Blacton TV how to configure the sound. On the TV prefix

too loud for 1

how to enter the service menu to reduce the sound of 1 (on the first channel), no buttons with numbers on the remote control.

Immediately took up the solution of the problem of loud sound for 1 and found: go on the menu click on the remote control button menu with a delay of 1 sec.(this is with stripes) and quickly press the left-up, left-top back. We go to Sound Settings in Sound Curve and change the OSD1 value. Change experimentally. I have set 163 so far, but now the transition of sound with an increase is not smooth. I will google further. Write that OSD 0 also needs to be changed. In general, experiment. Yes, this is an engineering menu and you should not change the settings in other categories, if Lanuyefe is not sure September 8

NOVEX SMART 55 inches TV. Too loud sound on the 1st stage. You can configure through the system menu, but when you completely turn off the settings, the settings again return to the original. A normal manufacturer should already make an update on TV to configure the volume without entering the system menu. But, alas, so far this is not. Yashchezhuvy on May 16

The most interesting thing is that everyone writes about the problem, and the manufacturer’s solution is not interested in completely! Zegiv on May 2

I bought a NMX-50U169TSY volume volume per one crazy TV TV. How to reduce it? I have a console1603. There are few digits. Please tell me how to reduce the sound? Zymehepe April 17

Very loud sound at the NOVEX TV for 1!, and a remote control without digital buttons. What to do. help me please. Tsytyd December 7, 2021

The best solution

To configure everything for ourselves, we go to the engineering menu. Source-2-5-8-0 (sequentially press), entrance to the engineering menu only for modern TV ! In old TV. The entrance is different ! Choose a item. Picture (picture), we find a point-callpness (clarity), add to. 90, then go to the point. Sound (sound), add to. 100, there are also points-bass, treble (high, low frequencies. for sound), put on the maximum, in the item. Volume (volume), from the 1st position, adjust the volume increase, t. By default, the volume is added only from 20.Oh positions ! You can also turn off the screensaver when you turn on TV, if something does not work out, you can do it, the scope, everything will return by default ! It is also needed at the point. Backlight (backlight), reduce the value of up to 60 so that the backlight lamps work longer ! I did this on 2 television, the result became much better ! It is better not to climb into other settings ! Or try the “menu”. “6483, but unlikely.

Source there is no such button and there are no buttons with numbers, the AN1603 remote control. Alexey Miroshkin April 1, 2021

For an accurate decision, it is necessary to indicate detailed information, then there will be a more comprehensive proposal to resolve the issue in general! DarkRover April 1 2021

The problems of the sheriff’s Indians do not worry ! Buy a remote control and play ! Yetriy 2 April 2021

To enter the Factory Menu on this model, I use the phone with IR Port and the Mi MIT application in it, I choose a TV asano console connected from the bottom I click three points. An additional menu opens and there I click F2 VLAF33 August 12, 2021

On An 1603. We go to the menu click on the remote control button menu with a delay of 1 second.(this is with stripes) and quickly press up, left, up, left, back to January 14

Above is not right. To the left. up. To the left. Up (on joystick). back (arrow to the left under the joystick). 123456987321 April 20

We connect the ASANO TV through the Mi remote control, then three points, then F2, opens the Factory Menu, then select the Sound Setting, then select the Volume Curve, then put the value in the first value (OSD 0).45.000 and in the second (OSD10) we set the value.16.625 and leave the engineering menu, now the sound per unit is very quiet. The 21st of April

There is a solution to the problem. You go to any video from the flash drive through the media player, there is an equalizer there. You lower everything to one and now everywhere the user sound mode will be quieter Dikey84 on May 3

Flash drive in TV

Such ports are usually equipped with devices that belong to the Smart TV family or came out shortly before their appearance. That is, your TV may not be “smart” with Internet access through wireless communication, with the ability to download and launch applications, but with USB ports, where you can connect the periphery devices. Usually users usually watch films in this way: they download them from the Internet on a computer, then transfer data to a USB flash drive and include on a large screen. This is really a very convenient thing.

But often people are faced with the problem of playing films or video on TV. For example, Philips TV does not play sound from a flash drive, then to do? With what it can be connected? How to fix this problem? Is it worth it to immediately run to the service center and shout about warranty repairs? We will get answers to all these questions further.

