Can I Change Iphone To New

Can I Change Iphone To New

Everything is quite simple. We tell how.

It turns out that even a broken iPhone can be quite simple replace with new. not only, but also in St. Petersburg and other cities. over, in the official Apple service center, this will not cost much more than the cost of repairing in an unofficial repair shop.

Pay attention! Replacing old Apple devices with new ones is the official practice of the manufacturer, and not someone’s invention.

After the unpleasant situation that my good Petersburg friend encountered, I choose the official service. at least when it comes to serious repair. I will explain why.

Unfortunately, the original photos of the devices were not preserved. No one expected such a turn of events.

What ever happened?

He called me early enough in the morning with the message “she” was again wrong, and this issue should be urgently discussed. Almost immediately, I left Moscow to visit him in St. Petersburg to help me mentally.

In general, he quarreled with his wife. According to him, she didn’t wash his “running” shorts in a timely manner, so he went for a run to the nearest park in sweat pants with “bad” pockets. At one point from one of them the brand new iPhone 6s fell out.

Despite some kind of protective case and tempered glass on the screen, the smartphone “did not survive”. ​​a broken display, a dented case and a cracked camera.

We will not judge who is right, who is to blame. Reflections on sports covers on the hand, too, let go. We have already managed to discuss all these points with a couple of glasses of dark. It turned out to be an excellent occasion to meet an old friend, but this is not the most important in the case of this article.

What did you decide to do?

The main advice is not to rush. I perfectly understand that today it is difficult to live without a phone even for one day, but it is not clear where it is definitely not necessary to give it for repair.

But he did wrong. On the morning of the next day, I dragged the iPhone to the nearest unofficial service, which promised to solve all its problems not very expensively and in the shortest possible time.

The guys have already successfully exchanged batteries with their old acquaintances on old iPhones, which were passed on to relatives by inheritance, as well as a screen on one broken iPad. Therefore, the decision to trust them “on the advice” was far from the most stupid.

I doubt it is too expensive, but for repairs counted almost 23 thousand rubles. 15 per screen, 3 per body and 5 per camera. It’s a pity, in this case we are talking about high-quality, but non-original parts.

Something went wrong?

After a couple of months, iPhone Fingerprint unlocked, and the Touch ID section of the menu turned out to be inactive. A couple of attempts to reflash the device failed.

They took the iPhone to another unofficial service in order to find out what facts to operate before performing the repair.

It turned out that the latter incorrectly laid out the loop of the Home button, so she pressed it during pressing and eventually broke it. Everything would be fine, but in view of the safety of the mechanism, it cannot be adequately replaced. The device is working properly, but without all the benefits of Touch ID.

Experts simply refused any responsibility. Repair Warranty. one month. Then you solve all the problems yourself or for a fee.

What did you have to do?

I never came across a similar question, but the guys “in the subject” suggested that in situations far from the cheapest repair is better change Apple devices to new ones in official service centers.

Replacement cost for a broken iPhone 6s. from 10 990 rubles. Of course, there are other options for the iPhone and iPad, and even the Apple Watch. The latter case is especially relevant for users who engage in active sports, and tablets. if they are used by the younger generation, which is still not accurate.

All are comparable to a more or less serious repair of the device:

  • iPhone SE. 25 500 r.
  • iPhone 6. 27 990 p.
  • iPhone 6 Plus. 29,990 p.
  • iPhone 6s. 29,990 p.
  • iPhone 6s Plus. 31,990 p.
  • iPad mini 2. 21 500 r.
  • iPad mini 3/4. 30 500 p.
  • iPad Air. 26 990 p.
  • iPad Air 2. 31 500 p.
  • iPad Pro 9.7 ’’. 37,500 p.
  • iPad Pro 12.9 ’’. 56 500 p.
  • Apple Watch Sport. 19 500 r.
  • Apple Watch. 27 500 r.

In the end, we would get brand new device with a guarantee from the manufacturer, adding just a little over 6 thousand rubles. There it is the right decision, which we did not know about.

It is a pity that there are no waste routes left for further work with the “officials”. Only devices without consequences of unqualified repairs and any non-original components are accepted for replacement. We are no longer on the way.

By the way, if you are changing the device, do not forget to turn off the “Find iPhone” function. this is a prerequisite.

What was taken out of the situation?

Of course, if you need to replace the battery or make any simple repair, you can contact the ordinary workshop, which you can definitely believe.

But any complex manipulations, which will fly a penny, it is better to reformat it to a commercial replacement in the trade-in center. You will receive a completely new device with a guarantee from the manufacturer. And we have seen this from our own experience.