Can I fix my TV screen?

What to do if the screen is broken and there is a crack on the TV?

All masters pass a mandatory medical examination before departure. Make repairs wearing a mask and gloves.

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If the TV screen is cracked, then even with minor damage to the display will be visible stripes, color distortions and other image deficiencies. There are several reasons for the malfunction, but usually they are mechanical damage. You can not fix the problem yourself, so try to call a service engineer.

SC “A-Aisberg” repair TV sets of all popular brands (from inexpensive LCD Toshiba, Supra, Philips to the top models LG, Sony, Samsung). Diagnostic and repair work is carried out at home in the presence of the client (without taking the equipment to the workshop). For a call of the TV masters for the specific time, call on 8 (495) 213-33-33 from 7:00 till 23:00 on any day of week (without days off), or leave the online application on a site with contacts for feedback.

The main reasons why the picture is lost on your TV

No breakage occurs for no reason. Accordingly, if there is a malfunction and there is sound on the TV screen, no picture, you should find the root cause of the breakdown and fix it.

The main causes of the lack of images on the TV screen:

Capacitors burned out as a result of power line surges. If capacitors are burnt out, the image can be absent at all, the picture can be, but the brightness level is minimal, it can rear-end, or the TV will turn off by itself. Colors can also be shown incorrectly.

Damaged matrix. this damage occurs due to voltage fluctuations in the network or mechanical effects, such as shock. On an LCD TV damaged matrix can not be repaired or restored, it must be replaced. With this defect on the TV screen multiple stripes can appear, part of the screen may not work.

Inverter break down. in this case the picture can’t be avoided since it is the inverter which transmits voltage to the backlight. If the inverter does not work, the picture on the screen will be distorted or absent at all. Can be low brightness, or the picture appears, but quickly loses brightness and fades out altogether.

Cable damage. if there is no problem with the sound, but the picture is absent or of poor quality, you should check the cables that transmit the signal. It could be an antenna cable, “tulip”, HDMI, ISP cable, or Internet cable.

Power supply malfunction. another cause of malfunction of the TV screen, or rather its hardware, can be a burnt power supply. In this case the picture can become jittery, the brightness level can be minimal or there can be no picture at all.

The backlight doesn’t work well or doesn’t work at all. Modern televisions have LED backlighting, which largely determines the brightness of the picture. If the backlight does not work, the brightness level of the picture can drop significantly, the image can blink or be absent entirely.

Matrix cable is damaged, depending on the degree of damage, the manifestation may differ. The image can disappear only periodically, or it will not be at all. Streaks may appear on the screen in color or in black and white, interference may form on the screen.

Why do you need to replace the TV matrix, which is the main element of the LCD TV.


Modern users have firmly entered the life of a stylish, functional, thin LCD (liquid crystal) TV. Hardly anyone would think of buying a bulky CRT (kinescope) TV set today, unless, of course, it’s done to add to your collection of retro appliances. Today the choice of LCD TV sets is so great that the average user is extremely difficult to navigate.

If we compare modern TV sets with their “prehistoric brothers” they have a lot of advantages. Is primarily image quality, the presence of three-dimensional crystal clear sound. And their appearance is much nicer. With this “TV evolution” has a but! This is the maximum vulnerability of a thin, fragile panel to all kinds of mechanical damage, which leads to the fact that you need a complex and expensive replacement of the TV matrix. If it was much easier with a kinescope TV, it was repaired a number of times, you could pound on it with your fist when the picture was lost, it could flip over and then work again like nothing happened, but an LCD TV is not able to stand this. The most vulnerable place of the modern TV is the matrix, to damage it is simple, sometimes a slight pressure or shock is enough and all, replacement of the LED screen TV is inevitable! And this, mind you, is one of the most complex and expensive repairs. Sometimes, it depends on the TV model, the question arises. Is it worth replacing a broken matrix on your TV, because it will be almost the same as a new TV.

The emergence of modern televisions with an LCD panel, is essentially the third stage in the development of their manufacturing technology. As the name suggests, the LCD screen includes the liquid crystal array, this also includes a protective coating, colored filters and, most importantly. source of light passing through this entire structure.