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Watch movies on TV from a flash drive

To begin with, let’s figure out how the system of playback of rollers on TV from a flash drive works. Naturally, for starters, as noted above, the user uploads the necessary video from the Internet (any way to obtain the desired file is suitable. can be rewritten from the disk or other source of information), then he copies this document to the flash drive. After that, the device can be connected to the TV using the USB port and switch the receiver to the inserted device.

To do this, press the Source button on the remote control and with the help of navigation keys we transfer the choice to our flash drive (there will be its name). Click OK and are waiting for the appearance of the menu. Typically, on such TV, the program asks the user to choose the type of files that will need to open. For example, a menu may appear with the “Video”, “Photos” buttons and the like. We should choose “video”.

Now the device system will scan data on the flash drive. She will display on the screen only files with video formats. This is done for more convenience in relation to the user: if there are more than a hundred photos and only one movie on the flash drive, then imagine how hard it will be to look for it among the huge number of other files.

So, we chose the film, put it, but there is no sound on the TV when connecting a flash drive. And here your problems begin. But they are solved, so do not be discouraged, but get ready to correct something wrong.

Why voice control does not work?

Unfortunately, all the above procedures do not always go perfectly smoothly. There are a number of cases in which problems may appear. Now we will analyze the most common of them.

Why is the vocal search does not work and what can be done:

  • There is no microphone, it is used simply imitation. On the KIVI TV and a number of others, there is a remote control without a microphone, although it contains a button with an appropriate icon. You can’t turn on in any way a voice search in it. All Kivi TVs do not support this control method.
  • There is no sound capture, this is evidenced by the absence of vibrations of sound sticks after the launch of the voice search. Usually they catch the sound and change in accordance with the volume level. Perhaps a permit for the use of data from the microphone has not been issued. To do this, in the “Settings” section, you need to choose “permits” and give access to the microphone in problem applications.
  • The search has stopped working after updating. Google, after updating his voice assistant, changed the answers of answers and the function stopped working correctly. To fix this, you need to disable the Google account from all other devices or make a new account and connect it only to the search. The second option will be more convenient. You just need to go to “Settings” to the “Accounts and Entrance” section and select “Add account”. We enter the one that is not attached to any other Android devices. Disconnect all types of synchronization with this profile. Next, go to the “Settings of the device” from the general menu of the TV, select “Google Assistant”. Click on the “accounts” element and select the newly added profile.
  • The voice recognizes incorrectly. Most likely you need to add a new language package for your language. This is done in the settings in the voice control section. Can be invested in the “offline recognition of speech” menu. Another option is not added your voice. It is worth re.start Voice Match and say key phrases.
  • He perceives words poorly. Perhaps the reason is in a great distance to the TV. The plant says that for the correct capture of the voice you need a distance to a person no more than 1.5 m. In practice, it works well with a slightly greater distance, but everything is within a reasonable. Another potential reason. the batteries on the remote control sit down if the capture occurs from the microphone on the remote control.

The measures listed above will allow you to enable and configure the input of phrases in the voice and full control on TVs of almost all manufacturers. With a voice search, you can turn on applications, choose music, launch a video, ask for help from a Google assistant (or Bixbi, Alice, etc. P.). All this is several times simplifying the use of TV and TV consoles, saving our time.

configure, sound, prefix


The modern standard of television broadcasting, capable of providing a high.quality picture in Full HD format under any acceptance conditions. For viewing, it is necessary that the TV model has a built-in TV-t2 type tv-tuiner. If such an option is absent, you will need to buy a prefix with such an option.

Before setting up, study the instructions offered by the manufacturer, then:

  • Cross the “menu”. “settings”. “auto.building”;
  • Select the source of the “digital” signal;
  • Next, enter the search parameters: frequency (KHC). 314,000 (314 MHz), speed. 6875 ks/, modulation. 256 QAM;
  • Click “Start”.
  • After a few minutes, a full list of channels found will appear on the screen, if desired, the user can manually edit the list.

Smart TV

The Smart TV function is an advanced technology that turns the TV into a multimedia center that opens access to the possibilities of the Internet. The user can sit on the network, make purchases, play games, use applications, view news, gain access to streaming services, where thousands of channels and original content are presented, for example Netflix.

There are several ways to configure the channels:

  • Installation of a corporate application with monthly payment of services (IVY, MeGOGO);
  • Using free media players where you need to register information about the playlist with TV channels.

