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One of the most popular messengers, used by hundreds of millions of owners of smartphones, tablets and PC.

The program features the ability to combine text messages, voice and video communication between users.

The application versions are available for almost all operating systems, beginning with Windows (from 7 upwards, the XP version is no longer supported) and macOS and Linux, ending with iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Viber users can make calls from their computers to their phones only if they have the app installed on their mobile devices.

Calls in the absence of the application are also possible, but will incur a charge. If you are going to contact another subscriber, you should know that the conversation requires a microphone and speakers (headphones), which must be connected to a PC. for a laptop you do not need to do this, because everything necessary is already built into it.

  • Unlimited free calls to other messenger users;
  • The ability to synchronize information on all devices. messages, sent files and information about the calls (time and duration) remain on the tablet, phone and PC;
  • Call forwarding from one device to another;
  • registration in Viber is not required. it is enough to have a phone number;
  • The quality of communication is quite decent even at not the highest speed mobile Internet (e.g. 3G).
  • a computer user will still have to register via phone, even if he only needs the desktop version of Viber;
  • there are no free calls to mobile numbers, so the second subscriber must not only have the same application, but also a stable Internet connection;
  • When running the messenger on a desktop computer, you may notice a slight slowdown of other programs.

Applications for online calling

At the moment there are many online messengers that allow you to make audio calls to your mobile. Even the official application for smartphones has this functionality.

These are the top three that have earned user interest due to their simple interface and ability to communicate with voice calls over the Internet, even with an unstable connection. Each of the tools is constantly being improved along with their competitors, so the quality of support for audio communication improves with each program update.

All of the messengers mentioned are available both on PC and on smartphones or tablets. They are very convenient to use thanks to the possibility to synchronize data between devices thanks to logging in under one account.


Skype offers free audio and video calls within its platform. That is, you can call any user who installed the program without additional charges. Only a stable internet connection is required. The same principle is applied to messengers like Viber, WhatsApp and others.

To make a call you need to click on the appropriate icon with the handset. The contact will accept the call, if he will be online. Otherwise it will not be possible to reach him, but the user will always see a missed call message when he is back online.

To install Skype on your smartphone or tablet, just download the application and log in to your account. enter username and password on the other device.


Viber is considered one of the most popular messengers at the moment, almost surpassing Skype. It is now available for smartphones and tablets, as well as for PC. You can download the appropriate version in the app stores.

Using messenger it is possible to call to MTS or to Megafon without making payment. The main conditions. the contact is in the application network and connected to the Internet at the moment.

  • download the program from the official site and start the installation process;
  • Follow the instructions and scan the QR code with your mobile device;
  • confirm the synchronization process so that the PC reflects all the history of messages and calls;
  • use Viber in normal mode.

The interface of the PC version is no different from the mobile version. On the computer screen, the user will see the same functions as on the smartphone.

You cannot install and use Viber on your computer without first registering via your smartphone using a valid SIM card number. The situation is the same with WhatsApp.


This messenger has three versions available. mobile, computer and WEB version, which allows you to open the tool in your browser using your smartphone. Download the PC version on the official site of the program, the mobile version in app stores.

Functionality of all three options is the same. it is possible to send text messages, but you can make calls only from your smartphone. You can receive calls in the software for browsers and PC. You can record a short audio message on PC and WEB-instrument.

To connect WhatsApp on PC, you need:

  • download the latest version from the website and start the installation process;
  • open the application settings on your smartphone from the “Chats” screen;
  • click on the WhatsApp WEB category and scan the QR code that appeared on your computer screen with the application’s camera;

Sippoint and Qip

Messengers like QIP and Sippoint resemble ICQ, but do not have the same stable functionality and user-friendly interface, so almost no one uses them anymore. They have been replaced by more modern and interesting options, such as Viber, WhatsApp and others.


Special messenger from. no different from the previous tools, only aimed primarily at users of the social network of the same name. That is, everyone who is registered in. Can contact friends and family with text or audio messages.

All it takes is to click on the icon and the selected contact will immediately receive a notification of an incoming audio or video call.

The application is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

The ability to make free calls only works within the network

How to call from computer to phone for free

A question from a user


Do you know if it is possible to call from a computer to a standard mobile or landline phone for free?? I know that this service is in the program Skype (but the service is paid, although not so expensive).

