Best Video Player For Iphone 7 No Network

Often, a standard player of the operating system has limited functionality and is able to play far from all file formats. This forces mobile users to seek alternatives on the Play Market. Fortunately, they are, and in order not to get confused when choosing, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the applications that claim to be the “Best Player for Android in 2019”.

Cross-platform player capable of handling any file formats. The application opens movies, music, streaming tracks. It is distributed free of charge, does not contain advertising, in-app purchases, and there is no tracking of user actions.

The main features of the player:

  • Support for MKV, MP4, AVI, FLAC, TS, AAC. All necessary codecs are in the program. default, the user does not have to perform additional installations. The player opens network drives and streams, as well as DVD images in ISO format.
  • Is present built-in file library for convenience, view all the records available on the device. It is also possible to directly search through folders.
  • Movies supported multiple soundtracks and subtitles.
  • The displayed is automatically adjusted to the position of the smartphone, the user can select the desired aspect ratio.
  • Gestures on the screen while playing allow you to change the brightness and volume, go to the next record.
  • Widget to control the playback of audio files, support for management through a headset, display album art.

MX player

For many users, this is the best player for Android, which remains so for many years. The application opens and audio files, has advanced hardware acceleration, supports subtitles.

  • Decodings in multi-core mode. Due to this feature, on devices where a processor with two or more cores is installed, it is observed 70% increase in productivity.
  • Control playback and zoom with finger gestures.
  • Support for smart locking through a separate plugin.

The option eliminates accidental clicks, launching other applications and other actions that usually occur when a child uses the phone.


The application is able to easily open with a resolution of up to 4K or a three-dimensional movie. The user will be able to choose hardware acceleration options: automatic settings, off, decoding, full acceleration. Using gestures on the playback screen, you can change the volume and brightness, and move around the track.

player for Android supports all formats, connecting an external codec and viewing hidden files.

Among other features:

  • Automatically create a library from local files and those located on the SD card or flash drive.
  • Opening network folders, cloud storage.
  • Watchings through the link allows you to plays from YouTube, after pre-copying the address.
  • Change playback speed and mirror image (for learning dances or other movements).
  • Passage repeat function for learning foreign languages.
  • Reproduction of musical compositions.
  • Display Playback Window on top of other elements of the system, which allows you to simultaneously watch a movie and perform other actions on the phone.
  • Night theme for more comfortable watchings at night.
Best Player For Iphone 7 No Network


Professional player that opens 4K recordings. Using a special function, you can protects from unauthorized viewing or deletion by other people who can access your smartphone. Application distributed is free, ads are only contained in the pause window and at startup. When choosing which player is best for an Android tablet, you should test XPlayer, because it has the following features:

  • Opening all popular formats: MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, TS, etc.
  • Hardware acceleration.
  • Create a personal storage folder personals that you want to protect from watching by strangers.
  • Display support subtitle, as well as their synchronization with the audio track.
  • Automatically search and add multimedia files to the library.
  • Convenience in controlling the volume, screen brightness, position.
  • Several playback modes: automatic rotation, aspect ratio selection, screen lock from accidental clicks, and more.
  • Perfectly optimized for both phones and tablets.

Cnx player

A powerful player that can run 4K, as well as transfer image to Chromecast devices, Fire TV application.

Supported playback of streaming recordings in MPEG DASH, HLS or http format.

  • Play 10-bit HDR resolutions Ultra HD
  • Multitasking. minimize the player to a small window for other manipulations with the phone while viewing.
  • The best player for Android in terms of saving battery. Hardware acceleration along with optimization of software codecs allows you to achieve a minimum battery discharge when playing.
  • Intuitive user interface, displaying library items in the form of folders, grids or lists.
  • Gesture management on the playback screen, which includes changing the volume and brightness, search, rewind for 10 seconds, the transition to full screen mode.
  • The ability to hide in the gallery.
  • Setting the playback speed, as well as the file repeat mode.
  • File management via Wi-Fi: transfer, delete, download recordings from a computer without using wires.
  • Various themes.

Fx player

When developing the application, special attention was paid to user convenience, creating a friendly and intuitive interface. The player copes well with all kinds of formats, supports network playback, displays subtitles, puts the movie in a pop-up window. The functionality is very similar to XPlayer., therefore, you will have to choose the best player for Android based on compatibility with a specific mobile device.

  • Play all popular and audio formats.
  • Support for a wide range of standards subtitle.
  • Gestures for fast rewinding, zooming, changing volume, etc. actions.
  • Setting the playback sequence.
  • footage mirroring, as well as its removal into a separate window.
  • Automatic gallery creation by scanning the built-in and additional memory.
  • Restricting access to individual files with a password.

To summarize, note that the performance of a player depends largely on the performance of the device and the components installed in it. To find the best option for your phone or tablet, you will need to sort through several applications and compare the result of use. A similar situation exists for Android consoles: a player that successfully works on one model can slow down on another.