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IPhone (iPad) running out of battery fast? Eliminate the cause in 1 minute!

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iPhone 6 Battery Replacement Guide (How To). ScandiTech

Regardless of the iOS version, users have always found themselves in a situation where the iPhone runs out of power quickly. At what this problem arises in quite a few people, but not many pay attention to it and not immediately.

In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this misfortune and return your iPhone battery to its “former shutter speed”. By the way, the information in this article also applies to iPads.

In my case, I quite accidentally noticed that the percentages on the residual charge counter began to disappear somehow unnaturally quickly. I even began to conduct experiments: I charged the iPhone battery to 100% and left it to doze on the table all night.

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement in 4 Minutes

And what do you think? To my great regret, the experiments confirmed my fears. the iPhone did discharge abnormally quickly.

During the night (about 7 hours), I lost more than 20% of the battery charge. This is provided that the phone was not used at all, and was in a low power mode. It was just a disaster! What to do?

Do you have an unplanned iPhone repair or is the problem in software? A whole bunch of questions swarmed in my head, with which I turned to the Internet. And this is what I managed to find.

The thing is that somewhere in the “depths of iOS” a conflict may arise, which partially brings down one of the applications, which in turn begins to intensively “feed on energy”.

Those. everything seems to be fine, and you use your phone as usual, but at one point it starts to “devour” charged lithium ions at an incredible rate.

And note that all this happens for no apparent reason, regardless of the iOS version and your iPhone model. All of a sudden, my iPhone started to run out of battery quickly on 5.1.1, and on iOS 6.1.3, and on iOS 7.0.6. IOS 7.1 has recently been released. I think that there are the same flaws in it.

Now you are probably asking “So what to do when the iPhone is running low?” The answer is always the same. “Follow the instructions below.”

If your iPhone started to run out of power quickly, you need to clear the contents of the RAM (close all applications) and reboot the device in a hard way.

And now in more detail, for those who did not understand what to do:

STEP 1. Close all open applications on the iPhone. To do this, double-click on the Home button to call the multitasking panel, where we close all applications by swiping the icons up.

Attention! We close absolutely all applications. Only the home screen should remain.

STEP 2. Hardly overload the iPhone. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Home (round button under the screen) and Power (on the top edge of the phone) buttons. Hold until the screen goes out (about 7 seconds).

If the method above did not help, it is possible that there is a problem with the hardware (battery or charging controller). The articles on the links below will help you figure it out.

  • IPhone won’t charge! What to do?. read this article
  • Is it safe to charge iPhone with iPad charger?. read in this article
  • Charging or power controller flying?. read how to replace here

That was all that had to be done. The whole procedure takes exactly one minute. Now your iPhone will stay up all night and will not be more than 3% discharged. Checked out!

Carry out this procedure at least once every three months And do not forget that batteries and accumulators of any devices are consumables, i.e. lose their properties over time and require replacement.

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What is the difference between the Original and the Copy

The original batteries that we install are from Huizhou Desay Battery factory, the same factory produced batteries for the new iPhone 6. These batteries have the same capacity as the one in your iPhone. The “battery wear” indicator will show the percentage as well as before the replacement.

Copies are made at other factories, their name does not always coincide with what is stated on the battery. Their quality is an order of magnitude worse, we recommend placing them only after understanding the fact that this is a fake.

Anything can be the cause of a bad battery on iPhone 6. In addition to improper operation, the effect of temperatures on the battery can also cause malfunctions. It should be noted that the optimal temperature for battery operation is 16-22 degrees. If the temperature exceeds 35 degrees, then the battery capacity is noticeably impaired. Also, the causes of malfunction can be mechanical damage, as well as direct exposure to water or other liquid. One way or another, this problem is solvable. If you contact the service center, then you will be helped to get rid of this malfunction.

Replacing the battery (battery) iPhone 6

It is not a secret for anyone that the mobile gadget is powered by a rechargeable battery. On smartphones iPhone 6, and indeed on other mobile devices, the battery is located under the body. The popular iPhone 6 has a lithium-ion battery. Such a battery has a high specific capacity W / h and has a high discharge current. The process of charging a mobile phone can be carried out in two ways. from a computer or from an adapter. In both cases, a Lightning cable is required because there is no wireless charging technology on this model.

Why does the battery fail??

If the procedure for charging the device is correct, then the battery will last more than a year, or even two years. Its life cycle ranges from 1000 to 1500 charge cycles. If users neglect the elementary rules of operation, then sooner or later the battery will degrade and lose its properties. If this happens, you may need to urgently replace the iPhone 6 battery with a new one.

It is possible to determine that the battery is out of order if there are certain signs.