Hm, to be honest, a couple of times I resorted to such services and programs, when the battery in the phone ran out, and needed to make one necessary call. (But it was a long time ago, now due to “voice” spamming there are less and less such services in the network). ).

Nevertheless, in this article I have selected the best (in my humble opinion #x1f44c;) services allowing to call from ordinary computer to phone. In order to talk you need to have a microphone with headphones connected and adjusted (and good quality Internet).

#x1f449; Important!

1) The services below often require an updated version of Adobe Flash Player. So if any service will give out an error, I recommend to update the flash player.-

2) If you caller can not hear you, for example, somehow strangely your microphone began to work. I recommend you to see if you can not hear what you are saying. this note.-

3) If you have headphones with a microphone with two plugs, and the audio jack in your laptop (PC) is only one. read this.-

Telephony providers

There are several telephony providers that offer free calls from your computer to your phone, provided the subscriber is a network user and has installed an app on your smartphone. For example, Zadarma. To make a call, you also have to register on the telecommunications provider’s site. After confirming the phone number used for authorization, the account receives

At the moment, there are many applications that allow you to contact a contact for free, if he is also a user of the software. The most popular programs:

The first three are considered to be among the most frequently used throughout Russia. The leader is considered to be Skype, because in its time the application was one of the first instant messengers that allowed audio and video calls completely free within the network software.

In the case of smartphones, the leader is Viber, as it has the most simple and intuitive interface, it takes up little space and does not require serious resources from the phone. Often users also turn to the services of WhatsApp, which is an analogue of the previous application.

WhatsApp and Viber will work on a PC only if you register the application on your cell phone using the number. After that it is necessary to download the software to your computer and synchronize the two devices, connecting them to the Internet at the same time. After that, all contacts and chats, information about calls made will be transferred to the PC.

All the software can be downloaded from official websites. Updates are regularly released for each software, so it is not necessary to refuse them either. the developers fix problems and optimize the user interface.

The main condition for a free call from PC. the contact must be a user of the program that has been selected for communication.


The application, like its counterpart, Viber, registers the user by his number. For example, it can be a MTS or Megafon phone. Accordingly, to call a subscriber, you need to have his contact in your phonebook. either in the application itself or on your smartphone (then synchronization will occur automatically).

Calls from PC to smartphones are made on the same principle as from cell phone:

To call from PC to cell phone it is enough to have a stable Internet connection and headset. headphones and microphone. The same principle works for calls from laptop as well as from PC.

According to polls, WhatsApp keeps connection better and signal quality is much clearer than Viber. Through it you can make audio calls even with a slow Internet connection.


Viber’s interface is no different from the previous application, only the design is different. To be able to make a free call to your cell phone from it, instead of having to dial the number manually, you need to make sure the contact is already on your mobile device. Then the synchronization of your smartphone and computer will happen automatically.

  • select the desired contact from the list;
  • press the call button;
  • if the subscriber is in the Network, the connection will be made as soon as he/she answers the call.

You can only talk to the caller if they are online. Otherwise, the application will not be able to connect users for free.


Skype is the most “heavyweight” application of those mentioned. And although the developers are trying to make it easier and easier every year, it is the mentioned messengers that are still leading, if we are talking about using the software on smartphones. For PC, Skurenet is a very simple user interface that holds the signal well, even with a bad connection. It is able to restore the interrupted call, which is very valuable because it saves time.

  • You need to find the subscriber in the contact list and select him or her;
  • click on the audio or video call icons at the top of the window;
  • the program will automatically connect to the user if he or she is online from any device.

You can call users who do not have Skype directly to the phone number for free. There is an opportunity to use one of the tariffs for free for exactly one month. To activate it and then call it, you need to do the following:

After a month you need to pay a rate to use it.


Not particularly user friendly and pleasing to the eye, but very lightweight messenger that allows free calls and instant messaging to users of software that works on the protocol XMPP. It is a SIP-program that will not suit everyone.


У. which is an e-mail service, there is also an application that allows you to keep in one place the contacts added to the address of your mailbox. Extremely convenient for those who constantly use the site for work and can communicate with any contact, who has installed an Agent, through the software.

