At What Height Do You Need To Hang A Tv

At What Height Do You Need To Hang A TV

After the apartment is renovated, there is usually a heated debate about where and at what height to hang the TV on the wall. This item has long been a favorite of many families, as many people spend all their free time near its blue screen. First you need to decide which room needs the TV, what it will be by the manufacturer’s name, size and weight, and only then decide where to hang it. Given the recommendations of doctors that, ideally, the screen should be at the eye level of the viewer, the installation location for each room must be determined individually.

Since all people have different habits and preferences, the question of how high to hang the TV on a wall in a bedroom, a nursery or a hall should be approached selectively.

Many men are used to spending an afternoon rest lying on a sofa in a spacious living room and watching TV. Women, according to public opinion polls, watch TV either while cooking in the kitchen, or after a family dinner, sitting on an armchair with a magazine in their hands. And the whole family often gathers at the dining table in the kitchen, while preparing various sweets and watching TV shows. Children love to watch their favorite cartoons sitting on the carpet in the nursery, and simultaneously collecting their favorite designer or playing cars. Grandpa always watches TV, lying on the bed in his bedroom.

So how do you correctly determine which one to choose — the optimal installation point for the TV for all residents of the apartment?

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It should be clarified that there are doctors’ recommendations advising us at what height to hang the TV on the wall. This figure is determined by specialists at 1 meter 35 centimeters from the floor to the middle of the screen.

Accommodation in the bedroom

Placing a TV in the bedroom depends on many important reasons. One of the main ones is what bed you have. If you close your eyes while lying on your low bed and relax for a while, then you can take the most comfortable pose for you when watching programs. Opening your eyes and mentally marking a place on the wall where your eyes fall, you will get an answer at what height is best to hang the TV in the bedroom.

Most likely, it will be slightly higher than the installation location of the TV in the living room, but you should remember the advice of doctors. do not exceed the angle of deviation from the center of the screen when viewing, which should ideally be no more than 30 degrees. Otherwise, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, which occurs when the head is improperly positioned and watching television for a long time, will soon make itself felt.

For a more accurate adjustment of the deviation angle, care should be taken to use high-quality mounts for brackets with a variable angle of inclination of the monitor plane for installing on a TV wall.

It is advisable to use brackets with adjustable monitor position in two planes, not only in tilt, but also with the screen turning left and right.

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Accommodation in the kitchen

To determine the best place to hang on the wall of the TV in the kitchen, you need to know what is the total footage of the room, as well as how long is the distance from the hostess’s workstation to the maximum possible height for the monitor’s installation location.

Given the temporary component of viewing when working in the kitchen of the hostess at home, care should be taken mainly about the safety for those around the installed monitor. If there are a large number of children in the house, you should think about the maximum possible level of suspension and a safe place for mounting the monitor for all.

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Therefore, it should be assumed that in a small room, a TV should be hung at the maximum possible height of the suspension (175 cm), taking into account the use of metal anchors buried in the wall to a sufficient depth and a reliable bracket with a variable viewing angle.

With the small dimensions of today’s kitchens, such a solution will be the only right and safe. But at the same time, one should not forget about heating the TV case and the need for its ventilation, that is, in no case should it be placed in a furniture niche.

Accommodation in the living room

The monitor mount for placement in a large living room should be the most convenient when watching TV shows for all family members, since this room usually spend all their free time. In order to determine the best place and definitely answer the question. where to hang up the TV, you need to gather family members and jointly determine the most comfortable place to install the screen.

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When spectators are located in a spacious living room, sitting in armchairs or lying on sofas, the best suspension height of a large television will be a little more than a meter and should be determined individually depending on the average height of family members.

It is worth considering what seats the audience has. it’s one thing to sit on a comfortable reclining sofa and quite another. sitting upright on a hard chair. But at what height would it be better to place the monitor? The height of the place where you plan to hang the screen, depending on the height of the seats of the audience, may well vary from 0.7 meters to 1.35 meters from the floor.

It should also be remembered that with the large size of your room, you should install the screen at a lower distance from the floor level. So you can neutralize the difference in height of adult family members and small children sitting on armchairs and sofas, as usual playing on the carpet lying on the floor. You will be thanked by all your relatives and friends after a convenient and comfortable viewing of your favorite TV shows.

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