Blurry camera shoots at Samsung

What to do if the phone camera takes blurry pictures?

Every day millions of photos are taken with smartphones. About 200 million to be exact. Phone camera has become an everyday help to every civilized person, manufacturing companies are doing their best to create more and more perfect cameras. As a result, phone cameras have become high-tech masterpieces.

However, even the camera of the best and most advanced phone can at some point begin to take blurry pictures, where the image is completely out of focus. Of course, the phone owner at the first moment hits a panic. First he tries to clear the lenses, then he restarts the camera app and finally he restarts the smartphone. What to do if these proven techniques don’t work? In all likelihood, the phone owner sighs and wonders when he or she will have a chance to take the phone in for repair.

Before heading to the repair shop, be sure to try another simple but surprisingly effective method: tap your finger on the camera lens. With moderate force, not too much force. If that’s not enough, tap the smartphone’s camera on the soft part of your palm a couple of times with moderate force. It is very likely that the camera will be able to focus again. If the pictures are still blurry, you’ll still need to send the device in for repair.

Or Digitaat (“digital storyteller”). “The nickname fits my age, long experience with all sorts of digital stuff, and also with the desire and ability to make up stories,” he chuckles. He believes that good technology should adapt to human beings and not the other way around, which means that intuitiveness comes first, whether it is intuitive or design. Less is more. efficiency and economy should be considered both visually and functionally, that is, the mechanism/apparatus should be made to the maximum at the expense of the minimum resource. He also advises against improving what works. In his daily life, Digitaat cannot do without Wi-Fi and 4G mobile Internet, a smartphone iPhone and a digital camera. “Right now it’s a Sony RX100 II,” he lists useful and necessary technology, “and although you don’t talk about the present in the past tense, for me the discovery of the digital world began when I sold the HTC Desire HD and bought my first smartphone Dell Streak 5 with a 5-inch screen. This was the moment when I went from being a so-called average consumer to a community of digital freaks. I’m happy to share any clever thought. Digital Literacy is a form of modern knowledge that many of my peers try to do without. And helping others is always a pleasure.

Blurry photos due to dirt and scratches on the camera

Let’s start parsing the causes of a cloudy iPhone camera with the most common cases.

Even minor lens dirt can affect autofocus performance, and for older models (especially the 4-inch iPhone 5/5s/5c/SE) the appearance of debris in the camera over time is almost inevitable. To fix the situation is quite easy, if there is an external contamination, which can be removed with a special cloth or a simple napkin and alcohol. If the dirt gets inside the case the device will have to be disassembled, and in the most severe situations, when the matrix module is dirty, you will need a complete replacement of the camera.

Also, the smartphone lens gets covered in small scratches over time, which could very well lead to poor focus and blurred images.

Causes of cloudy pictures

Blurry photos taken with your iPhone can frustrate even an optimist. No one expects pictures to be of poor quality when they buy a new model of the device from this manufacturer. Causes of this defect are often due to improper operation of the autofocus.

The problem can accompany every picture or occur periodically. Autofocus controls both smartphone cameras. Some of the reasons that lead to autofocus problems include:

  • Dirty camera lens, getting small particles under the lens;
  • The autofocus catches the protruding edge of the case;
  • The presence of a magnet on the case also leads to a failure to focus;
  • The software settings are set incorrectly;
  • Breakage in the case of a mechanical shock or moisture.

Why Samsung began to take blurry photos. Blurry photos on your smartphone? Cleaning the camera from dust

Quite a large number of direct owners of smartphones “Samsung” after one week of using the phone of this model encountered a problem in the form of camera breakage. An error occurs when turning it on. Camera failure on the “Samsung Grand” is a fairly common phenomenon, so this factor must be taken into account. details about the problems with the camera on the above-mentioned devices will be described below.

In order to prevent camera failure on “Samsung“, you are provided with 4 ways to fix this error with your own hands.

Method : clearing the data

This method, like its other analogues, is simple and does not require anything supernatural. It consists in clearing the data as well as releasing the internal memory of the camera. The camera failure on the “Samsung Grand” can be due to its overflow.

The first step in this situation for you will be a restart of your smartphone. First of all, you need to turn it off, and then turn it on. This procedure is simple, and the user is able to solve it himself.

Then you need to go to the settings, and there to find the application manager. As you remember, you need to find the camera. We open this application and carry out the clearing of debris, uninteresting photos and other material.

Next you need to restart your gadget again and see if the camera problem is solved. If it is, then congratulations, and if not, then see the next method of solving this problem.

Method : Cleaning the internal storage

Camera failure on the “Samsung” is bad, so it is better to eliminate this defect as soon as possible. The second way is to clear the internal drive information in the application “Camera” method Recovery. Just like the previous method, let’s look at the details step by step.

The first thing to do is to turn off your device. Next, you need to press and hold for a certain time three buttons on your phone. These buttons are:

When you will hold for a few seconds the phone will show you the system parameters of the “Android”.

