Cable For Connecting Monitor To Computer

The laptop is called a convenient portable personal device, for the functioning of which it is not necessary to connect to the mains. For this, a battery is provided, the charge of which is enough for several hours of continuous operation.

However, it is not always comfortable to operate the device, because the device has a small screen. You can solve this problem by connecting the laptop to the monitor.

This makes it easier to perform certain actions, such as making a presentation, viewing multiple pictures at once. In other words, auxiliary equipment extends the functionality of the device.

Choice of connection interface: HDMI, VGA (D-Sub), DVI

There are several variations of the connection: HDMI, VGA (may also be called D-Sub), DVI. Each method of connecting devices has different characteristics. Connectors differ in the following indicators:

  1. Bandwidth. the speed of information transfer through the cable to the monitor.
  2. The maximum allowable resolution. This value is measured in pixels and directly depends on the first indicator. The higher it is, the more pixels the image contains.
  3. Type of signal to transmit. It includes analog and digital.

In past years, a standard VGA connector was used to make the connection. Over time, the interface ceased to cope with signal transmission due to the increasing power of the latter. This entailed the need to create new connectors.

VGA (Graphics Array). It dates back to 1987 and is still used in technology. The interface reproduces the image with a maximum figure of up to 1280 × 1024 pixels.

Initially, the connector was designed to work with TVs, later it was used for liquid crystal displays.

  • the inability to transfer images with a quality higher than 1280 × 1024 pixels;
  • lack of resistance to natural disturbances;
  • fuzzy transfer of brightness and colors.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface). most famous nest. The image is transmitted through it with a resolution of up to 7.4 Gb / s.

There are several variations:

1. DVI-D digital signal transmission only.
2. DVI-A broadcasts an analog signal.
3. DVI-I contains two types of transmission.

A large number of devices recognize this connector.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface). characterized by the ability to broadcast clips and sounds and through which it is easy to connect the monitor to a laptop. This kind is present on the following equipment: projectors, speakers and other devices.

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Technical characteristics of connection interfaces

Selection of cables and adapters for connection

Before you purchase a cord for accessories, you need to find out the type of connector. On modern devices, as a rule, there are HDMI, but there are others. In addition to the connector itself, various indicators are taken into account. In order to transmit a high-quality picture with clear sound, you should choose modern versions and cable specifications.

This will allow you to transfer pictures and documents, as well as broadcast films and games without freezes and other problems.

Separately allocated USB, also capable of connecting the computer to the screen. This type of wire will also allow you to transfer information to other electronic gadgets. In a situation where you want to connect two monitors to one PC, you should use extension cords, splitters or adapters.

We connect the monitor via HDMI to the laptop (computer)

The process of connecting the auxiliary display is carried out according to one scheme. First of all, you should be sure that all components have the same connector, pick up a cord for it. How to connect a monitor to a laptop via hdmi:

1. Turn off the screens. Many users do not use this advice, but in vain. This action will save the equipment from damage. It happens that due to non-observance of this simple rule a card or other part burns out.

2. Connect the monitor to the device using a cable. One end of the cord is inserted into the connector of the laptop, the other into the screen. With the right choice of connecting wire, problems with the connection will not occur. If there is no way to get an HDMI cable, then you can use adapters.

3. The final stage is the inclusion of equipment. After loading the operating system, an image appears on both monitors.

The advantage is that you do not need to go into additional settings and spend a lot of time synchronizing. Modern cards such as Intel HD, Nvidia (for example, the ASUS GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB DDR5 OC) or AMD do not require additional adjustment.

If the picture is not displayed on the monitor automatically, then you must manually reconnect. Hot keys are used for this. They can be F4, F8 or others. it depends on the gadget model.

Types of projection and setup of the second monitor

After the connection, it is necessary to carry out the adjustment. The connection is quick and without interfering with the configuration. However, you can establish a connection so that the pictures on the monitor and the connected screen are not synchronous. For example, be a continuation of the desktop or transfer a completely different picture.

