Best Lens For Iphone 5s Error 9

Best Lens For Iphone 5s Error 9

Rumors that Apple may release a cheaper version of the iPhone appeared a few years ago. Most often, they were built on the speculation of mobile market analysts, and sometimes on the incorrect interpretation of the words of Tim Cook.

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So the legend was born about the cheap version of the iOS-smartphone, which in theory was supposed to help win the market share of inexpensive “smart” phones, where Android gadgets reigned supreme. People liked this idea so much that a meeting with a real “cheap” iPhone caused a real flurry of emotions and a storm of indignation. Practical is the same as the “five”, but in a plastic case, and even decently! Who needs such a phone when there is all such a premium iPhone 5s and for now you can still find iPhone 5?

IPhone 5c review. Positioning or why plastic?

The material, which is used as the main body for the production of the iPhone 5c, was also chosen for good reason. Launching the iPhone 5 in multi-colored cases is not an easy task due to the complex process of aluminum anodizing. In addition, the updated iPhone 5 in different colors, if one appeared, would confuse new customers who came to choose their first Apple smartphone. Now they have two very different choices. the new iPhone 5s, the latest creation of Cupertinians with several innovations, and new iPhone 5c, a modern smartphone in multi-colored plastic cases.

The same cool, but cheaper due to the plastic case and the lack of those very few innovations. If this explanation does not suit you and you still have not decided on between the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, let’s talk about its hardware and case. I hope that after that you will definitely understand for yourself which device to take for personal use.

Kit. What is inside the plastic box?

Yes, in plastic, and even in transparent. Similar packaging has been used for a long time for iPod Touch. The almost oval box for the iPhone 5c, it seems to me, was invented by Apple for a reason. It is through the transparent top cover that you can discern the color of the new item; it is difficult to determine its true saturation from the pictures.

In the case of green, white and blue colors, you will guess even without inspecting the iPhone 5c, but with red and yellow I would advise you to twist the phone or box in your hands before buying. In the first case, it may happen that the smartphone turns pink, in the second. ambiguously sandy. In a word, choose your iPhone 5c color more carefully and don’t trust the pictures on the Internet.

Inside the box under the plastic bath with iPhone 5c is Apple’s traditional smartphone kit last few years. These are EarPods, a Lightning cable, a charger and a set of brochures with apple stickers. Nothing unexpected.

By the way, iPhone 5c sits quite firmly in a special plastic liner. In order to get it out of it and not scratch it, hold it from the bottom, and gently bend the edge of the plate with the other hand from above. In words, it looks complicated, but in reality the phone will slip by itself and end up in your hand.

Iron iPhone 5c. What’s inside?

Probably, for the first time, the column about technical specifications in the review of the new iPhone will take up less space than others. And all because inside the iPhone 5c is an almost complete copy of last year’s iPhone 5 with the exception of the battery and front camera.

iPhone 5c against iPhone 5: Results in the Geekbench 3 benchmark [iTunes link]

Inside the “bump” (or “tseshka” in the end?), A 2-core processor is working Apple A6 1.3 GHz, RAM, as before, 1 GB. Apple did not begin to make a 64 GB version of the non-flagship iPhone, so they are available for sale 16 GB and 32 GB models. I took the first one and now frankly suffer, so think twice if you settled on the option with a minimum amount of memory. Of the wireless modules available are Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n and LTE support, which, unfortunately, does not work yet.

I could not detect differences in the screens of the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5, except for a slight yellowing of the display of the new model. The same 4-inch display with honest IPS-matrix and resolution 1136 by 640 pixels, which is 326 pixels per inch (PPI value).

Infinity Blade 3 on iPhone 5c

In terms of performance, the iPhone 5c is a complete copy of the iPhone 5, you will not be able to notice any difference in the operation of the system and third-party applications. Everything starts quickly and without any problems, heavy games like Infinity Blade 3 and Real Racing 3 work fine, the browser normally holds several tabs in memory without rebooting. With iOS 7.0.3, in principle, there are no problems either, with the latest update, stability has slightly increased and now the system can be used quite comfortably.

Battery. is not better

Yes, the battery capacity of the iPhone 5c has been increased compared to that of the “five”, but it is very slightly. 1500 mAh versus 1440 mAh, that is, the difference is only 60 mAh. Hoping to notice at least some increase in the autonomy of the iPhone 5c? In vain, I could not find him. Like the iPhone 5, my new smartphone keeps me in a fairly aggressive mode of use for about a day or less. In a word, no surprises.

