Change back glass on iPhone x

What to do if the back glass of your iPhone is broken?

If your iPhone X or iPhone 8 has a broken back glass, we have a solution.

The first option is directly replacing the back glass of the iPhone. The availability of professional equipment and a large accumulated experience allow us to carry out this operation as efficiently and efficiently as possible. All components installed in the service center are warranted for 90 days.

How is the rear glass of the iPhone replaced with a new one??

In words, the replacement procedure is quite simple. If your iPhone has a broken back glass, you need to carefully remove it and install a new one. In fact, this is very difficult to accomplish. The process of replacing the back glass of an iPhone is quite laborious. Due to the design features of the new iPhones, in order to change the rear glass, you need to disassemble the phone almost completely.

There are several important points that we strictly adhere to when replacing the rear glass of an iPhone:

  • Rigorous selection of replacement parts.
  • Maintaining the insulation of the case.
  • Sealing the camera eye when assembling the device.
  • Quality control of work performed.

We are ready to offer you the best option for replacing the rear glass of the iPhone, in which you can be sure of the quality of the glass being replaced and all the work carried out for this. Rear window replacement required? Contact!

IPhone back glass replacement. What to do if the back cover glass on iPhone is broken?

In 2017, Apple introduced two new iPhone models. the iPhone 8, as well as its large-screen version of the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. One of the external features of these models was the use of glass on both sides of the case. This was done to ensure the operation of the wireless charging function, which first appeared in these models. However, from a practical standpoint, wireless charging support is the only useful thing that justifies the use of glass.

The rest of the glass is, of course, inferior to the metal used in the iPhone 7 and previous models. Any drop of iPhone can cause the back glass to crack. What to do in this case? What are the options for solving the problem? We will tell you in detail in this article.

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IPhone back glass replacement. and terms of execution

This option is supported by the low cost and a fairly prompt solution to the problem. If you need to replace the rear glass of your iPhone, you won’t have to part with it for a long time. Replacing the rear glass on the iPhone is carried out, as a rule, either on the day of treatment or the next day.

The second option is to commercially replace the iPhone with a new one. This procedure is much more expensive than glass replacement and takes longer, but as a result, you get a new phone with an official Apple warranty. This option may be suitable for owners of newer models. iPhone XS and iPhone XR. However, this service option is also possible for both iPhone 8 and iPhone X. You can read more about this in the corresponding section of our website “Replacing iPhone with a new one”.

Why you shouldn’t delay repair if the back glass of your iPhone is broken?

If your iPhone has a broken glass back, do not tighten it up with a call to a service center. The fact is that violation of the integrity of the iPhone case contributes to the ingress of dust, dirt, moisture into the device. This can damage internal components, which in turn can affect the cost of repairs.

If the back glass is badly broken, there is always the possibility of small fragments damage to the internal components and peripheral components of the phone. So, for example, often if the rear glass of the iPhone is damaged, there are problems with the operation of wireless charging or the main camera of the phone.

Is the back glass of your iPhone broken? We will change quickly, efficiently and with a guarantee! Have questions? Write them in the comments, call us on the phone or ask them to employees directly in the service.

Chip Programming Before iPhone 10 Screen Replacement

The second important feature. so that the True Tone function works on the new display, we flash the display before installing it on a special programmer.

The iPhone X display chip is programmed (wired) onto the motherboard of a specific iPhone. To transfer the code from the chip of the old display to the chip of the new one, we simultaneously connect them to the programmer and start the flashing process.

After such an operation, your display will again monitor the color temperature around, automatically correcting the white balance on the screen.

Clients have come to our service center more than once, and our competitors have changed the screen to the iPhone 10, without having to reflash the screen. As a result, there was not enough white in bright light and in dark light. too bright. Now they have to manually adjust the brightness.

It is impossible to fix this, since their old broken display can no longer be found, and the code for the firmware is stored only on it.

IPhone X Display Replacement Examples

This display has a small spot on the upper right from the impact. I succeeded in changing the glass on the iPhone X, but the stain remained (the client was warned).

On this display module, the sensor has failed the impact. I had to change the glass along with the sensor. Everything works fine, the warranty also applies to it.

This display is fully functional. starting to remove cracked glass from the display.

This is how the display looks like with the previous picture with the glass removed. Moving on to the next step.

It is necessary to center the glass with a display in a special shape.

In the same form, we put the display in a vacuum chamber for high-quality gluing of glass.

After replacing the glass on the iPhone X, we glue the mounting frame.

The display is installed. To the right of it is broken for clarity. This procedure takes 1 hour.

