Bluetooth nokia phone. 7 Ways to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio harks back to the XpressMusic phones or yesteryears with a twist – it has a pair of TWS earbuds inside it!

Nokia may not make the coolest Android smartphones anymore but when it comes to feature phones, the team HMD Global surely knows how to spice up these “dumb” phones. At its recent event, Nokia has just launched three feature phones, one of which has caught our eye. It is called the Nokia 5710 XpressAudio and is highly reminiscent of the XpressMusic phones from Nokia of the past. The phone at first glance looks like just another jazzed up feature phone, except for the fact that it hides a pair of TWS earbuds inside!

Yes, in an age when phone makers are letting go of the 3.5mm headphone jack, here comes Nokia with a phone that has a TWS earbuds charger built inside. Users will need to turn it around and pull down the slider cover to reveal the TWS earbuds sitting inside the phone comfortably. Obviously, the earbuds rely on Bluetooth to pair, and they seem to be rather simple pair of earbuds. The phone comes in black and white colours, and the same theme applies on the earbuds.

Nokia 5710 XpressAudio makes us want feature phones

The phone gets a 2.4-inch colour display and sticks to a T9 keyboard. There are music playback buttons along the display bezels, just like the old music phones from Nokia. The phone has a simple red lining on its back to express its music intentions. You even get a 0.3MP rear camera, which may not please shutterbugs but could be just enough to let you capture a moment.

Nokia relies on the old Symbian S30 OS, which means you can kiss goodbye to apps and all other modern stuff. The phone relies on a Unisoc T107 chipset and comes 48MB RAM as well as 128MB storage. You can insert a 32GB microSD card to play MP3 songs via the phone’s onboard music player.

Nokia doesn’t say much about the earbuds but it is said that they can last up to 4 hours for music and 2.5 hours for calls. The phone’s 1450mAh battery charges the earbuds when the battery depletes. Additionally, the phone itself can offer up to 6 hours of talktime over 4G and up to 20 days of standby. For music, you have to download MP3 songs, or you can rely on the phone’s FM Radio feature.

The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio is limited to the UK market for now and is carrying a price tag of £74.99. Availability in other markets is still a mystery.

While we love smartphones, this unique concept has us thinking – if Nokia can make feature phones exciting, why can’t it do the same for its Android smartphones?

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Ways to Transfer Data from Android to Android

Transferring data from one Android device to another can be a time-consuming process if done manually. However, there are various ways to transfer data quickly and easily, including using Google’s built-in backup and restore feature, third-party transfer apps, and Cloud storage services. The type and amount of data that you want to transfer will determine which method is best suited for your needs. In this brief introduction, we will explore some of the most common ways to transfer data from Android to Android devices, including contacts, photos, videos, and other important files.

Part 1. How to Transfer From Android to Android with MobileTrans?

MobileTrans. Phone Transfer

Transfer Data from Android to Android Directly in 1 Click!

  • Easily transfer 18 types of data from Android to Android including apps, music, videos, photos, contacts, messages, apps data, call logs etc.
  • Works directly and transfer data between two cross operating system devices with a few clicks.
  • Works perfectly with Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, Huawei, Motorola, ZTE, Nokia and more smartphones and tablets.
  • Fully compatible with the latest iOS and Android systems.
  • Support transfer files between your phone and your Windows PC

Step 1: Before you start the process, you need to download the MobileTrans PC app for Windows or Mac OS.

Step 2: After downloading and installing, clicking on MobileTrans icon will open a window. Navigate to “Phone Transfer” section. Then click on “Phone to Phone”.

Step 3: You can plug both devices to the PC. Both devices will appear as ‘Source’ and ‘Destination’. You can click on ‘Flip’ to swap the source and destination phones if need be.

Step 4: Click on ‘Start’ then sit back, relax and watch the whole process play out like magic. Please note that you cannot disconnect any of the devices while the transfer process is on. After this, you can access the information on your new device.

Part 2. Transfer Data from Android to Android Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth, a wireless transfer technology transmits data using special radio frequencies. It is an in-built functionality in phones. It allows for data transfer by creating a secure network which has a short range.

