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How to connect AirPods to Android and whether it is worth doing? Apple’s headphones review

Apple Airpods, of course, are the most recognizable and popular Bluetooth lunctors on the planet. In fact, they changed the market and the attitude of users to a wireless sound.

The second version of Airpods, released at the end of March 2019, although it does not contain any significant improvements, still remains the object of the lust of many people around the world, including users. It was for them that we have prepared a review of the new items from Apple.

Are these headphones convenient without iPhone? Are there any restrictions on functionality? And, in the end, whether the owner of the Android Smartphone is worth overpaying money for this “apple” product?

Apple AirPods 2 Overview. Appearance and quality of the device

Headphones with a case are supplied in a small box, in which there is also a Lightning cable for charging. Everything is collected neatly in the usual minimalist style of Apple:

The first unpleasant surprise was the quality assembly quality. Having used to use the headphones of other manufacturers (Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi), you do not expect from such an expensive product of the eminent brand such a low quality assembly.

The case cover in closed state makes creaks and clicks, and also has a bad play. In open state, it is not fixed with magnets and simply hangs out. Honor Flypods case quality is an order of magnitude higher.

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The case itself is made of high.quality glossy plastic with a convenient deepening to open the cover with one hand:

Inside the case there is one LED indicator showing an approximate charge of headphones or cases if the headphones are extracted. Everything has been done very uncomfortable and uninformative.

AirPods Android. Как это работает? Нюансы использования

The indicator burns either with green in full charge or amber, if the charge is left. How little is. the manufacturer does not report. In the case of a wireless case, the indicator is put on the front side.

The quality of the assembly of headphones does not raise any questions. They are made of the same glossy plastic.

Airpods are very light (only 4 g) and comfortable, sit in the ears reliably. Although, the degree of reliability depends on the anatomical characteristics of the auricle. Ears do not get tired and do not hurt even with prolonged wear.

In addition to two microphones, each of the headphones has an optical sensor, thanks to which playing music automatically stops when the headphones go from the ears. However, this function works only in conjunction with iPhone. If you connect them to another device, music will play regardless of whether the headphones are in the ears or not.

Outwardly and in sound quality Apple Airpods and Airpods 2 have no differences. These are exactly the same headphones. It is strange that Apple did not even add new colors, as in the case of iPhone. After all, others should see and understand that you have the latest and expensive model. That would be in Apple style.

But, apparently, the company decided that people would buy a new model without any changes, even purely cosmetic.

How to connect AirPods to Android phone?

To do it is pretty simple. Do the following:

  • On Android, go to the “Connections” “Connections” “Bluetooth”.
  • Place AirPods in a charging cover and make sure that it is open.
  • Press and hold for a few seconds a small button on the back of the charger cover. As soon as the headphones are ready to connect, a flashing light will light up (inside the case or on the front panel, depending on the model).
  • Airpods will appear in the Bluetooth menu. Select them and accept the conjugation.
subs, connect, android, airpods, compatible

That’s all you need to do. Now you can use them like any other Bluetooth headset.

Connection via applications

There are applications to expand the functionality of AirPods. There are a lot of them, most of them are paid, there is a free option, and, perhaps, the most common. AirbatThere. It supports not only AirPods, but all the headphones with the W1 chip, and these are all common discharge models: 3, PowerBeats 3, Solo3, Studio 3.

Thanks to the application, you can see the charge of each headphone and cover. Shows the charge Airbatty with a step of 10 %. The program integral is somewhat similar to what Apple offers, but still far from the same with advertising that is deactivated during a one-time purchase.

And when you take out the headphone from your ear, video or music is paused, and when you insert it back into the ear, it is reproduced again. And it’s great.

From the shortcomings of the application. uses geolocation and eats a little battery. In fact, on a pair of Androidarpods, just a voice assistant will not work. And at least through it you can adjust the volume.

Of the side effects marked by other Android users, rare cases of compound losses are noted. Then you need to retake Bluetooth in the smartphone settings. Also, some smartphones lack maximum system volume. Personally, I did not find both shortcomings and you can perceive this information as someone else’s experience.

You decide whether to buy AirPods for Android or not. The device is not cheap, I told all the nuances of Airpods in the appropriate review on the channel, so welcome. The only thing in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I ask you to confirm or refute my words to the true owners of the Androidarpods package.

Problems in the work. why are AirPods do not want to correctly connect to the phone

The causes of failures during the work of headphones can be found using a server error magazine. Here you can find a specific problem.

The headphones play quietly

Analytics of all kinds of errors is available on the portal of support for a specific account. You can study, work them according to the HTTP, URL, IP address code.

In addition, for diagnosis and solving the problem, you can use Cloudflare data processing centers.

To view the causes of quiet playback, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Go to the Cloudflare portal using instructions for submitting applications to Support users.
  • Select the section “Error analysis”.
  • Click “Visit Error Analysis”.
  • Then here you need to enter data from your domain to process information.
  • A schedule of errors with binding in time will appear on the screen.
  • Under the schedule in a special table, you need to choose the position “Code of condition”. By clicking here, you can get all the error information. The service also provides ways to solve the problem that has arisen.

