Call Record Samsung

Call / conversation recording, (CallU). Call recording

An application with a very original name. Call / Conversation Recorder. Nevertheless, let it not hurt to appreciate the application, as it also deserves attention.

In terms of recording quality, the application is not inferior to the previous copy. It also provides automatic call recording, saving them to Dropbox and Google Drive. over, there are additional “chips”. Protection of records with a PIN-code and selection of contacts, conversations with which will be recorded. Appliqato Call Recorder also has this option, but only in the paid version.

Voice Call was selected as the audio source, which worked as expected this time. The file can be saved in MP3 or WAV format, and you can choose the sound quality. In my experience, a 1-minute WAV file of the best quality takes 5 MB, a 5-minute one. About 27 MB.

Each settings page is accompanied by an information icon, clicking on which opens a detailed and very understandable written help. For beginners this will be very helpful.

In addition to the “cloud”, you can choose internal memory or microSD card as a storage for recordings. The application displays the total used size and number of files, and offers to set a limit on the occupied space and clean up unnecessary records. Those entries that are marked as “favorites” are not affected by the cleaning. You can also use the option that will save all entries in the “cloud” when you delete them from your phone.

The downside is not very convenient post-call processing. You can add a text note to each entry, but to see it, you first need to “tap” on the entry, and then click on the icon for adding this note.

If you find fault with it, then you can pay attention to the interface and design of the application, but I cannot consider this an objective disadvantage with all my desire. Over the entire testing period, the application has done an excellent job of its duties.

6 ways to record conversations on Android. Call Recorder in Android 5.1

Before writing this review, I walked around the office and empirically found out: support for recording conversations is allowed on smartphones that are called “out of the box” running Android from version 4.0 and higher. I suggest not considering earlier versions of the system. All the same, Android 5.1 is the most popular today.

So, the fact is that in the Android system itself, voice recording is implemented and third-party developers are given access to the API, that is, to put it simply, to the bowels of the operating system. However, this opportunity is often not used, or even banned altogether. Why?

Because there are concepts like “privacy policy” and “privacy”. If you do not warn your interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded, then he will not know about it. And in some countries it is regarded as a violation of rights and other freedoms. As a result, it is easier for the manufacturer to prohibit the recording of a conversation altogether than to bear any responsibility for the misuse of this function. Therefore, many phones do not have such a function by default.

over, it can act in different ways: remove the required driver from the kernel, or disable the entry in system libraries. The ban, of course, can be bypassed with the help of “root” and other specific actions, but if you do not want to sit at night, looking for the right line in the code or flipping through the pages on the forums, then it is easier to buy another phone.

As for the Russian Federation, the recording of conversations is allowed, but here I will quote the second part of Article 23 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation:

“Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraph and other messages. Limitation of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision. “

This means that you can record the conversation, but only you can listen to it, since distributing the recording would violate the specified article. However, this also means that smartphones with firmware localized for the Russian Federation are capable of recording a conversation. Unfortunately, not in 100% of cases, since not every developer will suffer over every line of code, depending on the country for which the firmware is localized.

Nevertheless, a walk around the office and our own experiments showed that the models from ZTE, Meizu, Lenovo and Xiaomi that came across on the way recorded the conversation with standard firmware, and Huawei and Samsung allowed using third-party applications, of which almost all of the tested 13-15 pieces worked correctly.

Call recording. Conversation recording during a call

Another undemanding application with a small set of settings and even without its own player, but with a more modern interface, and most importantly, it is quite workable, including for Android 6. The application was recently updated, so we can hope for its further support by the developer.

There is a minimum number of settings in the free version. Select audio source and file format, enable notifications about a recorded conversation. The question of whether to save the recording after the end of the call is only asked in the paid version.

On this page you can specify the path to the directory for storing records and enable automatic cleanup.

As for storing records in the cloud, this is a paid feature. As well as additional notifications, no ads and the ability to share your posts.

In principle, this application has chances, if not for everyday use, then at least for testing when choosing a suitable tool. It is simple, but contains the necessary settings, for example, choosing an audio source or accessing your archive with a password.

