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Samsung Notes Backup: Save Samsung Notes with 5 Useful Methods

Are you using Samsung Notes to keep your important information? Then it is paramount to regularly do Samsung Notes backup. This is the only way to ensure you keep your important info safe, and in case of unpredictable data loss, you will still have a copy somewhere. You can back up Samsung Notes on a computer or Cloud storage.

Install Samsung Notes on any Windows 11/10 machine

Samsung’s Smart Switch is a user-friendly Cloud storage service that makes it easier for users to store and access their data securely. Apart from that, you still have various tools that can help you back up your Samsung Notes, such as Samsung Cloud or third-party applications like Google Drive. So if you’re looking for a way to ensure your data is safe and secure, these solutions are the convenient options.

With that said, how to back up Samsung notes? This guide describes how you can keep your Samsung Notes secure by backing them up. Keep reading to understand better.

Part 1: Back Up Samsung Notes to Computer with Smart Switch

One best way to back up your Samsung Notes to a Mac or Windows computer is through a Smart Switch app. It’s a powerful app that allows you to back up most of your Samsung files to the computer seamlessly. The app is very easy to use and is compatible with Samsung devices since it’s a product of Samsung itself. This makes it even simpler for Samsung phone owners to share their files.

If you are looking for a perfect data backup app for your Samsung device, you should consider Smart Switch.

Here’s how to save Samsung Notes on a computer via Smart Switch:

Step 1: Start by downloading the Smart Switch app on the computer and install it. Then connect the Samsung device to the same computer with a USB cable.

Step 2: Launch the app and hit “” and “Preferences”.

Step 3: Select “Samsung Notes”, then click “OK”. If desired, untick other options as well. Then tap “Backup” from the screen to create a notes backup.

Part 2: Save Samsung Notes to Samsung Cloud

Another way of backing up Samsung Notes is to move them to the Cloud. Samsung provides a Cloud storage service called Samsung Cloud that allows you to store and access your data from multiple devices. To use this Cloud feature, you must have a Samsung Account.

This premier external storage solution makes managing and organizing media files like videos, notes, and music painless. It’s one of the most reliable backups you can rely on for consistent storage without any hiccups.

However, Samsung Cloud can only be found on a few Samsung devices, specifically those operating on version 7.0 and later. So, if your Samsung device version is of version 7.0, you can back up your Notes to Samsung Cloud.

Are Samsung notes automatically backed up to Samsung Cloud? Yes, they are. Let’s see the guide:

Step 1: Open the Notes app on your Samsung device, and click the menu icon on the top left. Then choose “All notes”, enable the “Sync with Samsung Cloud” option, and click on it.

Step 2: You will launch Samsung Cloud on your phone. Please make sure you have turned on the “Sync on” icon of “Samsung Notes”. Then your phone will automatically sync your notes to Samsung Cloud.

Part 3: Export Samsung Notes to Google Drive

Most Samsung users rely on a convenient and reliable Samsung Notes app to capture crucial details, like key points of a meeting and planning for trips or schedules. But since this app has no cross-platform support yet, you could risk losing all data stored should your device get damaged. To protect yourself from such an unpleasant outcome, why not consider saving your precious information in Google Drive, the trusted Cloud service provider? It’s secure and accessible anytime and anywhere.

When you back up your Samsung Notes to Drive, you will not only prevent data loss but also be able to access the notes on any device. This is a plus for you. Besides, there is more storage to accommodate all your Notes files, and you can easily share the notes with other workers or friends. In short, Google Drive is an important storage service to keep all your Samsung Notes.

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Here’s how to back up S Note files using Google Drive:

Step 1: Go to the Notes app on a Samsung phone, and choose the Notes you want to send to Drive.

Step 2: After that, locate and hit the “Share” button on your screen’s bottom. A pop-up containing numerous output formats for exporting Samsung Notes will then be displayed. Pick one and proceed.