The display of the iPhone X differs from the previous ones. it is 5 times thinner and does not have a backlight layer. OLED MULTI-touch technology.

IPhone 10 glass replacement can only be done by experienced craftsmen.

The difficulties of replacing glass on the X iPhone arose from. behind a new display design.

Glass replacement technology is not the same as in previous models. The X iPhone’s display is very thin and fragile.

Plus, you need to separate the metal frame from the matrix, which is difficult and time-consuming.

IPhone X glass replacement prices

Our include: spare parts work warranty.

Repair in front of the client

Certificate of completion

Hurry up to get quality service from professionals in their field at a low price!

IPhone X screen replacement will take 1 hour. We do everything in front of the client.

1 year warranty for replacement of original glasses and displays!

Choose your case in the photo below and it will immediately become clear what kind of repair is needed. replacing the iPhone X glass or replacing the iPhone X display.

For this iPhone X, glass is replaced, all display functions work.

This iPhone X only has cracked glass, so the glass can be replaced with a one-year warranty.

The glass is badly broken, but can also be replaced with a one-year warranty.

Here we also change the broken glass of the iPhone X.

The following photos show the iPhone X with stripes and streaks from damage. in these cases only replacing the iPhone X display.

Black spots on the matrix. If you replace the glass on your iPhone 10, the stains will remain. need to change the display completely.

This iPhone X has black leaks and a green matrix. the display is damaged, you need to change it entirely.

Multi-colored stripes and spots. the screen changes completely.

In this photo, the green streak appeared from impact or pressure. iPhone 10 display needs replacement. are in the price list above.

IPhone X display glass replacement

The Display Master service center will replace the iPhone X glass with a 1 year warranty. We are located 2 minutes from Belorusskaya.

Our Yandex rating is 5 ️️️️️

1 year official warranty

2 minutes from Belorusskaya

We work from 9 to 20:00 every day

Many craftsmen and service centers take advantage of the fact that customers do not understand and instead of replacing the glass separately from the display, they make a complete replacement of the display, thereby overestimating the check.

IPhone X glass replacement has its own characteristics

In most service centers, replacing the display on the iPhone X is done at high prices. purchasing a new display as a spare part is expensive.

Our costs have been reduced by purchasing bulk parts in large quantities, and we have reduced the price of replacing the glass of the iPhone 10 display.

Plus we have the special skills and equipment to only replace broken glass on your original iPhone X display.

We are doing glass replacement on iPhone 10 while maintaining all display functions (True Tone, 3D Touch, TrueDepth and Face ID).

IPhone X Rear Glass Replacement

The back glass on iPhone 10 breaks very often. It will take us about 1 hour to replace the back glass of the iPhone X.

The rear glass is firmly glued to the body. We use a laser machine to remove it.

The only way to replace the back cover of an iPhone X without disassembling the phone. this is cutting glass with a laser.

Each iPhone has a separate laser template.

According to this template, bypassing the technological cutouts in the housing, the laser burns a layer of glue. After that, the broken glass can be easily removed.

Previously, the rear window was changed manually, completely disassembling the device. Many do so now. But this is not the best way, since water resistance is lost and a lot of time is spent on it.

We put the iPhone X on the platform of the laser machine and start the breaking glass separation mode

The laser beam softens the adhesive on the back cover and it is dismantled.

Millimeter by millimeter laser beam removes glue residues.

All operations took 70 minutes. Next, a new cover is glued and the phone is ready.

This is what a cut lid looks like after the first laser pass.

They removed the glass and the laser continues to burn the glue.

Watch the iPhone X Glass Replacement Video

A large stock of spare parts in the warehouse allows you to repair almost any device in an hour.

When your iPhone X display is shattered and has smudges and streaks, we’ll replace it at the cheapest price.

We do not receive super-profits from our clients, while we do it with high quality and with a 1 year warranty!

Trust honest service centers to replace iPhone 10 glass

    The service center “Display Master” has the necessary equipment.

Experts know all the subtleties and secrets so that you get the phone in its original form.

  • We can change the screen on the iPhone 10 with departure on the same day.
  • The display consists of a matrix, polarizing layer, touchscreen and protective glass.

    To separate glass, you need a special machine. a separator.

    The remnants of glue are cleaned from the matrix with a napkin moistened with a special liquid.

    A professional oca film is used to glue the glass to the display.

    If the front glass on iPhone X is damaged, the polarizer may deteriorate. If this happens, it needs to be replaced.

    Also, the “Ten” has glass covered the back surface of the case, which adds fragility to the device.

    After painstakingly completing all the steps, the phone is assembled and ready to use.!

