Auto disconnecting Airpods Auto Option to Android. One headphone was discharged

Why are Airpods headphones disconnected from the iPhone. 13 ways how to fix a shutdown

[/HMenu] The use and use of AirPods wireless headphones to talk on a smartphone, video calls, watching films or listening to music has become a very popular and common occurrence. Due to the fact that wireless communication is not as reliable as wired, the problem arises that AirPods are disconnected from the iPhone. Then the main reasons for the shutdown and their correction methods will be considered.To understand and find out why Airpods disconnect from the iPhone, there are 13 ways to solve this problem. After a careful study of all methods, skills and ability to correct the problem of turning off the headset will be obtained.

  • Software (hereinafter referred to as the software) of digital equipment;
  • Insufficient quality and reliability of the interaction signal;
  • Inconsistent with the headphones version of the iOS smartphone.

Airpods settings

  • Put the headphones themselves in a case for charging and wait more than 15 seconds with a closed lid;
  • Open the cover and hold the settings key on the back of about 30 seconds, until the light indicator blurred with orange, then white;
  • AirPods settings are dropped to factory;

AirPods software update

  • Activate Bluetooth options for connecting Airpods and Wi-Fi for connecting iPhone to Internet;
  • After installing the wireless communication between the headphones and the phone, we lay Airpods in a charging case, close the lid;
  • Connect the charging to the case and place it near (up to 20 cm) with the iPhone;
  • Wait for at least 15 minutes, since during this time the software update will be updated.

Checking the charge

  • Put the headphones in the case and bring with the open lid to the iPhone to ensure connection;
  • The display will display information about the state of energy intensity of both the right headphone and the left.wing, as well as the charger case.

Checking Bluetooth

A small problem due to inattention associated with the lack of data exchange between AirPods and iPhone. The reason is the non.included Bluetooth function in the smartphone. To activate it, you need to go to the category of “settings”, then to the subcategory “Bluetooth”. Move the slider to an active state. If the wireless communication via Bluetooth has been turned on, it is necessary to turn it off and turn it on again.

Verification of audio setting settings

  • When playing musical compositions on a smartphone, press the AirPlay icon;
  • Among the output audio devices, select the corresponding AirPods.

Disconnect Airpods, then again connecting them

  • Put headphones in the case for charging, close the body cover;
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds, open the case cover;
  • In the Bluetooth smartphone settings, among the list of devices are the corresponding AirPods, opposite which the I icon is located;
  • After its activation, the window with the option “Ren off this device” will open;

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Cleaning Airpods

Over time, the holes for the release of sound in wireless headphones are clogged with dust, dirt, ear gray and other garbage, which provides obstacles and barriers to pass the sound waves. or clogs the sensor of ear detection. To fix such a nuisance, it is necessary to do mechanical cleaning.It is better to carry it out with some non-fast, preferably soft devices. For example, ear sticks or wound on a toothpick. Clean cleaning very carefully and carefully in order to avoid mechanical damage to internal speakers and AirPods chips.

Using only one AirPods

  • In the “settings” of the smartphone, go to the subcategore “Bluetooth”;
  • In the list of audio devices, opposite the corresponding wireless headphones, press the I icon “I”;
  • In the opened window, choose which headphone to use, right or left.

Auto icing of the ear

  • Go to the subcategoria “Bluetooth”, located in the “settings” of the smartphone;
  • Touch the icon “i”;
  • Move the slope of the “Auto Generation of the Ear” in the left position, thereby turning off the function.

Turning off the clock

The problem that AirPods headphones are disconnected can be associated with an automatic connection of the headset to the Apple Watch watch, and not to the iPhone phone. Therefore, you should turn off the electronic clock so that the headset is disconnected from them and automatically connects to the smartphone.Attention! AirPods can automatically connect to other electronic devices that have the Bluetooth function.

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Airpods Disconnecting After a Few Seconds (Possible Fix)

Wi-Fi disconnect to iPhone

To understand why Airpods headphones are disconnected from the phone, you need to pay attention to the frequency used. The principle of the problem of disconnecting AirPods wireless headphones from smart iPhone phones is that the transmission of information on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is carried out in one frequency range, 2.4 GHz. Therefore, they can mutually suppress each other, which leads to a break in the communication channel. To solve such a problem, you just need to disable the wireless connection of the Wi-Fi smartphone, which will free the frequency for the exchange of data between AirPods and iPhone.

