Can I Get Phone Case Back

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Can I Get Phone Case Back

Return within 14 days

The seller refused to refund the funds. I phoned with my superiors, which is located in another city, they offered to exchange for another cover. He explained that their case, unfortunately, was not needed for me, asked for a refund.

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As a result, they wrote a complaint addressed to the director of the LLC. He offered to write the claim in two copies (on the second he asked to put the stamp and signature of the seller that he received the claim).

Detailed regulation of this process is the procedure for interaction between the authorized body and the organizer, and when child support is collected from a payer in court from another payer or an agreement is concluded to pay child support to a minor child of another mother, he does not always suffer for a long time and die. The court has the right, in the presence of special circumstances, to calculate the performer and producer of the phonogram, namely, an application written and signed.

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Is it possible to exchange the case from the phone if it did not fit

Let them prove that it can be repaired in a 45-day period. Is there a guarantee? not. Only warranty repair 14 days return period, lose current in repair first warranty repair. If not repaired, then refund. Cannot be returned. Warranty repair only.

Give it to repair. For six months, a lot of things. according to the law on “consumer protection” Why not? This is not underwear. What are the reasons? If “did not like”, then it is impossible.

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Is there a warranty on my phone case?

1 answer. Moscow Viewed 350 times. Asked 2013-05-20 11:56:12 0400 in the topic “Consumer Protection” I bought a phone, brought home it turned out I forgot to put the battery in the box. I bought a phone, I brought home it turned out I forgot to put the battery in the box.

Can I return the phone case?. They said that the phone can not be repaired for a guarantee whether it is possible to return the money

I complained, because my phone is always in a case and nothing like this happened to him. they didn’t explain anything to me, but only issued an expert opinion, where by the way I found a few spelling errors (after which I doubted their literacy). I sent the phone to a paid workshop. after a week of inspection, they reported that they did not know what was happening to him and could not fix it.

They drove her around her ears, and together with the phone, they put in an unnecessary cover, a sim card, a flash drive and insurance in case of theft. The man understands a little, the wording of the question to me was:

“Why the phone came out 1.5 times more expensive than the price of the site, they said nothing would work without some gigabytes”