The procedure for installing, setting up, viewing TV on Smart panels depends on the modification of the TV, the selected method, the features of the application.

Satellite signal

Owners of parabolic antennas are always interested in how to set up channels on TV? It is clear that the search for satellite channels is noticeably different from the setting of cable or digital ether.

Thus, you installed the satellite antenna and sent it in the required direction, now you should figure out the setting of television broadcasting. The receiver is connected to the plate, the cable is the link. As a result, the TV becomes the most ordinary monitor.

Only a small part of users knows that satellite plates over time change their original location. Antennas are spinning due to heavy rain, sometimes pouring rain and other weather conditions affects. Therefore, from time to time it is necessary to adjust the position of the plate so that a clear signal will come to the tuner without any distortion.

The basic package of the receiver includes a special remote control for remote control. Take it and open the main menu. Follow the tips popping up on the TV screen, they are also described in detail in the instructions. This is exactly what satellite TV sets up.

A huge number of different channels can be caught on the parabolic antenna, so save only the most necessary. In practice, it is confirmed that most often users view cognitive, sports and entertainment television channels. Therefore, you should not get carried away during the settings and save everything, because in the end you will only spend your free time.

Cable tv

Imagine that you have chosen a provider and a tariff plan, the cable will stretch, which means it’s time to start setting up television channels.

To prevent any mistake, just adhere to a simple step-by-step instruction:

  • First, a potential client concludes an official agreement with a provider, which actually offers a choice of several tariff plans.
  • After starting the TV, the message “Digital channels are not set up” appears on the screen “.
  • You need to take the remote control of the TV and go to the menu, clicking on the corresponding button.
  • In the section “Channel Settings”, select the “Automatic Search” command, then click on the “OK” button. The device will begin to scan the signal coming through the cable and independently set up the television channels available for viewing. Both doubles and channels with incorrect image (stripes, ripples, interference) are recorded, sometimes users face a distorted sound or even its absence. Such channels should be removed manually. It is easy to do this, wait for the end of the scan, and then just delete low.quality television channels.
  • In total, the automatic search lasts only a few minutes. There may be exceptions, it all depends on the number of television channels available for viewing. When the scan is completed, the device will show the saved channels.
  • TV channels can also be found and saved manually, but at the same time it is necessary to indicate the frequency. In general, manual search takes much more free time.

Now you know how to set up channels on TV. Of course, I will still be certain differences from the steps described in the instructions, but they are insignificant. The nuances are determined by the features of the brand and the TV device models. Also much depends on the provider. For example, tricolor offers a convenient system for searching for television channels.

Quite often, users ask about whether it is possible to configure television channels without using the remote control panel? This is real if there are appropriate buttons on the front panel.

Outdated TV models

On old TVs, which are still found in houses, search for programs is carried out using special regulators hidden behind the buttons. To gain access, you need to put forward the panel, then, twist the regulator up to the appearance of the image.

Considering that the etheric television switched to digital broadcasting, and only a few channels are available in the analogue, it is recommended to buy a digital console for outdated TV, which will open access to a complete list of channels, will allow you to switch programs remotely.

Frequent problems and their solution

Not always, the first time it turns out to set up the channels on the TV. Frequent causes of difficulties:

No signal

If the message “No signal is displayed on the TV, check:

  • The serviceability of the TV, the antennas, the integrity of the cable, the compounds of the connectors.
  • Antenna settings. Decimeter antennas are quite sensitive in signal strength. It is necessary that it be directed towards the TV TV, while there are no physical obstacles in the form of mountains, massive buildings, etc.D. Sometimes the solution is the installation of the antenna on the mast.

Only part of the television channels is accepted

If there is a signal, but after an automatic search, not all channels appeared on the list, check:

  • The correct setting of frequencies for each multiplex. Sometimes broadcast parameters in towers may differ.
  • Tuner settings. Perhaps the built-in signal receiver has insufficient power, or part of the programs was not automatically saved due to a software failure.

The image disappeared sharply

If the channels disappeared sharply, there may be reasons:

  • the appearance of obstacles to the transmission of the television signal, which can be determined both visually and by examining the map of the adjacent area;
  • Technical malfunctions in the operation of a relaying tower. As a rule, about technical work, emergency breakdowns, they write in local media, forums, social networks;
  • Problems with antenna. A similar problem often occurs in collective antennas subscribers. In this case, contact the service company. Owners of personal reception points should check the integrity of the cable, the possible displacement of the antenna relative to the TV show.