    The service center “Display Master” uses original components for repair. If you need a glass replacement for iPhone X, contact us. We will promptly change glass or display of original quality with a 1 year warranty!

    IPhone X Back Cover Glass Replacement

    Send your device for repair from another city. details here

    IPhone X cover replacement in Kiev

    The iPhone 10 has a unique design that sets it apart from other models. The back cover is made of special tempered glass interspersed with metal particles. Initially, manufacturers wanted to use this technology to create a model without a single connector, which would be charged exclusively using induction. However, later they abandoned this idea due to the slow operation of wireless chargers. However, it is possible that a similar idea will be implemented in the next models of iPhones.

    Unfortunately, even with the most careful handling of the phone, situations may arise when it is impossible to protect yourself from damage. One unsuccessful fall on the asphalt. and now you already need to replace the rear glass of the iPhone X.

    The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover mechanical damage, so repairs in an official service can significantly hit your .

    We offer lower for repairs and the ability to supply both the original back panel and a high-quality copy.

    How is iPhone 10 rear glass replacement

    Replacing the back cover of the iPhone X has its own characteristics. The glass is firmly adhered to the body to protect the smartphone from water. In addition, a microcircuit for induction charging is located on the inside of the panel. Never try to remove the panel yourself! This can damage the “insides” of the smartphone, especially if the lid is shattered into fragments.

    Unfortunately, sometimes other parts, such as a camera, ribbon cable or buttons, can be damaged when dropped or hit along with the cover.

    The best choice in this case is to enable our experienced specialists to carry out all stages of the repair:

    Remember, maintenance is always cheaper than repairs. So you don’t have to replace the back glass on your iPhone X, use covers, overlays, or a screen protector for the back.

    Other types of repair

    Leave your comment

    Reasons to Replace iPhone 10 Cover

    When developing the iPhone 10, Apple tried to protect the new model from damage as much as possible. Youtube is filled with professional and amateur crash test videos.

    Not all of these tests the phone managed to survive safe and sound, but in general, the stability margin of the model pleases.

    Of course, if the back panel of the smartphone is completely broken, then the question of the need for repair is not even discussed.

    But sometimes the need to change the back cover of the iPhone 10 is not so obvious to the owner.

    Remember, if cracks or chips appear on the back of your iPhone, don’t ignore it. The desire to save money on replacing the back panel can result in even greater damage. Indeed, through these microcracks, dust and moisture can enter the inside of the case, damaging fragile electronics and causing malfunctions. In the future, elimination of faults and replacement of parts can result in a tidy sum.

    IPhone X Rear Glass Repair

    You urgently need a replacement iPhone X cover?

    “SERVICEinUA” is free diagnostics, high-quality repairs in a short time, a huge selection of spare parts for all phone models and a guarantee for all services.

    But if you decide to try to repair your phone yourself, then adhere to a few points from the instructions.

    How to replace the back glass on iPhone 4?

    In fact, Gen 4 iPhone repair is one of the easiest to repair today. The process of how to replace glass is the same for both the iPhone 4 and the back glass of the iPhone 4s. For the repair itself, you will need a special screwdriver and skillful hands. You just need to unscrew the screw from the bottom, move the panel aside, remove it and replace it with a new one. Replacing the back panel also fixes any issues you might have with a cloudy camera or a cracked lens as it’s built into the back. So, if any of these questions arise, you can replace it yourself or contact an official service center.

    How to replace the back glass on an iPhone?

    We all know very well what a phone drop is and what consequences it entails. Therefore, it is necessary to fix external breakdowns as soon as possible or replace spare parts that can no longer provide protection for the phone, and of course they look unsuitable aesthetically.

    Different models of smartphones from Apple come with different levels of maintainability. For example, the front glass of the 3GS is replaced separately from the display (the glass panels of later models are no longer available), while the rear glass of the iPhone 4 (more precisely, the back panel) allows for easier repairs. As each iPhone is replaced with a newer version, problems come and go in the repair industry. Although Apple may tell you otherwise, for example, that all of these devices are self-serviceable through their repair guides, which can be found on each of the device’s pages.

    A fast and high-quality glass replacement service for any iPhone model is available at the iLab service center.

    If you’ve broken the back glass on an iPhone 4s or iPhone 4, replacing the back glass is pretty cheap than replacing a new part on the latest iPhone.

