Authorized Reseller Apple What It Is

Authorized Reseller Apple What It Is

Airpods Pro: maximum features, maximum pleasure

Apple‘s new Airpods Pro earphones are impressive at a glance and from the first note. This is not just a functional device. This is a small work of art that changes the perception of everyday life. The developers have created a completely special device designed to immerse the user in the world of music. It combined innovative technologies, attention to detail, and a special aesthetics of the brand. everything to feel the magic of sound.

Features of the new Apple Airpods Pro line:. Clear sound

The built-in adaptive equalizer Adaptive EQ is responsible for clarity and depth at mid and low frequencies. Its main advantage is that the change in sound is based on the structure of the user’s ear and the location of the gadget inside it. An effective amplifier that eliminates extraneous noise, balances the volume and saves battery power.

Only music and nothing more

Active noise canceling function. It works in real time, adjusting the sound 200 times per second. All this. thanks to the 10-core H1 microprocessor with two microphones. The external picks up sounds, then they are compensated by a backward wave. An internal microphone analyzes the sound inside the ear and suppresses noise. This provides minimal delay and complete isolation.

Moisture proof

Protection against moisture penetration according to the IPX4 standard allows you to play sports or walk in the rain to the accompaniment of your favorite artists.

Comfortable fit

Apple Airpods Pro are in-ear Bluetooth headphones based on System in Package design technology. a circuit of several elements is combined in one housing. over, the location of these elements is based on the anatomy of the ear, providing maximum ergonomics. The kit offers three options for silicone earbuds, which repeat the inner shape of the ear.

Convenient management

Special pressure sensors are located on the foot. Using these sensors, you can control playback, as well as the transparency option. A single press helps start or stop playback, answer an incoming call. Double. will switch to the next song. Triple. will return to the previous one. And pressing with holding. will switch from noise reduction to “transparency” and vice versa.

Ask Siri

Use Siri’s personal voice-assisted assistant to control audio, calls, adjust volume, listen to messages, or navigate.

All day in stock

Each earphone is equipped with a separate battery, giving them up to 4.5 hours of continuous playback with noise reduction or in transparent mode, or 5 hours in normal use. This time is extended to 24 hours thanks to the charging case. It not only charges the headphones every time you put them in the case, but also protects them while carrying them.

Wireless charger

Listen and charge wirelessly. Airpods Pro Bluetooth earphones come with a compact, functional case that supports wireless charging. Just put it on the platform of any compatible Qi device and charging will start automatically. Or you can use the Lightning port at the base of the case. Its size. 60.6×45.2×21.7 mm with a weight of 45.6 g. The kit also includes a set of three types of silicone tabs, a Lightning cable to USB-C.

Share music

Audio Sharing System. for sharing music or podcasts with two sets of Airpods.

Recognizable style

In this model, the brand’s designers were able to maintain the corporate identity, while at the same time bringing an actual futuristic mood to it. Smooth lines, glossy white finish, minimalism. Everything supports the latest design trends.