Weak signal

If the signal level does not allow you to comfortably watch TV, it is likely:

  • The relay is located far from the viewing site, you will need to buy a signal amplifier;
  • The antenna is located in the “dark zone”. Often such a problem arises among owners of internal antennas, as a result, the signal shields due to the walls of the house. The solution could be the purchase of an amplifier, a remote antenna.

The image freezes, brakes, crumbles

Digital TV provides a good level of reception if it is insufficient:

Television setting is an extremely simple procedure that takes up to 5 minutes, provided that the equipment is completely regular, there are no interference for receiving a signal.

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Settings of digital channels

High Clear Digital Television. This is a modern TV show, which provides the highest quality of the picture under any conditions of admission. To set up digital television channels on the TV, it should be equipped with an HD viewing function. In recent years, an increasing number of TV models have been produced, equipped with this technology.

To perform the setting of channels on such television receivers, it will be enough to carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions. For most devices, the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Menu. Options. Automatic setting. Start;
  • Select the section digital channels and press the start again;
  • In the search mode, select the item “Full”;
  • The following numbers will need to be entered into the fields that appear on the screen: Frequency (KHC). 314 000 (314 MHz), modulation. 256 QAM, speed. 6875 ks/s.

All modern TVs are equipped with an option of network search. For those spectators who do not want to spend time on manually setting channels, it is enough to turn on the network and search and wait a few minutes that the receiver will need to scan and create a list of saved television channels.

SMART TV setting on modern TVs

We live in the era of “smart” technology. With its own intelligence, refrigerators, washing and dishwashers, TVs have acquired today. Smart TV function. This is an innovative technology that is completely dependent on the Internet. It allows you to convert a regular TV into a full-fledged computer, with which you can make purchases in online stores, view news on information resources and enjoy your favorite programs in high quality.

The leading manufacturers of household appliances create full.fledged operating shells for their smart TVs, while many other brands use Android, Linux and Windows for these purposes. You can configure television channels in Smart TV using special applications.

Sound Bar Setup. How To Set Up A Soundbar with HDMI, ARC, Optical

Connection of the soundbar to the TV

Today there are several relevant ways to connect the soundbar to the Samsung, LG, Philips and others. All of them are described below, in order from the best to the least preferable. If possible, choose those that are located earlier on the list, since they have globally important advantages. Analoger connection is undesirable, it makes sense to use only if it is impossible to configure any of other things.

Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth. This is the most convenient option for connecting in terms of simplicity of configuration. His other plus. Lack of cables that can ruin the design of the room. There are weaknesses of the connection, the main thing among which is to delay the sound. There may be a slight lag in the audio road from the cinema. Usually this is not very noticeable, but it can be observed with a loaded background in an apartment building, a large distance between TV and soundbar or obstacles from walls, cabinets, etc. P. If the devices are nearby and have no obstacles, you should not worry about this. There is another problem. With Bluetooth, some sound improvement modes, such as DTS, Dolby Atmos, do not work. In other words, you overpaid the soundbar with high.quality sound, but you use it not at full power.

How to connect the soundbar to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth:

  • We launch the visibility of the soundbar on Bluetooth. It can be active by default or you will need to press an additional button on the case (remote control).
  • On the TV, go to “Settings” to the Bluetooth section and start the search for devices.
  • We are waiting for the detection of soundbar and click on it to create a connection.
  • Perhaps now you will need to enter a password. By default: 0000 or 1111.

Important! If the soundbar is connected to any HDMI device, it cannot be connected also via Bluetooth.

The sound should be displayed by default to the stereo system, but there are exceptions. On some TVs, you need to open the “Settings” and in the “Sound” section select the output device.

Through HDMI

This option. best for connecting soundbar. Despite the fact that the cable is required, HDMI offers a high data transfer speed. It is it that allows you to fully reveal the capabilities of the sound panel. We are talking about the possibility of using all sound improvement technologies that are laid down by the developer in the device. This is the only way to connect the best sound quality. In addition, it reduces the time of sound delay to a minimum, preventing the synchronization of audio and video.

It is only important to find out if the TV and the HDMI ARC panel supports. The technology of reverse sound signal allows you to transmit sound soundbar. Almost all modern models, even a budget category, support the ARC system. If she refuses to work, it is worth checking the activity of Control for HDMI and find information about Auto Return Channel in the technical documentation.

