Can I Find Out Data By Phone Number

How can I find out the name and surname of the owner by cell phone number and is it possible to do this at all?

Theoretically, such an opportunity is provided by the operator himself, moreover, now there are a lot of services that own databases of numbers.

Note! Before starting the description of all the methods, it should be noted that the procedure for searching for a person by number in each country may differ. For example, Belarus can also purchase a sim card only by passport, and this greatly simplifies the search for a person. In Ukraine, subscribers are not required to present a passport to purchase a pre-paid communication package.


1. Official statement

All information about mobile subscribers is confidential, and employees cannot disclose it to third parties.

Can I Find Out Data By Phone Number

However, each person can apply to law enforcement agencies and demand to “break through” the number.

You need to prove that there is an important circumstance (threats, fraud, other criminal and administrative offenses), because of which you need to identify the owner of the cell phone.

Law enforcement agencies must make a request to the telecom operator, as a result of which you will be provided with the following information:

  • Name of the owner of the number;
  • home address (last officially registered in the country);
  • Date of Birth.
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The request can be processed within a month, and organizing it is quite difficult.

If you need to quickly determine the owner of the number, it is better to use the methods that are available online.

Fig. 1 Search for a SIM card holder

In different countries, this moment is regulated in its own way. For example, there is Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 05.25.2005 No. 328. You can familiarize yourself with it on the website

2. Free DB database

Data service is a free source of databases of popular mobile operators and Ukraine.

The database is not official and may contain outdated information.

Before installation, be sure to check the downloaded file with antivirus, because unverified users can upload archives and EXEs to the site.

Fig. 2 Free DB service home page RU

To get the database, follow these steps:

  • in the left part of the main window, select a mobile operator and click on the appropriate folder;
  • wait for the new page to load and click on the Download button to start downloading the database of telephone numbers;
  • install the database or open it using the archiver.
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Remember, the activity of identifying the owner of a number is not legal, so all actions are only your responsibility.

3. My SMS Box service

My SMS Box is another popular service for determining the owner of a cell number.

On the site you can search for a specific phone number or only the first digits. It is very convenient if you forget some of the numbers, and a person needs to be found as quickly as possible.

Fig. 3 The appearance and functionality of the site My SMS Box

The database contains only numbers of residents of the Russian Federation.

To start the search, enter the phone number in the international format in the text box and press the “Search” key.

The search will display:

  • Name of owner (may be hidden in some cases);
  • type of number;
  • operator;
  • phone registration region.

The site has the function of sending free SMS messages to any number within Russia.

You can also search not by mobile, but by the range of numbers of a specific region of the country.

Fig. 4 Search result of one of the subscribers

4. Defining a person using or

You can find a person on the cell using the popular social networks Vkontakte and Facebook.

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This method even allows you to search by foreign numbers, because the total number of unique users on two sites exceeds the mark of 1.5 billion accounts.

To “punch” a number through VK, follow these steps:

  • Go to the site and log out of your account.
  • Now click on the authorization key. Select the Forgot Password? Field.
  • Next, the page for resuming access to the account will appear, on which the text box for entering the phone will be located. Copy the desired number into the form and click OK.
  • Further, if the owner of the number has a page in Vkontakte, a page with a photo and username will appear.

This data is quite enough to find a person on the site and contact him.

Fig. 5 Definition of a person on a mobile using Vkontakte

Similarly, you can find the user on Facebook. Click on “Forgot your account?” in the upper right corner of the site and enter the number. Then look at the data about the user found.

Fig. 6 Facebook account login form

Then look at the data about the user found.

Fig. 7 Definition of a person through facebook

Other social networks work in the same way, and the principle of action is the same everywhere.