Using Bluetooth for data transfer is not too difficult. In this article, we have broken down each process. Just adhere to the steps outlined below.

  • First locate the Bluetooth function on your device by either pulling down the menu from the top of your phone screen. You will see the Bluetooth icon. Click on it to turn the Bluetooth device on.

Or, go to settings and tap on “Connections”. A new window will come up, toggle Bluetooth to switch it on. Ensure to do this on both devices.

  • Make sure both your devices are visible to other devices. To create connection, one Android device has to search for the other device Bluetooth signal. When it does, the name of the device will appear under “Available devices”.

Click to establish connection. A “key” will be requested on both devices. Type in similar keys on both devices to successfully pair them.

For future connections with same device, tap on the device name under “Paired devices”. You will receive a message asking for confirmation. Click “Accept” and both devices will be paired.

  • Share data from one Android device to the another, Open the File Manager app and go to the folder(s) and select the data you want to share. Click on the menu button and tap on the “Share” icon which looks like this
  • A confirmation message will pop on the screen asking to accept or decline the transfer. Tap “Accept” to begin the process.

A progress bar at the top of the screen will indicate the status of the transfer. It is advised you keep both devices as close as possible.

Part 3. Transfer Data from Android to Android with MobileTrans App

Transferring data from Android to Android using Bluetooth can be a slow and unreliable process, especially when transferring large files or a large amount of data. Using the MobileTrans app to transfer data from Android to Android offers several advantages over Bluetooth. MobileTrans app offers a faster, more reliable, and easier way to transfer data from Android to Android, compared to Bluetooth.

Step 1: Download MobileTrans App on your phone/Confirm which phone is old or new.

Step 2: Confirm which phone are you sending data to.

Step 3: Select the data you need to transfer.

Step 4: Wait for the process to be completed.

Part 4. Transfer Data from Android to Android Wirelessly

Transferring data from one device to another can be done wirelessly. One method that is fast and ensures transfer of large files of data from one Android to another easily is the Near Field Communication (NFC). Near Field Communication which supports an Android beam, helps to transfer data between two devices by pressing their backs together.

bluetooth, nokia, phone, ways, transfer
  • Ensure both devices are NFC enabled. To check for NFC support, go to settings on your device, tap on “Wireless and Networks” and select “Share and connect”. You will see the “NFC” option. Toggle it on. Now do same for the other Android device.

Other devices might require you to select “” in order to access the NFC option. If you still don’t see the NFC option then your device is not equipped with the NFC functionality.

  • If both devices are NFC enabled, switch on Android beam and use it to access all the data you want to transfer to the other Android device. Select the data and begin the process of beaming, place each device back against the other.
  • Next, you will receive both audio and haptic messages as confirmation of successful connection between both devices.
  • On the sending Android device, the screen will shrink into a smaller size and a “Touch to Beam” message will appear.
  • Tap on the “Touch to beam” message on the screen. Once beaming starts, you will a sound notification. Make sure neither device is locked nor the screen turned off during the beaming process. Both device should be kept back to back during beaming.

Once beaming is complete, an audio notification will signaling the end of the transfer. Another way you would know when the process is complete is automatic launch of the folders where the beamed data has been stored on your new device.

Part 5 Transfer Data from Android to Android with Gmail or Messaging App

The use of Gmail on Android devices to move data from one Android phone to another is quite simple and very suitable for small sized data. This method requires you to have a Gmail account where you would back up the information. The procedures to follow have been carefully laid out below:

  • Move to your phone setting app and click on “Backup settings” option. Under the personal tab, click on Backup and reset.
  • A new page will open up showing a “Backup to Google drive”. Choose the contents you want to back up.
  • After selecting, click on “Backup” and the contents will be backed up to Google drive.
  • Now switch on you’re the new Android device and login into your Google account. Navigate to the restore backup option. Choose the file you want to restore from the drive. Click on it and tap restore. This will transfer the data to the receiving Android device.