Wi-Fi connection of soundbar

Not all soundbars support Wi-Fi connection, but most likely every year the technology will become more common. This item with a back for the future. In addition to soundbar with wi-fi support, you also need a TV from 2013 from Smart TV.

How to connect a soundbar to the Samsung TV by Wi-Fi:

  • Click on the sound panel on the Source button (or on the remote control) and select Wi-Fi mode. If it is not, most likely the device does not support this type of connection.
  • Download the Samsung Smart Things on the smartphone and in it on the main page we click the “device” tab. “Add devices”.
  • In the “Add device” menu, select item AV from the list and indicate the model device.
  • On the TV, we go into “Settings” section “Sound” and “Choice of speakers”.
  • Click on the parameter “Select the sound panel”.

Important! Smart Things has been supported on soundbars since 2017. old devices can be connected via multirarom. It is also important that this method is applicable only to Samsung soundbars and TVs, but there are other ecosystems that work on a similar principle. Perhaps Smart Things will eventually expand the list of supported devices. In this case, the connection may not work at a frequency of 5 GHz, but is characterized by sufficient stability at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

Using an optical or coaxial cable

Most sound devices have a special TosLink Inte Week. It just makes it possible to connect via an optical cable. The sound quality will be quite worthy, with the exception that DTS technologies and the like will not work. In our case, it is comparable to HDMI.

How to connect an optical cable to a TV and soundbar:

  • We connect the cable to the sound panel, and the second to TV.
  • We go to the menu on the TV, and then to the “Sound Out” section.
  • We are waiting for the appearance of the inscription on the soundbar “LG OPT”. This means that the conjugation was successful.

Depending on the brand and model of the TV, the name of the sections may vary, but usually everything remains intuitive.

Much less often in TV receivers there are connectors for the digital coaxial cable. They can be a replacement for an optical connection. The connection process itself practically does not differ, it is enough to insert the corresponding cord in one side into the Digital/Coax connector on TV, and the second in the soundbar. Sound quality with this connection remains good.

Analog connection

In the case of old TVs, where there is no way to use digital connections, it is worth resorting to the only alternative in the form of an analogy integral. The people are better known as “tulips” or RCA ports. The main condition is to check TV and soundbar in advance for the availability of appropriate inputs. With this connection, you do not have to count on a high.quality sound.

What to do if there is no sound after connection?

Not always everything goes smoothly, there are many cases when the connection does not work as we expect. Below we will list some common problems and ways to eliminate them, if possible.

  • The sound is not displayed on the soundbar, continues to play on TV. In the TV menu, sometimes you need to additionally set the port to which the sound will go. Usually it is called: “sound outputs”, “Sound out” or simply “Sound”.
  • Sound does not go through the soundbar only when watching films. The problem is that television plays through the sound panel, and in applications for watching a movie. through the speakers of the TV. The problem is the absence of some sound decoders. It is decided by the use of an external decoder (device) or the inclusion of ordinary stereo sound in the TV settings (called PCM 2.0). You can format films, but it’s too dreary.
  • The soundbar connected, but does not work. It is worth checking the sound source on the soundbar. Perhaps, instead of the TV, another device is selected (especially often found with Bluetooth connection) or another channel.
  • The sound panel does not connect. If she behaves strangely: does not reproduce the sound, some indicators glow, others. No, then you should check the cable. Perhaps it does not support HDMI ARC, it is a simple HDMI, without a return channel. It needs to be replaced. You also need to use the correct ports on TV and soundbar, usually they have an appropriate designation. Often on the devices there are a regular HDMI and HDMI ARC. Incorrect choice will lead to the inoperability of the device.

Provided that the connectors are whole, and the devices themselves support the selected type of connection, everything should earn harmoniously. When all options are tried, and the situation does not change, the budget option will be the transition to using another type of connection.

We hope that users were able to install the soundbar connection to the TV and the sound works properly. It should be an order of magnitude better than the Acousticity built into TV. If something went wrong, leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев with a detailed description of the problem, and we will try to help eliminate them.

Compression of the dynamic range for salvation

Due to differences in auditory abilities, there is no single accurate solution to improve the voice in the TV, but the most common method used to ensure a more even balance of the voice is compressing the dynamic range.