The procedure is the same as in the previous apps:

Although the software is not as widespread as Skype, this is a good alternative for those who do not want to download additional applications and register with them.

,5 and there is an opportunity to try the system. To make a free call from a PC to a smartphone in this way, you need:

You can make such calls for free during the first 7 days after registration (trial period). Then you have to top up your account.

Another provider that allows free calls during the trial period is YouMagic. To make a call, you need to register on the site. After that:

  • Authorize in your personal cabinet;
  • Go to the phone menu section in the user menu on the left;
  • dial a number and press the call button.

How you can call to a cell phone via the Internet

Call to mobile and landline via Internet. The function is provided in applications, services, programs, social networks. This feature can be accessed on a PC, tablet or smartphone by opening a browser window or installing a special app. You’ll be able to reach your subscriber, no matter if he or she is online or not. The ip-telephony technology supports calls to the numbers of all Russian operators, and also allows to make calls abroad.

How to call on cell phone via Internet for free

You can use free IP telephony services and social network messengers for calls. With the help of messengers it is possible to call within the service absolutely for free, no matter in what part of the world the subscriber is.

Online services for calls

Besides free of charge services, there are paid services of IP-telephony, which offer wider range of services. If your relatives live abroad, use internet service for regular calls and video calls. It will be cheaper and more convenient than from cell phone.


Zadarma operator appeared in Russia in 2006 and offers telephony services for everyone from 1,65 per minute. Rate plans with conditions from “Economy” (1.65 per minute to any of the operators) to “Unlimited” (2,000 minutes in 80 countries and 500 minutes to cell phones in Russia for 790 for 30 days).


    Internet telephony operator Sipnet offers two tariffs to choose from:

  • “Social”: 0.5 per minute for calls to all Russian mobile numbers, the first and every tenth minute. 3 rubles.
  • “Standard”: 1.5 RUB per minute to all mobile numbers of Russia.

There are special regional tariff conditions, get details from our call center.


    The operator gives you the opportunity to call within Russia on conditions:

  • Tariff “National”. flat rate per minute. Cost per month is 202 rubles, plus a one-time connection fee of 304 rubles.
  • International” tariff: calls to mobile numbers in other countries cost 208 per month. Connection is free.


    VoIP-provider Telphin offers calls to mobile numbers within Russia and abroad:

  • Per-minute rates with no subscription fees, calls to cell phones cost 1.95 a minute, abroad. from 0.75 a minute, the price depends on the destination;
  • for those who make a lot of calls: packages of 5 000 minutes for 8 000 and 10 000 minutes for 14 500.


VoIP-provider Siplink has no plans with fixed subscription fee, offers billing by the minute (1.55 per minute) and by the second (1.95 per minute). Connection to the “Standard” tariff plan is free of charge.

Using IP-telephony service “Calls Online” you may talk with subscribers of mobile and landline phones for free. No registration required. To make a call, you must go to the website and dial a phone number in international format. The list of countries where you can make calls is constantly expanding. To find out about features and limitations, please visit the website of the service.


Menu and features of the program reminds of Skype, you can write a message, make audio and video calls, organize video conferences. Free calls are provided for 300 minutes per week. But it is important to have at least 10 euros on your account. Payment is made from Visa cards. This is an English-language service, so the price of 4 rubles per minute.


Today the service is not working, but if you go to the site you get to


You can use Flash2Voip service without installing any applications. Visit the site. you have a virtual phone in front of you. Menu is in English, but the service is intuitive to use. There are 30 call destinations, you can call to any of them for free for 5 minutes. Cost of unlimited. 5 dollars a month.

Flash2Voip is not an independent IP-telephony service. It is an online SIP telephone that works with other services and is written in Flash. The minus of the service is in the security. Site offers a new opportunity. GTalk2Voip. Calls to cell phones in Russia range from 0.06 to 0.34 dollars per minute. To each new user. 5 minutes gift.


iCall service. free calls to America and Canada, you can make no more than 12 calls a day. Other referrals are chargeable. If you have relatives or acquaintances in these countries, iCall is suitable, The quality of audio and video calls is top-notch. Call time is limited to 5 minutes. There is a video conference option, up to 10 people can participate. Standard text and file sending is available. Program is available in English.