Camera. Old back, new frontal. Examples of pictures taken with the iPhone 5c camera (clickable, reduced to 1200 x 900)

The same goes for the ability to record with the rear camera of the iPhone 5c. Everything is like in iPhone 5. recording is taking place 1080p at 30 frames per second, You can turn on continuous LED backlight. There is stabilization while shooting from the hand.

Attention, innovation! That is, finally something new in the iPhone 5c, except for the case. It goes about the front-facing FaceTime camera at 1.2 megapixels, which is capable of taking pictures with a resolution of 1280 by 960. You can even record a in 720p format. The main difference from that of last year’s flagship is the camera sensor, the pixels of which were enlarged. Due to this, as well as support for BSI backlighting, the picture on the screen will be lighter and more realistic. The difference with the iPhone 5 is not always possible to test, but it is noticeable:

iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5: front camera shooting

IPhone 5c Case Your plastic majesty

Before buying the iPhone 5c, I was afraid of the problems of plastic cases that were in the 3G / 3GS models. There, the back cover could not withstand falling and cracking, cracks often appeared near the 30-pin dock connector, and the entire surface was covered with small but noticeable scratches. In the iPhone 5c, the situation is the opposite. The case is made of a single piece of plastic, into which a steel frame is integrated, and a display unit is attached on top. The plastic is thick, it is hard to imagine that cracks may appear on it.

However, in a month of use, my smartphone already managed to dive from a meter height onto a tile, after which something quite unusual for such material appeared on the rim. a small, barely noticeable dent. No chips, no cracks with black plastic inside. Scratches? Naturally! But, good, they are not noticeable on the blue case. Scuffs? No, not a single month with a little.

With all the premium materials of the iPhone 5 / 5s, I can safely say that the chubby iPhone 5c sits in your hands more conveniently. Naturally, this is a matter of taste, but the plastic “bump” due to the tightly assembled plastic case and rounded edges does not cut the hand and does not strive to fall out. Impressions are purely personal, so it’s better to pick up two devices and compare. Plus, the difference in weight played a role. 132g iPhone 5c It feels better in hands than the ultra-light iPhone 5s weighing 112 grams.

Original case for iPhone 5c. Fashion victim

First impressions were purely positive. The case is made very soundly and based on materials somewhat reminds of Smart Case for a large iPad. Inside, it is trimmed with suede or its substitute called Alcantara by analogy with the official cover for the iPhone 5s. It all looks expensive, and even protects the plastic case of the iPhone 5c from scratches.

In addition to seven rows of holes, the case has openings for a speaker, headphones, a microphone, a camera with a flash, and a silent mode switch. The accessory significantly increases the size of the phone itself, be prepared for this. And also due to rubberized surface it’s hard to put in the pocket of ordinary rag pants or jeans. I would put up with all these nuances, if not for the two points that I noticed only now.

Firstly, holes. No, honestly, the design of the cover is interesting, bright and even somewhere attractive, especially if you choose multi-colored options. But in the active use of these same holes in places, even “patties” appear from dust and any fine dirt. You have to remove the case and wipe them off the iPhone 5c with a cloth. Preferably wet, otherwise traces may remain.

Secondly, a month later, with small holes in the case, small holes appeared, as if they were nibbled by small hamsters. There are only two of them, but the trend is not encouraging. The disadvantages I would also include a torn piece of rubber from the headphone hole. Apparently, I too often blindly got there with a cable and the cover could not stand the constant impact on him.

The results. Why iPhone 5c?

Should I switch to it from iPhone 4S? Definitely! Outdated iron and a small screen, there are no options. Should I buy it to replace my iPhone 5? Yes, but only if your “five” is all rubbed, scratches, chips and dents appeared. It was I who had this situation, since I bought the iPhone 5 at the start of sales. Actually, Apple itself will help you make a choice in the near future, when only new models will remain on sale, since the iPhone 5 has been discontinued and finding it new is already very difficult. Instead of my shabby “five” I got a new old gadget and a lot of positive emotions. iPhone 5c. A great option for those who want to change their old 3GS / 4S-models, for the first time to try an iOS-smartphone or switch from the seen iPhone 5.