Book Reader Apps On Iphone

Book Reader Apps On Iphone

Today, many users of smartphones and tablets prefer to read exactly e-books, because it is really convenient, portable and affordable. And in order to read e-books on the iPhone screen, you need to install a special reader application on it.


An application provided by Apple itself. It has a beautiful design, as well as the required minimum parameters that will ensure comfortable reading: here you can set the font size, switch between day and night modes, quick search, bookmarks, paper color. Implemented support for PDF, audiobooks, etc.

Of the nuances, it is worth highlighting the scarcity of supported formats: electronic books can only be downloaded in ePub format (but, fortunately, there are no problems with electronic library sites), as well as the lack of page synchronization for downloaded books (this function only works for books purchased in the iBooks Store, where there are practically no Russian-language works).


A free convenient reader for the iPhone, which stands out because it supports almost all formats of electronic books, changes the background, orientation, font and size, but most importantly, it can switch between pages with volume buttons (this is the only reader from the review endowed with this feature).

A nice addition is the presence of built-in instructions that tell you how to download e-books from a browser, iTunes or the cloud. By default, several wonderful literary works are already included in the reader.

Fb2 reader

Despite its name, this application is positioned not only as a reader, but as a file manager for viewing photos, documents and e-books on your iPhone.

As a means for reading electronic books, there are practically no complaints about the FB2 Reader: there is a nice interface here, there are opportunities for fine-tuning, for example, setting the exact color of the background and text for both the day theme and the night one. You can also praise the “omnivorous”, which allows you to open many formats of books and text documents in the application.

KyBook 2

An extremely successful reader with a high-quality interface, as well as a wide range of settings that can be applied to all books loaded in the application, and only to one.

Among the distinguishing features, it is worth highlighting the synchronization of metadata for books, the ability to turn off the “falling asleep” phone while reading, the presence of sounds even when turning pages (they can be turned off), design themes, as well as a built-in translator.


Perhaps the most interesting representative among the means for electronic reading of books, which is noteworthy in that all the books are distributed completely free of charge, and everyone can become an author and share their manuscripts with the world.

Wattpad is a mobile application for downloading and reading copyright stories, articles, fan fiction, novels. The application allows not only reading, but also exchanging thoughts with the authors, looking for books on recommendations, finding like-minded people and new interesting impressions. If you are a book lover, then this application will definitely appeal to you.


For those who like to read good books in large quantities, it will be beneficial to use the MyBook application. It is a subscription service for acquiring books, which contains the functions of a reader. That is, for a certain monthly fee, you will have access to a library of thousands of books of various genres.

There are no complaints to the reader itself: a pleasant minimalistic interface, only basic settings for displaying text, the ability to synchronize book metadata, as well as tracking statistics on time spent reading for a selected period.

What do we have in the end? High-quality applications for reading books, each of which has its own characteristics in the form of free libraries, the possibility of subscribing to bestsellers, a single purchase of books, etc. Whatever reader you prefer, we hope that with its help you will read more than a dozen books.

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