ACR Call recording. Recording incoming calls

The first application that refused to work correctly on all smartphones, except for the model from Samsung running Android 6.0.1. Therefore, first of all, I advise you to check whether your phone can record conversations using ACR and “play” with the choice of the audio source, and if successful, familiarize yourself with the settings.

The appearance resembles the first application: all calls are distributed, incoming, outgoing and important. The addition of text notes is provided, which, fortunately, in this case are really noticeable.

The paid version provides us with premium features: storing records in the cloud, recording conversations “by contact”, recording conversations from the middle, auto-deleting short entries, etc. However, the last time the application was updated in December 2014, so I personally would prefer to think again whether it deserves an acquisition at all.

In the settings of the free version, everything that might interest you is located in the sections “General” and “Recording”. General settings are requesting a pin code, showing notifications and the like. Everything you need in place.

Recording settings. Selection of storage location, recording modes (manual and automatic), audio source, file format, and so on. Here you can create a blacklist, and also specify which calls to record, depending on whether the call is incoming or outgoing. So far, I have not seen such detailed settings in other applications.

In general, during testing, I did not have any special complaints about ACR Call Recorder, except for the problem with launching the application on other smartphones. Each developer honestly warns that such problems are possible, because it does not depend on him, but on the manufacturer of the smartphone and firmware.

Zvondik. Phone call recording

Zvondik is a fairly well-known application from a Russian developer. Unfortunately, the last update of the free and paid versions, as Google Play shows, was done a long time ago. In October 2015.

In addition, on one of the forums, I noticed complaints from users about the incorrect operation of the paid version and complete silence on the part of the developer. However, on his page on the VKontakte social network, answers sometimes slip, but solely with the aim of explaining to disgruntled users about the new bans in Android 6, according to which the record source “Both channels” can no longer be used.

Strange, but in the three previous applications, tested including on a smartphone running the sixth version of Android, I did not notice such problems: the recording was carried out both from the line and from the microphone. However, I am not an expert on the kernel of this operating system, so I will leave this question on the conscience of the creator of “Zvondik”.

Unfortunately, I also had every reason to consider myself a dissatisfied user: call recording in Zvondik started working on only one smartphone. It is quite old, so it was found in the list of supported models. By the way, the constant updating of such a list, I generally consider a utopia: in order to keep it up to date, constant and labor-intensive work is required. It is hardly possible within the framework of supporting a free application, unless, of course, you are a hopeless altruist or an outspoken fan of your business.

On those models that are not in the list, “Zvondik” did not work, regardless of the choice of the audio source. Frankly speaking, I was sorry: it is clear that the developer approached the creation of the application very responsibly.

In addition to basic settings such as storing files in the “cloud” or choosing the output file format, the author has added many small but pleasant and convenient little things: vibration at the start of recording, additional interface settings, a voice recorder, a large selection of formats, etc.

However, if your model was found in the list of devices with which Zvondik works, and you are biased about storing records of personal conversations in Dropbox, then I would recommend this application for testing.

3 ways to enable phone call recording on samsung galaxy a50

ATTENTION: a lot has changed since the entry appeared. It’s simple now. How, you can look at below.

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Samsung Galaxy A50 runs Android 9. Like other Korean phones, it doesn’t work the same in some countries.

In some countries there is a recording of a conversation, in others it is not, since either a Korean or Google has blocked this function on Android 9 (they say at the Vodafone lawsuit and are now checking the legality to allow it to work again in the future.)

In short, it works for several Asian countries such as India, Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh. For the rest of the world, no.

This is because in many places it is forbidden to record calls without permission, which is why most call centers have a constant message “this call can be recorded for quality assurance” so you can decide to hang up if you decide you don’t want to be recorded.

Even in places where they have nothing against, the manufacturer decided to exclude this demanded functionality. Why? He does not give any reasonable answer.

You just need to install Boldbeast Recorder and you can record calls, but in some countries it cannot record the caller’s voice no matter which recorder you are using.

In this case, if you root the phone, you can unlock the lock and Boldbeast Recorder will be able to fix it.

Of course, most likely you will not root your new Samsung a50, as well as install Asian firmware through the applications I describe.

Therefore, I will provide you with available ways to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy A50, but with the condition of obtaining root rights.