Synchronization failure

  • An increase in the distance between the conjugated devices weakens the signal of the relationship, which will ultimately lead to a break in the communication channel;
  • Electromagnetic tip and radiation of electronic equipment (wireless video cameras, radiotelephones, microwave ovens, fluorescent lamps and similar devices) that suppress the Bluetooth signal power;

What to do if one AirPods is disconnected

First you need to reset the software of wireless headphones to factory settings.If the problem remains, you can try to connect the headset to other devices with Bluetooth.Also, problems can be associated with the automatic detection sensor. He is either contaminated or out of order.

If the headphones turn off on their own, the reason, in most cases, is a systemic error in software, due to which incorrect interaction between devices occurs.To solve it, you need to try all of the above points related to Apple headphones.

What does each color of the AirPods indicator mean?

The AirPods case has a small indicator light bulb. When you open the case, you will see a light between the headphones. By the color of the indicator, you can understand what state the headphones are in.

No light

Your AirPods is discharged and they need to be charged.

Orange indicator when AirPods is not in the case

Airpods cover can provide less than one full charge.

auto, disconnecting, airpods, option, android, headphone

Green indicator when AirPods in a case

Airpods cover can provide more than one full charge

White blinking indicator

Airpods were dropped and ready to connect.

Orange flashing indicator

AirPods needs to be reset due to the error that has occurred.

Orange indicator with headphones inside

Green indicator without headphones

auto, disconnecting, airpods, option, android, headphone

The charge in the case is enough for at least one charging Airpods.

The green indicator blinks

The indicator lights up and goes out when you get and insert headphones into the case.

Attention! There is no red and blue indicators on the original Airpods! Therefore, if you have a blue or red indicator on the headphones themselves, then you have a fake.

Tun the gestures

The main problem of AirPods is the lack of volume buttons, pause/Play and switching tracks. Double touching headphones by default activates Siri. Apple wants you to use Siri for all management, but it does not always work. Fortunately, gestures can be configured.

When you connect Airpods to a smartphone, go to the settings. Bluetooth and click the icon “I” next to your Airpods. Here you will see the options left and right. Choose one of them, and you will have five options: Siri, Start/Pause, the next path, the previous path and off.

If you do not use Siri at all, you can choose a start/pause for one headphone, and for another. the next track. These are the two most common actions that are very convenient to use.


Podscontrol is perhaps the most beautiful application that can only be found in this review. The intense looks exclusively neat and is designed only for the most necessary. The main menu is divided into four parts. One of the front parts displays the name of the device and information about the connection. After it follows a section with displaying the charge level of the AirPods battery and their case.

There you can also find the monitoring system to turn on the switching button. It can also be turned off to save the battery charge. In it, we can establish the appointments of presses with customized options for double pressing. However, it does not allow you to configure touches for each headphone.

What we like best in Podscontrol is ease of use. At the first launch, you will get to the page in which you should choose AirPods in the list of Bluetooth devices available for connecting. After the connection occurs, it will immediately open on the main screen screen of the application.

Fortunately, Podscontrol does not have a paid version. All functions are already available in the basic version.

Assistant Trigger

Dotarrow Inc Assistant Trigger is a utility for Android, which supports second.generation Airpods. It shows the percentage of the charge of headphones and the case itself, including in the form of a notification on the start screen. Assistant Trigger also knows how to determine when the headphones are in the ears and begin to reproduce media.

With double pressing the notification, the Assistant Trigger application opens, with a single one, the music stops or turns on. Notification shows the battery charge with small icons that look very nice. The battery level is not always accurate and is shown with an error of 10%. There is no guilt of the application itself, because AirPods report the charge only in this way.

It is worth noting that the functions of displaying the charge and determining the location of the headphones are available only to the pro-versions that will cost you 2.

AirPods constantly pause. why and what to do?