Part 6. How to Transfer Data from Android to Android Using Google Account

Transferring data using Google account is yet another alternative to the other ones previously discussed. To begin the process of transferring your data from one Android device to another, follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings on the sending Android phone and navigate to Backup and reset page. Select “Backup my data” and toggle it on. Your data will be backed up by Google.
  • Select the backup option. This will take you to the Backups page. Here you can see a folder saved with the name of your device. This folder contains all the data you saved from your phone to Google drive. Verify that the folder contains the most recent backup files to ensure you don’t lose your data when you restore to another Android device.
  • Now, go to the receiving Android device and sign in using the same Google account used in the back up in the other Android device. Select the ‘Restore from backup’ option. This would restore all your data.

Part 7. How to Transfer Data from Android to Android via Specific Device App

Most devices come with their own in-built data transfer apps. Some of these devices include Samsung with its “Samsung Smart switch”, Motorola with “Motorola Migrate”, LG with “LG mobile Switch” and Huawei with “Huawei Backup”

The Samsung Smart switch aids your upgrade from an old Samsung phone to a new one. You can use a cable or wireless transfer. If your Samsung device does not come with the software for unknown reason, you can download it here.

On both Samsung devices, open the switch app. On the sending device, tap “Send data” and on the receiving device, tap “Receive data”.

Next, select either the Cable or wireless transfer option. Wireless will allow both devices to connect automatically and transfer wirelessly. Choosing the cable option will require you to plug both devices directly to one another with a USB cable using an OTG adapter.

Open your old Samsung device and select the data you want to transfer to the new Samsung device. When you are done with this, your phone will notify the size and time length of the transfer.

The Motorola migrate supports data transfer from one Motorola device to another. Motorola will be retiring the Migrate application as of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, you can still use the Migrate Android and non-smartphone transfer services if you are on Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 5.1 Lollipop. Here we are going to introduce how to successfully use the Motorola Migrate app to transfer data from you old Motorola device to another one.

A QR scanner will appear. Scan this code on the new device to establish connection between both devices. When both devices have been connected, the Motorola migrate app will automatically begin the process the process of sending the data you have chosen from your old Motorola device to your new Motorola device. Ensure to keep both phones connected

LG’s mobile switch software provides yet another alternative in data transfer. Below, we have carefully explained how to use the LG mobile switch for data transfer.

Switch on your LG device. On the home screen, swipe left. Click on Management and tap “LG Mobile Switch”. Select the data to be transferred and tap on “agree”. A list of options will appear on how to transfer the data; select “Wireless” and tap receive. On the screen that comes up next, tap on “Start”.

Now go to your old LG device and open the software. Click on “Send Data” and choose “send data wirelessly”. Next, tap “tap start” and choose the name of your new phone. Then click on “accept” and on the new device, tap on “receive”. Select the data to be sent and tap “Next”. This will start the transfer. When it is completed, the data would have been transferred from your old Android to the new Android.

Huawei devices have an inbuilt manager tool known as HiSuite. This app helps users to manage the data on their Huawei devices like contacts, photos, videos and apps. The Huawei Hisuite tool also helps to back up and restore data. To initiate backup and restore on Huawei devices using Hisuite, follow the steps below

Download and install the Hisuite tool on your Personal Computer Here. This tool is supported by Windows only.

Thereafter, open the tool and connect your Huawei device to you PC using a USB cable. Enable USB debugging on your Huawei device.

Next, go to settings app on your Android device and click on advanced settings. Then click on security and tap on “Allow Hisuite to use HDB”. On the device home interface you will see the “Back Up” and “Restore” options.

Click on “Back Up” and choose the data you want to back up. You can encrypt your backup with a password. Next click on “Back Up” To restore the data from previous backups to Huawei, click on “Restore” and select the backup file you want. Click on “Restore” and all the selected data will be restored to you Huawei device.

Android users may feel the need to switch between devices this can be for any reason from camera quality to RAM size, Android OS, Rom Size, screen size etc. With this will come the need to transfer data from the previously used device to the new one. Making use of the above listed ways will help ensure the success of the transfer process ensuring that the data sent is protected and intact. User must note the differences between each method outlined here and follow strictly to ensure the success of the process.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth Not Connecting Issues

Bluetooth is less used for transferring data from one smartphone to other. However, it is now utilized for pairing different wireless gadgets with your Android phone. So, if you have difficulty in pairing the Bluetooth enabled phone with another devices like wireless speakers, then you feel very annoying as well as worrying.