  • If the battery does not charge, but the rest of the cells are working properly.
  • If the battery quickly discharges, but the case temperature remains normal.
  • If the battery is noticeably swollen and the display is cracked.
  • If the battery state writes less than 80%

Replacing the iPhone 6 Battery at a Service Center

Our service center offers to replace the iPhone 6 battery in the event of a series of breakdowns. The process of replacing the battery is not particularly difficult and it will take up to 30 minutes for the specialists of our service center. It should be noted that experts recommend replacing the battery every 1-2 years, due to normal wear and tear. However, in the event of a problem, this should be done as needed. Our experts make a replacement for an original battery or a copy. We provide our clients with a guarantee of up to 12 months at the branches of Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro.

IPhone 6S Battery Replacement

Humanity is keeping pace with the times, so today a mobile phone has become an integral part of life. Apple has created a high-quality smartphone with a stunning design. The iPhone 6s mobile phone is the embodiment of grace and unique components, but whatever the components, they tend to fail.

What is the difference between the Original and the Copy

The original batteries that we install are from Huizhou Desay Battery factory, the same factory produces batteries for iPhone 6s from the box. These batteries have the same capacity as the one in your iPhone. The “battery wear” indicator will show the percentage as well as before the replacement.

Copies are made at other factories, their name does not always coincide with what is stated on the battery. Their quality is an order of magnitude worse, we recommend placing them only after understanding the fact that this is a fake.

How to identify a malfunction?

One of the main problems that people contact Apple Lab Service Center for is replacing the iPhone 6s battery. Note to users that the operating period of the battery ranges from 900 to 1500 cycles. Therefore, if you do not make a replacement, problems begin after 2-3 years of operation.:

  • despite the fact that the charging indicator (indicator) is large, the gadget turns itself off while making a call;
  • the battery discharges quickly for no good reason;
  • started to hang
  • reboots when the battery is charged
  • the smartphone functions normally when the power cord is connected to the mains.

The experts of our service center will carry out the “operation” to replace the iPhone 6s battery within 30 minutes. However, it may turn out that the rapid discharge of the battery is the result of damaged “internals” of the mobile device, the reason may be the failure of the Tristar power controller. If the defects are not eliminated, the new battery will not last long. Because the controller will load it for wear all the time.

To accurately diagnose iPhone before replacing the battery, you need to use the services of a professional. The workers of our workshop will conduct a comprehensive and comprehensive diagnostics of the gadget in order to find out the true reason why the battery needs to be replaced.

  • IPhone 6s battery replacement takes 30 minutes.
  • We put Huizhou Desay Battery
  • We give a guarantee of 12 months

Never change the battery at home. Unprofessional intervention entails detrimental consequences for the further functioning of the “apple” phone.

Apple Lab Service Center professionals are highly qualified and experienced people. By contacting us, you will be offered a high-quality replacement of the battery for the original battery, as well as an affordable price (the fixed amount includes the cost of the service and component parts provided). Our branches are located in Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhye and Lvov

The work of our troubleshooters (battery replacement) is divided into stages:

  • The smartphone is neatly disassembled.
  • Disconnects and gently removes the idle battery.
  • IPhone 6s battery is being replaced.
  • The device is assembled and tested.

The advantage of our workshop is that we provide long-term warranty service for all services.

Professional repair and quality spare parts

If you find these difficulties, you should immediately contact a specialist to change the part. Inexpensively replacing the battery on an iPhone 6 in a Moscow service center will not be difficult. The procedure will take no more than fifteen minutes. A new high-quality battery will quickly be installed in the smartphone, so that after the repair, the user will not notice the difference.

We adhere to a reasonable cost of services, because we care about our customers and want everyone to be able to profitably repair a smartphone.

We use non-original components and batteries from trusted suppliers. You can find out how much it costs to change parts by calling or leaving a request on the website. The master will announce the exact price after the diagnosis. The attractive cost of work and a guarantee for all services are mandatory components of the work of our SC.

IPhone 6 Battery Replacement

IPhone diagnostics 5. the process of sequential testing of the device and all its components by sequential testing of components using various technical and software tools.

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For what reasons can a breakdown occur?

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery is required in the following cases:

  • The device works very slowly when disconnected from the mains.
  • Charging time to 100% has been significantly reduced.
  • The smartphone starts to turn off or restart on its own.

Description of the service

Every day, the user’s iPhone performs a large list of tasks. The device receives signals, finds information in the global network, downloads data from the satellite. Over time, its performance decreases, the battery has to be charged much more often than before.

How to extend battery life

To avoid the need to replace the battery on iPhone 6 as long as possible, you should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid overheating or hypothermia of the smartphone.
  • Use only original charger.

By following these simple rules, you can significantly extend the battery life on your iPhone.

IPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement

The iPhone 6 Plus is considered a solid device with decent performance. Attractive design, enlarged body, large colorful display complemented by excellent functionality, good battery capacity. Therefore, this model is an example of functional and ergonomic technology. Despite the high build quality and reliability of the components, it malfunctions and requires repair of the iPhone 6 PLus. The fast discharge of the smartphone is inconvenient to use, so in order to fix this problem, you need to replace the battery on the iPhone 6 Plus.

