Can i connect a hard drive to an iPad

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

Looks like the most interesting device at the moment. And if I took a hard drive for the iPad, then, most likely, I would stop at this option.

Here’s how the Seagate GoFlex Satellite is advertised:

Access to content from iPad is carried out through a browser or through a special free utility.

Many, I think, will want this device for storing and playing movies. But you should be aware that by default streaming will only be possible for mp4 and m4v, Apple’s native formats. To play AVI or MKV you need a third-party player from the App Store. But since there are problems with the players now, you still have to find a suitable player.

The device is charged from a computer via a USB 3.0 port. Hard disk weight 398 grams.

details on the Seagate GoFlex Satellite can be viewed on the Seagate official website. And I note that this hard drive, unlike the next, is designed for both Apple devices and ordinary smartphones.

HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive

This device is designed specifically for the iPad, which is why the iPad is in the name. HyperDrive iPad Hard Drive connects to iPad using wire and Camera Connection Kit.

As you can see, the developers did not bother much with some convenient special program. HyperDrive is perceived as a flash drive and the work is the same as with flash drives via CCKit.

There is a more expensive option for geeks with a screen:

There is also such a device from HyperDrive. iFlashDrive.

I think from the picture it is clear how it works and why.

In my subjective opinion, the device is not worth the money that is asked for it. And some kind of frivolous attitude to the software for HyperDrive is alarming.

External Hard Drive for iPad

I am such a person that I quickly light up with something and quickly implement my ideas. Olya, by the way, is the same. I will give you diverse examples from life.

I worked in an interesting high-paying job. In November 2009, I got the idea to move to Thailand. Less than three months have passed since we already lived in our beloved Thai city of Chiang Mai. I wanted to completely abandon meat. I did it right there. I myself did not notice how I became a vegetarian. I wanted a reader to read more. after a couple of days I enjoyed reading on my Nook.

But it happens that I light up, but after weighing all the pros and cons, I abandon the idea. Then I can return to the idea, light up again and refuse again. Buying an external hard drive for iPad is one such unrealized idea. Nevertheless, in the article I would like to reveal this topic a little.

Yes, it is possible to connect a hard drive to iPad and enjoy videos, music and photos from it.

Kingston Wi-Drive

Well, I also liked another device that can be told about.

It exists in three trim levels of 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes. Essentially a little memory pump for your tablet. The device is suitable not only for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, but also for any tablet or smartphone with Wi-Fi.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is charged via USB. Battery life up to 4 hours. iPad has Wi-Fi access to it. Remarkable weight of the device: only 85 grams.

Data management is the same as with the Seagate GoFlex using a dedicated free utility from the App Store.

information about the device can be found on the official Kingston website.

How to connect a USB keyboard to iPad?

First, connect Lightning to the USB Camera to iPad Adapter and then just plug the wired keyboard into the adapter.

How to connect an Apple mouse?

Use the built-in trackpad on your Mac laptop or a USB mouse to choose the Apple () System Preferences. Then select Bluetooth and check if the Bluetooth function is turned on. For more information on detecting Bluetooth status, see.

How to connect a mouse to a Mac via Bluetooth?

Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, then click Bluetooth. If Bluetooth can be turned on and discoverable in Bluetooth settings, then your computer is Bluetooth enabled. From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac and click Learn

How to connect a wired mouse to iPad?

Connect a wired mouse, trackpad, or Bluetooth device to the Lightning or USB-C connector. Connect a pointing device

  • Go to Settings Accessibility and select Touch.
  • Select AssistiveTouch Devices, then select Bluetooth Devices.
  • Select a device from the list.

How to connect a hard drive to iPad?

How to connect external storage to iPhone or iPad

  • Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Connect the USB disk to the device directly or using the adapter corresponding to your device model.
  • Click Browse if you’re not on the main screen of the Files app.

Can I connect an external hard drive to iPad?

Connect the USB camera adapter or SD card reader to the charging port on iPad. This allows you to connect USB devices that require more power to your iPad. Such devices include, for example, an external hard drive.

How to connect Magic Trackpad to iPad?