In order to perform a cleanup of your device, you need to scroll through the lines using the volume buttons. To get down to the bottom, use the volume down button.

You need to find a line called Wipe cache partition. Next, your task is to restart your device.

Method : file manager

This way is also to clean the material, but in a different way. In this case, this method has the purpose of removing the camera failure on “Samsung Galaxy” and consists of the following. We resort to using the file manager.

  • The first step is to connect the device to the computer with a USB cable.
  • It is necessary to find and open the memory folder of the smartphone, and then go to the folder “Android”. There will be another folder with the dates. This is what you need.
  • There you will be able to find the archive folder, where will be the storage of the cache of your smartphone. That is what you need to remove.
  • Experts in this case advise to delete all files from this folder, as they are completely useless on your device and only bring memory problems.
  • After you have completed your action, you need to restart your device. We hope that this method has helped you to fix the problem, if not, we move on to the last method.

Method : Removing the alternate camera

It is the last method that can help you to prevent camera crash on “Samsung“.

This method is also to delete, but this time it removes the so-called alternate camera.

blurry, camera, shoots, samsung

Your task is to find all the applications that use the camera services, as well as after you find them, your task will be to remove them. After this action, be sure to restart the smartphone.

One of the above methods will definitely fix the problem with the camera, and it will continue to work properly. If all else fails, you must go to the service center, which means the problem is much more serious.

This material contains the most interesting tricks, thanks to which you will be able to realize the hidden potential of the camera on your smartphone.

Yes, that’s right, the superzoom on your smartphone. Not only SLRs with long lenses and soap boxes with ultrazoom are able to shoot subjects that are at long distances. If you have binoculars, or better yet, a telescope, bring your camera eye to the eyepiece lens, adjust the position of your equipment for maximum image sharpness, and proceed to take a photo or video.

Of course, it is better to use wide-angle optics: then the angle of view will be larger, and the frames around the lenses will not be visible through the lens. If you are using the telescope on a tripod, it would be a good idea to fix your smartphone for convenience as well.

Macro lens with a magnifying glass

You don’t need to have expensive equipment to make a detailed macro photo. Any available way to attach a normal magnifier to your smartphone body in the radius of the lens, and the macro device is ready. The higher the magnifying lens magnification, the stronger the magnification, and the more detailed the resulting image.

Shooting “almost underwater.”

You have likely seen many spectacular shots taken with a camera half-immersed in water

Why the camera smartphone began to poorly shoot

Here’s why you shouldn’t use unofficial cases

Then the developers started digging, but when they didn’t find any glitches in the smartphone’s firmware and found that a manufacturing defect didn’t cause this result, they decided that they were probably just looking in the wrong place. However, after a lot of tests in the lab, Huawei engineers still found the real reason for the poor quality of images. It turned out that the problem was caused not by the firmware malfunction or a manufacturing defect of the camera module, but by unofficial covers that users put on their devices.

It’s frankly not hard to believe this is true, because Huawei didn’t make this statement out of the blue. The company actually conducted a study of the cases that are on sale, studied their structural design and clearly showed what exactly causes the camera failure. As you can see in the pictures below, some of the cases cover the sensors responsible for taking pictures, so the camera can not focus properly and produce quality results. Other cases do not cover the sensors at all, but leave them too little space for stable and proper operation.

Top 10 reasons

In this article we have collected the most popular problems, which can arise when using the phone camera. Remember that the most harmless thing you can do is to reboot the device, delete the cache, wipe the camera, install updates and, at most, reset the settings.

If these manipulations do not help, you need to go to the wizard or to the store, if the gadget is under warranty. And we wish you that the camera of your smartphone always works properly.

Method: Removal of the alternative camera

This is the last method that can help you prevent camera failure on your “Samsung“.

This method is also to remove, but this time the so-called alternative camera is removed.

Your task is to find all the applications that use the camera services, and once you find them, your task will be to remove them. After this action must restart your smartphone.

One of the above methods will surely eliminate the problem with the camera and it will continue to perform its work qualitatively. If nothing helped, it is necessary to contact the service center. Then the problem is much more serious.

Doing the next photos on your smartphone, in order to capture some events as a memory, not really want to get as a result of cloudy pictures! And if this happens, then, knowing and remembering the true capabilities of the camera of your device, the indignation of the situation can lead to a frenzy. the moment is lost, and of the memories only low-quality images. It’s really unpleasant! The moment, of course, is no longer return, but the smartphone camera is still there. Easy cleaning of the camera will allow you to use it again, getting quality pictures at the time you want!

In the vast majority of cases, cloudy photos from your smartphone camera is not an outdated technique. It’s a banal hit of dust in the body of the device. This is the reason for the decrease in photo quality. So turn your smartphone with the camera to you and carefully inspect. whether there are particles of dust. If yes, then safely proceed to cleaning. Believe me, the result will surprise you.

