Can I Recover Deleted Photos On My Phone

Can I Recover Deleted Photos On My Phone

Have you accidentally deleted the desired photo from your smartphone? Then you should think about its restoration. Read about all the ways to recover photos on Android deleted from your phone. These methods are suitable for smartphones from Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, and absolutely all other manufacturers. At the same time, we’ll talk about how to secure your pictures in the future.

Accidentally deleting one or more photos is a common occurrence. On a smartphone, a glitch of the operating system or a specific application can lead to this. Also, the removal may not be random at all.

It sometimes happens that at one time the picture seems unnecessary, and later you passionately want to return it. That’s why you should take care of saving photos in the cloud. How to do this is described in the second half of the article. First, we’ll talk about how you can try to recover recently deleted images.

How to recover photos on Android after deletion

If you have not previously configured the synchronization of photos with the cloud service, you will have to try to restore the files. The fact is that when you delete any image, document or some other file, its real destruction does not occur. This memory segment remains unwritten for some time. In this regard, it is possible to return the desired file.

You need to act as quickly as possible. At any time, a memory segment may be overwritten by a downloaded application, document, media file, or even the operating system itself. The maximum likelihood of a photograph returning if it was deleted a few minutes or at least hours ago.

Another factor that affects the amount of internal memory. If the smartphone has only 8 GB of memory, and you regularly experience a lack of free space, then the probability of a successful file recovery is extremely small.

The easiest way is to restore the image from the memory card. its file system is overwritten quite slowly. Also in this case, you can use a card reader and much more powerful computer programs.

Phone photo recovery apps

If you are only interested in photographs, then the “Recovery Images” application will help in their search. This is a free utility, its developers earn from advertising. The program uses the simplest interface. Any knowledge in modern technology from the user is definitely not required.

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After starting the application, just click on the “Scan” button. Further, the program will display absolutely all the photos and pictures that are in the built-in memory or on a microSD card.

Please note that the utility will probably display absolutely all images. including those that you did not delete. This is due to the features of the operating system. it supposedly considers the files located in hidden folders to be deleted.

Scroll through the displayed list and you will definitely find previously deleted pictures. Next you need to mark them with checkmarks, after which it remains only to click the “Restore” button. The application works without root rights. you should not have problems.

A slightly more advanced program is DiskDigger Photo Recovery. It also works without root access. At the same time, the application is distributed free of charge, without advertising inside. As with the previous utility, DiskDigger is fast and reliable.

However, it functions without root rights in a limited mode. It is possible that you can only find a thumbnail of the deleted photo. And only on rutted devices is a search performed over the entire memory. the chance of finding the image in its original form is significantly increased.

If it is important for you to search for files of any type, and not just images, then you should download and install GT Recovery. And it is advisable to do this in advance so that the program does not accidentally rewrite the necessary memory sectors. The application is free, but it has paid content.

Another drawback is the fact that it only works when providing root access. If your device is not rutted, then the developers offer to download a computer version of their program. In this case, you need to connect the device via a USB cable.

If you previously bothered to get root-rights, then you are in luck. In this case, the utility will “go around” all the nooks and crannies of memory. At the same time, it supports all the most common file system formats. Before starting a scan, the user has the right to note which files he is looking for. That is, you can tell the program to display only images. In short, this is a fairly powerful application, which is recommended for installation to everyone who has root access.

7-Data Android Recovery. or photo recovery using a computer

Unfortunately, the Android operating system is not omnipotent, like all programs hosted on Google Play. Sometimes it requires the use of heavy artillery. a computer. You can install 7-Data Android Recovery on it. This is a good utility to help recover a wide variety of files.

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Connecting a smartphone to a computer via a USB cable, wireless communication in such cases is completely eliminated. To search for deleted images, use the Photo Recovery section. Scanning the program does not take much time. the exact values ​​depend on the speed of the built-in memory and the type of USB connector. To restore a photo, click on it with the mouse and click on the corresponding button. Nothing complicated!

Make sure that photos on Android are saved automatically in the cloud

So now you know how to recover deleted pictures. But all the above methods usually do not work if a week or even a longer period has passed after deleting the photo. Therefore, we advise you to play it safe.

Enable cloud synchronization, in which case the pictures will be regularly sent to a special service. This is a very useful feature also due to the fact that it saves images in case of damage to the smartphone or its loss. Suppose you could drown a phone in the sea.

Without the “cloud” you would have lost all the photos that were in the device’s memory. And some Dropbox or Google Photos store the image on their servers, as a result of which you can download them to a computer or other device. Yes, and simple photo recovery in the case of the “cloud” is simplified. you definitely will not need root rights anymore.

There are many cloud services that we already talked about. But it’s not a sin to repeat itself. The most popular are the following services:

  • Google Photos,
  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Yandex.Disk.

How cloud photo saving works

Most often, the client of the cloud service is designed to save a variety of files. That is, you can upload photos, music, documents and any archives to the cloud storage. At the same time, the developers of such programs implemented one great feature.

It is called “Photo Sync.” If you activate it, then after each use of the camera, fresh pictures and evens will fly into the “cloud”. over, such applications most often do not synchronize if the battery level drops to a sufficiently low value. And in the cloud client settings you can enable uploading photos only via Wi-Fi.

Each cloud client has its own specifics of work. And not one of them has an infinite amount of storage. Least of a gigabyte is Dropbox. Most of all. OneDrive, although this service in our country for some reason has low popularity.

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But Google Photos is best suited for image synchronization. It is here that contains the largest number of settings. Also, this service is able to remind you of old photographs from time to time, making for you a kind of excursion into history.

Using cloud services is very simple. First you need to download the application. Then you register an account if you still have not acquired one (otherwise, just enter your username and password). Well, then you need to activate the synchronization of photos in the program settings. And most often, you don’t need to do this either. the corresponding request will appear after you create the first photo, all that remains is to agree to enable synchronization of the folder with the pictures.

All photos are stored in the “cloud” exactly until you delete them from there. It turns out that they can also be restored at any time. But you need to understand that on the service itself, deleting a file is complete. it will not work to return something through other applications. However, some “clouds” first place the file in the “Recycle Bin”, where it is stored for about one week.

Useful tips to restore photos on Android using a computer

If you are going to recover files using a computer, you will need to activate the item “USB Debugging”. It is located in the “Settings”, in the “For Developers” section. If the function is not activated, then the computer program simply will not be able to access the entire file system of the smartphone.

Obtaining root rights should only be considered if you are not using Sberbank Online or other banking clients. Such applications determine the presence of root access by refusing to work. This is done for the safety of the client.

It is not necessary to keep a cloud service client on a smartphone. You can install it on a computer. In this case, sending photos to the “cloud” will occur after each USB-connection.

It is easiest to recover photos from a memory card using the appropriate computer program and card reader. In this case, you eliminate the restriction in the form of the smartphone operating system.


Now you know how to restore a photo on an Android smartphone and tablet. The Android operating system is rich in applications that can do this. Have you used similar programs? And what was the result of your actions? We are waiting for your comments!