    We will not describe the whole process because it is too large and complex, but we will briefly outline the very essence of the points:

    • Turn off the device.
    • Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the panel with a screwdriver
    • Further, on a clean surface, using a suction cup and a pick, you need to separate the display and unscrew the remaining screws and disconnect all connectors, remove the protection covers. And all this is extremely neat.
    • Disconnect the battery and camera, unscrew many more screws and even remove the motherboard.
    • And after these very difficult manipulations, just start replacing the back part, and then screw and attach everything back.
    • Very difficult, agree? You probably shouldn’t do it yourself. Better let the specialists do the entire volume of work efficiently.

    Now let’s move on to the most difficult repair of the newer iPhone models.

    Not everyone was thrilled when Apple, starting with the iPhone 8., returned to the glass cases of its smartphones. Yes, it is very beautiful and induction charging with other material is not yet possible, but the reliability and strength of this design in comparison with the aluminum case remains a big question. The worries of users turned out to be not unfounded. many faced with the broken back of the iPhone.

    It would seem that you only need to replace the rear window, what’s so difficult? However, there are many subtleties that you may not even suspect about (for example, masters use a real laser for this). And remember that it is simply not possible to do it efficiently at home or in “handicraft” workshops.


    • Whenever you make any repair work, be sure to do it in a clean place. If you do not want liquid or dirt to get inside your device.
    • Make repairs on a cool surface using a few white sheets of printer paper. The paper makes the screws easy to spot. And be sure to be careful. In order not to disturb other details in your phone.
    • We recommend using only high-quality and original spare parts and repair tools.
    • Please note that the back covers are different for different iPhone models, so make sure you pick the exact right part.

    iPhone X replacement back glass [First Time]

    As for the rear glass of the iPhone 6, it is already more complicated, and more tools will be needed. Also, do not confuse such a thing as “iPhone 6 back glass”, replacing the glass in this case involves replacing the back cover of the smartphone.


    • Five star screwdriver
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Suction cup for removing the display
    • Plastic spatula
    • Mediator
    • Tweezers
    • Hair dryer

    Consider the option of replacing the rear glass of the iPhone X:

    • Even though the back of the iPhone X needs to be changed, the wizard captures the screen. This is done not only for the convenience of repair, but also for safety reasons (do not harm the display). In order not to damage the cables, the screen opens from left to right.
    • Then the battery is disconnected (to de-energize the phone), and then only other cables are removed.
    • Once the display module is removed, it is time for the laser to operate. It removes paint with filigree precision, as well as the adhesive base with which the glass and the body are connected.
    • After the paint and glue have been removed, the technician proceeds to remove the camera frame. And then a small boring machine starts to work. But do not worry, later a new part will appear in the place of the edging.
    • When all the work on dismantling the elements has been completed, you can start removing the remnants of the rear panel glass. This is one of the most difficult stages and a specialist needs to be as careful as possible.
    • Well, that’s all, done! You can install a new glass, and the assembly takes place in the reverse order. Only when it comes to the display module, it will not only be glued, but first laid with a waterproof rubber glue (this is a special ball between the body and the glass, which will protect against liquids).

    And how did you understand that it is simply not possible to carry out such operations on your own. Be sure to contact verified or official service centers where qualified craftsmen work. After all, some parts of the iPhone (especially the latest models) are very delicate, fragile and expensive, therefore, do not be afraid and entrust your favorite phone to professionals who will not only please you with the work done, but also provide a guarantee for it.

    You can use the services of the iLab service center right now by clicking on this link

    IPhone X Glass Replacement

    The first Apple model to feature an OLED display. The fundamental difference from IPS displays is the lack of display backlighting, reduced thickness and rich black color.

    New technology also means a new approach when replacing glass on the iPhone. At the moment, we have developed our own technique for glass plywood, which allows us to make safe and high-quality repair of iPhones. The price of the service allows you to significantly reduce the cost and save up to 80%.

    The screen repair procedure is carried out using a vacuum press and OCA film, and allows you to preserve the original matrix and color rendition.

    Display replacement

    May be required if the phone stops displaying an image, when green stripes or black spots appear. Installing a new part in iFix takes no more than 30 minutes and is performed using original spare parts or high-quality analogs. A must-have is the transfer of the True Tone function, the preservation of Face ID and the restoration of airtight sizing.

    As it was written above, the quality difference of the OLED display is the rich black color, which cannot be in the copies. Also, the copy from the original differs in the height of the display in the frame of the case, the response of the sensor, the brightness, the quality of the glass and the impossibility of replacing the glass separately.

    Sensor replacement

    The iPhone X is only designed to replace the touchscreen. The sensor is a thin film that is located under the glass, respectively, and is easily damaged by strong side impacts or water ingress. This breakdown is not always accompanied by broken glass and can manifest itself even with a visually intact device.