Hi! I will try to save you from all these reasoning on the topic “Airpods are very cool headphones made by Apple specifically for” and I will start with the most important thing. just recently, this story happened to me:

  • I’m sitting at home, I don’t touch anyone, I slowly answer your questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, listen to music in Airpods and here.
  • Bam, they took and put the music on their own.
  • Well, I’m not proud. I took the iPhone in my hands and turned on the music again.
  • Some time passes again a “spontaneous” pause!
  • I turn on again and a few minutes later.
  • Correctly! Another stop of sound.

In general, in order not to languish you for a long time, a similar situation was repeated several times and eventually led me to the fact that the author urgently wanted to (well, how else. after all, the headphones should be repaired!) to figure out why music in AirPods is constantly paused and, in fact, to do it with this?

However, before leaving finally, a little clarification is necessary:

It doesn’t matter what your AirPods headphones (1st, 2nd, 3rd generation, Pro or even “Hello to you, oil magnate!»Airpods max). the instruction is suitable for all models of wireless headphones from Apple.

You say: “Damn, yes we already understood this. Let’s better tell. what’s the reason for the “stops” and how to fix them?””

So, that’s why AirPods can independently put music on their own:

  • Ear automatic detection option. When you pull out an earphone from your ear, AirPods automatically puts a pause. this is good, it’s normal, it’s great, it works the function of detecting the ear. But! Sometimes it (function) can “bury” and turn on a pause when it is not required from it. What to do? Try to turn off the option in the settings (settings. Bluetooth. information about headphones. auto.rearing of the ear) and check whether the pause is turned on?
  • “Glucks” and malfunctions in. The headphones are smart? Smart! So, various malfunctions on them are not alien (independent pause is far from the most terrible “glitch”, believe my experience). How to fight them? Of course with a stiff reboot! over, not only headphones, but also the device (instructions for all iPhone models) to which they are connected. It will take a little time, and the benefit can bring a huge. I am extremely recommended for use!
  • Function “Automatic Switching AirPods”. Actual for those wealthy people who have several “apple” devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.D.) and headphones are configured to automatically switch between these very devices. So, automatic switching does not always work correctly, so try on all “apple” devices (iPhone/iPad/Mac) which you use to turn off “automatic switching” (settings. Bluetooth. Information about headphones. Connection to this iPhone/iPad/Mac ), select “When the last connection to this iPhone/iPad/Mac” and observe the playing of music. There are great chances that after this action “automatic pauses” will disappear once and for all!
  • “Physical” (let’s call them like this) obstacles in interaction with Airpods. This means some additional accessories in the form of covers or protective films (yes, yes, some glorify the headphones with protective films!), dirt on the surface, random contacts with hats, etc.D. Carefully inspect the headphones and, just in case, check all these points. it will clearly not be superfluous!
auto, disconnecting, airpods, option, android, headphone

Unfortunately, there are also a couple of more “tough” options because of which AirPods periodically and without your knowledge can put a pause:

  • Firstly, the spontaneous stop of any reproduced sound can be a marriage (this, unfortunately, is not safe).
  • Secondly, this nuisance is sometimes manifested when using the so-called “high-quality copies” of Airpods (for some reason, this is especially often happening when working with Android).

And if it is very difficult to do something with “high-quality copies” (perhaps the only option is to try to return the seller), then when the marriage appears, you can always contact the authorized service center of the company Apple where you are, in the absence of “contraindications” in the form of improper operation devices, these same headphones will simply be replaced by new.

However, I really hope that the case will not reach such “campaigns” and the problem will be solved in other, simpler ways, which were written a little higher.

Finally, as usual, I invite everyone in the commentary:

  • Tell us: what helped and what. no?
  • Share your personal experience (other users and the author will tell you many thanks!)
  • Ask your questions (perhaps all together we can solve your problem).

Write boldly, feel free, welcome, always glad!

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How to connect AirPods to Android phone?

To do it is pretty simple. Follow these actions:

  • On Android Open the “Connections” menu “Connections” “Bluetooth”.
  • Place AirPods in a charging case and make sure that it is open.
  • Hold the small button on the back of the charger for a few seconds. As soon as the headphones are ready to connect, a blinking light will light up (inside the case or on the front panel, depending on the model).
  • Airpods will appear in the Bluetooth menu. Choose them and agree to conjugation.