A capacious battery with a long operating period is mounted in a thin case. It has a lithium-ion base, increased capacity of 2915mAh. These parameters have significantly improved power consumption:

  • the device can function without recharging for up to 24 hours during continuous conversation;
  • standby mode of the device is about 384 hours;
  • if you use a smartphone as a music player, the capacity is enough for 80 hours of continuous operation, for watching videos. up to 14 hours;
  • the functioning of the Wi-Fi module in the background does not affect the autonomy.

With frequent use of 3G, the iPhone is noticeably discharged. However, this does not indicate problems in functioning, but is a regularity.

Thanks to this capacity, the battery life is extended. It is 500 cycles, which makes it possible to use the phone for 2 years. After this period, the iPhone 6 Plus battery needs to be replaced. It is not recommended to perform the procedure yourself: there are many small parts, fragile cables inside, damage to which will lead to complete failure of the phone and expensive repairs. The element is firmly glued to the middle of the device, therefore, special equipment and tools are required to remove it, the presence of appropriate experience.

IPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement: Why Component Fails?

Recharging is done using the original charger or USB cable connected to the computer. The use of third-party adapters, non-observance of operational rules can lead to malfunctions in the functioning of the battery.

The first signals of malfunctions:

  • The gadget is quickly discharging. the service life may have expired; the part has a limited number of cycles, so the maximum amount of accumulated energy is reduced; you need to change the battery on the iPhone 6 Plus with a new one.
  • The smartphone does not charge. the problem is in the charging connector or in the part itself; diagnostics are carried out to establish the true cause of the problem.
  • The charging level indicator shows incorrect data. malfunctions in the battery or its microcircuit; the phone can show a full charge, and after a few minutes warn about a full discharge.
  • The gadget functions only when connected to the network. natural wear and tear of the component; the battery is only a transmitter of energy, it no longer has storage properties.
  • Visually noticeable swelling of the element. the part is completely out of order, chemical processes take place inside it with the formation of gases.

High / low temperatures and sudden changes, incompatible or outdated software, exposure to moisture on contacts, chips have a negative impact on the battery. If the smartphone is discharged with heating of the case, in the off state, the problem is hidden in the nodes of the device.

Contact professionals for iPhone repair to restore the gadget to its original condition. Specialists will make free diagnostics, quickly and efficiently eliminate faults using original components. The price of replacing the iPhone 6 Plus battery matches the quality of the procedures performed by specialists. Also, our specialists carry out the replacement of the iPhone 6 Plus glass quickly and efficiently. Repair warranty. 90 days.

IPhone 6 Battery Replacement

Apple’s technology is rightly at the top of the mobile device market. Ease of use and high reliability of products helped the brand to win a mass of fans all over the world. Even the most advanced technology can fail due to improper operation, expiration of service life, environmental influences or factory defects.

How to change the battery on iPhone 6

Experts recommend replacing the battery after every year of operation. The service life of the lithium-ion battery does not exceed 500 charging cycles, after which the performance drops significantly. IPhone 6 Battery Replacement is Necessary if Problems Occur early.

It is best to entrust the battery replacement procedure to a professional Apple service center with experience, the necessary equipment and skills. Such repairs will not take more than half an hour.

The lack of the necessary equipment makes it impossible to safely disassemble the case of the smartphone. The risk of carrying out work on changing the battery with improvised means is the opportunity to spoil the cables, board or gadget screen. The cost of repairing the above modules significantly exceeds the cost of replacing the battery in our service center.

To replace the battery on an iPhone 6 using our workshop in Kiev, you must:

  • During working hours of the service center, provide a phone number and describe the required task.
  • Provide or purchase on-site replacement parts.
  • Agree on the required time to complete the work.
  • Pay for the work and pick up the smartphone

Features of iPhone 6 Battery Replacement,

For owners of the sixth model of an Apple smartphone, whose device has been serving for more than a year, the issue of updating the battery is relevant.

When you need to replace the iPhone 6 battery:

  • When connecting the power cable, there is no increase in the charge of the device.
  • The battery power drops much faster than before. The temperature of the smartphone remains the same.
  • The battery has grown in size, resulting in deformation of the display.

There are many reasons for this problem. Changes in ambient temperature, mechanical impact (shock, falls), moisture ingress have a significant effect.

Such a procedure as replacing the iPhone 6 battery for a technician with the necessary equipment is quite simple. People who do not have the skills to repair such equipment are better off entrusting this task to professionals, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the gadget.

Proper use of the phone will help you extend the battery life of your phone:

  • Avoid charging your phone on power surges.
  • Do not allow moisture to enter under the cabinet. In cases where there is a risk that the liquid has got under the case, immediately turn off the device, for a period of time allowing the moisture to evaporate. It usually takes several hours.
  • Try not to hit your device.
  • Purchase a protective cover. Even with careful wearing, accidental bumps on the device are inevitable, the case will help reduce the risk of damage to your phone.

