Can I Repair a Broken LCD TV

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Can I Repair a Broken LCD TV

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imagine our life without a TV, for many it is source of information, a way
relax and have fun. Like any home appliance, a TV requires
neat and careful handling. over, it is important for its largest, most expensive and fragile
parts of the screen.

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awkward movement during rearrangement or transportation of the TV, aptly
a neglected children’s toy, or a sharp jump of a domestic cat chasing after
a ray of sun. this is enough to crack the screen, it appeared
dark spots or colored stripes. Repair cracked matrix, unfortunately,
impossible, to help out in this situation can only replace it. But how much is it
appropriate? Maybe it’s better not to contact the repair, and buy a new one.

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Your TV screen is broken, what should I do?

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First you need to figure out what type the broken screen of your TV belongs to.

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TV. unique for each TV model, it is impossible to pick up
cheaper and more affordable analogue. If you own an LCD
(or LCD) TV, then note that the cost of a new TV will be
comparable to the cost of a new matrix and its replacement in the service center. therefore
buying a new LCD TV will be the best solution, unless, of course,
old is not expensive as a memory. By the way, the same applies to the option when the TV
was part of a home theater. it’s better to buy a new one.

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if the screen of an expensive plasma TV crashes, then it makes sense to find out
the presence and cost of the new matrix, because you will agree, it will be cheaper to replace
the matrix cost about 80-100 thousand rubles, than to purchase a new TV for 160-200
thousand rubles.

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lucky and the plasma TV matrix did not crack, but appeared on the screen
vertical stripes, it is most likely only required to produce

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replacement matrix depends on the model and brand, as well as on the diagonal of the screen. Process
this is sometimes very time-consuming, requires free space, and
quite often the presence of an assistant. It can be performed only in conditions
service center and only to an experienced professional.

a falling TV or a strong shock, besides the screen itself, can significantly
its other insides are damaged. an electronic board, for example, therefore
invite a qualified master to the house to conduct a diagnosis
the best advice in this situation.