Can I Install a Bluetooth Computer

How to find out if there is a bluetooth on the computer? This is a common question. Nowadays, this wireless module is installed on many devices, such as:

  • Home speaker system.
  • Laptops.
  • Smartphones and tablets.
  • Wireless headset.
  • Printers
  • Peripherals for PC. mice, keyboards and so on.

This is not the whole list. However, how can an inexperienced user know if there is Bluetooth on his computer? This is nothing complicated.

How to check if the PC Bluetooth is equipped with an adapter

It is immediately worth noting that on the stationary PCs, in the vast majority of cases, such modules are not installed. That is, they can be installed, but only at the request of the buyer and for a fee.

Another thing is laptops. On most models they are available. But there are also options without Bluetooth. How to understand if there is such equipment on your desktop computer? Everything is simple with a laptop:

  • Read the technical data sheet that came with the PC.
  • Open the official website of the manufacturer of the laptop and indicate the exact model of the laptop, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the detailed specifications.
  • Open the device manager and check the available equipment.
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But, with a desktop computer, everything is a little more complicated. The first two points will not work for us, so let’s pay attention to the third.

How to find out if there is Bluetooth on the computer:. Checking Bluetooth in Device Manager

The answer to the question, how do I know if the computer supports the Bluetooth adapter? Any PC supports such equipment. The only question is whether it is installed. To verify this, we need to open the device manager. This service displays all the components installed on the PC. from the central processor to the keyboard with the mouse.

To open this tool, press the Start key combinationR. In the window that appears, write devmgmt.msc. In the window that opens, we are interested in the line “Bluetooth”. If it is, it means that the wireless module is connected, and ready to go. If it is not there, then find “Network Adapters” and open the branch.

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All network modules will be displayed here:

If here we have the module we need, then this also indicates that it is connected and ready to work. If it is not, then there is no software for the adapter. If the manager has undefined equipment, then it is quite possible that the module itself is connected, but the driver is not installed.

It is worth noting that in the vast majority of cases, an external type of Bluetooth is installed on stationary PCs. This is because this type is more convenient to use. Therefore, carefully check all USB ports. If in this way you did not find the adapter, then most likely that it is not.

There are two ways to check whether an internal type module is installed:

  • Disassemble the PC.
  • In the device manager (as described above).

Also, always remember that to search and download drivers for Bluetooth on your PC, you need to know the exact model of the adapter. Usually when you buy the latter in the kit there is a disk with the necessary software. But if it is not, then by the model you can find the necessary programs on the Internet.

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If Bluetooth and all related programs are installed on your PC, the connection will work continuously. over, in the system tray (lower right corner of the desktop) the corresponding icon will be visible, with which you can manage the connections and change the configuration of the equipment.

Can I Install a Bluetooth Computer