  • The dynamic range: “distance” between the most loud and quietest sound in the sound accompaniment of the TV, film or music.
  • Compression: should not be confused with a decrease in digital file sizes. Compression is a reduction in the distance (range) between the loud and smoother parts of the sound path

Compression of the dynamic range reduces loud sounds (music and sound effects) and increases softer sounds (vocals and dialogue), which means that all sounds are at the same level, so they can be heard more comfortable both with normal and low volume.

Depending on the brand / model of the TV or other device, compression of the dynamic range is called several names:

  • DRC (dynamic control)
  • Improving speech or dialogue
  • Alignment of the volume
  • Clean voice (LG)
  • Dolby Volume (Dolby Labs)
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume (Odyssey)
  • Reduce loud sounds (Apple)
  • Studio Sound and Truvolum (DTS) and T.D.

Dialogue settings TV

Voice settings control elements for each TV are slightly different. Below are some of the most common TVs and methods for managing the voice dialogue settings.

Steps to enhance voice or dialogue differ in different manufacturers, and the terms used, as indicated above, may differ. Contact the user management for your specific TV or device for details if it does not match the steps and illustrations below.


Clear Voice for TVs LG makes voices more clear. You can turn it on and allow it to automatically control the level of sound, but if you have a Clear Voice versions II or III, you can adjust the emphasis of the voice up or down to six positions.

To get to Clear Voice settings, go to the main settings page Sound sound setting mode sound mode Clear voice (II or III).

Rock TVs

ROKU TVs (do not belong to stream joysters or ROKU boxes) have several sound modes usually marked: “ordinary”, “speech”, “theater”, “big bass”, “high frequencies” and “music”. If you have hearing problems, use the “Speech” option.

On the Roku TV, go to the Sound mode of the Smuster Parameters menu

Samsung TVs

Samsung TV sound settings differ depending on the year and the model.

One of the options that Samsung’s TV can offer is Clear Voice (not the same as the LG version), which increases the level of voice and reduces the level of background sound.

Another option is “strengthening”. which makes the sound of the TV louder in general and can help, or may not help to balance the level of voice.

Sony TVs (and DVD / Blu-Ray / Ultra HD Blu-Ray)

Since Dolby audio sources are the main source of the irregular balance of the voice and sound effects, the Sony dynamic range settings are specially designed for this.

There may be some variations in the exact steps, but the general steps are described below.

Press the Home button on the Sony TV or on the device remote control. In the screen menu, select “Settings” “Display and Sound (TVs)” or “Sound” (DVD / Blu-Ray / Ultra HD player) “Sound or Sound Settings” “Additional Settings” “Volume Administration” or “Entrance” ” Dolby dynamic range “Standard” or compressed.

Vizio TVs

Vizio TVs offer setting a volume level that can help. In addition, if the TV has a volumetric sound setting, shutdown can provide the best balance between the voices and the rest of the sound.

Some television brands / models may also provide dialogue or news to improve the voice level. Try these settings to make voices more clear.

Other problems with sound on TV

We examined the situations in which the TV shows, but there is no sound, but sometimes there are problems with acoustics of an unusual nature:

  • The TV turns on, but there is no image and sound. The source of the problem can serve as a banal failure in start.up or off, and a breakdown of the board. First of all, we advise you to remove the tv fork from the outlet, wait 10 minutes and insert it again. If this did not help, maybe the problem in the operating system, we try to install a new firmware on it. The last option is breakdown.
  • There is a black screen on the TV, but the sound is in some application, more often in the player. It may be a simple failure of the program or indicate the absence of support for a particular codec.
  • The sound with a certain frequency disappears, and then appears. Most likely one of the elements of the TV is overheating. Need to be given for repairs.

How to tune a sound on a TV?

Most TVs have the opportunity to set the sound mode. For example, on TV LG in “Settings” in the “Sound” section there is an element “Sound mode”. If it is transferred to the Smart position, the volume will be adjusted automatically depending on the scene. This option can work incorrectly, like “sound effects”. At the testing stage, it is better to turn them off and install one of the usual modes: “Cinema”, “Sport”, “Music”, “Games”. If everything worked, we turn on the options one at a time until we find the problem. We also check that the output of the sound occurs on the appropriate device.

These are all known options for problems with sound on the TV and ways to correct them. Most likely, this experience should help correct the problem or at least direct in the channel in which it is worth continuing to act (in the case of physical problems). If your case is different from the described, ask your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.