Connecting a Magic Trackpad to an iPad

  • Make sure the Magic Trackpad is turned on and charged.
  • On iPad, open Settings Bluetooth, then turn Bluetooth on.
  • Select your device when it appears in the Other Devices list.

HDD assembly

Disassemble the box that will contain the hard drive. Usually two parts are obtained, which are called “controller” and “”. Some boxes do not need to be disassembled, in which case you just need to open the lid.

Next, you need to install the HDD, this must be done in accordance with the SATA connectors. If you put the disc on the wrong side, then, of course, nothing will work.

In some boxes, a part plays the role of a cover, in which a board is built that converts a SATA connection to USB. Therefore, the whole task comes down to first connecting the contacts of the hard drive and the board, and only then installing the drive inside.

The successful connection of the disk to the board is accompanied by a characteristic click.

  • When the main parts of the disk and box are connected, it remains to close the case using a screwdriver or cover.
  • Connect the USB cable. insert one end (mini-USB or micro-USB) into the connector of the external HDD, and the other end into the USB port of the system unit or laptop.
  • How to make an external drive from a hard drive

    Due to various circumstances, users may need to create an external storage device from a regular hard drive. It’s easy to do it yourself. just spend a few hundred rubles on the necessary equipment and devote no more than 10 minutes to the assembly and connection.

    Preparing to assemble an external HDD

    As a rule, the need to create an external HDD arises for the following reasons:

    • There is a hard drive, but there is either no free space in the system unit, or the technical ability to connect it;
    • It is planned to take the HDD with you on trips / to work, or there is no need for a permanent connection via the motherboard;
    • The drive must be connected to a laptop or vice versa;
    • Desire to choose an individual appearance (body).

    Typically, this decision is made by users who already have a regular hard drive, for example, from an old computer. Making an external HDD from it saves money on purchasing a regular USB drive.

    • HDD;
    • Hard disk box (case, which is selected based on the form factor of the drive itself: 1.8 “, 2.5”, 3.5 “);
    • Small to medium screwdriver (depending on the box and screws on the hard drive; may not be required);
    • Mini-USB cable, micro-USB or standard USB connector.

    Connecting an external hard drive

    If the disk has already been used, then it will be recognized by the system and you do not need to take any action. you can immediately start working with it. And if the drive is new, then formatting and assignment of a new letter to it may be required.

      Go to “Disk Management”. press the WinR keys and write diskmgmt.msc.

    Find the connected external HDD, open the context menu with the right mouse button and click on “Create new volume”.

    The “Simple Volume Wizard” will start, go to the settings by clicking “Next”.

    If you are not going to divide the disk into partitions, then you do not need to change the settings in this window. Go to the next window by clicking “Next”.

    Choose a drive letter of your choice and click “Next”.

  • In the next window, the settings should be as follows:
  • File system: NTFS;
  • Cluster size: Default;
  • Volume label: user-defined disk name;
  • Quick format.
  • Make sure you have selected all the options correctly and click “Finish”.

    The drive will now appear in Windows Explorer and can be used just like other USB drives.

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    Try formatting it in other ways, such as third-party programs or command line. Read more about formatting options here: Formatting a hard drive

    There is a 3 trb hard drive But when connected, it shows 746 GB What needs to be done that the entire capacity was visible ?

    The HDD unit has its own power supply (power supply unit and USB cable included). When to turn on the power? 1.Before connecting via USB. 2. We plug into USB and turn on the power?

    Hello Anonymous. In fact, there is no difference in what order to connect the power and the hard drive to the computer, you can do it the way you like. However, if we were talking about additional power supply from a 220 Volt network, then it would be necessary to first connect USB, and then supply energy. In your case, the voltage is supplied in small quantities, so the order of connection does not matter.

    Good day! I dragged the hard drive out of the laptop and put it in the adapter, previously the pereholnik used everything worked fine, I connect it to the laptop and he does not see it, the light is on, the drive seems to be making noise. New disc, what could it be?

    how can I connect an external HDD so that it works as a built-in one?

    connect, hard, drive, ipad

    If you already have it installed in the box or through a SATA USB adapter, use a special program for installing Windows on an external hard drive according to these instructions: Installing Windows on an external hard drive.

