Can I Replace Home Button Iphone 7

Apple is making serious technology and is very sensitive to the security and privacy of its customers.

Based on these considerations, almost all nodes of smartphones, tablets and other Apple devices have special protection.

The touch button with Touch ID works with the owner’s fingerprints and allows you to access encrypted data inside the device.

Therefore, if the home button on the iphone 6 / 6s stopped working, The best solution would be to contact an authorized service center. After all, some functions after starting with a non-original button may not be available.

You can replace the connection cable of the Home iPhone 6 button while maintaining the original button so that the specified functionality remains operational.

Can I Replace Home Button Iphone 7

But to carry out all the manipulations is only while maintaining the latter’s working capacity.

If the sensor is broken / broken, only a complete replacement is possible.

Button Replacement Procedure

iPhone must be turned off before disassembling.

For work, you need a specialized tool, such as:

  • Suction cup for the screen,
  • Screwdriver for pentalobe-screws,
  • Phillips small Phillips screwdriver,
  • Plastic picks (shoulder blades),
  • Tweezers.
  1. First of all, the screws on the sides of the Lightining connector are loosened. With the help of a suction cup and a pick / scapula, the smartphone is opened relative to the upper part (the parts are disassembled from the lower part, where the screws were loosened).
  2. The connection point of the display loops is protected by a special metal casing. After loosening the screws with a Phillips screwdriver and removing the cover, the cables can be disconnected. This is done using the same pick or a flat plastic scapula.
  3. On the disconnected front panel, the screws of the front camera protective cover and speaker are untwisted. The camera rises neatly, the speaker and light sensor (with a sharp-edged plastic tool) are removed.
  4. The Home button remains. It is held by 2 more screws. After unscrewing them, the button is released, the loop is turned off.
  5. A new button is installed, or the old original one, if the cable was damaged. Further assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Checking the operation of the Home button

At first glance. nothing complicated, but all work must be done with utmost care and concentration.

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Will the non-native Home button on the iPhone 6 / 6s work after the replacement

Apple is serious about creating new devices. And therefore, in the majority of original spare parts and modules, special microchips-keys are built in, which allows you to check the originality of devices at the hardware level. And it doesn’t matter. is it an adapter for headphones, or a new Touch ID module.

As soon as the system does not detect the required key, the device will be recognized as unsafe, and some functions or even all will become inaccessible.

This will happen with the Home button.

A non-native button will only be able to transmit basic desktop management commands, but the functionality of the fingerprint sensor will become unavailable (that is, it will not work with Apple Pay or quick unlock using a fingerprint).

What to do if after replacing the Home button on the iPhone, it starts to crackle and crack, or there is a backlash

Many users complain that after the replacement procedure clicks and crunches a button on an iPhone 6 / 6S. This may be due primarily to the fact that the new element is rubbed into place.

Often, owners of completely new smartphones complain of a similar problem.

Of course, if after some time the button does not stop cracking and crunching, and the effect even intensifies, it is possible that in the process of assembly the abrasive (solid particles) got into contacting parts, which causes such a sound.

If the assembly was carried out by a master. this is an occasion to complain about the quality of work and put pressure on a free alteration.

In the case of independent work, there is no one to complain, you will have to disassemble the device again and check all moving joints, it is even possible to replace the button again.