Brakes Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Most likely, you noticed how fast only the purchased Android tablet works, everything starts up fine, powerful games and applications go off with a bang, but over time you notice that the former speed disappears without a trace: the tablet slows down, programs do not start , or in the process of interaction, more and more errors appear. All these are clear signs that the tablet requires immediate diagnosis with subsequent after-sales service.

Causes of Problems

If any computer device breaks down, there are only two reasons. this:

  • Failure of the hardware of the tablet;
  • Software crash.

In order to immediately switch to a more likely scenario, that is, a software failure, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of a hardware failure.

Hardware Problem

If you observe noticeable braking on your device, you need to determine whether it is very hot during a long interaction. So? So, the problem is that the processor or chip as a result of your work is so heated that with its heat I act on myself and other elements of the tablet. Unfortunately, disassembling it and cleaning it from dust does not work like a laptop, so the only way out is to give the device a little rest after hard work, so to speak, to cool.

Brakes Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

If everything is fine, then remember: if the gadget did not fall on the floor or if it hit something. Yes? Then, perhaps, the touch panel was damaged or the sensor simply moved, thereby causing incomprehensible actions on the tablet screen, which remotely resemble braking. In this case, there is only one option. it is to bring to the service center for the diagnosis and replacement of the damaged element.

External devices

Sometimes due to poor build of the tablet, connected external devices can cause a conflict in the operating system, this:

Therefore, first turn them off and try playing with your tablet computer for several hours (load it), also remove the flash card and SIM card, if any.

If the tablet works perfectly, then the problem is with external devices, then we connect them to the gadget one by one and check which one causes software braking. Once identified, simply replace it with a new one and use it for health. Before proceeding to the recommendations below, check: maybe your tablet is still under warranty, then we immediately give it under warranty and wait for a response from the service center, and only then take some action.

Software crashes

This is the most likely cause of freezing and braking on the Android operating system. After all, despite the fact that the fifth version of Android has already been released today, this platform is still at the development and bug fixing stage. But, in most cases, its owner is to blame for the device’s problems, no matter how regrettable it may sound.

Operating system update

The first thing you should pay attention to is, of course, checking for updates for your device. Any manufacturer of touch devices, immediately after the release of their product and the first launch, begins to collect information on the operation and failures of the operating system.

Therefore, after 2-3 weeks there are updates that require immediate installation. If for some reason the system did not notify you about the detection of new updates, then you need to open the settings yourself, then scroll to the bottom of the list of parameters and click on the last item.

Android with shell

Depending on the version of Android, the name may differ, but the location is not. In the window that opens, click on the first item. system update or system update, wait until the device contacts the manufacturer’s server. Next, a request for installation appears, we agree and wait for the completion.

Background Applications

If nothing has changed after the updates, then you need to clean the device’s memory from unnecessary applications that may cause problems in the operating system. Then again we go to the settings, only now to the item. “Applications”.

Next, select the “Working” tab and sequentially disable those applications that you do not use. Thus, you can free up some RAM, which, in fact, ensures the stability of the platform.

Please note that in no case do not disconnect services from Google, because the consequences of these actions can be very diverse.

We noticed an improvement in work, then we go to the first tab. third-party ones and forcibly delete programs that you do not use. Particular attention should be paid to widgets that take RAM at an incredible size.

Safe mode

If for one reason or another it is not possible to go into the settings for deleting conflicting applications, then you need to restart the tablet in safe mode when only system services are started.

To do this, hold down the Power key until the menu shown above in the image appears. Hold the selected item until the screen prompts you to switch to safe mode, see below.

Click OK, and wait until the tablet reboots into service mode, after which you can deal with the removal of conflicting applications. To re-enable normal mode. just reboot the device.

Service Software

Clean Master is a very powerful, and most importantly, absolutely free utility that will conduct a comprehensive scan of the tablet and at the end print a report. It will provide recommendations for troubleshooting. In addition, a program in the background can shut down inactive but running programs.

It is recommended to check the touch device for the presence of virus software, for this it is enough to install any free antivirus and run a scan.

For a full scan, you can additionally use the application. DU Speed ​​Booster, which is also distributed under a free license. The functions performed by these two utilities are the same, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they do their job perfectly.


After the service measures have been taken, the tablet still slows down, then you will have to reset the settings to the factory state. this is the last measure that needs to be used only in the most extreme cases. Therefore, open the settings and go to the highlighted option. restore and reset, as shown below in the image.

In the window that opens, go down to the last item. reset. It is worth paying your attention that after these steps all personal information, as well as settings and installed applications will be permanently deleted, and cannot be restored.

Therefore, if possible, copy photos and documents to other storage media, and only then proceed.

If after this braking is observed, then most likely the problem is in the firmware itself and it needs to be reinstalled, how to do it: you can find out on the forums.

After resetting the settings, you will receive a completely clean tablet computer, as after the purchase, so you will have to re-create an account and configure the operating system.

Overclocking the tablet. Hardware upgrade, repair

If after performing all of the above procedures, your tablet still slows down, barely moves even its own interface, all applications open for a very long time, and even the battery starts to discharge literally before our eyes, then this is clearly related to hardware problems.

The fact is that all the components in the tablet, if this is not a very expensive flagship model, are selected by manufacturers in such a way as to save as much as possible. These components, especially memory modules, both operational and eMMC flash drives, are subject to natural degradation over time. Just cheap components degrade faster. RAM can no longer cope with the load, can not accommodate the entire amount of data. It seems that the tablet does not have 2 gigabytes of RAM, but only 512 or less megabytes. If your tablet is not only dear to you as just a mobile device, then it makes sense to replace it, or to start studying the cost of memory chips and replacing them.

The chips themselves can be inexpensive, it is more difficult to find the specialist who will make a neat replacement for the right price. By the way, it is also advisable to replace the power controller, since the built-in battery is far from always to blame, the controller is artificially aging, which does not allow the battery to charge after some time.