It should be remembered that a quiet sound can be corrected not on all mobile devices.

And it happens that the headphones are connected, but they play too quietly. In this case, you can try to solve the problem by switching to the Cloudflare portal, where there is a special section “error analysis”

Other failures

Before connecting the air subs to Android, the user must keep in mind that the functionality of wireless headphones will be noticeably limited compared to Apple devices. If any problems appear, instead of Air Battle, you can choose some other application that will be more suitable for a specific smartphone model.

To prevent the problems that have arisen, it is better to purchase original headphones from the “native” manufacturer.

When connecting AirPods Pro to Android devices, sound purely. You can manage headphones using a special key and pressing sensor. The functions of noise reduction and transparency are activated here.

With the help of individual applications, you can activate the control of the current state of the battery, the function of the pause when the removal of one of the headphones is seized.

Thus, before purchasing these headphones, the owners of Android Smartphones need to check whether they are suitable whether their synchronization will occur without problems.

Is it possible to use AirPods Pro with Android

Despite the fact that Android does not provide for the standard animation that accompanies the AirPods Pro connection, the association of headphones with the smartphone occurs as quickly as with the iPhone. It is enough just to throw back the cover of the charger and press the conjugation key on its case. After one and a half to two seconds, the connection will occur and the headphones can be used according to the direct purpose.

Switching between active noise reduction modes and “transparency” also works, but only presses on the headphones themselves. Switch between them using a special mechanism at the control point as on iOS, unfortunately, you cannot. In addition, on Android you have two options: either a noise.moving or “transparency”, because both of them to turn off and simply enjoy passive noise reduction without impurities. Fortunately, Airpods Pro has no problems with the work of gestures on Android. With their help, you can switch between the tracks, rewind them, pause and respond to incoming calls without taking out a smartphone from your

AirPods Pro support the AAC codec, which the iPhone digests by default, but on Android this is not so smooth with this. According to users who have already tested new Apple headphones with smartphones based on a green robot, this codec should be activated forcibly in the settings section dedicated to connected headphones. They say that somewhere there is no support of the AAC or switch at all, but this information is not verified. However, given the high level of fragmentation, this should not be excluded.

What functions of AirPods Pro do not work on Android

Unfortunately, all other AirPods Pro chips on Android do not work. Here they are:

  • SIRI support;
  • Headphone planting test;
  • The ability to connect two pairs of Airpods Pro to one smartphone;
  • The ability to track the charge level of each headphone and charger.

It turns out that AirPods Pro, although compatible with Android, the Google operating system is unable to ensure the performance of half the functions of the headphones. But this is logical. If you carefully see what does not work, it becomes clear that all these are functions directly related to iOS capabilities. And since Google is not obliged to optimize her platform for accessories released by competitors, there is nothing to be surprised at. Therefore, if you want to use all the advantages of AirPods Pro, you are dear to iOS.


It is easy to guess that this program is designed to finely configure sound on our Airpods. If you listen to music stored in the local vault of your smartphone, then any music player with an equalizer is suitable. However, if you want one application to reproduce music, and the other processed sound (and this may come in handy, for example, when using Youyube Music or Spotify, in which not the most powerful equalizers are, then Equalizer will come to your rescue. It has several presents, as well as the possibility of thin manual sound tuning for each musical genre.

Connecting Chinese fakes

Today there are many copies of Airpods and Airpods Pro on the market: they are much cheaper and at the same time look exactly like the original. It should be understood that the same functionality should not be expected: the battery’s charge will be less, the sound quality cannot be compared with original accessories, and a number of AirPods options that are flaunting on Android devices will not be available.

The I12 model is, according to some reviews, the best Airpods replica, which is positioned as a full.fledged clone of the original product.

The headphones are made of high.quality plastic, exactly repeat the external design of AirPods, have a moisture.resistant coating, charging from USB, have a multi.fuel sensor and identical synchronization. From the functionality it should be distinguished: the use of one headphone, access to a voice assistant, stereo system and sensory control.

In order to connect i12 to your mobile phone, you need:

  • Enable vluetooth and go to its advanced settings;
  • Charge the case and get headphones;
  • Among the available connections vluetooth to find headphones and complete synchronization.

Important! Further connection will occur automatically as soon as you put on headphones.

In the same way, almost any copies of original or non.triginal Airpods to tenthons on Android are added. The exception is a completely non-brand, which we do not recommend in every possible way to purchase. Buy only original or good remarks, including i12.

Connecting Air Subsinations to different android phones

The algorithm for connecting to mobile phones from Samsung, Honor and XAOMI identical. At the same time, the phone model and its functionality directly affect the work of some headphone options.

Unlike Samsung devices, in models from Honor and XAOMI often do not work by pressing and ear sensors. As planned by the manufacturer, a single press on the headphone puts the track for a pause, repeatedly includes the next track, and three times the previous one reproduces the previous track. If the headphone is removed from the ear, then the track will pause until you return the accessory back. Even if you listen to music through the Apple Music application version, the necessary result will not work.

