Can Li Vatsap On Computer

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What are Whatsapp calls and how do they work?

The fact is that the developers of Whatsapp did not come up with anything radically new. Calls through it are made through IP-telephony. Which is part of the technology VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol. Voice over IP networks. This means that communication is not carried out through the networks of mobile operators, but via the Internet, through two (or more) devices connected to it.

Can li vatsap on computer

Therefore, in itself, the ability to call from a computer in this way is definitely available.

But this is usually implemented using SIP clients. And to make calls using it, you need to know the IP address of the interlocutor’s device.

Of course, you cannot know him. Therefore, there remains only the possibility of launching a full-fledged Whatsapp application on a computer.

How to install whatsapp on computer for calls?

To do this, you will need a separate mobile number, which will be registered account in Vatsapp. In fact, we just replace the computer with a mobile phone. But this cannot be done in the usual way. You will need to use the android emulator. The most famous emulator is bluestacks. It is free, and you need to download it only from the official site. This is very important, because there are a lot of fraudulent sites on the network that can palm off malware to you under the guise of such emulators.

Creating a Whatsapp account and activating it on a computer in bluestacks emulator

This program is installed on a computer, after which it is already possible to install Whatsapp from Google Play, like on a regular smartphone, and activate an existing whatsapp account.

It is important to understand that an account must first be registered with any mobile phone. For this requires an active phone number, where you can receive the code via SMS. It is better to choose a phone where whatsapp is not installed so as not to transfer accounts back and forth.

How to call from a computer on Whatsapp

Well, then a matter of technology. After you transfer your account to bluestacks, it will work just like on a smartphone, and calls will also be available.

But one must understand that such calls can only be made if the subscriber’s smartphone has a stable stable Internet connection. Otherwise, you won’t be able to talk normally. There will be very strong delays and data loss.

How else can I call from a computer?

By the way, there is also a Viber, which has the same function. But besides this, it allows you to make calls to mobile numbers of subscribers who do not use Viber.

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But, of course, it’s paid, because not cheap IP-telephony will be used here, but routing of communication from the Internet through the network of mobile operators to the subscriber’s smartphone. You can make free calls only if the subscriber also has Viber installed on the smartphone and is connected to the Internet. A call will be made via IP-telephony, just like in the case of Watsapp. There is a drawback to this, because few have this messenger installed. Although, if you need communication with friends, colleagues, then there is no problem using Viber for calls from a computer to a phone.

Well, do not forget about Skype. After all, this oldest and most well-known program also has the ability to make calls from a computer to any smartphone if Skype is installed and turned on. And in the same way, you can call any number for a fee.


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Can I install Whatsapp on my computer? Undoubtedly. But for the correct installation you need to use the phone. This application is useful when traveling, traveling, and at home. It’s very cool to use a means of communication that helps you get in touch with family and friends.

Can I install Whatsapp on my computer?

Hello, friends! Beginner users are increasingly asking themselves, is it possible to install Whatsapp on a computer? To do this, you need to apply instructions that will help to install correctly. Not all users use WhatsApp on their phone, especially people of retirement age.

But a computer, a fairly convenient system that allows you to use this application in a convenient place for you. It will turn out to install this program on your computer if it was previously installed on a telephone device. How to do this correctly is described (in this article).

How to install vatsap on computer, if it is on the phone

In order to download WhatsApp to your computer you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer of this application. On the Internet you need to enter the name of this program in the search engine (Figure 1).

Next, go to the site itself and choose which device to install the application on.

In this case, I use the link that you see on the site: MAC or Windows computers. Do not forget to click on the download button after clicking on these links and wait a little while the installation file appears on your computer.

After the file is downloaded, you need to go to the download section and double-click the left mouse button on the specified file. Subsequently, run the installer. It is very important to wait a few minutes for a special window to appear, which is the final step in the installation process.

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It is possible to install Vatsap for a computer only according to the following instructions:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone;
  • Click the menu or settings and select Whatsapp-Web;
  • Point your phone at this monitor to read a special code.