Registration is required to use the PokeTalk app. You will be able to call anywhere in the world with 50 calls of up to 10 minutes if you register.

In our country the service is not used, although it has everything for comfortable use: accessible interface, Russian language, ability to make calls from any device, connection to any country in the world, free minutes and low charging after expiration of the limit.

Globe 7

Unoperable service, no information on the site. Periodically check the site, perhaps the service will work again.


Call and send messages over the Internet with Jaxtr’s state-of-the-art service to 55 destinations. You don’t need to download and install software to use the online calling feature, it’s only necessary to send messages. Features available from the browser window, it is important that you and the caller are online. After registration, a virtual phone number is linked to the account, and then you have to enter additional information.

Applications for online calling

The difference of applications. they must be installed on both subscribers and both subscribers must be connected to the internet. Registration is required, after which the person’s phone number is linked to the account. Apps are often free and have no limits on the number of calls within the country or abroad, allow you to send text messages and files.


Appeared before smartphones were created. Skype works on any devices and allows you to make audio and video calls, exchange text messages and files. Provides an online browser version. Is owned by Microsoft. Through Skype, you can make calls within Russia and around the world to fixed and mobile devices.

Paid packages for external calls involve 5.99 for 100 minutes and 15.99 for 300 minutes of calls, per minute.


The network’s brainchild has automatically gained an audience of billions. Used for exchange of text messages, audio and video files, calls and conferences Calls are possible only on the cell phone where the messenger is installed.


Developed by developers There is only a mobile version of WatsApp. Allows you to send text messages, files, make video and audio calls between two users.


Well known as a messaging app and free audio and video calls. Works on PC, tablet, cell phone. Viber allows you to call someone on your cell phone who does not have the app installed. The service is charged at 13.99 per month, respectively, 1 minute of conversation costs 2.95.

Sippoint and Qip

Free to call or text the subscriber who has the program installed. Outside of the system, the application is paid, but there are several free destinations, the list of which you can find out on the website. Registration is required.


Popular all over the world for sharing all types of messages, calls and video calls. subscribers’ interest in the application in Russia has increased after the attempt to block the application by Roskomnadzor.

Social networks

Social network messengers suitable for texting, audio and video calls, conferences, live broadcasts between accounts users. Free of charge. The quality of communication depends on the speed of the Internet and the congestion of the social network.

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Sites for online communication

But some of them have free periods, which you can use.

Below we list the most popular and convenient resources for online communication.

Online calls

Every new user of the site gets one free minute for calls per day.

If this limit is exceeded, the possibility of connection is blocked. In order to activate it a second time you have to recharge your account and pay the tariff.

Every next day you will have available only 60 seconds for call without any fee.

Zadarma com

In addition, the functionality of the site allows you to send different types of messages, create conferences and group chats.

You can make free calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg through this resource.

However, even here there are limitations. the limit is 100 minutes.

The rest of calls are made at the rates, which are on Zadarma.The site Zadarma com is represented quite extensively.

Sometimes site gives nice bonuses. For example, after registration on the account of the user automatically appears 50 cents, which can be spent on communication.

Also, the resource sometimes offers a free connection to several countries, the list of which is constantly changing.

How To Call and Text Unlimited for FREE on iPhone! 2020


Regular calls through the site require payment, but the demo offers up to 5 minutes of free calls.

Call2friends com

Free mode offers 30 seconds of communication per day.

Then you need to pay for individual minutes or register, and then purchase the most convenient tariff.

The developers of the resource warn about the low level of communication quality.

This is because the site uses the cheapest channels.

YouMagic com

This resource has a fairly long free period.

For the first week after downloading, the user can spend up to 5 minutes a day on calls.

Consequently, all online resources for calls to a mobile or home phone are only conditionally free.

They include a trial period or offer limited use per day.

After that, still need to pay any plan.

How to call from a computer to your Android phone to find it by sound


Today will be a little post about how you can call (or better said “dial” or make a call-through) from your computer to your Android phone so that you can find this unit (and extract it from under some cushion #x1f44c;) by the sound.

I note that we will make a call to your phone (and not someone else’s. ). You have a phone that you have connected to your Google Account.

It is worth mentioning that your device will ring at full volume, even if it is set to minimum (a serious advantage compared to simply calling from another phone).

