Autostart Windows 7 Programs What You Can Disable

If, when you turn on the computer, your operating system loads for a very long time, then the point is in those programs that open automatically. A whole bunch of applications run simultaneously. This greatly slows down the computer. Therefore, you need to disable the automatic launch of applications. We will consider the most popular methods for various systems.

Autostart programs in Windows 7. Utility MSConfig.

This method is quite simple. Go to the start menu. Next, in the search bar, enter msconfig. Open the first (and only) result.

Go to the Startup tab.

Here you see a huge list of applications. And they all start at boot. Carefully review the entire list. Uncheck the tools that you do not need at startup. Then save your changes and be sure to restart your computer. The OS should boot many times faster.

Tip: if you accidentally turned off some necessary utility, do not worry! Just go back and check the boxes.

Go to the Start menu, and then “All Programs” and find “Startup”.

The programs contained there are loaded at startup. If you delete it from this folder, then it will not automatically open. Just display the context menu and click on the “Delete” item.

How to disable autorun through the registry?

This is the most difficult way. It’s better not to do anything in the registry, since you can disrupt the computer if you do something wrong. So, open the start menu. In the search box below, enter regedit.

Then find the two Run sections. In the screenshot you can see the full paths. One of them is responsible for automatic launch for the current user, and the other for all users.

Go there and simply remove the components of those utilities that you do not need.

Programs to disable autorun

There is a utility Autoruns, it is quite powerful. In it you can find absolutely all the applications that run at boot.

You can download it from this official site:

Then unzip the archive and run the utility. This is how it looks:

Go to the Everything tab. This means that there are collected programs that automatically open on your computer. After that, uncheck the boxes next to those that you want to disable at startup.

This utility is convenient in that it, in addition to disabling autorun, can still remove any garbage from the computer, making it even more productive.

You can download it from this site:

Select the desired setting. If you do not know which one to choose, then select the first one.

Install and run it. Next, go to the Tools tab, and after. AutoPlay.

Disable unnecessary utilities and they will no longer bother you the next time you start.

In this way, you can easily and simply disable any program from startup. The following methods will be discussed for other versions of Windows.

How to disable autorun programs in Windows 8

Through the system partition.

Hold down keys such as Win R.

This window will open. Type shell: startup, then click OK.

This is where the current user’s applications are stored.

And if you want to open it to all users, then enter shell: common startup.

Now just click on any of the folders that you do not need at startup and delete it.

Via Task Manager

In future versions of operating systems, automatic start is not in the MSConfig utility, but in the Task Manager. Call the context menu on the control panel with the mouse and select the item you need.

Click the Startup tab.

Select an unnecessary application and click on the “Disable” button.

Through the registry

Hold down keys such as Win R. Thanks to this, this window will open. Type regedit, then click OK.

Autostart Windows 7 Programs What You Can Disable

Next, you should find Run sections that are in two folders. In the screenshot you can see all the way.

They simply remove the components of unnecessary applications.

Through the planner

Hold down keys such as Win R. Thanks to this, this window will open. Enter the name taskschd.msc, then click OK.

Each utility, including malware, prescribes the startup time. Browse the entire list and make the necessary changes, if necessary.

How to disable autostart programs in Windows 10

The methods listed for version 8 are suitable for this operating system. Even the location of the folders in the registry is the same.

Tip: use any means other than the registry. It stores important data that is very easy to damage. If you are poorly versed in the registry, it’s better not to go there.

Thus, now no unnecessary applications will interfere with booting the computer. Just do not disable all utilities in a row. Some of them are extremely important for the full work of the campus.