Is iPhone 6 Battery Repair Possible

It is not our policy to rebuild components. For the iPhone 6, battery replacement is preferable, since broken elements are difficult to repair. Replacing a damaged battery, for a specialist, is not difficult and will take very little time. Battery repair on the iPhone 6 is possible, but its cost will be much more expensive than a new, original, spare part, since the manufacturer initially provided only modular replacement of parts.

What is needed

  • Phillips (1.2mm, 1.7mm, 2.2mm, 3.1mm, and 3.2mm) and 3.6mm Pentagonal (Pentalobe) screwdrivers.
  • Sucker.
  • Tweezers.
  • Plastic tool.
  • New battery for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

How to replace the battery on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

If your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus started to discharge very quickly and you are sure that the problem is not a software problem (you can check it here), then the smartphone battery has lost some of its properties and needs to be replaced. You can also do this at home by strictly following our instructions for replacing the battery on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Difficulty: moderate. Time required: 20-50 minutes.

How to replace the battery on an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Remove the two 3.6mm Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector.

Place the suction cup firmly on the screen just above the Home button. Be sure to make sure the suction cup is attached as tightly as possible.

While holding iPhone firmly, pull the suction cup upward to slightly separate the bezel from the case. Important! Take your time or try to peel off the bezel with a quick motion.

Using a plastic tool, loosen the clamps that secure the front to the body.

Detach the suction cup from the iPhone display.

Open the body of the smartphone by lifting the face up to an angle of about 90 degrees. For convenience and safety, it is recommended to lean the front against something, such as an iPhone box. For added security, the box and smartphone can be secured with an elastic band.

  • One 2.2 mm Phillips # 000.
  • One 3.2 mm Phillips # 000.

Using tweezers, pull out the metal plate that secures the battery connector to the motherboard.

Using a plastic tool, gently pry up the battery connector. Important! Make sure you are lifting the connector and not the connector. Otherwise, you may break the connector. Observe a similar rule when detaching other loops.

  • Three 1.2mm Phillips # 000.
  • One 1.7mm Phillips # 000.
  • One 3.1 mm Phillips # 000.

Important! Be sure to sign each screw. Incorrect placement of these screws during assembly can cause permanent damage to your iPhone’s motherboard.!

Pull out the metal plate using tweezers.

Using a plastic tool or tweezers, disconnect the camera and sensor cable.

Disconnect the data cable.

Detach the touchscreen flex cable.

The front part is completely separated from the body! Put it aside.

Peel back the first side of the duct tape from the right edge of the battery.

Attention! Do not use sharp objects for this! Use either blunt tweezers or your fingers, as a lithium-ion battery can be extremely dangerous to puncture and even cause a fire!

Gently pull the adhesive tape towards the bottom of the smartphone. When doing this, be careful that the tape does not touch the battery or other components, otherwise it may break. Continue slowly pulling out the tape until you feel it start to go tight.

When the adhesive tape begins to stretch tight, gently pull it around the lower right corner of the battery. Continue to pull the tape up towards the right edge of the battery until it is completely free of the iPhone case.

Similar to the first tape, pull out the second one, which is located in the lower left corner of the battery. Continue to pull the tape slowly until you feel resistance.

After that, carefully run the tape around the lower left corner of the battery and, as in the first case, continue to pull it up towards the left edge of the battery until the strip is completely removed from the case.

Step 22 (iPhone 6 Plus only). Pull the third and final duct tape out from under the battery. Pull it down slowly, being careful not to touch the iPhone components, until it is completely removed.

What if the tape breaks and you can’t get the battery out? There is a fairly simple household way to solve this problem. Cut the old adhesive tape with nylon thread and you will be able to remove it, and with it the battery.

Remove the old battery from the iPhone case.

When installing a new battery, be sure to attach the dedicated adhesive tape (manual) to the back of the battery.

Install the battery and reassemble the smartphone.

Consequences of battery wear

In plastic iPhones, the user can observe a change in shape, which will become more convex over time. Minor cracks may also appear on the body, increasing in size. In the case of more modern iPhones, a slight bulging of the screen can be observed. Therefore, if you see streaks when you press the display, it is recommended to immediately change the battery to “iPhone”.

Sometimes, device owners can visually identify a damaged battery. For some users, the battery greatly increased in size and even opened the lid of the gadget. In addition, a damaged battery can cause an unpleasant odor. It is not necessary to bring the battery to such a state. Experts recommend replacing the battery in a timely manner. Otherwise, the body of the “iPhone” may be strongly deformed or spontaneous combustion of the device will occur.

When and why to change the battery?

Apple mobile devices are called long-livers due to their high quality and durability. All iPhones, especially the models created under Steven Jobs, amaze with excellent assembly and can work without problems for several years. However, some owners underestimate the excellent quality of mobile devices and are in a hurry to purchase improved models.