    IPhone X repair (10) in Kiev

    The first Apple smartphone to feature a 5.8-inch OLED display, revolutionary Face ID, wireless charging, improved splash protection and dual vertical camera.

    The flagship model, released for the tenth anniversary of Apple smartphones, is fundamentally different from its predecessors, not only in appearance, improvements also affected the “filling” of the device.

    • 3 gigabytes of RAM;
    • A11 Bionic processor;
    • Apple M11 motion processor, including barometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass;
    • front camera 7 Mp, rear camera 12 Mp;
    • TrueDepth camera with face recognition;
    • dimensions 144 × 71 × 7.7 mm;
    • weight 174 grams.

    Despite the revolutionary technologies, the high quality materials of the iPhone still inherited the problems inherent in the models of previous generations, which in most cases are associated with inaccurate handling.

    Before describing common failures, we recommend:

    Do not neglect the use of branded cases and high-quality protective glasses. this will allow you not only to preserve the appearance of your smartphone, but save money, time and nerves in the future.

    Rear window replacement

    The iPhone X is made of glass that’s glued to a steel frame to form a single piece. Heavy falls will not leave a chance for the glass, and cracks and chips may appear on it. The service of replacing the glass of the back cover allows you to return the smartphone to its original appearance and maintain its tightness. The price of such a repair is much cheaper than replacing the case and allows you to save more than 60% of the cost.

    Repairs are carried out by competent engineers using quality consumables and spare parts.

    Why iFix?

    The main task of our team is to provide a high-quality level of service.

    • competence;
    • transparency;
    • openness.

    Main specialization: Apple repair and sale of quality accessories, which makes it possible to provide the best time, quality and competitive prices.

    The branches of the iFix network are conveniently located in convenient locations in Kiev. For customers who are in other cities, the iPhone repair service is available in Ukraine, by delivery of the device by the courier service “New Mail”.

    Screen glass replacement cost

    It is already known that the cost of replacing glass in the top ten will cost much more. You can see the average cost of replacing the screen in our price list, it is also possible to replace the glass with a touchscreen, if, if damaged, the sensor starts to fail (to press itself).

    IPhone X repair (10) in Kiev

    The autumn presentation of the American company Apple gave us three new smartphones at once, which became a real breakthrough of the year. The new iPhone X or 10, which has been timed in Honor for the decade since the release of the new iPhone, was an unpredictable revelation. It is very different from its predecessors and the changes in it were more pleasing than upsetting. Besides the fact that this smartphone now has a wireless charger, there have been many more changes in it. Because of this, the cost of repairing this device will cost a lot compared to the cost of restoring previous models. In addition, the current status of this smartphone will not allow purchasing consumables for repairs at low for a long time. Well, the updated glass case is another innovation that caused a storm of emotions among fans of Apple technologies. Despite the fact that the latest Gorilla Glass technologies were used for the glass body, it is still very difficult to say how durable the device will be in practice. Indeed, despite all the strength characteristics, it is possible that damage to the integrity of the case will be caused by mechanical impact.

    IPhone 10 back glass replacement

    If you need to replace the rear window, then you should contact an approved workshop, since the work requires partial or complete disassembly of the device (depending on the complexity of the damage). If the case is severely deformed when dropped. we will offer you to replace the entire body, since replacing the glass on the curved body is not enough. There is no warranty repair of the device for this damage. Here you can use the services of replacing glass or any other spare parts for your smartphone. Although we are an unofficial service center, we give a warranty for the device up to 12 months. We always have genuine spare parts in stock, and real professionals with many years of experience will work on the replacement of the screen.

    Replacing glass or screen in iPhone 10?

    The issue of screen replacement is still relevant, especially when it comes to severe damage. You may need to replace the iPhone X glass if you notice cracks or chips on it, but the OLED matrix will be fully functional and will not have streaks or spots, they appear under the influence of a strong impact or a lot of pressure on the glass. Although so far it is not worth talking about this, since it is not known how the phone will behave in practice.

    Despite the fact that iPhones have long established themselves as reliable and multifunctional devices, they are not immune from various damages. The same applies to new products from the American company. Cracks on the glass or deformation of the matrix will not go anywhere, because the display, as it was, remains the most vulnerable part of the device. However, the duration of operation depends on yourself.

    Where do we repair?

    You can ask for help in repairing your gadget at any branch in Ukraine. We work in Kiev without entrance and you can contact us at any time convenient for you from 10 to 21:00 daily. and we will make repairs as soon as possible. from 1 hour to 3 working days.

    iPhone X Back Glass Replacement Step by step