Asus wi-fi router Entrance. Wi-Fi setting in ASUS router

ASUS router setting: nuances and tricks available to professionals

The lineup of the ASUS relevant routers is quite wide. Now there are about 30 of them. Each of them has its own characteristics and nuances, and often it also applies to setting. It is worth paying attention to the interesting design of various models, since, apparently, the company is not afraid to experiment with the style and appearance. What are the RT-AC5300 or RT-AC3200 models, which resemble hedgehogs with a large number of antennas.

Outwardly, almost all ASUS routers look the same, with the exception of models with a unique design. In the simplest case, this is a box in a horizontal position with indicators of the state placed on it. Depending on the configuration, from 1 to 6 antennas may be present. Usually the more antennas, the better the quality of the signal received, which means that the stability of the connection is higher. The back contains the ports of LAN, WAN, power connector, USB and reset button. In general, this is what any classic router looks like now.

The back panel usually contains a standard set of connectors and intense

How to connect ASUS router

Actually, the connection is one of the simplest operations before setting up the ASUS router. We need a cable that comes in the kit. He usually is blue. Connectors are connected just to connect PC. router. It serves for the initial connection and settings of the network when Wi-Fi is not yet. It is worth noting that many modern models have a finished guest wireless network, which is available immediately when turned on. It greatly simplifies the setting, since you do not have to physically connect the cables, just connect to the guest network and configure the router in its own way.

The cable usually looks like this, but it can be of different colors and most often. blue

To connect the PC and the router for primary configuration, you must use one of the LAN ports. They are usually marked in yellow, numbered and signed. That is, we insert one end of the cable into the LAN router, and the other in the connector of the PC or laptop network card.

We will also need to physically connect to the network of the Internet provider. Most often it is a regular network cable managed to an apartment or house. For him on the router there is a WAN connector, which can be indicated in blue.

In some cases, you can connect to the provider through a 4G modem. But for this, the router must have a USB connector and the ability to support 4G. Here, in fact, is all, two network cables and one for the power adapter must be connected. Everything is ready before entering the ASUS router directly.

Why is Router not

This is how this happens: enter the address of the personal account in the browser: http: //, Click on “Enter” and get a failure of access to the requested web page and error that the page is not found, does not work, does not allow you to establish a connection, etc.P. There is still a lot of browser depends. Everyone can write his own mistake.

Another option. Instead of an authorization page and an office with a router settings, a site on the Internet or a search engine opens.

Be sure to check that the device from which you are trying to go to the ASUS router is connected to it with a cable or via Wi-Fi.

If you connect from a laptop or computer, then there should be only one connection. either by cable or Wi-Fi. You don’t need to connect at once and so! If you use a phone or tablet, be sure to turn off the data transmission through it through mobile communications.

If the address is Router.Asus.COM does not open, then try to cross the IP address http: // It usually helps.

If an error jumps out that there is no connection. Return back to the first item. If the system writes that the network without access to the Internet. do not pay attention. At the same time, the page of the personal account of the router at, or should still be available.

If you use VPN or proxy. Be sure to turn off. It can be an extension in the browser. As an option. Try another web-b browser. For example, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer. Otherwise, when trying to open the Router, you will be transferred to the company’s website.

Try to go into the settings of the router using another device. It can be a smartphone or tablet. Connect it to the Wi-Fi network of the router, in your personal account with the settings of which you need to get, run the browser and enter the address.

ASUS has an application for Android or iPhone phones, which simplifies the connection to the router. You can find this application in Google Play or AppStore.

There is another chip on a computer with Windows 10 or Windows 11. Open the conductor and go to my computer. There, below the disks, there should be a section “Network locations”. If he is not. In the menu on the left, select the section “Network”. There will be the icon of your router. Click on it twice and the system will redirect to the router’s website:

6.On your computer, check the settings of the IP address settings. To do this, open network connections and click on the connection with the right button through which the PC is connected to the router:

In the menu, click on the “Properties” item. A window with a network card settings will appear. You need a protocol IP version 4 (TCP/IPV4):

Open the properties of the protocol and set the automatic receipt of IP addresses and DNS servers. Press the OK button twice and reboot the computer. Check access to the router.

User name and password for entering the ASUS router

When moving in a browser at: Router.Asus.COM, or IP: Authorization page should appear. There will be indicated a model of the ASUS router, and the inscription: “Log in using a router account”. Here you need to drive the user name into the fields and password (password).

By default (at factory values), ASUS routers use the user name. Admin, and ADMIN password. They are indicated on the sticker on the router itself.