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It is not always necessary to get rid of the gadget when the first failures appear, since it is enough to change the battery in a mobile phone. It is important for smartphone owners to know that the useful life of a Li-Ion battery is measured in 3-5 years. After this period, it is recommended to replace the battery.

general information

In the modern rhythm of life, not all users have the opportunity to adhere to the norms of proper smartphone charging. As a result, many people have a question about how to change the battery and restore the phone’s performance.

This is because the battery cannot handle the heavy load. However, do not give up, because to solve this problem, it is enough to change the battery to “iPhone“.

How to change the battery?

First, you need to prepare the necessary tools. The user will need to purchase an original battery with an adhesive tape holder. In addition, you should have a rubber mat, a Phillips screwdriver, a plastic spatula, and tweezers on hand. Before replacing the battery, turn off the “iPhone” by holding down the Power button. Then you need to unscrew the bolts located on the bottom of the mobile device with a Phillips screwdriver. To open the phone, you can use a regular suction cup, which you need to stick to the display just above the HOME button. A similar manipulation can be carried out using any object with a sharp tip. At this point, take your time and open the display module with sudden movements. Then you should unscrew the two bolts and remove the metal plate. The next step is to deal with the trains. You need to be very careful, as you only need to disconnect the ribbon cable connector, and not everything together with the connector. The owner of the gadget needs to carefully disconnect the cable of the HOME button, touchscreen and display. Finally, the display module can be released and set aside.

Use a plastic tool to pick up and disconnect the battery cable. Armed with tweezers, you need to pick up the black tab of the glue pad. It is very important to carry out this manipulation carefully. If the tape will be difficult to stretch, you need to make it so that it overtakes the right corner of the battery. Pull the tape until it appears completely. Then you should do the same manipulations with the second tape. If there is resistance when pulling, you need to pull the tape so that it goes around the left corner of the battery.

In the event that one of the belts breaks, do not despair. It is enough to warm up the side of the case that is opposite to the place where the battery is attached. To do this, you can use a regular hair dryer. This will help loosen the adhesive layer. The battery can be pry off with any flat object. Experts do not recommend touching it from the side of the motherboard, as this can damage the gadget. As a result of the manipulations done, the battery will easily peel off from the body of the gadget. At the finish line, you can unpack the new battery and replace the battery. In order for the battery to sit tight, it is recommended to apply a little pressure on it. Then you should reassemble the mobile device. The presented instructions give an answer to the question of how to change the battery on the “iPhone-6”.

How to change the battery on an “iPhone”: expert advice

Experts do not recommend resorting to the help of pseudo-workshops that provide battery replacement services. It is better to contact an official service center, where professionals in their field will be able to change the battery for an “iPhone-6” or another model in a matter of minutes. However, users can save a lot by changing the battery themselves.

Battery wear check

Any battery provides a certain number of charging cycles. On average, an “iPhone” battery is rated for 500 complete cycles. After that, the battery does not stop functioning, however, it gives out a smaller power charge, which gradually decreases. In this regard, many users have a question about how to change the battery and ensure the normal functioning of the gadget.?

The user can independently test the battery and set the percentage of wear. To do this, use the special program coconutBattery. This application will let you know how many charging cycles have occurred in the smartphone, as well as the actual capacity. The information received will help to change the battery in the iPhone in a timely manner.

Brief conclusion

Over time, the rechargeable battery becomes unusable on all mobile devices. Battery life depends on proper charging, operating mode and storage conditions.

If the “iPhone” is not used for a long period of time, then the battery may become unusable within one year. With theoretical knowledge, you can change the battery in a matter of minutes. The article outlines all the subtleties and nuances that describe this process in detail. All manipulations must be carried out carefully and carefully, despite the fact that the smartphone is assembled efficiently and very tightly.

How to calibrate iPhone battery and why you need it?

Hello everyone! The iPhone has a lithium-ion battery, and these batteries are not known to have a memory effect. Then why calibrate them at all? The fact is that the capacity of the battery drops over time (how to check its current state) and if you have had the phone for a long time, then in the absence of battery calibration, strange things begin

It happens that the iPhone “does not understand” what the current battery capacity is and cannot correctly display information about the battery charge level. As a result, various non-standard situations occur: an unexpected shutdown by 20-30%, freezing of the charging indicator (long display of one value), incorrect data is shown about how charged the iPhone is and other disgrace.

By the way, although in this article I write everywhere about the iPhone, this method of battery calibration is great for other Apple equipment: iPad and iPod.

But first, let’s summarize the signs that clearly indicate that the iPhone battery needs to be calibrated.

  • iPhone shuts down when there is still charge percentage. It would seem that he still has to work and work, but he bang and turned off.
  • In some cases, calibration will help those users who run out of battery very quickly. True, this is just one of the methods of dealing with an instantly discharging smartphone.
  • If the iPhone freezes for a long time at one percent of the charge, and then the indicator sharply “jumps” by several tens of percent.
  • It is advisable to perform calibration every 2-3 months for absolutely all iPhone and iPad users. If you’ve never done it, now is the time!