Now, after all explanations and warnings. let’s get to the point. #x1f447;

Programs to make calls over the internet

Free calls from computer to mobile are made by specific utilities. The person must have them installed beforehand, otherwise they will have to dial on their cell phone, which already requires a separate fee. Below is a list of the most popular applications:

Skype. Program for free calls from computer to phone, which is used by a huge number of people. You don’t even need to download it because it’s pre-installed on modern smartphones. Communication over the Internet from Skype to Skype is charged per megabyte according to your package. If you want to dial to a landline or just a mobile number, you need to top up your account in the program.

Viber. Another option for communication over the Internet if both users have this application. Initially, it was planned that the utility will be distributed only for smartphones, but after several years the application has become so popular that its scope of work has been expanded and it will run on PCs, laptops and tablets. You must connect your phone number to the program. If a call is made from a PC, it is still required:

There is no free direct-to-call service, just like their direct competitor, Skype. You need to recharge your account and use the service Viber OUT, but calls even within the city limits, for example, will cost an immodest 7.9 cents per minute. for other countries in cents are as follows:

WatsApp. One more way to call a friend on the Internet for free. The program provides the ability to communicate within the application without paying. Only the internet is used, you can make calls or send text messages. No money will be taken from your account, only megabytes from your tariff plan. If you manage to catch a wi-fi signal or you use an unlimited package, then there’s nothing to worry about at all.

Qip and Sippoint. These are two types of free applications which are very similar to each other. Qip was popular in the past, but now more and more users abandon it in favor of Vibe, Skype and Sippoint. The last service offers:

  • Instant messages between SIPNET, Qip, Jabber, etc. users., which use a special protocol XMPP.
  • Many application design options (skins), use of avatars.
  • Convenient work with phone book.
  • Advantageous tariffs.

This program is the development of Russian specialists, successfully competing on the telephony market. Calls to selected Russian cities do not require payment, the main condition for this is to have 5 on the account. You can choose 15 cities with more than a million of people to call without charging money from your account. When you register your account in the system, you will be given a bonus for confirming your cellular number of 1. Regular calls to numbers from other cities will be charged according to the package, but the service is still cheaper than Skype.

Programs for calls via the Internet on a cell phone

As noted earlier, messengers are universal sources, thanks to which you can call all over the world and make calls for free. The main thing is that the use of the program should not only be, on the one hand. The other user must also use this messenger, so there are no problems. It is simply impossible to call from one service to another. However, calls are made through applications, and it is possible to make it so that the client has the same opportunity on the computer. It remains to supplement the headset, to buy a microphone, and then you can make free calls to customers via messengers.

There are also programs that help to make calls to any mobile devices around the world. For example, such services as Skype and Viber, which you can talk about in more detail below. Services have a special balance within the program, which can be replenished and from which certain funds can be deducted. It is necessary to top up the balance, and then open the keyboard in the program and dial the numbers of mobile devices, waiting for a connection and so on. User can call as well as to the numbers on the territory of Russia and foreign countries.

Apps and messengers therefore have a number of features:

  • The user can make free calls within the service worldwide;
  • You can call not only mobile, but also landline numbers;
  • You can make calls from any device, including tablets, smartphones, and computers, some manage to use TV to keep communication;
  • Low enough requirements to get an internet channel. You need a certain speed in order to transmit the voice qualitatively.

To send the voice with high quality without interferences it is worth to connect and call over the internet wire. You can also switch to mobile, but the connection speed can be slow. Must be so that good quality is ensured at close proximity.


Previously, it was almost the most popular messenger, which can be found. Its popularity faded after it became quite heavy for modern conditions, clumsy. It became completely unprofitable to download it to the device. Audiences began to switch to other messengers, and thus the popularity of Skype subsided altogether. Audience realized what advantages Skype still has:

  • This messenger has a fairly clear and simple interface. It is very easy to navigate in the notebook;
  • It is also possible not only to call, but also to communicate in text format on the network;
  • There are also voice calls and video calls;
  • The user can make calls to whole groups as well as arrange conference videos;
  • It is possible to make a screen demonstration and show what is happening on the screen;
  • There is private data transfer. All conversations are fully protected, no one will know who’s writing what;
  • There is an automatic translation for conversations from the other party’s language to the native language. It is enough to tweak some settings;
  • It is possible to order a special Skype number and then to receive calls both from mobile and landline messengers. For example, you can call Germany, USA, Japan, Romania and so on;
  • Support for outgoing calls around the world.