User Review

Bluetooth is now a very traditional technology although, it is still the most used connectivity feature. With the increasing sharing apps, Bluetooth is less used for transferring data from one smartphone to other. However, it is now utilized for pairing different wireless gadgets with your Android phone. So, if you have difficulty in pairing the Bluetooth enabled phone with other devices like wireless speakers, then you feel very annoying as well as worrying.

Nokia 7.1 is the latest smartphone in the market which is a feature-packed flagship model. Every smartphone is equipped with the Bluetooth feature. Unfortunately, many Android users have complained that they are not able to use the Bluetooth connectivity as it stopped. Some users have also said that they cannot pair wireless headphones and other wireless devices to the phone.

When a user taps on the Bluetooth to turn it on, the phone hangs and sometimes it completely switches off. Some of our readers have requested us to give solutions for Bluetooth issue so, we thought of collecting some effective fixes. The problems involve pairing issues, Bluetooth skipping audio, and scanning not working. We know that Bluetooth is necessary for you to connect your wireless keyboard or mouse and other devices.

Whatever the issue is, in this article, you will find the best solution for your smartphone problem. You can also go through our previous articles to find a fix for other smartphone problems. If you have any other problems relating to any smartphone model, feel free to contact Gadget Features Forum. Our experts will give an effective guide which will help you to solve your difficulties. Lets, begin the solutions to fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, headphones and connectivity problems.

Bluetooth Fix

Possibly, there are can be many reasons which cause the Bluetooth issues of your phone. Here we will about the Bluetooth issues along with other connectivity problems. It doesn’t matter what the problem you are facing, these methods will surely help you to solve them easily. Most of the connectivity issues arise due to a software bug which can be immediately fixed by restarting the smartphone.

So, we will begin with some basics troubleshooting guide so that you don’t find it difficult. The previous model smartphones were designed with a removable battery so, it was easier to solve this problem by removing the battery and placing it back. Although, it is not possible now as most of the high-end smartphones are packed with a non-removable battery.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

If you observe that the connectivity feature is not behaving properly, immediately reboot the device. Press the power key for a minute (30-60 seconds), and then turn on again. Check if the Bluetooth is working. Some users have also reported that the phone automatically turns off as they tap on the Bluetooth icon. Then attempt to install a connection repeatedly which might work.

Navigate to the Settings of the phone. 2. Click on the Bluetooth option to turn it on. 3. You can also drag down the notification screen and tap on the Bluetooth to turn it on/off.

Smartphone Bluetooth won’t connect

We have already provided the article which helps to solve the Wi-Fi issue. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the two common connectivity features equipped in every smartphone. Although, you cannot use both at the same time. Yes, you heard it right. Make sure that the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off and then only toggle on the Bluetooth. Now, pair it with the desired Bluetooth device to check whether it’s working like usual.

Clear Bluetooth cache

Bluetooth problems can be fixed by clearing data and cache of the Bluetooth connectivity. This will remove all the data like all paired devices of the phone so, you must save the details of a specific connection before executing this method. By clearing the cache of the connectivity, the smartphone will operate the Bluetooth all new which will make this feature faster and speedier as cache highly affect the operating of the phone.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Navigate to Settings. 2. Select the Application Manager. 3. Select Bluetooth from the list of Applications. 4. Select the Storage option. 5. Tap Clear Cache and clear data. 6. Now, restart the smartphone by pressing the power key for a few seconds.

Another method which you can prefer with clearing the cache is to remove all paired devices. This will also remove the paired device, just like the clear data of Bluetooth share. So, follow these steps to remove all paired devices.

Navigate to the Settings of the smartphone. 2. Tap on Connected devices and Bluetooth. 3. Turn On Bluetooth if it is not turned on. 4. List of all Bluetooth paired devices appears. 5. Tap on the all paired devices and unpair option. 6. Now scan and reconnect again.