At least one of the described cases is your situation?

Then read on and learn how to properly calibrate the iPhone battery.!

  • Wait until the device is completely discharged. It is entirely and completely (absolutely, “to zero”, so that it is not included at all).
  • We put it on charge (preferably from the network) and do not touch it (of course, you can answer an urgent call, but you do not need to play and use). We wait until it is charged to 100%.
  • We leave connected for another hour or two. What for? For reliability! After all, the iPhone does not show charging correctly? Wrong! So, you can’t trust him. And despite the fact that the screen displays 100% charge, the battery may not be fully charged! Therefore, to be sure, after reaching 100%, we do not turn off the plug immediately, but wait at least another hour.
  • Disconnect from the network and do a hard reboot. To do this, press and hold two keys. Home and Power on, until the apple icon lights up on the screen. Updated! This combination of buttons does not work for all devices. How to be? Here is a detailed instruction on how to Hard Reset any iPhone.!
  • We use the device until it is completely discharged.
  • We repeat this procedure 2-3 times.

As you can see, there is nothing super complicated. And the only “narrow” moment is time.

But there’s nothing you can do about it, battery calibration is not a quick thing.

Important! When you start doing the second loop, you do not need to recharge your iPhone for a short time! The circuit should be exactly like this. from 100% to 0%, then to full charge without interruption, charged, hard reset and discharged to 0% without recharging.

Only then will the calibration be truly correct and will benefit your iPhone‘s battery.

Why does the iPhone restart itself. reasons and explanations

In this article, we will figure out why the iPhone X / 8/7/6/5 reboots itself, we will find the reasons and try to fix them.

Our site is not responsible for your actions. We recommend that you seek professional help from the service center for the repair of iPhones and other mobile equipment.

Example. On December 2, 2017, many iPhone owners began to reboot themselves. The reason for this is a bug in iOS 11.1.2: if any notification came from any application, then the phone went into reboot. Apple promptly released update 11.2 that fixed the problem.

iPhone restarts itself due to software error or crash

Modern applications, especially unofficial publishers, can cause devices to malfunction. It is not difficult to identify the “culprit” of the breakdown. To do this, view the event log in the smartphone.

Application malfunction reports are available in general settings (usage and diagnostics information). If unstable work persists after installing a specific product, then the problem area has been calculated. Note that the emergency shutdown record is always after fixing the activation of a certain function or installing an application.

Periodic shell updates can also play a cruel joke on the smartphone user. Incorrectly executed firmware. installing the current operating system in the device’s memory. leads to spontaneous shutdown. It is recommended to make sure that the operating system was installed correctly, and also check its compliance with the technical capabilities of a particular iPhone model.

If the software or the operating system of the model itself is not the reason for the shutdown, then the breakdown lies in the hardware of the smartphone. In this case, you need to contact the service center specialists to fix it.

Hardware failure. iPhone restart reason

The battery is often the weakest link in the iPhone. The battery can simply lose contact, which is quite enough to disrupt stable operation. Please note that over time, any iPhone gives “backlash”. small gap between the fixing elements of the device cover.

The battery may simply be worn out and not able to withstand the load. Naturally, if the battery has lost its capacity, the smartphone will turn off. Remember that a full charge of the battery is only 400 cycles. After reaching such a limit, the capacity of such an important component will steadily fall. In addition, a voltage drop directly during charging can cause breakage of the battery contacts.

Malfunction of the smartphone board, which usually appears after intense shaking or strong impact. Such a “breakdown” in the electrical signal transmission circuit leads to the shutdown of the apparatus when its position changes abruptly. At the same time, such a problem often leads to breakdown of other iPhone components.

Failure of the smartphone processor leads to the impossibility of its full use. It is not uncommon for the iPhone to turn off during the startup phase. “Freezing” occurs at the stage of displaying the splash screen. Usually, malfunctions, as well as a complete burnout of the central processor, are restored by replacing the component.

Malfunction of one of the signal power amplifiers. Modern devices contain several types of amplifiers. In this case, incorrect operation or breakdown of one of the elements leads to disturbances in the distribution of voltage in the smartphone. Such fluctuations cause the device to turn off.

The electronics of the device will eventually be destroyed by moisture trapped inside the case. Water causes oxidation of materials and leads to inevitable damage to connectors, contacts and iPhone components. Therefore, a strong wetting of the device, for example, due to heavy climatic precipitation, or a direct hit of the device into a liquid is considered one of the main reasons for the subsequent malfunction.

If the iPhone spontaneously restarts, it is recommended to entrust the device to professional engineers. Remember. independent attempts to restore its work often lead to breakdown of other small units and an increase in the cost of repair.

IPhone 6 Repair

The price depends on the degree of damage to the device by moisture.

The price depends on the complexity of the work in each specific case.