The main problem of all of the above devices is a low level of volume of headphones, which does not exceed the indicator of 50%. To solve the problem, you need to go to the Bluetooth settings and activate the “synchronization of the volume of multimedia”.

In models from Honor and Vivo, such a function is not available, so increasing the sound indicator will not work.

In the Redme series from XAOMI, the phone may not see headphones in accessible BluethOOTH DEPORTASES the first time. In order to solve problems with the conjugation or settings, you need to open the case cover and hold the button on its rear panel until the indicator starts to flash yellow. Then release the button, close the case and repeat the attempt. For further connection, it is recommended to save AirPods as a default accessory.

How to connect AirPods to Android

Apple simplified the connection of AirPods wireless headphones on all its devices so that this happens in a matter of seconds. But only because AirPods are made by Apple and integrated with Apple products, does not mean that you cannot use them as a Bluetooth lunnel with devices not from Apple.

You can connect AirPods to your phone or tablet on the Android, PC or Apple TV using the same conjugation method via Bluetooth, to which we are all used to all years. To do this, follow the simple instructions below.

  • Open the Bluetooth settings screen on your device with which you are going to use AirPods.
  • Open the cover of the charger carpods, while the headphones themselves should lie in the charger case.
  • On the back of the charger case is a small button, press and hold it for several seconds.

Of course, if you use AirPods not with the Apple product, you will lose some functions. You will not have the opportunity to “seamlessly” to switch between or without methods to track the charge of the head of the headphones on your device (but to find out how to do this using a special application, read our material on this topic). Nevertheless, these headphones are primarily loved for compactness, ease of wearing and for a long time, and this, without being the owner of the iPhone or iPad, you can fully use.


For any device you want to use AirPods, just repeat the process described above. If you have problems during the conjugation, Apple advises to open the case cover and hold the button on the rear panel until the indicator starts to flas up with yellow. Then release the button, close the lid and try again.

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What functions will work with Android?

Most AirPods functions with android will act as well as with iPhone. For example, touchscap sensors that perform many different functions, only two touches. At the same time, without taking out the phone from the The headphones are also equipped with a microphone, this is a huge plus for those who should constantly be in touch. Especially in the cold season.

But it is still worth noting that when using AirPods with Android, you will not have access to the voice control function, since this requires a voice assistant Siri, which only works on Apple devices.

You still will not be able to observe the charge indication and control it without a specially downloaded application. At the time of pulling out the headphones, the music will not pause, as is the case with the iPhone.

How to expand AirPods functionality with Android

You can expand the functionality of these headphones on Android using special applications. Take the DroidPods application, which offers us a constant notice showing the remaining AirPods battery life and informing when it comes to charge one of the headphones or both. This application is in the public domain in the Play Market for buying for just 2.49.

Or a free Airbatty application, which will also allow you to track the amount of charge from your headphones and cases. Another plus of this application is that it can also support other W1 wireless headphones.

Android applications show the charge

How to connect AirPods

Place your AirPods in the case for charging and charge them if they are discharged.

Click and hold the button on the case to convert the headphones to the mating mode.

Pull down from the upper edge of the screen on the smartphone to open the notification curtain.

Hold your finger on the Bluetooth icon to open its settings.

Turn on the Bluetooth module and click on the “Update” button.

If the headphones are not displayed in “available devices”, open the section “rarely used”. Find the headphones and click on them.

Put the mark “Allow access to contacts and call logs”. Then select “accept”.

AirPods will appear in the list “Connected devices”.

How to activate additional headphone functionality

In order to activate all functionality in AirPods on Android, it is necessary to use a application. Do the following:

Open Google Play and find Assistant Trigger. Click the “Install” button.

Wait until the program is downloaded and installed.

Press the “Open” button.

After starting, the program itself will ask for the permissions she needs. Click the “Allow” button.

Open access to the location. Select “Allow in any mode”.

Allow the display of pop.up windows. Click “Allow”.

Translate the switch “Show over other applications” to the “inclusive” position.

subs, connect, android, airpods, compatible

Disconnect the battery optimization for this application so that the system does not automatically remove the background process. Click “Allow”.

Expand the drop.down menu and switch to “all applications”.

Find Assistanttrigger and click on it.

Select “Do not save” and press the “Ready” button.

Go to the application again and activate the switch “Turn on the assistant”.

The program will ask for access to notifications. Click “Allow”.

Activate the switch next to AssistantTrigger.

Confirm access to notifications by clicking the “Allow” button.

Click OK in a pop.up window.

If the version of Airpods has not been decided automatically, open the “Model of the Headphones”.

Choose your model.

Click on the red button in the bottom of the screen.

You will see a display of data about your device in a pop.up window.

note! Now, using sensory control, you can put a pause, switch the track or call Google Assistant. However, starting to start a suspended reproduction will not work. Unfortunately, this can only be done from a smartphone.