The third way to record a telephone conversation on the samsung a50

The third way is my favorite, I use it on my Koreans, when I want to record a telephone conversation.

To be able to enable recording, download this application.

After installation, you will need to register, just enter any name, surname and any, but work email.

Then in the application, click on the 3 lines on the top left and click on “Call Records”

Then go to “View Recording Settings” and move the slider to the right.

This is not all there is one more point left. Try to call and record the conversation. If it is not recorded, change the recording configuration to “Configuration 1”.

Now, as soon as someone calls you or you call someone, you will have a button “Record”. When finished, you can immediately listen. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, but something doesn’t work out. Write.

The first way to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy a50 with android 9

Samsung Galaxy A50 Call Recording Can Be Caused By Various Reasons Whatever Reasons.

Only since the microphone picks up only its own voice when you call, there is a small feature so that both parts are clearly audible.

After installation, put the Samsung A50 into speakerphone mode so that the speakerphone is activated and both sides can be heard. The app will record the voices of both parties.

The second way to record a call on samsung galaxy a50

In addition to the first trick, there is another option for the a50 samsung, which is free but reliable. This is a dedicated recorder and connect it to the 3.5mm jack of your smartphone.

There is, for example, “Esonic Cell Phone Recorder”. Such a device allows you to record two parts of the conversation.

In addition, the device has a USB port, so you can quickly transfer recorded files to your PC.


Thanks of course installed the application, but here are the links as written ((((Then in the application, click on the 3 lines on the top left and click “Call records”))) no.

I think I wrote in the article that first you need to get the root of the rights, since in 9 android, namely he on the samsung a50, Google blocked the call recording. Getting root is not the best way out, it is much better to change the firmware to Asian (in the phone everything can be done in Russian. You won’t notice the difference). Call recording is allowed in asia. You don’t even need applications there, you should have ana right away. How to reflash samsung a50 is described here.

How to Record Conversation on Samsung

There are two ways to record a call on a Samsung device: using third-party applications or built-in tools. By the way, the availability of the latter depends on the model and firmware version.

Third party application

Recorder applications have several advantages over system tools, most importantly, versatility. So, they work on most devices that support call recording. One of the most convenient programs of this kind is Call Recorder from Appliqato. Using her example, we will show you how to record conversations using third-party applications.

  1. After downloading and installing Call Recorder, the first step is to configure the application. To do this, launch it from the menu or desktop.

Be sure to read the terms of the licensed use of the program!

Once in the main Call Recorder window, tap on the button with three bars to go to the main menu. There select “Settings”.

  • At the end of the call, you can click on the Call Recorder notification to view details, mark or delete the received file.
  • The program works great, does not require root access, but in the free version it can only store 100 entries. The disadvantages include the recording from the microphone. Even the Pro version of the program cannot record calls directly from the line. There are other call recording apps. Some of which are richer in features than Appliqato’s Call Recorder.

    Recording conversations on Samsung smartphones

    Built-in tools

    The call recording function is present in Android out of the box. In Samsung smartphones, which are sold in the CIS countries, this option is programmatically blocked. However, there is a way to unlock this function, but it requires root and at least minimal skills in handling system files. Therefore, if you are unsure of your abilities, do not take risks.

    Getting Root
    The method depends specifically on the device and firmware, but the main ones are described in the article below.

    Note also that on Samsung devices, the easiest way to get Root privileges is by using a modified recovery, in particular, TWRP. In addition, using the latest versions of the Odin program, you can install CF-Auto-Root, which is the optimal option for the average user.

    Enabling the built-in call recording function
    Since this option is programmatically disabled, to activate it, you need to edit one of the system files. This is done like this.

      Download and install a file manager with root access on your phone. For example, Root Explorer. Open it and go to:

    The program will ask for permission to use root, so grant it.

    In the csc folder, find a file named others.Xml. Select the document with a long tap, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right. Select “Open in Text Editor” from the drop-down menu. Confirm the request to remount the filesystem.

    Scroll through the file. At the very bottom, the following text should be present:

    Insert the following parameter above these lines:

    Save changes and restart your smartphone.

