Can Apple Watch Work With Android?

Can Apple Watch Work With Android?

Advanced fans of the American brand know that Apple Watch with Android does not work. For the full use of smart watches, the user will definitely need an iPhone. The reasons for this limitation are many. Among the main ones are:

  1. A commercial solution that provides the company with the sale of two devices at once.
  2. The company’s closed policy is aimed at customer safety, is implemented through strict encryption of all data coming from Apple devices.
  3. The convenience of the client, which is provided by a simple and intuitive interface iPhone. A large number of different smartphones running on Android have individual features that simply cannot be taken into account when developing the Apple Watch.
  4. Quality assurance. Apple has always been known for quality and high-performance products. A smartphone on Android cannot guarantee the full use and smooth operation of the Apple Watch.

Apple Corporation values ​​its reputation and unique developments. Therefore, she does not want to disappoint users with the fact that in the end she will not be able to control the quality of her device.

Ability to connect Apple Watch to Android

Despite the fact that according to the official version compatibility Apple Watch with Android impossible, yet there is a way to connect these two devices. It does not guarantee the reproduction of all the functions of a smart watch, but it is also able to allow owners of Android phones to feel what the Apple Watch is.

Consider how to connect a smart watch to a smartphone on Android, for this you need:

  • Go to Google Play and download the Aerlink: Wear Connect for iOS app there, and then install it.
  • Install BLE Utillity on iOS.
  • Launch Aerlink, and then activate the iOS Service.
  • Go to BLE Utillity and select the Peripheral section there.
  • Launch the selected tab by simply clicking on it.
  • Click on the message from Aerlink that should appear on the apple watch displays. If it is not, then you must repeat the initial steps again.

A successful connection should be notified by a message that appears on the watch screen.

What features will be available in Apple Watch when connected to Android

After connecting a smart watch to Android, it works in them:

  1. Incoming call alerts.
  2. SMS messages.
  3. Ongoing calls that cannot be answered.
  4. Charging a smartphone.

Of course, the functional set is very limited, but still the clock will not lie idle in the event of a breakdown or an elementary absence of the iPhone.

At the same time, developers should think about whether to create iOS for them on the Android platform, as other specialists in this field have already begun to find workarounds. When buying a new watch, many users are wondering Can Apple Watch be connected to Android. There is no answer to this question, but there are some non-official ways to synchronize these two devices.