Can’T Download App From App Store iPhone

# 1: AndroVid

Can'T Download App From App Store iPhone

Androvid. This is a video editing application for Android in which you can easily edit your videos. You can also convert videos to MP3 format. The application is very easy to use. All you have to do. Choose the video clip you want to edit and play around with features, effects and filters.

Price: 1.99

Pros: Best video cropping app.

Cons: Not too many improved features. Only basic for editing videos.

Top 5 Video Filter Apps for Android on Google Play

Apply filters to your video

In this step, you need to select the “Filters” option in the interface. After viewing various filters, you can apply any of them to your video by adding it to the timeline.

# 4: VidTrim

Vidtrim. It is a very SIMple video filter application that allows you to use very basic functions in your videos.

Price: Free with ads and 2.49 without ads.

Pros: The app offers one-touch filters that make them easy to use.

Cons: The app is very basic and lacks advanced features.

Why choose Filmora video filter software ?:

  • Personalize your videos with filters, overlays, animations, picture-in-picture and face swaps.
  • Application of such video effects as titles, transitions, chroma key, split screen and more than 300.
  • Editing the video. Cropping, cropping, rotating, splitting and merging.
  • Upload videos to YouTube, other devices, or burn to DVD.

10 awesome video filter apps on the App Store and Google Play

Are there applications that contain filters for adding them to videos on iPhone?

Searching the internet, you can find many video filter apps to help you add filters to your videos along with other awesome features. Viddy. Basic video editing app where you can add some nice filters to your videos. Cinefy. An iOS app that has a very user-friendly interface with over 100 effects and filters for your videos. Let’s take a look below 10 personal video filter apps.

Top 5 video filter apps for iPhone and iPad

# 3: Magisto

Magisto is a very powerful video filter app for iPhone that allows you to create stunning videos from regular clips. Magisto is also a SIMple application that lets you use filters and transitions. It has various features like filters and transitions that you can use in your videos. In Magisto, you can SIMply select a video to edit from the gallery and add a unique theme to it. The app automatically adds amazing effects, resulting in the perfect video.

Price: Free

Pros: Ease of use.

Cons: Rendering takes a long time.

#1. Imovie

Imovie. Is a video filter app for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices that allows you to convert videos on your iPhones into beautiful home videos using the latest templates, effects and transitions.

Price: 4.99

Pros: Very easy to use application.

Cons: You will not be able to download files in MP4 format because the application does not support it.

How to delete all game data on iPhone and iPad?

As you progress through any game, the so-called game progress, achievements and other merits that you earn in the process accumulate. And that’s great. But sometimes you want to start the game “again”, without all these saves, however, when reinstalling the game, you have to start not all over again, but from the level you finished.

What to do in this case? How to erase everything and start from scratch? There are two ways to solve it and it all depends on where this data is stored:

  • All progress is saved on the servers of the game developers and linked to the account. There is only one way out. To create a new account. As a rule, this happens by entering the game on the start screen.
  • All game data is stored in iCloud. Then you need to remove them yourself. You can do this by going to Settings. Icloud. Storage. Find the required application and erase everything 🙂

Just cleaning up this data, we can say that the application or game is completely removed from the iPhone or iPad. But sometimes problems arise.

How to display all programs in the shopping list

To display all those applications that we hid together with you in the previous paragraph, we also need iTunes.

  • Open iTunes and log in with your Apple ID.
  • Again, click on the name and select the item in the list. “Account Information”.
  • May be asked to re-enter the password. Do it.
  • In the window that opens, we find the item. “iTunes in the cloud”. Under it there will be an inscription. “Hidden purchases”, and on the right. “Manage”.
  • You will see all hidden content. It is enough to select the required one and click “Show”.
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But sometimes these manipulations are not enough for complete removal, because there is still information that accumulates in the process of interacting with a program or game. Let’s find out how to get rid of her.

How to completely uninstall a game or app from iPhone and iPad

Hello! Now I will say one very trivial thing. Unused games and applications take up the precious memory of your iPhone, and in order to free it, they must be deleted. Over, it would seem that such a SIMple process as erasing programs should not cause any difficulties. Clicked. Removed. This happens most often. But often does not mean constantly.

Sometimes, some program or toy refuses to be removed or other problems arise. That is why I have already prepared an instruction (large and useful) that will teach you to completely, completely and irrevocably remove programs and games downloaded to the iPhone or iPad, and also tell you how to behave if something does not work out. Let’s go! 🙂

Is it possible to completely uninstall the program from the iPhone and how to do it?

As soon as you use any of the methods indicated above, you completely remove the program. However, it will still show up in the shopping section as a cloud with an arrow. Which means that it is available for download at any time from under your account.

Unfortunately, you cannot completely remove applications from this list. Since this is contrary to the very essence of this list. To allow the user to download applications without forcing him to pay for them again. However, they can be hidden and not shown in the list of previously loaded.

