Can I Connect Apple Watch To Android

Can I Connect Apple Watch To Android

Despite its late entry into the smartwatch market, the Apple Watch is currently the best-selling smartwatch in the world. This is not news for many Android users who are interested in this product, despite the fact that there are many good watches that exceed the characteristics of an apple product, for example But can you use the Apple Watch with an Android smartphone? The answer is in our article.

Does the Apple Watch work with an Android smartphone?

Theoretically, no. Apple did not plan any official compatibility between the watch and the Android smartphone. To use the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS 4G), you need an iPhone 6 or newer with the latest version of iOS. To use the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) or older Apple Watch, you need an iPhone 5 or newer with the latest version of iOS.

Apple did not plan any official compatibility between smartphone and Android smartphone

Why is this impossible?

The official Watch app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. It is not possible to sync an Android phone with an Apple Watch. To enhance incompatibility, Apple encrypts information shared between the iPhone and Apple Watch, which can be achieved using a simple Bluetooth connection.

Why does the latest version of Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G LTE not work with Android. smartphone?

Unfortunately, launching the Apple Watch Series 3 with a GSM / 4G LTE modem still did not resolve the compatibility issue between the Apple smartphone and Android phones. Apple does not offer a nano-SIM slot on the new smart device. Operators can offer services that allow the integrated SIM card of the watch to connect your smartphone.

So, of course, there is a chance that you can synchronize your Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Cellular with an Android smartphone, but this solution is quite resource intensive. Keep in mind that you must have an iPhone (or the one you know must have one) in order to insert a SIM card to set up your Apple Watch and then connect it to your Android smartphone. Compatibility is not perfect and seriously damages the battery of the connected watch. If you decide, you can follow i.

Will there always be incompatibility between the Apple Watch and Android smartphones?

The smart watch race is in full swing. While Apple is leading, but it will not be long until Cupertino is faced with competition from Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit or even Fossil. One of the reasons for this is, in fact, the inability to use Android correctly. a smartphone with an Apple Watch. Apple will have everything to win if they offer compatibility with Android to get more users. However, the race will be lost, as the brand is focused only on encouraging more users to buy iPhone and Apple Watch.

What are the alternatives?

Finally, if you are really interested in buying smart watches, be aware that there are other watches available from brands other than Apple. Currently there is a wide range. Do you want the Apple Watch to be compatible with your Android smartphone?