The answer is banal! All due to loss of airtightness of the case! And don’t blame it on smartphone manufacturers. They do everything by the book. The ingress of dust inside the body of a new phone from the counter is practically zero. Deterioration of tightness appears in the process of operation of technics. precisely, as a result of mechanical impacts on the device:

These factors are the primary source of gaps through which dust particles can enter the inside of the smartphone. Including the camera.

Let’s take the Lenovo P780 as an example. At one time this phone fell into the water and it was completely disassembled for complete drying. The subsequent assembly of the device was made with defects. And after about half a year, the camera of the smartphone was just depressing the quality of his pictures. The image below is a blurry photo from the smartphone camera.

For work we will need screwdrivers, cotton swabs and alcohol. You can use the alcohol wipes that are sold in every drugstore.

We switch off phone, take off a back cover, take out SIM-cards and a storage card.

Then we unscrew the screws that fix the back of the case. Here we get to the camera

With the help of cotton swabs soaked in alcohol and alcohol wipes (if available) we clean the camera itself and the protective glass from contamination.

On this phone camera cleaning is finished. Assemble the smartphone and examine it externally.

There must not be any gaps or gaps, otherwise you will have to do it again in the near future.

And finally, below is a photo taken with the phone after cleaning the camera:

Despite the high quality of Apple equipment, for some reason malfunctions are possible. It can be a trivial device defect, software failure or mechanical damage. In most cases this problem can be solved.

One of the most problematic places in iPhone. is the camera. Not infrequently, users have left feedback that the camera does not work properly, and that pictures are obtained blurry. It is worth knowing the causes and ways to solve such problems.

Why the camera on your smartphone can start taking bad pictures?

There are 5 reasons that can cause problems with the camera. Each of them is described in details below.

Firmware problems

Sometimes the camera starts to “stutter” after installing the latest firmware. If there is a suspicion that the problem is caused by this, you can do the following:

  • return the previous version of the firmware;
  • Perform a factory reset;
  • wait for the next version of the firmware, in which the error will be eliminated (this method is suitable for owners of smartphones, updates to which are issued regularly);
  • Write to the manufacturer’s support.

If the phone was bought recently, you can return it to the store under warranty.

Damaged antireflective coating

The camera is protected by anti-reflective glass, which scratches easily when subjected to mechanical impact. Damage can occur if you drop your phone, habit of carrying it in the same with the keys, or involuntarily running your fingernail over the glass (usually during conversations). Numerous scratches decrease the quality of photos, making them cloudy and blurred.

You can tell if the coating is damaged by looking at the camera glass in sunlight. It must be smooth, blue or violet in color. If it is scratched, you must remove the antireflective coating completely. This can be done by contacting a service center.

Can be repaired at home if necessary. To do this, you will need to do the following:

You can use a cotton pad or rag, but a wand will remove the coating faster and more effectively.

Problems with the lens

Some users encounter such a problem as lack of focus when pointing at various objects. The photos are blurry at any time of the day, regardless of the selected focus (manual, automatic). Sometimes the smartphone photographs well at a distance or close up, but “smudges” when the distance to the subject changes.

This behavior of the phone can be caused by a shift or improper lens alignment (setting). The most effective way to solve the problem. replacing the camera module. Sometimes the problem can be corrected by adjusting the settings manually.


The most common problems that arise when dropping the smartphone screen downward are damage to the glass and the touchpad. However, in some cases the front camera and proximity sensor are affected. Falling on the back is just as dangerous, t. ะบ. Can cause damage to the motherboard, flash, and main camera.

If any deterioration in image quality occurs after a fall, take the camera to a service center. Before that it is recommended to save all the data in the cloud, on a memory card or a computer hard drive. Information may be irretrievably lost during troubleshooting.

Water ingress

Liquid that gets into the smartphone oxidizes the radio elements (the longer the exposure, the greater the extent of damage). Control circuits with full power supply. backlight, flash, etc are the first to fail. This may affect the camera and cause deterioration in photo quality.

If the phone gets wet, you should immediately turn it off and, if possible, remove the battery. Under the influence of electric current and liquid, the internal elements of the device quickly deteriorate. It is desirable to leave the battery outside the smartphone for at least 24 hours.

If you can not get the battery, the phone should be put in the rice. This is a temporary measure that allows you to minimize the negative consequences and wait until you contact the service center.

The next thing to do is to let the phone completely dry. The longer the device is in its disassembled state, the better. The problem is that even after drying, the salts dissolved in water remain inside. They conduct electricity and begin to corrode the radio elements when the smartphone is turned on. As soon as possible you should contact a service center. The faster the device will get to the professionals, the sooner it can be repaired and the cheaper will be the repair cost. You may even be able to get by with preventive measures.

Any problem with the camera can be solved in the service center. However, in some cases, it is better to give the smartphone under warranty.