Step 3: Tap on Google Drive, then enter your account credentials when needed. Finally, click the “Save” icon to upload your Samsung notes to Google Drive.

Although Google Drive does have its limitations, like requiring an internet connection to back up files and storage limitations, it’s still one of the best ways to keep your Notes safe. As for the storage space, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan.

Further reading: When your Samsung device is overheating, how can you fix it? Open this guide to get useful tricks.

Part 4: Back Up Samsung Notes to OneNote

You can also back up your Samsung Notes to OneNote. Being a Cloud storage service, OneNote is a safe place to store your data. It’s simple to back up your Samsung notes with this app.

Here’s a step-by-step process:

Step 1: On your Samsung device, click on the “Notes” app to open it.

Step 2: Click on “Menu”, then proceed to “Settings”, and then click “Sync to Microsoft OneNote”.

Step 3: To start syncing, you must sign in to your Microsoft account. Then, pick the files that should be synced. There are multiple sync options, so choose the one that best suits you.

Step 4: Finally, hit the “Sync now” button, and all your Samsung Notes will be backed up to OneDrive.

It is important to back up your data to avoid potential losses due to hardware failure or malicious activities. When you back up your Notes to OneDrive, you will have a copy of the files in case of data loss.

Part 5: Manually Backup Samsung Notes Using Share Feature

If you want to manually create a backup of your Samsung Notes, the best way is to use the Share feature. This share option is on the Notes application page, and it lets you move Notes from Samsung to another location of your choice; it can be a Cloud storage or any other media.

Step 1: Open the Samsung Notes application on the phone.

Step 2: Choose the notes to be backed up and press on them. After doing that, a range of options will show up on the phone’s screen. Just select “Save as a file”.

Step 3: Select your desired file format for exporting. The available formats include TXT, Image, Microsoft and PDF.

Step 4: When you’re finished, select your desired place to export the file. The share option makes the whole exporting process simpler. But the only issue is that it doesn’t let you transfer many files at the same time.

Bonus Tip: Back Up Samsung Data to Computer in 1 Click

For those looking to keep the data on their Samsung devices secure, a backup of your Samsung phone to the computer is the way to go. Samsung Backup and Restore is the right tool for Android data backup and restoration tasks. This software allows you to back up and restore contacts, photos, videos, messages, apps, music, and more.

It gives you an easier time backing up your files to a computer due to its intuitive interface that is not complicated in any way. Furthermore, you can effortlessly restore backups from your PC to any Android device. Rest assured, the original quality and file formats will remain intact. It ensures a secure, dependable backup and restores the process, so you won’t need to fret about data loss or privacy leakage. Besides, you can transfer your Samsung data via USB or Wi-Fi.

As long as your phone runs Android 4.0 and upper, this backup software can perform well in connection and data transmission.

Download this Samsung backup manager.

Back up your Samsung data to a computer in 1 click:

Step 1: Download and launch the software on your computer, and select “Android Backup Restore” to access this tool.

Step 2: Next, connect the Samsung device to the computer using a USB cord. Then, enable USB debugging so that the program can detect your phone.

Step 3: When the software recognizes the device, choose the “Backup” option. Next choose the items you want to back up and a place to save them on your computer. Finally, click “Back Up” to securely store your Samsung data on the hard drive of your desktop or laptop.


Data backup is the smartest way to protect your information should the unexpected happen. Not only that, but you can also access your saved files without struggling much. There are many places to back up your Samsung notes. You can save them on Google Drive, Samsung Cloud, or a computer. But if those options are insufficient and you need something more reliable to back up other data from your Samsung device to the computer, opt for Samsung Backup and Restore. It only takes a few clicks to finish data backup. Try it and get to experience an awesome backup experience.

