Better Than Honor 8x

Before the passions on Honor 8X had subsided, the indefatigable Chinese decided to surprise the world again by offering the new 9X to the attention of the target audience. The model, oriented to the European space, meets the most stringent consumer requirements, spoiled by Apple products. Having bought Honor 9X in Kiev, you can please yourself with good photos, a stylish look of the gadget and excellent performance during “heavy” games and downloading numerous applications. And all this. at a very affordable price, which has become an integral sign of decent Chinese products.

Better Than Honor 8x

Let’s start with an external inspection

The Chinese remember well that in the post-Soviet space they are greeted by clothes. And for the new Honor 9X, it was matched to fame. Patterns on the back cover wonderfully intertwine in the letter “X” if you turn the phone at an angle to the light source. The 6.6-inch Full HD display is placed in a thin frame and is protected by a film designed to protect the glass from damage due to accidental fall. It was decided to hide the front camera in the case, so that with its appearance it would not spoil the perfect smoothness of the screen. Excellent color reproduction and the maximum possible viewing angle are the merit of the modern IPS-matrix. If the screen tires your eyes, you can adjust the color and temperature of the image on the screen, especially if you are often in a room for which excessive brightness of the screen is unacceptable.

And what’s inside

The new Honor 9X does not claim to be first in the demand ranking. This is a very confident mid-range model that gives excellent results in conditions “the base” operation. The processor Kirin 710F for the Ukrainian version is mildly called slightly obsolete. This is recognized even by manufacturers, quietly changing it to Kirin 810 on smartphones designed for the domestic market. Strong loads do not lead to an increase in the temperature of the processor, and when loading “serious” games, its power practically does not sag, allowing you to comfortably participate in the most severe “batches” without freezes and lowering the clarity of the graphics. There is no need to talk about standard applications: the available power of 710F is enough for the eyes.

For those who look at the world through a camera

Fans of nature photography and selfie will find a lot of interesting things in Honor 9X. The triple camera of the Ukrainian version promises a sea of ​​decent pictures, ready to decorate pages on social networks. The main camera at 48 megapixels is equipped with an additional wide-angle lens at 8 megapixels and a ToF-sensor at 2 megapixels. With good lighting, the photos promise to be quite worthy. For supporters of the night shooting mode, “artificial intelligence” is provided: it easily raises the quality of the image, additionally illuminating the space and increasing the clarity of the image.

And what else

To these advantages, you can only add the excellent power of a 4000 mAh battery. Those who do not part with the phone, watching movies and playing games, will have to charge the device every day. When watching in Full HD mode, the battery works properly for 10-12 hours. This is not the best indicator, but there is hope that the manufacturer will finalize the battery and make it more “long-playing”.

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