Camera Application Options On Meizu Smartphones In Flyme 4 Version

Camera Application Options On Meizu Smartphones In Flyme 4 Version


Today we will tell you about several convenient options for the CAMERA application on MEIZU smartphones in the version of FLYME 4.5.x. If you carefully studied the FAQ and the Smartphone Instruction application, you won’t discover anything new for yourself. Otherwise, you can make working with a smartphone camera much more convenient!


Did you know that taking a picture in the camera of a MEIZU smartphone is possible not only by pressing the shutter button on the smartphone screen. You can also take a picture by pressing the volume button. Or, indicating the focus point on the screen, do not remove your finger from the screen, and after a second a frame will be taken. The MEIZU smartphone camera is very convenient even for shooting with one hand. What is more convenient for you to shoot? Decide for yourself!


recently, the Instagram application allowed to publish not only square photos, but also widescreen. But if you are a follower of old traditions and want to receive square photos on your smartphone. no problem! In the Camera app, double-tap the screen and the viewfinder will become square, and the camera will take a square photo. You can safely immediately post on Instagram in the old, “warm, lamp” square size, without cropping.

Want to do a lot of frames at once, burst shooting? Easily! Just hold down and hold the shutter button in the Camera app. Get dozens of shots in a row. And in the Gallery app of the MEIZU smartphone, they will be sorted together so as not to clutter up your photo archive. If desired, you can choose the most successful photos, the rest will be deleted.


In the settings of the Camera application, turn on the “Metering section”. Now, by focusing at the desired point on the screen without changing the focus position, you can change the exposure point by making the frame lighter or darker by simply grabbing and dragging the exposure circle from the square of the focus point to the desired location. Choose the optimal exposure while maintaining focus on the desired subject!


Forget the joke about the horizon is littered. In the settings of the Camera application, activate the “Level” or “Grid” options to always have an even horizon. Grid. covers the entire viewfinder with an even green grid (of course, it will not be in the picture). A Level will bring out a luminous semicircle around the shutter button, which will show whether you are holding the smartphone exactly. The action is similar to the construction tool “level”.


In the settings of the Camera application, choose how long after pressing the shutter button: 3, 5 or 10 seconds, the smartphone will need to take a frame. Build friends, mount your smartphone in a tripod or securely secure in another way, and have time to join your friends to get a fun shot with your participation! Upon completion of shooting, do not forget to turn this option off again.

How to turn off the camera shutter sound to take a picture silently? We go into the settings of the smartphone, then go along the path: sound-system soundcamera shutter. We turn it off, and the camera starts to shoot silently.

And also recall that switching between the shooting modes of the MEIZU Smartphone Camera is carried out in two ways: either by scrolling the modes left or right, or by clicking on the mode list icon, in which all modes will immediately be presented with large buttons to select the desired one.