Fix Bluetooth not working

Sometimes users found that they cannot connect to a specific network. However, the required network is working and not connecting to only your phone. In this case, restarting the phone won’t work. You have to forget the network which will remove all the details of the connection although, all other network data remains in the device. This has worked many times so, must try it.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Navigate to the Settings of the smartphone. 2. Tap on Connected devices and Bluetooth. 3. Turn On Bluetooth if it is not turned on. 4. List of all Bluetooth paired devices appears. 5. Tap on the desired paired devices and forget/unpair option. 6. Now scan and reconnect again.

Fix Bluetooth problems

If you own a smartphone from long, then you must be aware of the battery optimization feature and its uses. For those who don’t know, battery optimization is a feature integrated into the phone which operates to save the battery. It often disables many connectivity options to save the battery which might be annoying for you. Many of you think that they cannot handle this feature, however, you can easily disable this feature if its creating problems.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Navigate to the Settings of the smartphone. 2. Tap on the Apps Notification and Special app access. 3. Now, tap on Battery optimization. 4. Tap on the drop-down menu and choose All Apps. 5. Select the Bluetooth and tap on Don’t optimize option.

Fix Bluetooth issues

Earlier, I have told that we will discuss to solve all connectivity issues in your phone. So, in this method, we will reset the network setting which is the complete solution to fix all connectivity issues. By reset, everyone knows that the data will be deleted permanently. This method changes all the network setting to factory default. So, if you have made many changes to the settings, must execute these steps.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Navigate to the Settings of the smartphone. 2. Click on the Backup and reset. 3. Select the Network settings reset option. 4. Tap on the Reset Settings button. 5. Now, restart the smartphone pressing the power button.

Nokia 7.1 won’t find Bluetooth

This method is not for all users as Nokia 7.1 already comes with the latest OS and Bluetooth version. However, I have written this method if you find any new updates on the phone after purchasing it. We all know that updating is very necessary to run the phone in latest Android and Bluetooth version. You should never ignore any updates as it comes with new bug fixes and new features. Here are the steps to update the smartphone.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Navigate to the Settings section of the smartphone. 2. Select the General tab About phone. 3. Click on Software info. 4. If you find any app updates available, tap on it to download.

Connect Bluetooth headphones to Nokia 7.1

Now, its time for the last but not the least method. This method is geat troubleshooting for almost all the smartphones. Apps are the most special feature of Android phones. although many times it becomes irritating for users. If you have downloaded high-quality games and large files in the phone, it might start giving problems after some days.

So, how would you know if a third-party app is affecting the connectivity? The solution is safe mode. Safe mode disables all the third-party applications temporarily so, if the device works good in this mode, uninstall the app which you think is the specified.

Fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, Headphones And Connectivity Problems

Press and hold the Power key. 2. Tap on Power off option which appears on the screen. 3. Click on OK to enter safe mode. 4. The Safe mode appears at the bottom of the display. 5. Uninstall the desired app if it works well in safe mode. 6. Press and hold the Power key. 7. Tap Power off and restart on the screen. 8. Uninstall the specific application.

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  • Fix Nokia 7.1 Internet Wi-Fi Connection Problem (Issue Solved)
  • Fix Nokia 7.1 Keyboard Issues In Settings
bluetooth, nokia, phone, ways, transfer

Final Verdict

So, these were some possible solutions to fix Nokia 7.1 Bluetooth, headphones and connectivity problems. If the issues are not yet solved, then you have to contact the smartphone service centre immediately if you don’t want the issue to get even worse. I hope you liked this article and these methods help you to solve your phone’s connectivity problem. You can also share this article with your friends and families who are facing the same issue.

How to Transfer Contacts when Switching Between Nokia Phones

wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

This article has been viewed 159,107 times.

Using the Nokia Ovi suite or the PC suite applications on your computer to make a backup and restore onto your new phone as everybody on the internet recommends is ineffective and does not work most of the time. This is due to the different versions the phones might come with, so the backup files won’t be restorable on the phone you want to transfer to.

bluetooth, nokia, phone, ways, transfer

Easiest and simplest way is to transfer via bluetooth which is quick and efficient. Here is how to do so.

Go to tools on your Nokia mobile phone (preferably the more recent model of the two) by selecting the menu.