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Reproduction of unequal pictures can be obtained as follows:

  • Right-click on any point on the surface. In the window, find “Settings or Screen Resolution”.
  • The next step is to choose a projection method. Several species stand out.
  • Another simple and affordable way to start is a hotkey. It has an image of a monitor. For example, the F8 or F11 button depending on the brand of the keyboard. To activate, press in parallel with the FN key.

After opening the menu where it is proposed to choose a projection method, the user of 4 options should click one. These types of settings are distinguished:

1. Playback only the computer screen. And the second monitor will be turned off, but remains connected to the PC display through the cord.
2. Duplication. Both screens display the same picture. This is convenient when you need to make a presentation. Indeed, on a small laptop screen (for example, the Lenovo IdeaPad 710S-13IKB model), not all details and details will be visible.
3. Extension. Represents the most popular transmission method. This method significantly increases the workspace, allows you to move the cursor from one screen to another. This makes it possible, for example, to simultaneously work and play the.
4. Only the sub screen functions. In this case, the other display remains black.

Connecting an external monitor in Windows 10

Each OS has its own principles for connecting with additional equipment. Before connecting a second monitor, it is proposed to carry out similar manipulations in the indicated sequence:

  1. Connect the two gadgets with a cord to a specific interface. Windows 10 helps you find the attached screen.
  2. A search is underway for “Display Settings”. After that, you need to click on the line “second display” and carry out the work on setting up.
  3. An important stage is the choice of projection. Several options are offered. The necessary user selects independently, depending on the purpose of the screen.
Cable For Connecting Monitor To Computer

As a result of connecting the monitor, you can adjust the brightness and clarity of image transmission, resolution and other parameters. It is proposed to do this through the settings menu.

Connecting an external monitor in Windows 8

Each unit has an output to connect to other screens. This is necessary in order to increase the working surface or at the same time to monitor two different displays. On OS 8, the connection diagram is similar to other systems.

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This process is characterized by several advantages:

  • simultaneous execution of many tasks;
  • conducting a presentation using a monitor;
  • the ability to display on screen unequal images needed for work.

For Windows 8, the connection is simple and fast. After connecting through the cord, the line “Devices” is required. Then standard adjustment is carried out, design is established. Then you can start working.

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Connecting an external monitor to a laptop in Windows 7

After the external monitor is connected to the laptop, subsequent format adjustment is necessary. The display connected to the device automatically adjusts to the resolution. But if this did not happen, then it is necessary to perform the following operations:

  1. There is a key combination, which depends on the model of computer. For example, on an ASUS X541UA-GQ876D laptop, the F8 button is used to switch screens, which is clamped in parallel with Fn.
  2. A distinctive feature of Windows 7 is that the developers have simplified the settings when using two screens. One way is a combination of buttons “Winp”.
  3. Another connection is the use of the “Screen Resolution” menu. To do this, use the mouse to open a window, set the necessary parameters and projection method, click “OK”.

Connecting an external monitor in Windows XP

After connecting through the cord, the monitor image is configured for games or work. To do this, do the following:

  • The context menu opens. Properties. Screen. Options.
  • The resolution is set and the number of shades is selected. There are several options: 16, 24 and 32 bit color.
  • Selects the transmission of shades depending on the diagonal. The larger the monitor, the higher the resolution.
  • After the configuration, it is proposed to save the changes and click “Yes.”

32-bit color is set when the monitor itself and the card are powerful, guarantee a natural color cast when watching movies or playing games.

Today monitors with a diagonal of 18 and above are popular. Detailed images will help you not to miss the details on the image.

Benefits of a Second Monitor

The article describes in detail how to connect a monitor to a laptop. But what are the advantages of such a step? The main advantage is an increase in the area for work, the ability to synchronize with auxiliary equipment (screens or projectors).

Multiple displays ensure that tasks are completed simply, quickly and efficiently. Now you do not need to search for the necessary tab among a large number of other files. You can simply display the data on another screen.

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