    Hello! My laptop is broken and repairs are expensive. I have a lot of documents and drawings left on it, I want to take the hard drive out of my laptop and insert it into the portable box to view the files stored in it on another PC. Is it possible!?

    Hello, yes, there is such an opportunity. You can not only view files, but also run any installed programs. Of course, it will not be possible to boot only with the operating system installed on this hard disk. You can go to the files of the external hard drive through the standard “Explorer”, ie. as if you connected a regular USB flash drive.

    Good health, Anastasia (not a name, but music, I just want to add “my star”). Happy New Year, which already brings a lot of joy and happiness (I would have conveyed it, I would not have lost it). I have a WD320GB HDD on my HP Compaq Presario CQ57-300ER laptop, which wants to order a long life. On it W7, various programs and personal documents, music, books. The Samsung EVO 250GB SSD is coming soon. I want to re-install W7 with SP1 on it and update everything until January 14, the end of support, antivirus and programs requiring performance (Planet Earth, Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, ZET 9, RadiAnt). The 2nd disk is not installed in the laptop. There is a box with SATA, in which there is an old Seagate 60GB HDD, which is used as a flash drive. On SS 1) I just need to replace one with another HDD in the box, or I need some action (formatting. Seagate, in my opinion, was formatted before installing. although I don’t remember exactly)? 2) Windows 7, antivirus and unnecessary programs can (should it?) Be removed as unnecessary, or the OS can be launched from the box if desired, or it will always run only from the internal SSD?

    Hope I got it right. I will be glad to any instructions, teachings, tips and links. I am ready to clarify the required details. Although I read your site, there is never a lot of knowledge.

    Hello Sergey. Thank you for the nice words) Happy holidays to you too!

    To make the HDD WD320GB rearranged into the box work, you do not need to perform any additional actions, including formatting, in addition to installing the device in the box. Once connected to the laptop, it will work exactly the same as the Seagate 60GB HDD. You (or you) formatted Seagate, perhaps because it was new / had file system errors or file incompatibility with the operating system, or simply to delete information from the device, this process does not affect the connection of a used drive and without critical problems.

    You will not be able to start the operating system from an external drive, although through “My Computer” you will see the entire folder structure of this Windows in the same way as you see now. This is because a USB drive connected by a computer will be recognized as a regular external storage device. At the same time, it is possible to start the OS from an external hard drive, but for this you will need to install it again in a special way (through special software such as WinNT Setup).

    Programs from an external hard drive will start and work successfully as long as, of course, it is connected to a laptop.

    In your situation, you can leave everything as it is, if the Windows 7 installed on the future external HDD does not bother you, but you can simply format the entire disk, install some operating system there. then it can be bootable, and when you turn on the laptop you will need to choose which one system you will boot. If you have any more questions. ask.

    How To Connect Hard Drives To iPad. New iOS 13 Update!

    Question asked:

    There is a SATA HDD, used for backups. There is a separate power supply for this HDD. The idea arose to bring the sata (data itself) cord “outside” of the system unit and during operation, first connect DATA, and then turn on the power. Then update the hardware parameters in the “device manager”. Unmount in the opposite way, using utilities (the same USB safely remove), then turn off the power supply and disconnect the data cable.

    How safe is this procedure? In sata, it seems that iron hot swap is supported and some contacts are “closer”, while others are “farther”. Or is it better not to “joke” with such?

    You have mapped out the absolutely correct way. Indeed, you can connect peripheral storage media to the PC, not only SATA, but even IDE “hot” in the order you specified, first the interface, then the power, and disconnecting in reverse order, first the power, then the interface. On our workstations, hot-swapping our own media is common. I just want to point out a few additional points.