As a rule, charging is simple enough, it goes to the internal balance of the system, you need to top up in euros, and the minimum payment is about 5 euros. This is what the classic pay per minute looks like. Also in Skype there are special packages of minutes, calls the cheapest rate will be 16.12 euros. The user will get 2000 minutes to numbers in Russia, as well as in about 63 countries. Per minute charging is 8.9 cents per minute and 8 cents per connection.

Pay attention! The user can use the client, both for Windows and for the mac. You can download the client on special platforms, and then use them on different devices with the same account.


This is also a fairly popular messenger, the popularity of which has fallen after more advanced servers. It is used by many people, including in Russia and other countries. It is worth noting that many users in Ukraine like to use this social network messenger. similarly about the benefits of messenger Viber:

  • The user can messaging not only with stickers, but also with gifs;
  • You can send voice messages and video messages;
  • The user can support data transfer during calls;
  • You can communicate in groups, and you are not limited in the number of users;
  • There is end-to-end encryption;
  • There are built-in features that confirm the identity of the user.

You can use Viber both on the computer and on the phone, and you can call and communicate to mobile and landline numbers. Payment is the same as in Skype. with the internal balance of the system. It is worth noting that it must also be topped up with special bank cards. The user can look at different rates, among which there are both whole plans and simple per-minute plans.

So you can find 100 minutes to Russian numbers for about 4.99 per month, if you consider about 300 minutes, it will cost 13.99 per month. There are different subscriptions, such as the “Whole World” subscription. It costs about 8.99, but the user can call unlimited to many countries.


At the moment, this is the most popular messenger that can be in Russia. The user may think that it is used by almost all residents of Russia, as it can be found on every device. Just look in the phone book and realize that of the entire phone book only about 10% are unregistered. This messenger is also popular in other countries. Here’s why:

  • This client is very lightweight. It makes it possible to work on both mobile devices and tablets, even the weakest ones;
  • It is worth noting that there is both text messaging and voice messaging;
  • Availability of group chats;
  • You can use and send any files;
  • There are internal calls;
  • There are built-in video calls;
  • You can share your own location;
  • It is possible to store sites in a cloud folder.

A user who uses this messenger can make calls, both within the network and around the world, and do it for free. It is worth getting at least WhatsApp to communicate with a large number of users.

Note! User can not use video call through computer.


This is another type of messenger, which used to be popular, but now its popularity has subsided. The user, both on phones and PCs. Its functionality is extensive:

  • The user can find the nearest account using a map;
  • One can exchange text messages simply and easily;
  • You can connect different accounts, including an account at VK or classmates;
  • Make voice calls within the service;
  • There is a built-in IP-telephony with low enough tariffs;
  • Sending messages is completely free.

In order for the user to have an opportunity at this point, it is necessary to bring back everything that was in the messenger before. At the moment messenger has lost all of its main plushies, advantages. It has become quite stingy. Popular messengers simply wilted and supplanted it.


This messenger is most popular in foreign countries. It is not as welcome in ours as it is in others. It is worth noting that there is also a minimal audience in Russia. It can:

  • Text messaging;
  • Exchange photos and any other files;
  • Cancel messages; Send emoticons;
  • Use calls and video calls;
  • Exchange with business accounts;
  • Save many conversations;
  • Create group chats.

To register in. the user needs to select any account from the social network. You can also communicate and exchange without an account. Calls cannot be made to mobile devices without messenger.


This is not a special messenger, but a program designed for IP telephony, and its services are provided by the operator Sipnet. There will already be some benefits during installation:

  • The app fills out as quickly as possible;
  • You can record phone calls;
  • Operator encryption;
  • It is possible to save message histories in the storage;
  • You can exchange text messages with others.

This app has a lot of low for various services. For example, on the tariff “Communicative” the user pays only 0.5 per minute to the numbers of Russian providers. The quality of communication is normal, rated about 4 points out of 5.

Please note! This program is for computer, for mobile devices there are other applications. NetCall.