This process must be done in order to successfully install the program. Follow the instructions above and launch the messenger on the phone. Next, bring the phone face up to the indicated screen of your computer. Then the synchronization takes place. So, you were able to download and install WhatsApp on your computer for free.

Is it possible to install WhatsApp on a computer without a phone

If for some reason you do not have a modern mobile device, you need to study the information on how to install the WhatsApp on a computer without a phone. To do this, you will have to find a special utility on the Internet called BlueStacks.

Usually, this assistant is called an emulator, because it creates the appearance of a mobile device. Go to the website of this program and download it to your computer (Figure 3).

Installing this program is simple. Also follow the instructions and wait for the process to complete. When the installation is completed, an icon appears on the desktop, which must be opened to run the emulator.

Subsequently, you need to go into the search for the emulator and type the name of the Whatsapp messenger there. When you notice the application icon (usually it is highlighted in green), click on it once and then install. So, we found out if Whatsapp can be installed on a computer.

How to use Vatsap on a computer

As you know, computers are now used in offices, enterprises and at home. But not all people like to use the messenger on the phone, because there are some restrictions. For example, the keyboard does not allow typing as quickly as possible. A beginner does not know many subtleties of this application, and therefore it should be considered in more detail.

How to use whatsapp on a computer:

  1. Desktop customization. This function should be used if you want to open the application at the login. This is mainly for those people who often forget passwords. There you just need to check the box to confirm the decision.
  2. Technical support. In the contribution help, which is located on the main screen of this program, you can find answers to questions on the technical part of this program.
  3. General chats. Chat can be easily changed to various colors, and chat with friends.

WhatsApp has pretty convenient functionality on a computer. So using it is not a big deal.


So from the article we learned whether it is possible to install Whatsapp on a computer, both from the phone and without it. Using whatsapp for a computer really helps many people solve various problems. Use the messenger wisely, and then you will succeed. Thank you and good luck to you!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers for mobile phones, there is even a version for S40 phones (Nokia, Java platform) and it is still relevant today. Neither Viber nor Facebook Messenger can boast of this. Is there a PC application, and is it possible to make WhatsApp calls from a computer?

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Can I install WhatsApp on my computer

For the application to be installed on any operating system, you must first install the emulator program on your PC

The official WhatsApp application for personal computers exists. The following operating systems are supported:

  • MacOS 10.9 and higher;
  • Windows 8 and higher (Windows 7. Not supported, the application gives an error when trying to install).

A suitable version of the application can be downloaded from the official website.

After starting the program, you will need to synchronize the chat between WhatsApp on your mobile phone and PC. To do this, you need to run the application on the smartphone, log into your account, select WhatsApp Web in the settings and scan the QR code from the application on the PC.

By the way, in addition to the application for personal computers, you can use the messenger on Windows and MacOS in a browser window. To do this, go to and scan the QR-code from the mobile on the PC screen.

QR code scanning is necessary to start synchronization between devices

An important note: using WhatsApp on a PC is only possible if the messenger is also installed on the mobile phone and is online (that is, connected to the Internet).

As for calls, there is no such possibility in the version for computers. You cannot make calls or regular voice calls.

  • Exchange text messages;
  • Send text files;
  • Send voice messages;
  • Edit your contact list in the application.

Why such a restriction was introduced is not known, but the developers, apparently, do not plan to remove it.

How to call from PC on WhatsApp

You can make calls from the messenger when using the emulator on a PC

  • BlueStacks
  • Nox Player
  • GenyMotion.

But this method has its drawbacks:

  • The phone will also be needed. An SMS message will be sent to it to activate the account (the code from the message will need to be entered into the WhatsApp program at the first start);
  • Not all computers work stably with Android emulators (those with modern Intel processors with support for virtualization technology are better suited for this);
  • Even if the application starts and runs normally, it is not always possible to make calls, since not all microphones and webcams are supported in the emulator.

By the way, Android emulators for PC are available not only for Windows and MacOS, but also on Linux. Accordingly, it will turn out to make calls on any computer, including with Windows 7.

In total, the official WhatsApp application for PC will not be able to make calls. But you can install the program for Android through the emulator. In this case, the messenger functionality will be exactly the same as on the smartphone.