module from the frame. The display is glued to the frame with 2-sided tape. If the j3 has a broken screen, then there is nothing to be afraid of, you can safely tear it off with a plastic spatula. If you need to remove the screen, for example, to replace the loop of the Home button and the screen itself is intact, then you should do it with extreme caution. Use thick cardboard or a playing card. pushing it between the display and the bezel.

If the frame does not want to be separated, but the manufacturer has glued the adhesive tape there, from time to time, warm it up with a hairdryer to heat the adhesive tape, and insert the card again.

It is better to stick the card in such a way that it sticks out from both sides of the display, so it will be easier to drive it down, peeling off the adhesive tape.

Here is the removed display bezel. You need to remove the remaining adhesive tape, stick a new one and start assembly in the reverse order, gluing the new display to the frame

For a prepared person, the entire replacement procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, if you are doing this for the first time, then you will keep within an hour, having received moral satisfaction and saving up to 1500 rubles.

Samsung A70 Screen Replacement

Keywords: Samsung J320 display replacement, Samsung Galaxy J3 display replacement instruction

Repair Samsung A70 2019

The availability of spare parts determines the timing of the repair. For Galaxy a70, we have over 40 parts in stock. Standard Samsung a70 repairs such as screen replacement, charging connector replacement, rear panel replacement and many other works are performed within 1 hour.

The warranty for the work of the master is given for up to 6 months, and for spare parts the Samsung company gives a 3 month warranty.

Master’s work original detail

Description of the service Price / rub.
Diagnostics 0
Speaker replacement (spoken) 1200
Replacing the camera glass (camera glass with work. Original) 1400
Display / screen replacement (original module = display glass with sensor work of the master) 6800
Glass replacement (glass replacement only) 3500
Rear cover / rear panel replacement 1600
Replacing the polyphonic ringer 1500
Repair of the display, sensor 1400
Replacing the battery connector 1650
Replacing the microphone 1200
Replacing the headphone / headset connector 1400
Replacing the charging socket with a flex cable. power connector with a touch-sensitive part of the buttons 1800
Replacing the light sensor (the screen does not turn off during a conversation) 1490
Battery replacement (original) 1800
Replacing the antenna unit 1250
Cleaning the board after water ingress (ultrasound) 1500
Software change, firmware / software repair 600
Main camera (triple) 2700
Replacing keys on the charge circuit 1700
Information recovery from 800

The Samsung Galaxy a70 is quite slippery and often falls out of your hands. A crack in the glass of the screen is a standard story for this phone. Eliminate the crack and do it efficiently in two ways.

The first method that all authorized Samsung service centers choose is to replace the glass with a module. The main advantages are the repair time, only 1 hour 30 minutes and an extended warranty that applies to each element of the module. Minus is the cost of repairing Samsung a70.

The second way is to replace the glass separately from the display. The success of glass replacement here is interconnected with the state of the display and touchscreen. If the sensor does not work or there are defects in the image output, then it will not work to replace the glass. Therefore, the master, before starting to dismantle the glass, makes diagnostics of the fragile matrix. Inspection is carried out under a microscope. If during the inspection defects are detected, for example, microcracks on the display controller compound, the engineer will inform the client about this.

The back cover of the battery is made of tempered glass, which protects well enough against scratches, but at the same time does not protect against shock. Broken back panel changes to a new one in 40 minutes.

There are several colors available in the warehouse of the service center. If you want to change the color of the phone, you can choose any color you like. The cost of repairing Samsung a70 will not be affected.

The new rear panel comes in a factory blister and can be supplied in two trim levels. The main difference between these configurations is that the camera glass is already installed in one, and the camera glass is rearranged from the old cover in the other. Accordingly, the cost of repairs will be very different. The table with shows the simplest option, without camera glass.

Samsung Galaxy A70 glass repair and replacement in Kiev

HelloService specialists in Kiev are ready to diagnose a smartphone with its subsequent repair as soon as possible with a quality guarantee for replaced components. The cost of repair services is indicated in the price list.

Samsung Galaxy A70 urgent repair

The Samsung Galaxy A70 has a 6.7-inch large screen, an 8-core processor and 128 GB of internal memory. The model was equipped with a 4500 mAh battery, while the smartphone has an ultra-fast charging function. An excellent choice for the dynamic life of a modern person.

The Samsung Galaxy A70 has a 32MP main camera. Camera failure for a smartphone owner is always unpleasant news. For possible causes of the problem, see the article Why the camera does not work on Samsung?

Any model, both Samsung Galaxy A70 and Samsung Galaxy A60, may experience problems and malfunctions. Falling, water ingress, mechanical impact can damage the gadget or cause it to malfunction. Touchscreen, large display, glass are the most vulnerable to breakage. HelloService Service Center offers mobile repair and maintenance services.

Repair Samsung Galaxy A70 (A705)

High quality copy. Warranty 2 months.

Paid in case of refusal to repair.

Glass, battery replacement and other services

For the Galaxy A70, the service center provides assistance with repair and maintenance. Among the services we offer:

  • replacement of the glass of the screen and display;
  • battery replacement;
  • replacement of Samsung camera, microphone, power connector;
  • flashing;
  • cleaning after exposure to moisture.

The team of the HelloService service center will quickly and efficiently diagnose and troubleshoot your smartphone. Our SC offers a full range of services for the restoration of Galaxy A70 and other models, for example, here you can repair Samsung S8. The gadget can be sent to us using the courier service. You can contact our managers by phone and online. Trust your Samsung A70 to the professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Parts warranty from 3 to 12 months, depending on the type of part. For work on repairing boards, a warranty of up to 2 months.

The repair time depends on the availability of spare parts and on the complexity of the work. In most cases, if parts are available, repair takes up to 2 hours, board repair takes up to 1 day. You can find out the availability of details and exact dates from the manager of the department.

Yes, all shown include the cost of parts and labor.

Samsung Galaxy A70 A705f repair in Yekaterinburg

What breakdowns can Galaxy A70 users encounter and what they then turn to for repairs:

  • Display replacement for Samsung A70;
  • Glass plywood;
  • Deleting a Google account;
  • Rear cover replacement.

What are the signs that you can understand that the display has crashed?

  • Colored spots appeared;
  • The picture gradually disappears;
  • The touchscreen (touch control) stopped working;
  • no signs of life.

If such defects appear after the damage, then it will need to be reinstalled to fix it. Samsung A70 display consists of: matrix, touchscreen, glass, front panel of the case. It will take about 1 hour to replace the display on Samsung A70, in our service.

How to understand that after damage the display remains alive and you can only re-glue the glass on the Samsung A70? The image fully shows, mostly it is better to check it against a white background. There are no image winks, no color stripes. The touchscreen works over the entire surface, to check you can go to the service menu #. touchscreen.

Many organizations may argue that it is impossible to change the glass of the screen separately, since the glass is glued into the module and this is impossible to do. But having special equipment and the required components, we can refute this theory, in our service you can re-glue the glass on the Galaxy A70 without any problems. The re-bonding process is complicated and time-consuming, the approximate repair time is 1 day.

After resetting the settings on the Samsung A70, you may be prompted for the last user’s Google account. Knowing these data, there is no problem to enter them and continue using the smartphone. But if you do not know this Google account data or you did not use it before and you have no way to find out this data, then you will need to unlock your Google account. Any reset, flashing will not solve this problem in any way. There is a special algorithm of actions for its removal, which is unlikely to be within the power of an ordinary user. You will need to contact trusted specialists to unblock your Google account.

If the back cover is broken or badly scratched, then it can be replaced with a new one.