    Call recording by system means
    Open the built-in Samsung dialer app and make a call. You will notice that a new cassette button has appeared. Pressing this button will start recording the conversation. It takes place automatically. The received records are stored in internal memory, in the “Call” or “Voices” directories.

    This method is rather complicated for an ordinary user, so we recommend using it only as a last resort.

    Summing up, we note that, in general, recording conversations on Samsung devices does not fundamentally differ from a similar procedure on other Android smartphones.

    How to enable recording of a telephone conversation with built-in android tools

    recently, this method was available to almost every smartphone. All you need is to dial the subscriber’s number and press “Menu”, in the right part or in the center of the screen.

    Then press the “Record” button and “record the conversation”. To stop the recording function. In the “Menu” press “Stop”.

    To play in the internal memory, find the “PhoneRecord” folder and find the file you need.

    Today, especially in Samsung Galaxy phones, this option will not work, although smartphones with a factory release may initially support such a call function.

    You should remember, however, that recording is illegal to some extent in most jurisdictions, so this feature has been removed to avoid legal issues.

    How to activate it. To do this, you must get Root rights and install the Xposed Framework.

    Then you need to edit the file: /system/csc/others.Xml, adding the line below between the tags.

    Recording phone conversations on an android phone. Introduction

    Recording telephone conversations, when mostly classic mobile phones with a small display and keyboard and no operating system were in use, was not a big problem.

    It was enough for you to select a phone call or call yourself and press the corresponding button on the keyboard. The conversation was saved.

    By the way, are you sure that your phone does not have a built-in function for recording telephone conversations. Sometimes it is simply hidden. Here’s how to check it.

    Of course, there were some limitations, primarily due to a very small memory cell. The time was strictly limited.

    One recording could not last longer than several tens of seconds. But overall it was enough.

    Now smartphones have appeared and despite the fact that in many ways they should definitely make your life easier in terms of recording telephone conversations, it turned out on the contrary, everything became more complicated.

    Now, for example, on a Samsung Galaxy a3 or j5 with an Android 5.1 or Android 6 OS, it is impossible to enable this function by built-in means (without interfering with the kernel).

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    Fortunately, there are apps that can record the signal from the speaker in your smartphone. Of all the available, I liked four. When testing, I paid attention to the following aspects:

    • To automatically record all calls and manually activate the recording.
    • On length limitation.
    • To adjust sound settings.
    • Save format.
    • On the opportunity to create your own name.

    How to enable recording during a call on an android phone

    ATTENTION: a lot has changed since this article was written. You can find out about this on the at the end of the recording.

    How to turn on the recording of a conversation on the phone is one of the questions of the owners of mobile phones and smartphones that is always up to date, and the answer cannot be found even on the Internet, more precisely, it does not always fully correspond to reality.

    Around the topic of recording telephone conversations, many myths have accumulated. In the context of technical and legal ones, and there is even an opinion that no one can save telephone conversations without the consent of the interlocutor.

    Can’t you really save a conversation without the caller’s permission? Let’s remember that before we record a telephone conversation you have with another person, you must take into account all aspects of this fact.

    NOTE: on some android smartphones, especially xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, honor, you can still enable automatic recording of a telephone conversation during a call (more on that below).

    Programs enable call recording on samsung android

    On the play market you will find programs called “Call Recorder” from the developer “Appliqato”, “C Mobile”, “lovekara” and an application called “CallX. Call / Conversation Recorder” with a bunch of different settings.

    Why not one program, but several. Because I am not able to analyze all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, let alone hundreds from other developers.

    Therefore, it is better to try everything, check and leave one of the most effective ones. It is possible that some on your phone may not work at all. I checked this (it’s on the below). It works fine.

    Conclusion on recording a telephone conversation

    Recording phone calls has not only technical aspects, but also important legal ones.

    It is widely believed that from a legal point of view, we can record a telephone conversation only if we obtain consent from the subscriber.

    This is not entirely true. If you do not record the conversations of other people, but only those who talk to you on the phone and do it for personal purposes, the law does not impose on you the obligation to inform the subscriber about the recording, without his consent.

    The only thing is that without the consent of the caller you should not publish or distribute the saved conversations. You can also see the instructions. The link to the application is in the signature on YouTube. Success.