That’s all you need to do. Now you can use them in the same way as any other Bluetooth lunkers.

Disadvantages of use

Although AirPods are compatible with Android, Apple developers created them primarily for their gadgets. It is not surprising that some functions will not be available to users of smartphones and tablets working on other platforms.

You have already met one of the shortcomings. this is a more difficult connection process. Thanks to a special chip built into a charging case, the connection with the iPhone or iPad is much easier: just open the case and press the “Connect” button. At the same time, headphones will already be ready for use with other gadgets tied to your Apple id.

Below are examples of other Airpod functions that do not work on Android:

  • Access to Siri: Android does not have siri, so there is no access to this personal cloud assistant either. True, there is another. Google Assistant. He will work.
  • Double Tap custom functionality: on the iPhone you can configure which action will be carried out by double pressing: launching options on the icon, including the passage of music tracks, calling a voice assistant or playback/pause. It doesn’t work on other platforms. By double pressing, only the inclusion of music and the pause are put. However, if you have iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can configure the function on them, and then use it on the device with Android.
  • EAR Detection sensor: when used with Apple gadgets, AirPods using a special sensor determine when you pull them out of your ears and put the music to the pause until you insert them again.
  • Easy check of battery level: when connecting AirPods to Android, you cannot find out the battery level of charging from Siri. It is problematic to do this on a smartphone. Only some versions of Android display the level of charge of the connected wireless devices, but even in this case you will not be able to find out the condition of the battery of the charger.

What is this noise reduction function on Airpods Pro?

One of the most anticipated functions of AirPods Pro headphones was the function of active noise reduction. Its functionality allows you to block the noise outside when you put on your Airpods Pro. Although the function of active noise reduction cannot completely block background noises, it can significantly reduce them to the optimal level.

Noise reduction technique for air subs works as follows:

  • The external microphone of liners captures and recognizes extraneous external sounds;
  • The electronic liner system generates inverted waves that allow you to drown out sounds;
  • The internal microphone drowns out extra sounds in the ear canal.

Another useful and in demand by Airpods Pro is the transparency mode.

How to enable the AirPods Pro noise reduction function on Android OS

Activating the noise reduction function of AirPods Pro on Android OS is quite simple. To do this, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone;
  • Take AirPods Pro case with Airpods headphones inside. Press and hold the round button on the body for a few seconds.
  • You will see AirPods Pro in the list of available devices in the Bluetooth menu of your phone;
  • Select AirPods on the menu, after which your smartphone will be connected to Airpods Pro. Airpods Pro touch buttons will become functional as soon as they are connected to your Android device. Now you can use all the standard functions of Airpods Pro, including active noise reduction;
  • To turn on the active noise reduction of Airpods Pro on the Android OS, click and hold the touch buttons until the headphones will make a small sound signal. You will immediately hear that the noise reduction mode is included, so its work is very noticeable. This press will turn on and off active noise reduction in Airpods pro.

If your AirPods Pro has previously been connected to the iPhone, you will need to break their connection before connecting to the smartphone on the Android OS. Otherwise, AirPods will not connect to the Android Tolyphone.

Sound problems

A deterioration in sound quality can be caused by different reasons, so everything is quite complicated here. Perhaps some interference interferes with Bluetooth, which is why AirPods play quieter or even periodically disconnects. If you always happen to you in the same place, then the reason is in obstacles. If this is at your place, then try to find a device that causes and move it. Or just use AirPods in another place. If the problem occurs at work, you are not lucky.

There is another solution, but it is not very convenient. Sometimes interference causes Wi-Fi, especially during calls. You can turn off Wi-Fi for the time of calls. After it you can turn on again. Also sometimes helps to turn off the auto requamation of the ear.

AirPods play quietly when connecting to Android

If you use Airpods with Android, then you could notice that the headphones are quieter than when connecting to the device with iOS. Many AirPods functions depend on the W1 chip (or H1 for Airpods 2 and Airpods Pro). Devices with Android do not have it, and this can affect the volume of headphones.