What are the breakdowns of iPhone 6?

the phone does not charge or discharges quickly;

the sensor and the Home button do not respond to commands;

the camera does not focus and takes pictures of poor quality;

You do not hear the interlocutor or he you. speaker problems. Most often this happens if dust has accumulated on the speaker and the iPhone has been used in this state for a long time.

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Can’t charge your phone or charging is enough for a short time. You need to replace the battery on your iPhone 6. The battery problem may be due to the use of poor quality chargers. If the phone gets very hot or only works on the mains. the breakdown must be looked for on the motherboard in the power controller.

Stripes, pixels appeared on the screen, the image is deformed, the touchscreen does not work. the reason is in the display. The problem usually occurs after being hit / dropped or damp. The sensor does not respond to pressing, performs spontaneous commands. faulty touch controller.

Home button stops working if dropped, hit, or got wet.

You want to call someone, but the phone cannot see the network. the reason may be either in the SIM card itself or in the communication modem.

Problems with Wi-Fi may occur through a poor signal or incorrect operation of the Wi-Fi module.

You decided to take a great photo, but the camera does not focus or the image is blurry. the reason may be software failures, mechanical damage or moisture in the case.

And the worst problem. iPhone 6 won’t turn on. In this case, we advise you to simultaneously press the Home and Power buttons and hold them for 10 seconds. If it does not help, the reason may be:

a failed battery or power controller;

IPhone 6 breakdowns and repair features

iPhone has taken first place in the market for its quality and performance. But even first-class equipment needs repair after certain situations or long-term service.

Often the reasons why the iPhone 6 does not work correctly are:

Diagnostics iPhone 6 will help determine the breakdown and solve the problem.

IPhone 6 repair

Our service center will conduct a free diagnosis of the iPhone 6 and establish the cause of the breakdown. As soon as possible, specialists will fix the problem, and you will be able to continue to fully use your iPhone.

In case of incorrect battery operation, we suggest:

replacing the battery (if you often charged the phone in the car or used a non-original charger);

unsoldering the power controller chip on the motherboard (if the reason is in the controller).

Replacing the iPhone 6 glass consists of several stages. With the help of special equipment, we remove the remnants of broken glass. After that, we glue a new one, according to factory technologies.

In case of display problems. we install the original screen taken from the donor phone or a high quality copy (at your request).

Network problems are corrected by replacing the non-working microcircuit on the motherboard using the exact desoldering method.

We start Bluetooth repair with correct flashing. If after that the phone does not work correctly. we replace the faulty antenna or microcircuit.

If you are having sound or speaker problems, there are two repair options: cleaning your iPhone or replacing the flex cable. It all depends on the degree of pollution. In the case when the phone has been working with dust on the speaker for a long time, we replace the cable.

Finding out what is draining the phone

We need to find out what the discharge is spent on, whether it is consumed by background processes and services, or whether the phone is discharged due to a decrease in the battery capacity due to its wear and tear. This is done in an elementary way, through the existing function of battery usage statistics, starting with the seventh version of iOS, we have not only general figures, but also detailed figures for applications.

The point is that in standby mode, the iPhone should not lose charge, therefore, the standby time should be significantly longer than the time of use, while the gadget is at rest.

If everything is fine with this, and the battery still does not work much, even with not very intensive use, then proceed to the next point.

Is it discharging by itself or you are discharging

First you need to figure out whether the battery is discharging itself or you are discharging it while using the phone. This is easy to do, you just need to not use the phone for a while and check how quickly the charge decreases. It is best to fully charge your phone, take a screenshot of the charge level, and leave it overnight. You should also disable various notifications in the settings so that they do not drain the phone.

In the morning, see how much the phone is dead. If the charge remains at its former level or has decreased by a few percent, then the battery is in order, you just use the device too actively. If the charge has decreased by more than 10 percent, then something is still discharging the battery.

Next steps

80% of the original capacity is not scary, and in this situation you can continue to use the phone, but if your situation is such that you need exactly 100 percent, then you will have to change the battery.

It is better to make a replacement in official services or unofficial ones, but with a good reputation. If you decide to replace the battery yourself, then avoid budget batteries and keep in mind that, unlike earlier models, to replace the battery on the sixth iPhone, it will need to be completely disassembled, what you need to be able to do.

How much does it cost to replace the iPhone 6 battery and what the price depends on

, takes from 20 minutes and the warranty is provided for a period of 3 months.

As with any gadget, battery life is important for the iPhone. With the passage of time, users place more and more demands on smartphones, and the capabilities of batteries in phones remain the same due to the fact that the weight and thickness are constantly decreasing.

Many users complain that the battery life is too short, but how do you know if you need to change your phone’s battery or if you just use the gadget too much? We will tell you.

Testing the battery

Most likely, the battery is worn out, which is quite normal when you use the phone for a long time. After charging and discharging your phone many times, the battery capacity has decreased. On an iPhone, it drops to 80% after 500 recharge cycles. Check how much the battery capacity on your smartphone has decreased. If it fell too much and the current capacity does not suit you, then you need to replace the battery.