    Firstly, if there is such a possibility, then I would recommend using external PCI-SATA controllers instead of standard controllers on the motherboard for hot plugs. Personally, I use controllers based on Marwell 91xx, and I can especially recommend the SATA Raid controller based on Silicon Image Sil 3114 as it is cheap and works fine. When connecting SATA disks to such controllers while hot, you don’t even need to press refresh system devices, after connecting the disks will appear in the list of devices without additional gestures. And in the same way, the controller works out the shutdown correctly. you can simply pull out the hard drive and it will disappear from the list of devices according to the same principle as USB devices. due to the lack of availability πŸ™‚ Standard controllers on the motherboard can correctly connect the disk a couple of times, and the third time the system will crash in BSOD. I’ve come across this.

    Of course, keep in mind that no volume letters should be mounted in the system at the time of shutdown. Otherwise, the OS may start to seriously slow down or freeze altogether. In addition, if you unmount a disk mounted as a volume on the fly, you can get a file system crash, followed by the joys of recovering files using all sorts of easy recovery.

    Well, of course, a normal power supply should be installed on the PC, which does not sag when connecting additional. load. Ideal. using an external power supply unit for hot swap disks. And it is very desirable that the system engineer has grounding.

    In addition, you can watch a video tutorial on how to connect and disconnect a hard drive or SSD hot on our YouTube channel.

    Is it possible to connect an old hard drive to a new computer so that all data is preserved?

    Is it possible to connect an old hard drive to a new computer so that all data is preserved?

    Yes, it’s possible, just plug it in and that’s it. The data will not go anywhere, everything will remain in its place.

    Is it possible to attach a hard drive from an old PC to a new one so that all programs (1s, etc.) remain in working mode?

    If I connect the old hard with the second to the new PC, everything will be fine too?

    Just there, and there, there is a C drive, as the PC will do?

    reinstall all the programs and then transfer the settings from the old to the new one, it took me a month

    let me remind you that in xp aplication data and in 7 appdata

    klepiku, yes, I do not care what is in the acronis and what is not there, it doesn’t apply to the download and doesn’t help.

    With the driver installed, both hp and whist and seven, like the eight too, will fall into bsod 0x0000007b precisely because of the driver. If you specify the standard IDE driver. Windows will work on new hardware, as if it were there, only a little slower, again because of the driver, which is easily updated.

    Determines the device type and automatically installs the necessary drivers for the hardware abstraction layer (HAL). Detects hard disk controllers (SCSI and IDE) OR asks for the location of drivers.

    there you can slip new ones or reset old ones, but we are not talking about that

    a person asks to transfer from a pig to 7 programs, including 1c in such cases, 1c is usually installed and then folders are transferred from the old to the new one if recovery is done and everything works

    How to use a USB hard drive with an iPad/iPhone

    For Windows, if the disk is correct, it will simply replace the hardware, for which it will simply ask for firewood, but it will ask, because it will be able to boot at all, because there will be a working “controller”. I’ve done this a thousand times, it’s even faster than making an image or “sysprep”.

    tr1ck1, will not, will drop in BSOD, well, it may not drop if the controller is the same or at least works with the same firewood.

    The letter C. always belongs to the disk with Windows, more precisely, with its bootloader, it itself can be on D and E and on. lie down. Let me explain with an example: there are two disks, one. Windows1, second. Windows2, both bootable and active, by choosing a boot disk. Windows1, disk C will be its disk, Windows2 will be disk D, and when you choose to boot into Windows2, its disk will become C, and Windows1. D. If there is only one bootable and active disk, then it will be on it that the bootloader and the menu will lie, and it will always be C.

    Determine the general type of problem

    There are two general types of problems that can damage a hard drive: problems with the drive board, or failure of other internal components of the hard drive. If the problem lies inside the hard drive, look. If suspicion falls on the disk board, then there is still hope for a possible recovery.

    The simplest thing that can happen to a board is the burnout of the voltage regulator, the so-called TVS diode. As stated in the FAQ section on the Seagate hard drive manufacturer’s website, the TVS diode “is designed to protect against overvoltage in integrated and hybrid circuits, electronic components.” In the event of an overvoltage, such a diode burns out. Since the diode is no longer functioning, the disc does not turn on. If you remove the diode, the hard drive will function normally again, only in unprotected mode. It remains only to copy the necessary data from it to another serviceable disk, and consider that you are lucky.

