Asus Zenfone 3 Phone Does Not Turn On iPhone

Probably the most offensive if iPhone fell into the water. After all, it is considered the most fashionable and prestigious device these days, and it costs a lot. But if your gadget is of some other brand, you will also be no less offended that now there is a high probability that you will have to say goodbye to your pocket friend.

But do not despair ahead of time. In many cases, the phone or tablet can still be saved if a number of certain manipulations are performed. It is worth noting that if you were wearing a closed case on the iPhone. then the chances are much greater. Consider the basic steps to saving your mobile device.

Asus Zenfone 3 Phone Does Not Turn On iPhone

Wet phone first aid

If the owner has dropped and wet the tablet or smartphone, then the first thing to do is take the device as far away as possible from the source of moisture. Do not shake the device in any way, as the liquid may penetrate much deeper. Try to take your device to pieces as much as possible. To get started, remove the phone’s protective cover, then the back panel, remove the battery, remove the memory cards and SIM cards, remove the plugs, if any. The device needs to provide maximum ventilation. And the more holes you open, the faster it dries. Blot any visible drops with napkins or a towel.

The next tip is to speed up the drying process. Many might think that a hairdryer will help here. There it was. Hot air can damage parts. they can begin to melt. Of course, you can try to dry the gadget with cold air. Just look. do not confuse the buttons.

You ask then how to dry a smartphone dropped into water, so as not to damage it even more? The most gentle way is to put the disassembled device in fig. This cereal is an excellent absorber of moisture. A more modern option is silica gel. But whether it will be found in your home in such quantities to cover the body of your entire smartphone or tablet is a question.

We remove moisture from the phone

Once your device has been placed in an airtight jar or bag with a substance that absorbs moisture, you should be patient. For you need to wait at least 48 hours before checking the viability of your device. And no matter how painfully interesting you are, whether your precious phone will work or not, you should not do this immediately after the drops on its surface are no longer visible. Such an untimely procedure can cause a short circuit. and then your gadget will definitely have time to rest.

When the long-awaited two days pass, you can try to assemble and turn on your device. It is very likely that the smartphone or tablet got off with a “slight fright”. and works again, as before. In this case, you are a real lucky one! And our parting word for you is to continue to be careful using your device near source of moisture.

But if it happened that the smartphone fell into the water and the touch screen does not work or its other functions, even after the operations you have done to remove moisture, you should contact the workshop. Perhaps experts will help you solve your problem quickly, or it may happen that they advise you to simply purchase a new phone.

Parting words for caring for the phone

If a similar situation has happened in your life, then let it bring you a useful new experience. Now you will definitely be more attentive to your mobile gadget. And if suddenly such a misfortune happened with your old device, then you just had a reason to get a more powerful and modern device. Do not forget about the old saying “Everyone learns from his mistakes.” From now on, you will vigilantly monitor your gadget. and do not allow the repetition of the “little tragedy.”

Be vigilant and careful. and then nothing bad can just happen to your devices. If you are not sure that you can provide reliable protection for your device, just shift this “problem” to other shoulders. buy a waterproof cover for your device. and enjoy its functions without fear!

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