    How to record a phone conversation on a Samsung Galaxy

    Hello! Today I will show you how to record a phone conversation on an Android Samsung Galaxy phone. You can very simply and quickly record any conversation on your samsung galaxy smartphone, any model. Anyway, on any android. You will be able to record both incoming calls and outgoing calls. See the instructions below and write comments if you have questions. Go!)

    On the home screen, find the Play Store icon and tap on it.

    This will open the Google Play app.

    Through the search at the top, find the Call Recorder. Cube ACR application and install it on your smartphone.

    On the welcome page, click the Next button below.

    Next, allow the app to access your phone. Here you can find out for what purposes access is provided.

    Next, click Allow again.

    In phone settings, enable the function to allow the application to display windows on top of other applications in use.

    All is ready. Look, for an outgoing or incoming call, when you call or call you, a button with a microphone image will appear on the screen on the right. Click on it and the conversation will start immediately.

    After that, open the application and your entry will be displayed on the main page. Click on it. Then click on the Play button and listen to your conversation!

    Still have questions? Write a comment! Good luck!

    I personally checked it on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone, everything works! You did everything exactly as shown in the instructions?

    Great app! The microphone does not turn on during recording, which is important. Excellent recording.

    Conversations are recorded, but only my voice is recorded, but the interlocutor’s voice is not recorded, what should I do? Samsung Galaxy A 20

    When the app was opened, did you give the app access to the phone? You also need to enable permission in the phone settings. Did?

    I confirm that it does not work on the A20! Everything is checked, all settings, all permissions. For some reason, none of the applications at all wants to record the interlocutor. over, I even checked the answering machines. There is definitely no ban on recording)))

    I cannot say anything specific about this. We need to figure it out. I’ll take a look at the settings, maybe there is something, some parameters that affect the recording of the conversation. But, personally, on J5, he writes, everything is fine.

    I read in the internet that Google blocked this function in version 9 of android, tk. In some countries it is illegal (to record without the consent of the interlocutor)…. Current with root.

    There is not even such a program in the play market.

    There is. I just checked it. At the request “call recording”, the third in the list is displayed. Bad looking.

    I didn’t find either

    The author’s instructions show an icon for it and look for.

    I turned on everything, but after completion, when you click on the application button, there is no main page, but it just says everything is ready, make the first call.
    I do the same and there is no main page

    Did not understand you. Which homepage? Explain in more detail what the problem is.

    I did everything as you wrote. Only my voice is heard. I am very upset.

    And it didn’t work. Throw away the phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy a7 2018. Can you advise something else

    I guess it’s not your phone. So your interlocutor has a ban on recording.

    Samsung A50 works with this app. I can’t find him?

    Of course it will be. What request are you looking for?

    Allowed everything does not work. There is no main page. Click on the icon and it says everything is ready again. Make the first call.

    Click on the icon to listen to the conversation and after clicking everything is written, make the first call and the pages where there are no icons to listen to

    On April 13, the android was updated, after which the recording of the conversation became almost impossible, Google considered that the recording was not legal, why.

    Everything is possible. Google has the right to block such applications on its platform.

    So what to do if you can’t hear the interlocutor?

    I answered already above. So, most likely, the interlocutor has a ban on recording.

    Not the interlocutor has a ban, but Google has put a ban. Sew on tel. Need.

    And I don’t have such an application in Play markete ((

    Don’t have a single phone recording app? Look carefully, there are many of them, any will do.

    I have been using this application for over half a year. Listening to the recording of conversations is not necessary very often, but it is necessary! And I just can’t listen to the necessary recordings, I only hear myself. Damn.

    The SAMSUNG GAIAXY M20 smartphone is a very low-end model, it lacks permission to record a telephone conversation. In my country, recording is allowed, but the phone blocks it. Since I constantly use this very necessary function for me to record the data transmitted to me on my work, I suffer very large losses using the services of SAMSUNG. I am asking the company to remove the ban on my smartphone from recording a telephone conversation. But all attempts are in vain. I did a big foolishness in choosing a phone, now I bought a cheap HYAWEI Y5 and just got my sight, a smartphone that is twice cheaper than a Samsung turned out to be twice as fast as a Samsung in functionality, and in terms of communication. Where Samsung does not take. Huawei is all-seeing!