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Best Ways to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to PC

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has been officially launched a few days ago. One of the things that people are excited about this phone is its new camera features. Android users especially Samsung users are looking forward to get a new one so they can experience its camera capabilities. However, because of the betterment of the camera quality, storage space will be the first problem that you might encounter while enjoying taking photos using your Samsung Galaxy Note 10. To avoid such problems, you can transfer photos to PC to free some storage or for back up purposes. To learn how to transfer photos from Galaxy Note 10 to PC, you can use the recommended tools below.

How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to PC


ApowerManager is a professional tool that you can use to transfer files from phone to PC and vice versa, including photos, videos, music, contacts and more. Furthermore, this tool also allows you to manage your phone using a computer. You can add or remove unnecessary files and organize your files with ease. To transfer photos from Galaxy Note 10 using this tool, simply follow the steps below.

  • Download and install the app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and PC, and then launch it. Download
  • Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to your PC using a USB cable and make sure to enable USB Debugging on your phone.
  • Once connected, go to Manage Photos.
  • From there, you can select the photos you wish to transfer.
  • Click the Export button to successfully transfer the selected photos to your PC.


Another way to export photos from Galaxy Note 10 to PC is by using the built-in tool of your Samsung device – Bluetooth. This method may require you a long process and may not be as stable as when using a USB cable especially when transferring large-sized photos, but still, it can make the job done too. To use Bluetooth to wirelessly transfer your photos from Samsung Note 10 to PC, you can refer to the instructions below.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and PC.
  • To build connection, on your PC, choose your Galaxy Note 10 from the available devices and pair your phone and PC.
  • Once connected, on your Samsung Note10, select the photos you want to transfer.
  • After selecting, tap Share and choose Bluetooth to transfer them to your PC.

Note: To use Bluetooth to transfer photos, please make your devices discoverable and allow your computer to receive files from your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.


As simple as that, transferring photos will never be a problem for the new users of Samsung Galaxy Note 10. If you want to transfer photos from Samsung Note 10 to PC wirelessly, Bluetooth will be a good option. But, if you want a faster and easy-to-use tool to transfer your photos and other files with or without a USB cable, ApowerManager is a perfect tool that you can use.

How to Use Samsung Notes on Windows 10 PC

How to Use Samsung Notes on Windows 10

How to Transfer Notes to a PC from a Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5/8/9 Device

Table of Contents Show

From editing current content to adding new content, there is ultimate comfort-ability and freedom by using the Samsung Notes App. Also, you can use the S Pen to write down the content, then you can easily convert it into the text. over, you can convert these handwritten files into different shareable formats such as Word, PDF, files, images, and more. But sometimes the users get bored with a small screen at that time sharing the view notes on Windows 10 becomes tremendously helpful.

Although they can share the view files through messaging apps like Whatsapp but isn’t it becomes a lengthy process? If yes, then don’t worry! we have found a way to use the Samsung notes app on Windows 10. All you need to do install the Samsung Notes app on your device, however, there are chances where you may receive the “app is not compatible with your device”. For that we have accomplished an easy way to fix the incompatibility of Samsung notes app Windows.

How to Use Samsung Notes on PC | Samsung Notes Won’t Sync with PC

Step 1: Navigate to the Samsung Notes Page on the Microsoft Store website through any browser.

Step 2: Now login with the same that you have login Microsoft Store app on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 3: Tap Three-Dots next to the Get Button, after that, hit Add To Cart.

Step 4: Doing so will bring you to the Samsung Cart Page.

Step 5: Touch on Checkout.

Step 6: Select Place Order from the review page.

Step 7: Head towards Microsoft Store App and search Samsung Notes. Touch Install Button, if still, the app doesn’t install, tap Three-Dots near the Install. Now hit Install On My Device and finally select your device and install it.

Step 8: There are still chances were doesn’t install, for that tap Three-Dots Icon located on the top of the Microsoft Store App. Choose My Library from the list, doing so will feature Samsung Notes. Tap Install located near it.

Step 9: After completion access to the Samsung Notes App on your PC.

Step 10: Go to Samsung Notes Settings in the app.

