Brakes iPad Air 2

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If your iPad spontaneously shuts down or slows down, try several methods that will help you deal with the problem yourself. Among them, there are more radical measures (resetting the settings and a complete flashing) and simple ones that are worth starting with. You will be able to correct the situation when the “apple” icon is on for a long time on the display or the already turned on device.

Device reboot

Quite often, the iPad freezes after updating or installing new applications. In this case, rebooting is a good way to return to a working state equipment that began to slow down. Follow these steps:

Brakes iPad Air 2
  • Close all running applications and pages on the Internet
  • Press and hold the Sleep button until the “Shutdown” command appears on the screen
  • Turn off the iPad, wait a few minutes and turn it on again

The device also restarts by simultaneously holding the Sleep and Home buttons. In this case, the iPad restarts and turns on itself. After that it should stop braking the Internet and other applications of the device.

Change settings

If you have become terribly slow down the iPad, try changing its settings. In such cases, disabling such functions helps:

  • Parallax effect
  • Animation
  • Geolocation definition
  • Ipad app auto-update
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See which programs are constantly included in Apple technology (for example, geolocation detection). Their round-the-clock work may be one of the reasons that slows the iPad.

Perhaps all the applications that you use are constantly open and working at the same time, so iOS is dumb. Check it out by quickly pressing the Home button twice. Ipad will open a “gallery of windows”. Programs that you used, but did not disable. To do this, swipe them alternately up the screen. Perhaps after that you will stop braking the tablet.

If the simplest methods did not help and your iPad still slows down or the apple icon is on for a long time, more serious measures will be required. There are two ways that will return the technique efficiency in processing commands:

  • Return to factory settings
  • Firmware flashing

Before you complete these steps, back up your iPad that hangs using iTunes.

Reset to factory settings

If iPad started to stupid after updating iOS, installing programs or changing settings, you can try to return the equipment to its original state. Go to the “Settings” menu, select “General” and “Reset”. The system will offer you several options:

  • Reset network settings
  • Reset Home
  • Reset geo settings
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To get started, try updating the system by resetting your network and geolocation settings. If the iPad hangs after the update, reset all parameters. If after that the tablet slows down too much or turns off, solve the situation by flashing the software.

Firmware firmware

This manual is suitable for flashing all Apple devices that slow down after updating: iPhones, iPads (iPad mini and other models). After updating iOS in this way, most of the malfunctions of a device that started to slow down usually disappear. In some models, before the firmware, it is necessary to disable the “find iPad” function. Do it by logging into iCloud.

Next, follow the instructions for installing a new firmware:

  • Update iTunes on your computer to the latest version
  • Create a backup of the iPad that freezes (after updating, some of the data on it will be erased)
  • Download the latest software for your iPad iPad
  • Open iTunes again, press the Shift key (Alt-Option) and the Restore button
  • Select the downloaded new software file and start the iPad update
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Few devices slow down after updating iOS. But if, after the update, the iPad also hangs as before, return the device for service diagnostics and repair. You can find experienced craftsmen in a few minutes. Use the professional services of the executors of the Yudu service.

On, you can easily find trusted experts who are ready to repair the iPad with any breakdowns, conduct a quality update of applications and the entire operating system as a whole. Contractors work daily and around the clock, so you will always find reliable craftsmen for a competent and urgent solution to your problem.

The iPad may also slow down due to its long life. If you have an old model of technology that does not support new versions of iOS, the problem will most likely remain. Describe your situation in the application on this page (for example: “Brakes iPad”). Experienced performers will respond quickly to tell you about the prospects for the restoration of the device, and then provide inexpensive professional help.