    Tired of already suffering with Samsung, this is a loss of nerves, time and money! Tried everything! Does not record the voice of the interlocutor in any way. I turned it off and put it in the nightstand, I’ll give it to my enemy for jam day, otherwise he walks with xiomi and enjoys life that everything is built into his phone at the factory settings.

    User reviews

    How to set up call recording on Android 9 and 10 versions. How to set up call recording on Android 9 and 10 versions

    Everyone knows that call recording does not work on Android 9. What should I do? How to find bypass blocking for correct recording of conversations on Android 9?

    Call recording does not work on Android 9. Why?

    In the past year, many smartphone users are faced with the fact that the recording of telephone conversations has stopped working. A standard full-time recorder or an installed specialized application for recording conversations, on Android 9 and 10 versions, they stopped recording. There is a call, there is a call duration, and instead of files with a record, empty “zero” files or nothing at all began to arrive.

    As you may have guessed, the matter is in the updated version of Android. On Android below version 9, the recording is in progress, on versions 9 and 10. No. And this is not a problem of this or that application for recording a conversation, it is recording blocking and enhanced protection of conversations from wiretapping. The so-called “confidentiality and secrecy of personal conversations”, which completely made it impossible to record even your own personal important conversations that need to be listened to.

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    Especially it is impossible to record a conversation on Android 9 Samsung. If the situation with Honor and Xiaomi is not so deplorable, then on Samsung this “secret of personal conversations” was manifested especially clearly.

    Call recording on Android 9. How to enable?

    As the saying goes: “Any lock has its own key” and this restriction on recording telephone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions was no exception. And since the key is matched to the lock, and not the lock to the key, after carefully understanding this situation, a way out was found. It’s all about the firmware of the Samsung phone. For recording conversations on Android 9 Samsung (A8, A30, A40, S 8, etc.), the region of a particular device is responsible.

    If the firmware allows you to record sound, then the recording of telephone conversations on Android 9 Samsung will be, if not, then no.

    Attention! All settings for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions are done by you at your own peril and risk! If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact the specialists.

    In other words, in order to record conversations on Android 9, bypassing the blocking is as follows. You need to change the region where the recording of conversations on Android 9 was prohibited to the region where this recording continues to work quietly.

    A program for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions

    After you have changed the region, you can install the program for recording conversations on Android 9 Reptilicus. To do this, you need to go through a quick registration on the site, and then download the call recording on Android 9 for free. During the test period, you will receive call recordings on Android 9 for free. Then the program will need to be paid.

    Reptilicus will allow you to:

    • Receive records of telephone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions;
    • Receive a detailed description of all calls (received, not received, telephone or made via the Internet);
    • Get the location of the phone;
    • See the full route of movement;
    • Receive correspondence via the Internet;
    • Receive SMS messages;
    • Remotely control the phone (block, monitor, trigger an alarm, clear memory, etc.);
    • See the keyboard press;
    • And much more.

    All questions. Ask our consultants.

    Reptilicus is the best automatic call recorder for Android 9 in 2020!

    How to Record a Phone Call on Samsung in 2020

    Stable Call Recording on Samsung Phones in 2020

    Vkurse program. Actually records mobile calls on Samsung of any version of Android. You can:

    • Record the conversation only from the numbers you need;
    • Record all telephone conversations on Samsung;
    • Make a record of everyone except those who are not needed;
    • See a detailed description of calls (time, contact name and number, call duration);
    • See a list of contacts saved on Samsung;
    • See new added contacts;
    • Activate voice recorder to record phone calls on Samsung.

    The program has a function that allows you to remotely turn on the dictaphone to record a mobile call on Samsung (by command, by period, after calls). On command, it will be possible to record the environment, the sound of which is conducted near the Samsung (in a room, car, cafe, etc.). It is also possible on the street, if it is not very noisy and the interlocutors are not far from the phone itself. Conversations will be recorded, and the file will come to your office.

