Can I Install Windows On Ipad

Can I Install Windows On Ipad

People who usually use Windows, as a rule, get so used to the OS that, even having bought an “apple” device, they puzzle over how to put Windows on an iPad. It should be noted right away that the iPad is a closed system that does not allow any changes. However, not everything is so hopeless. Below, we will consider several methods that can solve this problem.

How to do it

The principle is as follows: Windows is installed on the Citrix server, and to get access to it, you just need to register on the company’s website. Then you need to enter the login, password. and the problem of installing Windows on the iPad is resolved.

The utility supports all gestures and multi-touch. the functions of the “apple” tablet. It is clear that for productive work in such a tandem it is necessary to get used to it. when the user swipes the screen, it’s not the cursor that moves, but the interface on an enlarged scale. And to drag an icon with files, you need to click on it for a long time. But this is a matter of practice. as a rule, after several hours of operation, the owner of the device no longer experiences any difficulties. The speed of work on the gadget, after installing Windows on the iPad, in principle, is the same as for a PC, it mainly depends on the power of the Internet.

In addition to the above application, OnLive Desktop is quite popular. Let us dwell on it in more detail.

OnLive Desktop as the easiest way

Thanks to the company from California, installing the OS from Microsoft Corporation has become even more affordable for ordinary owners of “apple” tablets. It was OnLive that provided an opportunity for users of Apple tablets to launch a virtual copy of a well-known operating system with all its known components. All this is made possible thanks to the OnLive Desktop emulator. The utility provides not only remote Windows desktop, but also gives access to applications such as Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc.

The main difference from working on a PC is that the owner of the gadget gets a touch OS, which was designed for devices that support touch touch. Many users compare the utility with Microsoft Surface.

Principle of operation

After you log in to the main login window, the interface of the standard Windows desktop will appear on the screen. Through it, you can access Office programs and the directory for getting started in the program.

What inconvenience may arise

Despite a number of advantages, the utility can cause inconvenience while working with it. Its main drawback is the lack of a web browser in the standard package. Currently, the company’s specialists are developing a web surfer that could process a huge amount of information and at the same time utilize the harm that viruses can cause to the corporation’s servers. One of the easiest solutions to this problem would be to switch to a standard iPad web browser.

Among the drawbacks in using the utility, the following point can be highlighted: when copying any material, there is no way to save it in the Windows clipboard. As a result, it is impossible to copy and then paste the image or text while working in the program. The utility was mainly used to work in Windows 7, and how to run the next version of the OS on the tablet, we will consider below.

How to run Windows 8 on iPad

To successfully install Windows 8 for iPad, you will need Win 8 Metro Testbed.

The principle of the program is very simple: after installing the application on the device, the user receives the interface of the desired OS on the screen. The program supports such complex gestures as sliding from the edge of the interface, as well as the option of semantic zoom.

Sometimes for some reason it is necessary to install the old version of the OS from Gates on a tablet. Below are some recommendations on this subject.

Install Windows 98 on iPad

To install Windows 98 for iPad successfully, there are certain requirements:

  • the device should be after a jailbreak;
  • first you need to install the iFile utility on the device;
  • presence of a PC compatible with Windows XP / 7 / 8.1.

What is it for

There is a certain category of users of “apple” devices who are nostalgic for computer games popular in the 90s. They basically puzzle over how to install the old version of Windows, despite the huge number of modern programs with different themes.

What programs and files are needed to install Windows 98

For the old OS to be successfully installed, you must:

  1. Download the iFunBox Utility.
  2. Download WinImage and a Windows 98 image.
  3. Install iFunBox and WinImage.
  4. Extract the previously downloaded OS image into a separate folder using the archiver.
  5. Using WinImage, mount the image of the game of interest: open the c.img file through the above program and add the image through the corresponding item in the menu.
  6. Close the above utility and open iFunBox.
  7. Go to the \ User \ Documents \ directory and transfer all files from the OS folder to the specified location on the “apple” device.
  8. Close iFunBox and turn off the tablet.
  9. On the iPad, open iFile and for the copied files (with the extension c.img, dospad.cfg and w95.bat) set the Read and Write permissions.
  10. Open Cydia Utility.
  11. Add a directory with the address
  12. Install and then run the DosPad package.
  13. Enter “w95” in the address bar on the screen (enter without quotation marks).
  14. Wait for the download to finish, after which the OS will prompt you to set the date and time.
  15. Double click “OK”.