    This will let you sync both phones via bluetooth and let you transfer the required data such as contacts, messages and so on.

Syncing to server (For Smartphones)

You can also sync your contacts to Nokia server and restore them back to any phone. To do this select Nokia Sync from menu of Nokia phone.

Select sync internal. This could be either manual or automatic. You may need a Nokia email ID for this to login.

To restore your contacts to new phone, login with nokia ID and in sync menu select Restore Data. Your contacts, messages, bookmarks etc will be restored in your new phone.

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The Nokia 5710 XpressAudio Is the Dumb Phone You Need

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  • Nokia’s new 5710 XpressAudio is a basic feature phone with a built-in wireless earbud charger.
  • It’s the perfect antidote to a smartphone overdose.
  • There’s even a built-in FM radio.

No annoying apps, battery for weeks, and built-in wireless earbuds! Why can’t all phones be like this?

Many of us complain that our smartphones are super distracting, that we pick them up to, say, quickly change the song and then emerge 30 minutes later from a //special-interest forum rabbit hole. And yet few of us do anything about it, and that’s partly because the alternatives have been so lame. But Nokia’s 5710 XpressAudio is lame in name only. It’s the candy bar phone for people who hate smartphones.

Many music lovers will prefer this as a secondary phone for music only with a week of battery juice. These earbuds are quite unique with active noise cancellation. [and] the design is just awesome. I might actually end up buying this phone when it arrives in my country, technology writer Sayan Dutta told Lifewire via email.

It’s a 1990s Nokia, Only in 2022

Let’s get the most incredible part of this out of the way right now. This thing is just £74.99 (€69, or 69.99). For that, you get a feature phone with a T9 number pad, a super-basic 0.3 megapixel camera (and LED flash), and a hidden compartment that stores and recharges a pair of earbuds, which can then be used for four hours before recharging them.

OK, that’s two incredible parts: the price, and the built-in wireless earbuds. Three, if you count the super cool red and white color scheme. Four, if you count the 20-day standby battery life. Yes, standby time. That’s how battery life for phones used to be measured before they became computers that we pretty much use constantly. And more than any other spec, this inclusion of battery standby reveals how this phone is intended to be used.

App-Less, or App Free?

The modern-day smartphone is an all-purpose computer, bristling with sensors, microphones, and cameras, so it can connect equally well to servers in distant countries or the world around you right now. And as we know, those computers run countless apps. The human problem is that those apps can be endless distractions and time wasters. But the technological problem is that the phone itself is little more than a blank slab, with all interactions coming via the screen.

Cameras have knobs and dials to change settings without looking or thinking. MP3 players have play and skip buttons that can be found by feel in a And so on. While the infinite configuration of a smartphone’s screen means that you can customize it to suit yourself, it also means that many interactions are worse.

It’s interesting to see that there are still companies out there making phones like this. It’ll be curious to see if they can find a niche in today’s smartphone-dominated world, James Jason, founder and CEO of technology company Notta AI, told Lifewire via email.

Listening In

This Nokia is built for talking and listening. The product page focuses on four features—the earbuds, the music player, the built-in FM radio, and the hardware music buttons, and that’s it. You can, of course, make phone calls, and you can send text messages by tapping them out on the 12-key numerical keypad, but that’s just as annoying as it has always been—although, to be clear, Nokia always had the best, easiest text-messaging UI of all the old phones.

The 5710 XpressAudio is way more focussed on audio. This means that it has dedicated buttons along the side for play/pause and skipping forwards and back. It also has a speaker for listening to your loaded MP3s or the FM radio if you’re tired of the wireless buds.

What it doesn’t have is any way to stream from Spotify or Apple Music or download podcasts over the air—you have to load the music onto a MicroSD card instead. But that’s kind of the point. Once you leave the house, you have what you have, with no option for anything more.

The biggest disappointment of this super-cool-handset might be that it is too cheap. After all, how good can those wireless earbuds be in a 70 handset? It would be nice to see a premium version that sounded great but stayed just as simple.

But really, at this price, which cares? It’s the perfect device to take with you when you want to escape your smartphone’s connectivity but still have the essentials. We’re just glad that Nokia is not only still making them but still making them cool.