    In our case, the hard drive has lost its functionality for other reasons. There are no visible signs of damage to the board, but after disassembling it, a burnt contact was found.

    Determine next steps

    There are two options here: you can replace the board itself or purchase a donor hard drive. But here it is very important that the donor disk is as much as possible the same as the original configuration hard disk, or even better, exactly the same. In our case, this means that we need to find the disk board that corresponds to the number of our hard disk, the board version, and also the disk family.

    It should be understood that simply replacing the hard drive board will almost certainly not cure the hard drive. Each actuator has unique parameters for a specific device. If the parameters of your hard disk differ from those of the donor disk, then it will not work.

    In our case, it was decided to replace the board itself, which was purchased separately. After that, 12 beeps were eliminated. But nothing else. There was no sound signal, the disk did not work. it was spinning up, but was not recognized in the BIOS.

    But nothing has changed. The drive was still spinning, beeping 12 times and stopping.

    This was another disappointment followed by the next step.

    The essence of the problem

    If you really need to recover your data from such a hard drive, do not rush to “freeze” it. Believe me, it won’t lead to anything good.

    So the situation. At some point, your hard drive refuses to work. Without any warnings, clinking or clicking, no shock or mechanical damage. It worked a few minutes ago, but now it refuses.

    It soon becomes clear that something more serious than a normal system crash has happened. After rebooting, the hard disk starts spinning, beeps 12 times and stops. Looking into the BIOS, we see that the disk is no longer detected by it, which negates any chance of recovering data from it using data recovery software.

    In this article, we will consider possible methods and actions that an ordinary computer user must take in such a difficult situation in order to restore a modern hard drive.

    If the hard drive is detected in the BIOS, then the data recovery programs will cope with the recovery of data from it. But in this article we will try to focus on the situation with a hardware failure and what the user should do in such a situation.

    One of the reasons for writing this article is also the need to convey to users that data recovery is not an easy task and a process that is not always possible to perform according to the same algorithm.

    Do-it-yourself hard drive data repair and recovery

    This article is written so that each user understands what needs to be done in the event that a hard drive with important data unexpectedly refuses to work. Many will immediately recall the described successful cases of freezing a hard disk. We will not argue, perhaps this method works, we have not tried it. But we would not recommend that you conduct such experiments with a hard drive that contains really important data that needs to be recovered.

    Show professional

    Having turned to several data recovery services, it was determined that the restoration of a hard disk in such a case as ours can cost two to three times more than the cost of the disk itself. The expediency of this event for himself is decided by everyone.

    But with that said, here are some tips on what to look for and what to avoid.

    • No Data, No Payment: Avoid Companies That Charge With No Data Recovery Guarantee.
    • Low cost of testing equipment and payment for return: many services offer free diagnostics, but set a significantly higher cost of equipment delivery.
    • Avoid Extensive Testing: No firm can fully diagnose a hard drive remotely, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get an idea of ​​the problem over the phone. Beware of companies that, along with diagnostics, offer a whole range of work that you do not need.
    • Check the cost of replacement parts: Labor costs generally include the cost of replacement parts. Many companies point out that parts that are hard to find will cost more. Sometimes the purchase of a donor will be much cheaper than buying one of the necessary parts.

    Fight the urge to do stupid things

    After searching the Internet for a few minutes, you will surely find people there who recommend that you do one of the following:

    • Place the hard drive in the freezer
    • Stuff it in the oven
    • Knock him a few times

    These people will swear to you that in this way they have already cured 15 hard drives. Don’t listen to them. We are not claiming that no hard drive was brought back to life using one of the suggested methods, but it is much more likely that such manipulations will cause irreparable damage to the hard drive.

    Each action that is aimed at restoring the disk’s performance should not in any case cause the device even more harm. That is why it is not recommended to open the hard drive case. And if putting a hard drive in the freezer is a bad idea, then disassembling it is highly discouraged. You are not qualified to adjust the alignment of heads and plates, which usually rotate at high speed and are aligned in tolerances, which are measured in microns.