Where to replace the battery

There are service centers that work with Apple products in all cities of Russia. The malfunction can be eliminated very easily. A qualified technician disassembles the phone, carefully disconnects and takes out the problem battery, puts a new one, assembles the phone in the correct sequence.

After installing a new battery, it is checked if the phone is working normally. So you get a phone with a new battery. In addition, you are provided with a three-month warranty on the work performed and the part installed. Replacement work is carried out directly in the presence of the client.

Replacing the battery on the iPhone 6 will cost from 1600 rubles, of which 1100 are parts, and 500 rubles is work. For the iPhone 6 plus / 6s, this figure will be about 1800 rubles, 1300 rubles for parts. The most expensive will be replacing the battery for 6s plus, it will cost 2300 rubles, 1800 for parts.

Who else should think about

IPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners are the first to run for a new battery. Their devices have been living for more than three years, the warranty has ended long ago, there is nothing to worry about.

Owners of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have slightly more recent gadgets. Especially if the device was bought not at the start of sales, but after six months or a year. In any case, the decision about replacement should be based on the level of battery wear.

For the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, water resistance is key. No service center will return the smartphone to its original state after opening. Even the most skilled craftsman will give out a device with worse tightness than out of the box.

We recommend changing the battery to those whose battery condition is very deplorable or the smartphone has already been repaired and opened.

Should you change your iPhone battery?

A similar question is asked by many users today, especially after the hype around the noticed software slowdown of Apple smartphones and the preferential program for replacing components that was launched after that.

Almost every iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 owner is at a crossroads today. Now we will help you decide.

Do I need to change at all?

First, conduct a simple test to understand if our smartphone needs a battery replacement or if you can sleep peacefully for another year and a half.

Many experts recommend focusing on two battery indicators: the number of charge cycles and the loss of nominal capacity.

The battery should be replaced if the battery has lost more than 20% of its capacity or passed more than 500 cycles. If both happened, it is strongly recommended to change it.

Why will it get worse after iOS update

Apple has promised to disable software slowdown of smartphones in iOS 11.3. After the release of the first beta version, the user experience was quite controversial. Not everyone noticed the performance gain.

If battery wear is severe and iOS degrades device performance to increase battery life, guess what happens after disabling software slowdown.

At full power, the iPhone will eat up the entire charge even faster and will ask for the outlet a couple of hours earlier. In the most severe cases, users will find a banal disconnection of their smartphone during laborious processes.

And imagine if the Cupertinians do not add the coveted switch, but instead simply forcibly turn off the deceleration. Then, instead of an iPhone that slows down but survives until the end of the day, we get a smartphone that works normally for half the day.

We are already used to putting up with performance, because we use the device every day and know roughly what to expect, but a sharp drop in autonomy can be very critical for many owners of old devices.

Still need to change

Regardless of how Apple resolves the issue of braking the device, I recommend replacing the battery on an old smartphone with serious wear and tear and a lot of battery cycles.

In any case, we will increase the autonomy of the iPhone and its performance (there will be no software slowdown with the new battery) right now. No matter how Apple decides to change the algorithms of iOS, after replacing the battery, we will not care.

Go to the service or change yourself

We have already tried to contact an authorized service center for battery replacement through the Apple program. The short summary is this: you need to leave the smartphone for 10-14 days and, as a result, pay 2-4 thousand rubles for a replacement. In some cases, you can leave a deposit of 5 thousand rubles in order not to leave the iPhone in the service while waiting for the battery.

You can also replace the battery yourself. Of course, if the warranty period is over.

The guys at iFixit offer step-by-step instructions of 25-28 steps, which will take a non-professional repairman from 15 to 45 minutes:

Here again we will warn the owners of the iPhone 7, due to the additional protection of the case, the procedure for replacing the battery is complicated and can take up to two hours. In addition, it will not be possible to return the previous tightness.

Owners of iPhone 6 / 6s models may well try to make a replacement on their own. You can find a battery on AliExpress, start at 600 rubles. At the same time, sellers immediately give out the set of tools necessary for repair.

  • self-repair is always a risky business;
  • components may not be of the best quality;
  • no need to leave the smartphone in the SC for 10-14 days;
  • with self-repair, it will turn out to be good to save;
  • After successfully replacing the battery once, it is difficult to stop.

In this case, keep in mind that the service center does not guarantee the high quality of the battery and the straight-handedness of the master. Particularly arrogant can deliberately “add” the owner to frequent visits by deliberate damage to some components of the smartphone.

And don’t say that buying a battery for an expensive iPhone on AliExpress is rogue. Used iPhone 6 / 6s on the secondary market are sold for 12-20 thousand rubles. Savings of one thousand and a half with an independent replacement will allow the owner to keep from 5 to 15% of the current cost of the gadget.

This is the current situation with replacing the battery on the iPhone. The choice, as always, is yours.