Step 11: Choose Samsung Cloud and sign up with the same ID you have used with the Samsung Notes app on the Samsung device.

Samsung Notes Not Syncing with PC

But some of the users reported that there Samsung Notes not sync to Windows 10 PC. Here is the best way to fix it.

Trick 1: Restart Computer

If your personal notes don’t appear we suggest you restart the computer.

Trick 2: Second way is to verify your Samsung account, verify that you have used the Samsung account you have used in both your PC and mobile.

Trick 3: Re-enable Samsung Cloud on PC and Mobile

Still, if it doesn’t work, we suggest you re-enable the Samsung Cloud on both mobile and PC.

In PC: Go to Samsung Notes Settings, and tap the toggle under Samsung Cloud and hit the toggle once again to enable it.

In Mobile: Hit Three Dash locatedSettings Gear Samsung Cloud Toggle.

Samsung Notes Backup: How to Backup Samsung Notes or Memos Easily

If you use Samsung Notes to store any kind of information, it is essential that you regularly make backups of these notes. This is to ensure that you have something to fall back on when your phone loses data for some reason. This guide covers how to backup Samsung Notes so you know how to make safe copies of your data.

You can make a Samsung Notes backup on your phone, with a Cloud storage, and even on your computer. Here we show all these methods.

Method 1. How to Backup Samsung Notes to Samsung Account

If you use a Samsung phone, it is likely you have linked your phone with your Samsung account. You can actually sync all your notes from your phone with your Samsung account. When needed, you can sync back the notes to your device.

You can perform this procedure as follows.

  • Launch the Samsung Notes app. Go to menu and select Settings.
  • Tap on Sync with Samsung Cloud.
  • Allow the required permissions. Scroll down and enable Sync on for Samsung Notes.
  • Tap on Sync now.

Your notes will automatically synced via the Samsung Cloud. You can access your Notes from any synced device.

Method 2. Export and Backup Samsung Notes through Share

If you are looking for more options to perform a Samsung Memo app backup, then you can use the Samsung Notes’ very own share feature. This feature lets you export your notes to various services and you are free to choose any service you want.

  • Launch the Samsung Notes app on your device.
  • Tap and hold on the note you would like to export and choose Save as file.
  • Select an option from the list on your screen. This is the format your note will be saved in.

Method 3. Backup Samsung Notes to PC/Mac Using Smart Switch

Smart Switch is Samsung’s very own app that helps you make backups of your phones and save them to your Windows PC or Mac. If you want to store your Samsung Memo backup on your computer, this is the app you should use.

  • Download and install Smart Switch on your computer, if you have not already.
  • Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Launch Smart Switch and click Preferences.

Tick Samsung Notes and click OK. You can untick other options if you want.

Bonus Tips: How to Recover Lost Data on Samsung without Backup?

You can restore your lost data as long as you have a backup. The issue arises when you do not have a backup and you need to restore something. Luckily, there is a tool that aims to fix this issue.

Enter Tenorshare UltData for Android, a computer program that allows you to recover lost data from your Samsung phones even if you do not hold a backup. The tool basically looks in your phone’s cache files and other similar places to see if your data can be recovered.

The following teaches how to save Samsung Notes from your phone using this tool.

  • Install the aforementioned program and launch it on your computer.
  • Upon launch, click Recover Lost Data in the program.

Connect your phone to your computer, if it is not already connected. Turn on USB debugging on your phone.

Tick Select all and click Start to scan your device for all recoverable files.

Find the files you want to get back, and click Recover in the bottom.

Your lost data should now be recovered.


If you want to find out how to backup Samsung Notes app, the guide above is all that you need. With options like Cloud backup and local computer backup, you can save your notes pretty much anywhere you want. In case your want to recover data from Samsung Galaxy after factory reset, UltData for Android is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Notes/Memos

Samsung Notes/Memos is a pretty popular app and people often have questions about it. If you are one of them, the following might help you.

best, ways, transfer, photos, samsung

Where are Samsung Notes files stored?