    Call Record Samsung

    On 9 Android, recording of the environment through a dictaphone on Samsung on command may not be done. Then the recording settings for a specific time come to the rescue. The microphone at this time will automatically turn on and the recording of the environment will begin to be done, regardless of whether there is Internet on the phone at that moment.

    In addition to the fact that our program can make a stable recording of phone calls to Samsung Galaxy, it also:

    • Shows the current coordinates of the phone;
    • The entire route of movement;
    • Will record SMS messages;
    • Record correspondence in social networks and messengers;
    • Shows the internal folders of the phone;
    • Photos stored on Samsung and;
    • Remotely allows you to block applications;
    • Will send you all keystrokes on the phone keypad;
    • And much more.

    How to Record a Phone Call on Samsung in 2020

    How to record a telephone conversation on Samsung in 2020 so that the interlocutor can be heard and so that the file with the recording is normal? What program can make a full call recording?

    Recording on Samsung is a function necessary to save important conversations for the purpose of listening to them in the future. After all, it is often just necessary to listen to the conversation again, where the boss lists you tasks, the wife / husband lists the important things or purchases, and the grandmother lists the drugs she needs. How to remember all this if you did not have a leaflet with a pen at hand?

    It’s no secret that regular recorders can no longer record phone calls on Android 9 and 10 versions. This is due to the fact that the developers of the ninth Android themselves have established a ban on recording, in order to keep the secret of personal conversations and not allow them to be recorded.

    And if there is no secret in conversations and you need to record it just in order to listen to it at the right time? Then what to do? That’s when the VkurSe program comes to the rescue, making a stable recording of a telephone conversation in 2020 on Samsung phones of any version of Android

    How to record a phone conversation on Samsung in 2020?

    In order for the function of recording a telephone conversation on Samsung to start working, you must first register on the site. Your personal account will open. Only you will be able to enter the cabinet. Do not give the password to the cabinet to anyone. The program will transfer all the collected information to your personal account.

    Then you need to download the VkurSe program for free and strictly according to the manual in pictures. After installing the program, you will have automatic recording of telephone conversations on Samsung (A50, A10, A30, S 9, S10, etc.).

    In other words, the program will automatically activate the recording without outside interference. As soon as the Internet appears on the phone, the files with the recording of conversations will be immediately transferred to your office. If the Internet is always on on the phone, then the files will be transferred to the cabinet instantly, after the end of the conversation.

    You can ask all your questions to our online consultants.

    How to Record a Conversation on Galaxy S10 Using the Call Recorder App

    There are several call recording apps on the Google Play Store, such as Call Recorder, but they tend to be unreliable and often only record your end of a call. If you want to try this option, you may need to experiment with several applications.

    How to Record Incoming Calls with Google Voice on Samsung Galaxy S 10

    Perhaps the easiest way to record a phone call on your Galaxy S10 is to use Google Voice. After setting up your Google Voice account and setting up the app on your phone, make sure call recording is turned on:

    1. Launch the Google Voice app.
    2. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen and then click on “Settings”.
    3. Enable “Incoming Call Options” by swiping to the right.

    Now when you receive a call, you can record it automatically by pressing “4” in the dialer after the call is active. Press “4” again to stop recording.


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    How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy S 10. Multiple Ways

    1. How to Record Incoming Calls with Google Voice on Samsung Galaxy S 10
    2. How to Record a Conversation on Galaxy S10 Using the Call Recorder App
    3. Additional conversation recorders on Samsung Galaxy
    4. : Turn on call recording on Android 10 and 9 Samsung | S10 S9 S8 Note 8 Note 9 Note 10

    Call recording is not the most popular feature on Samsung Galaxy S 10 smartphones, however, there are enough situations when we may need it. For example, you need to fill in some information and you don’t have a pen at hand. There are times when the recorded information serves as important evidence in resolving a controversial issue.

    Additional conversation recorders on Samsung Galaxy

    Of course, this is not a convenient option, but if you need to record a call on your Galaxy S10, you can try this:

    1. On another device like iPhone or tablet, install an audio recording app like Rev Voice Recorder, or just use the built-in voice recording app associated with the device.
    2. Start a conversation and put it on speakerphone.
    3. If you have a second device, record the call using an audio recording app.