Originally, the light source in LCD televisions was conventional fluorescent lamps, which had a flux of white light. A little later they started using EEFL cold plasma lamps. For this reason, these televisions were not as thin and light, despite being flat. over, using CCFL or EEFL lamps does not locally dim one part of the screen and brighten the other.

The era of LEDs began at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, they replaced fluorescent lamps in the backlighting of liquid crystal matrices, which were quite bulky. As a result the “obsolete” LCD/EEFL matrices were replaced by LCD/LED panels too, which have LED backlighting and replacement is much more complicated.

We should not confuse LCD TVs which have LED backlighting with OLED panels, the matrix of which consists entirely of organic LEDs without the use of liquid crystals. In OLED models, organic LEDs completely form the image. These televisions do not need an LCD panel or color filters.

In principle, LCD and LED models of TVs work on the same scheme. The picture is transmitted to the screen and illuminated only in the first case by bulbs, in the second case by LEDs. LEDs. Both are endowed with a screen, the thinnest and most fragile glass, which can be damaged in many ways. As a rule, replacement of the matrix to the TV for the following reasons:

No matter what kind of defect appeared on the matrix, whether it is a scratch, small crack, chip, hole, or any other mechanical defects, you can not watch TV because it is in a defective state. In this situation the only reasonable solution is to replace the LCD matrix, which can only be performed in a specialized service center. Also! To find out what the final price of the replacement of the TV matrix depends on many factors. Diagonal, model, specifications!

Many years of experience of TV masters, working in the service center and engaged in replacing the matrix in the TV is so great that one article to describe all the cases is clearly not enough, they are enough to write several volumes. What careless users do with their televisions? People throw things at them, knock and turn them upside down, televisions tear off walls and fall to the floor, etc.д. After that they throw up their hands and complain about life, because in fact the modern TV is not cheap, and then they have to replace the matrix in the TV, which costs half a new device. Too bad. Yes! But as the saying goes: “You can’t wave your hands after the battle”!”, which is done. it is done! And even in this situation, you should not panic, because the replacement of a new screen. This is not a verdict!

On the Internet you can find a lot of different information that they say it is easier to go and buy a new TV, rather than throwing money on an expensive replacement matrix TV. Only dilettantes who know nothing about this repair can talk like that. Why overpay for a new TV, if for example you bought the one that is damaged and is equipped with the most advanced technology? 100% 4K sensor replacement will be much cheaper than a new identical device.

The user has come home after a hard day’s work, hoping to relax near the TV and watch a soccer match of their favorite teams. But something went wrong! In a fit of rage, a glass, a remote control or any other item you have on hand has been thrown into the screen. The result? And the result is “deplorable”, since replacing the matrixes of TV sets (r. Kiev) is inevitable, because the TV is out, it has cracks, stripes, ripples and other defects. Not only that it was impossible to find out who won, but it also requires a serious financial investment, because such a repair as a replacement of the LCD panel TV is not cheap.

THEN WHAT TO DO? It only remains to sell the TV for parts.

The easiest solution to this problem will be to sell your TV for parts. We can buy your broken TV at that differ in large part from the price that will give resellers for a TV. And you will use the proceeds to commemorate your electronic friend who served you faithfully.

P.S. Please excuse the somewhat humorous nature of this article.

The article was prepared by an engineer with 20 years of experience in repairing electronic equipment Zhdanovich V.А

So, your TV screen is broken, what to do??

First of all, you need to find out what type of your TV screen belongs to.

The TV matrix is unique for every TV model, so you can’t find a cheaper and more affordable analogue. If you own an LCD (or LCD) TV keep in mind that the cost of a new TV will be comparable with the cost of a new matrix and its replacement in the service center. So buying a new LCD TV will be the best solution, unless of course the old one is expensive as a memory. By the way, the same thing applies if your TV was part of a home theater, so it’s better to get a new one.

And if the screen of an expensive plasma TV is broken, then it makes sense to find out if it is there, and than buy a new TV for 160-200 thousand rubles. rubles.

If you are lucky and the matrix of the plasma TV is not cracked, but vertical stripes appeared on the screen, most likely you just need to reconfigure it.