The fact is that when connecting a Bluetooth lungs, there are always two volume levels: the volume of your device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and the volume of the headphones themselves. When you connect Airpods to the smartphone with Android, the volume of the headphones is not synchronized with the volume of the device, as in iOS. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem.

Try to increase or decrease the volume on your device with Android. The volume indicator will appear on the screen. Press the arrow next to the volume indicator, and you will see all the available volume sliders. Among them there will be a slider Bluetooth. With it, you can configure the volume of headphones.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones is still more convenient. Go to the Bluetooth settings and click on the button in the form of three points in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you need to enable synchronization of the media volume. After that, the volume control of the headphones will work in the same way as in iOS.

General problems of Apple Airpods and how to fix them

AirPods do not work, how they should? As is often the case with wireless technology, it may be difficult to understand what to do if something goes wrong. Airpods from Apple (our review) is no exception.

Fortunately, there is a quick solution for most problems and several other techniques that you can try if your problems are saved. Sometimes the problem is not at all in Airpods, but in the source device, wax for the ears or an outdated battery.

So, here is our guide to eliminate AirPods problems to solve typical problems.

How to reset Airpods settings and eliminate most problems

This advice takes the classical philosophy “turn off and turn on” and applies it to Apple wireless headphones. You can drop your AirPods back into the “new” state, dropping them. After that, just connect them again to your iPhone, and everything should work as usual.

  • Put the left and right liners in the battery compartment.
  • Press and hold the round button on the back of the case for 15 seconds until the LED starts to flash.
  • Open the AirPods cover next to the iPhone and perform the interfacing procedure.

You will not need to connect your Airpod with each Apple device in the future, since the headphones are automatically connected through iCloud.

What to do if AirPods do not play

If your AirPods stop playing music, you need to check several parameters in the iPhone.

  • Check the version of the firmware Airpods. If AirPods do not play, then you probably need to update it. About why you need to update Airpods and how to do it correctly, read the article by Artem Rachmatullina.
  • Check the level of the battery charge. I have long noticed that when discharge AirPods begins to work worse and more often disconnect. Even 10% of the headphones begin lags associated with navigation. You can do this in several ways.
  • Check the Bluetooth connection. Several devices can be connected to the iPhone at once and sometimes by mistake the smartphone is automatically connected to other accessories, for example, to the Bluetooth column. Disconnect the iPhone from other devices and reboot Bluetooth.

Look into the Airpods settings and turn off the ear.detection of the ear. This is relevant if you often train or make sharp movements in headphones. In theory, the function should work without failures, but often mistakes and stops playback.

In addition, pay attention to the number of smart devices indoors: AirPods stop playing when several gadgets connected to one network are nearby at once. A large amount of Airpods from other users interferes.

AirPods stopped connecting

We noticed that only one headphone is connected to Airpods, although you got both and inserted into your ears? It doesn’t matter, and such lags happen. In most cases, this happens in “age” headphones, which for more than a year. Personally, I had this with the first generation of AirPods, the second and Pro after a year of use. Here are what methods helped to deal with this.

If AirPods stop connecting, you can try to do something about it

  • Remove AirPods back to the case.
  • In the Bluetooth settings, click on the “i” next to Airpods and select “Forget this device”.
  • Disable Bluetooth on the phone.
  • Keep the AirPods case open and press the button on the rear panel until the indicator starts to flash yellow, and then white.

Also, the problem is solved when placing both headphones back into the charging case: if only one AirPods works, just insert them back and get them again.

Why is Airpods badly audible

Try to clean Airpods as often as possible

Over time, AirPods can be quieter, but the point here is not their failure. To try to “plant” the speakers, you need to try very hard: for example, every day for a year to listen to music for 2-3 hours at full volume. Of course, this is impossible. In most cases, AirPods is worse heard due to the fact that dirt gets into them: how to take care of your headphones, read in this article. Cleaning also helps to deal with other problems, for example, with a reproduction stop: sensors will start to work better when you pull them.

And what problems with AirPods did you have? Share in our Telegram chat!