How to uninstall an app from iPhone and iPad

Here we have three ways. You are free to choose absolutely any. The process for each of them is quite SIMple, so. I’ll be brief:

  • From the home screen. Press and hold the icon of any application with your finger. After a few seconds, they begin to shake and a cross appears in the upper right corner of each of them. To uninstall the program, feel free to click on it.
  • Through settings. Go to Settings. General. Statistics. Storage. We see a list of absolutely all games and programs installed on the device, sorted by the amount of data occupied. Select the application you are looking for, click on it and see the inscription. “Remove the program”.
  • Via iTunes. We connect to the computer and click on the program tab. On the right we see a list of home screens, double-click on the one where the program you want to remove is located. Further, we also delete it by clicking on the cross. After all the manipulations, it is necessary to synchronize the device so that the changes are saved in the device.

In fact, the easiest and fastest way is of course the first one. It is he who is used in most cases. However, others have a right to exist. For example, uninstalling an application through settings allows you to control the amount of memory on your iPhone or iPad. Well, there is no need to talk about using iTunes. Many people work with their device exclusively using it, and it is much more convenient for them to do it in this way.

By the way, in my practice I met a person who persistently proved to me that it is possible to delete programs correctly and, in general, to work completely with Apple technology only through iTunes. Everything else is a complete mistake and stupidity. Thank God our communication was short-lived.

How to hide a game or app from purchases on iPhone or iPad

To do this, you need a connection to a computer and installed iTunes.

Have you downloaded and installed the “correct” version? Now let’s get down to business:

  • Launch iTunes and go under your account (Apple ID).
  • Click on your name. By the way, new versions of iTunes do not have this item, but there is an “Account”. Click on it.
  • In the pop-up window, select. Purchases.
  • From all the variety that you acquired at one time, choose what you need to hide.
  • Click on the cross.

That’s all, thus the application is completely “removed” from the device and is not visible in the shopping list. It turns out that you seem to have never downloaded this program or game. It is not on the device, and it is not displayed in the iCloud cloud either. However, everything can be returned back.

Why games and applications are not deleted in iOS and what to do?

It would seem, what can be difficult in uninstalling a program? But believe me, it also happens.

Listed below are the most common problems a user may encounter and their solutions:

  • There is no cross on the application icon or there is no delete button (in the event that the actions are performed through the settings). Most likely, restrictions are set and removal is blocked. What to do? For iOS 11 and “under”: open Settings. Accessibility. Restrictions and enable “Remove Programs”. For iOS 12 and older, the option is in a different location: Settings. Screen Time. Content Privacy. Itunes and App Store Purchases. Uninstall Apps.
  • The game was deleted, but the empty (gray) icon remained from it and is not removed in any way. All about such ailments can be read in this and here in this article.
  • You can delete, but not all applications. Some do not have a cross. Two options are possible here. These are standard applications from Apple itself (Game Center, weather, calculator, etc.), they cannot be deleted (with the arrival of iOS 10, this opportunity appeared). Or, these are programs downloaded when using jailbreak. Some of them must be uninstalled directly through the cydia (Cydia. Manage. Packages).
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It would seem that a SIMple process is to delete a game or an application, but I myself did not expect how long the article turned out to be. Therefore, if you have read it to the end, then it is worth noting this case and praising yourself by putting a “like”!

How to download programs (games) on iPhone and iPad overview of App Store sections

May our constant readers forgive us for this post :). Many of our articles and tutorials are aimed at active iPhone, iPad or Mac users. However, the ranks of fans of “apple” technology are replenished every day with thousands of newcomers. Especially for those who have just acquired the first iDevice, we will tell you how to install the first applications on it and whether it is possible to download the Google Play application on the iPhone.

What is Apple ID?

To quickly figure out how to create an Apple ID, read our instructions. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to come up with a complex password, which will consist of upper and lower case letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers.

All purchases and free downloads are tied to your Apple ID, not your iPhone or iPad. Therefore, try to remember or save in a safe place your Apple ID login information.

When Apple ID is created, you can safely go shopping in the App Store. This requires an internet connection. It can be either Wi-Fi in your home, a free access point in a cafe or park, or mobile Internet.

How to download the Play Store (Google Play) on the iPhone, or a little about the App Store

You can get there in two ways: through a computer and directly on the iDevice itself. In the first case, you will need the installed iTunes program, which can be downloaded on this page. In general, you can’t go anywhere without it and you need to install it in any case. With iTunes, you can download and install programs and games, download music, photos and videos from your computer, sync contacts, mail and notes. If you are a happy owner of a Mac computer, then iTunes will be installed on it by default, while for any Windows computer you need to download the program.

You can also get to the App Store directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To do this, just find the corresponding program icon on the iDevice desktop.

To download any application or game, you must have an Apple ID account. The most detailed instructions on the Internet for registering an Apple ID are here.

How to install apps and games on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Description of App Store sections

In addition, you can view the “TOP charts” section. This is a rating of programs and games in three categories. The first one displays the most downloaded paid applications at the moment, the second one is free, and the third “TOP-grossing” displays the most popular applications.