If you drop your TV, or a severe impact, in addition to the screen itself, it may be significantly damaged other inside. the electronic circuit board, for example, so to invite a qualified technician to the house to conduct diagnostics will be the best advice in this situation.

By giving preference to our TV repair service center, you are choosing:

  • Professional craftsmen in a well-equipped TV repair shop;
  • Specialists trained in Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Philips, etc.д.

What rules should be followed to make your TV last for a long time:

  • do not expose the screen to direct sunlight
  • When you connect a device, ask if it is compatible with your TV;
  • when leaving home for an extended period of time, disconnect the TV from the mains and the outside antenna;
  • do not repeatedly switch the remote control without allowing the electronics to enter the temperature mode;
  • in a dry room the TV will last twice as long as in a humid room;
  • accidentally spill water inside the case, make sure to dry the insides at least 3 days;
  • Plasma or LCD TV will serve you for a long time if you keep its screen from mechanical effects and from nearby sources of heat.
  • professional consultations. Our masters will check the malfunctioning equipment and agree on the method of repair. We always offer several options, depending on the specific situation.
  • Accessories are always available. Required for repair parts and components are available in stock and offered to our customers at a reasonable cost.
  • Repair is carried out in the shortest possible time. We have a large staff of experienced professionals, so the repair of equipment is carried out in a short time.
  • Fix any problem. Our TV repair center has been working in Ufa market for more than 15 years and during this time we have managed to accumulate enough experience to solve many problems.
  • We provide a warranty. 6 months.
  • Carry out free diagnostics.
  • Reasonable TV repair cost.
  • Our branches are conveniently located in different parts of the city.
  • Customers trust us and recommend us.

How we work

Question: Hello! The TV Digma 50 diagonal stopped working.

Answer: Good day! Bring it to work time, or we can make free delivery from you in the service and then back. The cost of repair can not sound without diagnosis Either the power supply circuit in the simplest case, it may be the processor. In any case, the repair will be done ONLY after agreeing the price with you.

Question: Hello! LCD TV supra dioganal 46 116.8 does not show the image was hit and there is a crack need to replace the screen.

Answer: Good afternoon! Matrix is damaged. Sorry, repair is not possible, matrixes are not supplied.

Question: Hello! The backlight of the TV set dexp 43 inches diagonal, 4 elements with 7 diodes is broken

Answer: Good afternoon! To specify the price of repair requires diagnosis in the service center.

Question: Hello! Not quite a TV, but close. The JEP0910P-RO power supply on my DUNE media player is broken (I suspect the element MD09060EC28 is blown). On hand I have a circuit diagram of the unit. If you can take a look and maybe try to resuscitate it. Would like to come over tomorrow.

Answer: Good afternoon! Sure, bring it in, we’ll take a look. If repairable, 1200r. will cost.

Question: The screen is blinking on LG TV, sound is on, programs are switching

Answer: Good afternoon. Based on the description of the fault, probably broke the LED backlight. For a more precise answer requires diagnosis in the service center. We can arrange for you to deliver the TV for free within Ufa to the service center and back.

Question: There is sound, but no picture, make, Samsung 2014.в

Answer: Hi! Judging by the malfunction, failed LED backlight or power supply unit. For a more accurate determination of the fault requires diagnosis in the service center.

Question: How much will it cost to replace the matrix display on the TV Samsung LE40C530F1?

Answer: Good day! Unfortunately, the matrix is not supplied to this TV model.

Question: Hello! I want to give back my TV for parts Samsung.

Answer: Good day! Unfortunately, we do not buy back equipment for parts.

Question: LG Smart TV 32LV 3700, the motherboard or the processor needs to be replaced. I am interested in the price along with the work.

Answer: Good afternoon! To inquire about the cost of the motherboard from the manufacturer, please provide the complete model and part number printed on the sticker on the back of the TV. Send a photo of this sticker on Whatsapp 79656500090.

Question: Samsung TV. The dark vertical stripe across the screen.

Answer: Good afternoon. The problem is probably caused by the failure of LED backlight. For more information about repair costs, please take a picture of the sticker with the model and serial number on the back of your TV. You can send a picture of the sticker on our Whatsapp 79656500090.

Question: Philips 40PFL-8505|60 TV does not “see” the antenna. The antenna works on another TV. It looks like the antenna unit is broken.

