Asus Zenpad 10 Tablet Does Not Turn On

One of the most common problems with devices of this type is the lack of response to the power button. What to do if the tablet is completely discharged and does not turn on?

In no case do you need to make rash actions, first you need to find out exactly the cause of the breakdown. And only after you decide how to eliminate it. on your own or by contacting the service center.

Reasons for the malfunction

The causes of any malfunctions that lead to a lack of response to the power button can be very different.

They can be divided into two main categories:

Asus Zenpad 10 Tablet Does Not Turn On

Hardware malfunctions that interfere with normal operation:

  • loop damage;
  • failure of any electronic components;
  • motherboard inoperability.

Most often they arise due to inaccuracy of the user himself.

Too many owners commit the following inappropriate actions:

  • subject the device to mechanical stress;
  • completely discharge the battery and leave it in this condition;
  • allow moisture to enter the enclosure.

Also, the reasons for the lack of reaction to the power button can be not only physical, but also software.

It often happens that the operating system crashes in the following cases:

  1. with an incorrectly installed update;
  2. any program has deleted the files necessary for the system to work;
  3. any system processes were forcibly terminated.


Hardware malfunctions include all breakdowns associated with mechanical damage to the device. Most often, the gadget stops turning on due to the failure of the button itself.

It may stop working for the following reasons:

  • exhausted its resource;
  • as a result of the blow, the pressing mechanism was broken.

If the device is from a well-known manufacturer (Samsung, Apple), then the probability of failure due to frequent use is practically excluded. Such a malfunction may occur only in Explay tablets and the like of Chinese origin.

often, the breakdown of the power button is due to a strong blow. For example, when falling on a hard surface from a height. The case is especially bad for tablets thrown onto the tiled floor. Often, along with the button, the touch screen also breaks.

The power button may also not work due to battery failure.

Problems with it arise most often in the following cases:

  • the device has been in the cold for a long time;
  • operating rules were not observed (charging-discharging mode);
  • voltage was supplied through the charger, the value of which is greater than the nominal.

Solving the battery problem is usually the easiest. Everything is much worse if the fault lies in the electronic components. Not rarely does a special loop fail, which is responsible for the interaction of the screen and the rest of the hardware. It is in this case that the tablet is charging, but there is no visible reaction to any clicks or actions.

The motherboard is also vulnerable. Its failure is very rare, even on models from various dubious manufacturers. But if it nevertheless, for some reason, has broken down, then only the authorized service center can fix the malfunction.


Often the fault of the lack of reaction to the power key may be some software. In this case, the device actually turns on, but does not boot.

Most often, this situation occurs in the following cases:

  • incorrectly installed new firmware;
  • Installation of applications making critical changes to the system has been completed.
  • Changed or moved the necessary system files.

You can solve this problem even yourself, without contacting a service center. Often enough to reset all settings, this is done through the OS. And also install a working version of the firmware. Most often, software errors that prevent the system from starting up occur on devices running Android. Also often do not turn on the iPad when unlocking.

Turns on half. we find a solution

Another problem that arises quite often on devices running Android OS is the inclusion of “half”. Usually on the screen in this case there is a robot with an open stomach. Or on the screen the inscription Android OS is constantly updated. In any case, a software failure is to blame for this situation.

The reason for incomplete download may be:

  1. incorrectly implemented installation process of games or launchers;
  2. Forcefully completed system process.

The occurrence of the second case is most often associated with the use of a third-party task manager. This kind of software often violates the stability of the system by its actions. An inexperienced user only contributes to this. Also, this kind of problem often occurs when installing programs to conserve battery power.

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To solve the situation when the tablet turns on only halfway, you can quite simply using a mode called Hard Reset. This feature is especially well implemented on devices of Chinese origin. To use this method, regardless of the manufacturer, you must perform the following steps in strict order:

    turn off the tablet (if necessary, disconnect the battery, if possible);

After restarting, all old settings will be reset to the default. Previously installed programs will also be deleted without the possibility of recovery. That is why it is worth using Hard Reset only as a last resort, since recovering lost data will then be quite problematic.

Fastboot mode

If attempts to turn on using Hard Reset and other methods have failed, you can try FastBoot mode. It makes it possible to perform various actions with the Android device using a computer and a USB cable, even if it does not respond in any way to the power button.

To get started, you need to download a special image, which is a console program. It is best to use Linux for these purposes. Fastboot is launched on Linux using the sudo art-get install android-tools-fastboot command. When this command is completed, you must connect the device running Android to the PC.

If the launch of the application in question was successful, a window with a list of commands will be displayed on the screen.

To restore Android, do the following:

  • at the command prompt, enter the command “reboot-bootloader”;
  • press the Enter key on the keyboard;
  • waiting for a restart.

In the case when this operation did not help to solve the problem, you can use other commands from the list on the screen. The purpose of each of them is briefly described on the right side of the screen.

Recovery Mode

A mode called Recovery is available in almost all versions of the Android OS and it often allows you to restore the device under its control, even if there is no reaction to pressing the “ON” key. Its launch is carried out in various ways, depending on the brand.

In Samsung gadgets from older models, the launch of this mode is as follows:

  1. disconnect from USB;
  2. press the center key and “ON / OFF” at the same time.

If Recovery cannot be started in this way, you should press a combination of three keys: central, volume up, “ON”.

There is another way to start this mode.

It acts not only on Samsung, but also on all other devices of this kind:

  • we start the Bootloader mode;
  • select the item called Recovery.

After logging in to Recovery, you must select reboot system now ( In many cases, this solves the problem of the lack of response to the “ON” key.

Do not repair by yourself.

Software repair on your own is quite simple. Even if something goes wrong, you can always turn to a specialist for help. Recovering damaged system files or processes is not an unsolvable task. Since most problems of this kind are treated with a regular flashing.

Things are somewhat different with hardware failures. Many try to repair failed electronics on their own by reading several articles on the Internet. Often it succeeds. But there is always a great risk of damage to any electronic components. And this kind of damage can be irreversible, or the cost of repairing them will be very high.

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In any case, it is best to consult a qualified craftsman who has been repairing such equipment for a long time. Even if to solve the problem you just need to restart the system through Hard Reset. Since rash actions can lead to serious consequences.