Samsung Notes’ files are stored in the internal storage of your device. You can only access this folder if you have rooted your phone. If you are rooted, head into root/data/data/ and you will see your notes.

How can I view all the text in a long note?

You can scroll up and down in your long notes to view the entire content of the notes.

Are my Samsung Notes automatically backed up?

No, you must have enabled one of the backup solutions to have your notes back up automatically. By default, your notes are not backed up.

Updated on 2021-07-02 / Update for Samsung

Samsung Notes vs. OneNote

Whether Android or iOS, every device has a note-taking app installed. The app stores are also filled with many apps.

Two of the famous programs are Samsung Notes and OneNote. How do both compare? The article covers the two and explores Samsung Notes vs. OneNote.

What are both

Samsung Notes is the official note-taking app from Samsung installed on almost all Samsung phones and tablets. The app is also available for other Android devices.

Samsung Notes has lots of editing features, including rich-text editing and drawing.

Microsoft OneNote is the official app from Microsoft, installed on most Windows devices. The app is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

OneNote has many faces. Its Android app has fewer options than iOS and iPad.

Also, it has two versions on the desktop. One is pre-installed but has fewer options, and the other comes with the Office apps and has more options. Check out my guide on which app is better.


While comparing Samsung Notes vs. OneNote on mobile, I found that there isn’t much difference. Both support editing and drawing options.

Both also support attaching images, audio, and documents. Samsung Notes lets you password-protect notes, while OneNote only has this feature on desktops.

One thing worth adding here is that in stylus-supported Samsung devices, when the display is off and you remove the stylus, the app automatically opens an endless drawing canvas.


However, if you want a note-taking tool for phone and desktop, you will benefit more from OneNote. The desktop app has many options, including:

  • Password protection
  • Tables
  • Shapes
  • Translation
  • Calculations
  • Programming code

Those make OneNote one of the most robust note-taking services available for free.


Samsung Notes supports real-time collaboration, but the other person must have a Galaxy device. You can also send a note link.

OneNote desktop, iOS, and iPad support real-time collaboration. You can invite people and send links. However, the Android version only lets you export notes in plain text format.


Samsung Notes does not support reminders on its own, but on Galaxy devices, the app can send reminders to the Reminder app with one click.

You can edit the reminder further to add details, locations, and repetitions.

Additional features

Both apps have a dark mode. OneNote also lets you adjust the theme, while Samsung Notes follows the device’s theme.

Samsung Notes has a hand-writing-to-text feature. You draw the words, and the app types them for you.

Both apps let you draw over the text. But I like this feature in Samsung Notes as OneNote converts text into components making it hard to move around.

Samsung Notes supports exporting notes into PDF, Samsung Notes, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, image, and text files.

Lastly, OneNote has notebooks, sections, and pages, where sections are under notebooks and pages are under sections. Samsung Notes lets you organize notes in folders.

Samsung Notes vs. OneNote: Widgets

Both apps offer some widgets. Samsung Notes comes with three widgets:

  • Create a note widget with text, draw, image, and microphone options.
  • Shortcuts and show notes widgets do the same job. It is a matter of the size each occupies on the home screen.

Microsoft OneNote offers five widgets:

  • The bar widget for creating a new photo, audio, or text note.
  • A 3×2 widget is for viewing the recent notes.
  • The other three widgets are for creating audio, text, and photo notes separately.


Even though Microsoft OneNote is more popular, you don’t need to install a separate app if you only need a note-taking app for the smartphone.

Samsung Notes is packed with great tools. For those who require access to notes on other platforms, OneNote is the ideal choice.

best, ways, transfer, photos, samsung

The article Samsung Notes vs. OneNote compared the essential topics. I hope the information was helpful.

Which one are you going to use? Please share your views with us, so the visitors can easily choose between the two. Thanks for reading, and subscribe to the newsletter for future updates.