Answer: Good afternoon. The problem could be a tuner failure. To check the cost of repair you need to diagnose the problem in the service center.

Question: LG LCD TV repair required. During operation the image is lost, the sound is there. Image is barely visible when backlit by a flashlight.

Answer: Good afternoon. The defect of your TV is probably caused by the failure of the backlight module, if this diagnosis is confirmed, we can offer two repair options:

Accidentally hit the screen? Cracks appeared?

Screens of modern LCD and LED TVs in most cases do not have additional protective glass, except for the regular two components of the display, between which the liquid crystals are placed to form the image. The thickness of the outer glass of the display of medium diagonals is measured in tenths of a millimeter. By comparison. Standard window glass is 3 mm thick. The necessary margin of safety is achieved by the quality of the glass, and if the surface of the panel (matrix) is not exposed to shocks or excessive pressure on the screen, mechanical damage usually does not occur by itself.

But nevertheless, we often hear from owners with complaints like this:

The answer in all similar cases is unambiguous. It is impossible to restore the panel and it must be replaced.

Sometimes accidental strike on the screen with a child’s toy is enough and the TV can get in the category of unrepairable for the reason that for some panels you can not find a replacement, or its cost along with the transportation and installation can exceed the price of the TV.The cost of replacing the panel can be clarified in the nearest Authorized Service Center (ASC) for a particular brand on your model of TV. Usually the addresses and phone numbers of such dealerships for all regions are listed in the documentation that came with the purchase. The warranty cards or user manuals.

Commercial workshops do not usually practice replacement of LCD panels for new due to the unprofitability of such repairs, but may have a supply of components, including panels used (used). Call up the nearest TV repair shop in a hope to find a working used matrix for the specific TV model is in any case not out of place before throwing the TV away.

Often many people have the question. Why can’t it be repaired?? After all the glass itself is intact and there are no visible external cracks, just streaks and noise. The fact is that often the inner glass is damaged, and with it the LCD crystals and the connections between them. In any case, to restore the internal structure of the matrix in this case can not be any even the most advanced repair tools and need to replace the panel.

Repair of LCD panels is not originally foreseen by manufacturers. There are also no instructions, diagrams and spare parts to repair them. Experience of craftsmen and availability of spare parts from used TV sets sometimes help to somehow fix the situation. All initiatives to restore the performance of LCD-panels come directly from the repairers. In some cases, workshops may offer to replace the glass from another panel that is structurally similar to yours, or other options for getting out of this dead-end situation, such as buying back the unrepairable TV for parts at a comparable price.

In conclusion, we would like to note that in some models of TV sets there is an additional protective glass, which can be cracked by a blow, but the display glass and crystals remain unscathed. In such cases, the broken glass can be replaced, or simply removed so that it does not interfere with viewing. But such TV sets (with safety glass) are on sale very rarely. In addition, few buyers are aware of their existence and are puzzled in advance about the additional strength of the screen. Usually when choosing a TV set we are guided by other criteria.

How to repair a damaged flat cable

The problem is that a defective flat cable almost always makes it necessary to replace the screen matrix. And its price is comparable to the cost of the whole TV set.

If you have determined that the culprit is the flat cable, and there is no money for repair at the service center, or it can not be done for other reasons. it is possible to try your luck yourself. You will need a steady hand, accuracy and a strong magnifying tool. It can be a school microscope or special glasses with a magnifying lens or a magnifying glass.

Find the problematic track with unstable contact, carefully and patiently pierce it in several places with a sharp needle and fill the holes with conductive varnish (it is sold in radio stores and at radio markets). After the contact is restored and the varnish is sufficiently dried, we tape up the places of repair with a piece of transparent scotch tape.

Use it in case the first method proved to be ineffective. Helping yourself with the warm air from the hair dryer, disconnect the problematic cable. We use acetone to remove the old anisotropic film from the loop. Clean oxidized contacts with a sharp object, such as a scalpel.

Apply liquid rosin to the soldering points, precisely install the tail in place and secure it. Using the soldering iron we heat the tail lightly to prepare it for soldering and then solder the pins. Make sure that the solder is properly and evenly distributed on the tracks, without bridges between them.