It is worth noting that some apps, while free, contain in-app purchases. In-applications can sell for real money in-app currency, items and improvements for a character, car or spaceship, animals and plants for the farm, new game levels, etc.

Recently, many developers have even started selling time. For example, the authors of the game Real Racing 3 (which is distributed free of charge) have set a time limit on buying, upgrading or repairing a car. You have to either pay or wait for several hours to complete the desired action. Enthusiasts have even calculated that completing this game will either cost several hundred dollars or take about a month of pure waiting.

Often, in-app purchases with real money are veiled and may look like a purchase with play money. Sometimes in the press news comes up about unhappy parents whose child made purchases in the game for a round amount. Do not be afraid, because there is a way to block the waste of funds through programs and games. We recommend that all beginners first use it. Only after a while, when you clearly understand where they are trying to “rip off” real money and will not react to it, you can enable in-app purchases.

Let’s go back to the App Store. The “View” section is divided into three parts, in one of which Apple moderators offer to familiarize yourself with some of the thematic collections of applications compiled by themselves, in the second there is a Popular section next to which offers the user applications that are popular in his region. The Categories section is also duplicated here, which is also available from the Selection.

The next section is “Search”. Everything is clear here, you enter either the name of the application or keywords.

The last section “Updates” will display the current updates for the programs and games installed on your device. From here, they can also be updated. In addition, all purchases for your Apple ID are displayed here, including downloaded applications from other devices.

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To download an application or game, you must click on the appropriate button (with the price. To buy a paid one or “download” to download a free one).

Opposite some applications and games in the App Store on the iDevice, instead of the download button, a cloud icon with an arrow may be displayed. This means that this application has already been purchased or downloaded by you on another device. You can download the application by clicking on this “cloud”. If the program or game was paid, then the money will not be debited from the account again.

Be sure to download our Yablyk app to keep up with all the news about Apple. In addition, we regularly publish helpful guides and reviews.

After clicking the download button, you will be required to enter your Apple ID password. You cannot force your iPhone or iPad to remember the password and substitute it always when downloading applications. This is for security reasons.

After any of the above steps, the application will start downloading. This will be evidenced by the appeared icon of the downloadable application, containing elements of the download progress. By SIMply clicking on it, the download will pause. In the same way it can be renewed.

After downloading, an automatic installation process will occur. When the application icon has returned to its normal form. It is ready to launch.

How to install an app from the App Store that requires a new version of iOS?

Hello! Apple is constantly releasing new versions of iOS and, frankly, thanks a lot for that. Why? Because, in this way, she does not let me get bored. Something is constantly happening. Well, okay, back to the topic of the article. So, Apple is trying and producing, and the developers of games and applications, in turn, timely and very quickly rewrite their programs so that they are fully compatible with the new firmware.

And in the end, such a situation may turn out. You are trying to download an application from the App Store, and the iPhone or iPad tells you that you need to update your gadget to a new version of iOS and nothing will be installed and downloaded until that moment. Here is such an unexpected ultimatum from the “apple” company and its services. Checkmate! Or not?

This disgrace looks something like this:

And, it would seem, what is the problem? Update and download! But:

  • There is not always a need for a new firmware version, someone wants to leave their device on the old and tested version of the software. Check out how many shoals iOS 10 has! Not everyone will want to update.
  • Many people SIMply cannot install new firmware. Here is an article on this topic, pay attention to the number of comments.
  • At the moment, people still have many such gadgets as the iPhone 4. And, as we know, the latest version of iOS for it is 7.1.2. That’s it, you can’t update it further, and many applications and games, when downloaded from the App Store, require iOS 8 and no less! And in the future this will continue. The next iPhone 4S is next in line, and there it is not far from the “fives”.

What to do in this case? Leave the gadget without programs and games? Of course not! After all, there is a way to download those applications on the iPhone that require a newer version of iOS than the one currently installed.

True, one smartphone is not enough for this, you also need a computer. The aLGorithm is quite SIMple:

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. We launch. Iphone or iPad can be left unconnected.
  • In iTunes, open the App Store and select the application that you did not download on your device due to the old version of iOS.
  • Click “Download” and enter the Apple ID data (the identifier must be the same as the one under which you registered on the iPhone or iPad).
  • That’s it, we don’t need iTunes anymore. We pick up an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store there and go to the “Shopping” section. We find the program that was downloaded earlier to the computer and click on the “Cloud with an arrow” icon.
  • A warning appears that the old version of the application will be installed, click “OK” and wait for the download.

That’s it, we managed to install a program that previously required a newer version of iOS on your iPhone and iPad. And we didn’t even touch the firmware. We didn’t need to update it!

The only thing, as you already understood, this is how old versions of applications and games are installed (specifically for the iOS that is installed on your device at the moment). So there may not be any new chips (introduced in subsequent editions of the program).

But the main thing is that the application itself will work and can be used! And this is much better than just a “bare” device without any games and programs.