But very often the factory name of the user and the password for security purposes change to more difficult to set up the router. If the standard login and password Admin/Admin are not suitable, then the error “Invalid username or password” will appear:

What to do? If you do not remember which password was installed on the input, you will have to dump the router to factory values ​​and after that the standard admin/admin should be suitable for.

Wireless connection

The network translated by the new Wi-Fi router is publicly available to connect to it does not need to introduce a password. It will be called in most cases ASUS and an icon with the highest signal level will be placed nearby. The connection is carried out:

    clicking with the left mouse button on the wireless icon on the taskbar;

If the router was used earlier or an unknown password is installed on it, you need to return it to the factory settings. On the hull from the back there is a hole with a small diameter indicated by the inscription “Reset”. It has a button that should be pressed and hold for about 10 seconds with a thin sharp tool like a needle. Device parameters return to factory values.

We enter the settings of the router

In order to get into the administrative control panel of the ASUS router, the following actions are performed:

The consumer using a cable or wireless network is connected to the device.

From the open browser, the Router settings menu is executed. To access the router settings, its IP address is required. You can recognize it by completing a cable connection or in the access menu to wireless networks. In addition, the data for the entrance is indicated on the sticker located in the rear of the device case.

On a note! Of course, if the login and password have changed earlier, new data should be entered. With their loss, you will have to restore the factory parameters of the router according to the method described above. The administrator panel opens.

Complete with the device, the software recorded on the disk is supplied. It contains useful utilities, drivers and operating instructions. It is easiest to change the settings of the asus router.

The software recorded on the disk is supplied with the router, with which it is possible to change its settings

Sometimes, after performing these actions, the administrative control panel does not open, but the inscription appears: “The page is not available”. In this case, the following should be undertaken:

  • With a wireless connection, check the parameters of the IP;
  • If the automatic receipt of the address is activated, and the error remains, you need to connect using a cable;
  • check the integrity of its connection;
  • by LED indication on the router housing, verify the presence of electric power supply.

In addition, you can try to go to the administrative control panel of the router using another consumer of Internet traffic.

Entrance and change of settings through the utility

Launch the ADSL Setting Wizard utility. On the first page of the installation wizard you will find an approximate pattern of connecting a router to a telephone network. In the event that your Internet is supplied along a separate cable line, just pass all pages using the default parameters starting from step 9 to 13 inclusive.

On the main page of the utility, there is an approximate circuit for connecting a router to a telephone network, we study, click “Next”

Important! Another device is supplied with the switch-Splitter (ADSL-Splitter). It is a branch for a telephone line and is an electric filter for separating the transmission channel through the frequency. It is the splitter that allows you to use the Internet, without losing the quality of the phone and fax.

Wait for the completion of automatic setting up the wireless network of the router.

On a note! According to the computer to attach to the network, you will be invited to choose network placement settings. By default, the “home network” is the least, and the “public” is the most protected. The difference is the settings of the Windows Brandmower Rules.

The wizard of the connection settings should receive a login and password with administrator rights. According to factory settings, the user’s name “Admin”, password “Admin”.

asus, wi-fi, router, entrance, setting

Wait for the end of the re.application of the settings.

Assign the name of the wireless network of the router. The name should contain only the Latin, and its length should not exceed 32 characters.

Indicate the key to the wireless network. Optionally, the key can be generated by pressing the button “Create a different key phrase for me”. You can change this key in the future at your discretion, but remember. the longer the key, the better.

Press the button “Create a different key phrase for me” or enter our name, click “Next”

Wait for the end of the next conservation of settings.

Optionally, you can save or print the Settings of the Wireless Network. If you don’t need it, click the “Next” button.

Setting up the connection with the Internet via DSL Division. Indicate your city on the corresponding list.

Indicate the provider that supply you with communication services.

Select the type of service supplied.

At the request of the master, the identification data should be entered. They must be indicated in the provider agreement.

Wait for the completion of the use of settings.

Launch “Internet Master of Settings”.

The use of special software is the simplest and at the same time in the most correct way to enter the router settings. In the absence of such, you should use the browser program. Separately, it should be noted that some models of switches (highly specialized, or having their own operating system) have a special connector for programming settings.

Connecting via network cable

The easiest way. To do this, you must connect the router with the computer with the network cable. There is a special connector for a network cable on the body of a computer or laptop. The modem should have a LAN connector (not to be confused with WAN). After that, you can enter the address or Ready, now we have gained access to the admin panel. Here you need to enter the user login and password (Admin / Admin, as a rule).

Connection using Windows

The preferred option of obtaining access, which allows you to accurately determine the exact address of the modem. You can go to the router by opening the access control menu. To do this, click a combination of Win R keys and enter in the NCPA window opened.PL. After this, the actions will open all available devices to the connection and among them to find the ASUS of interest to us (it can have another name, if the data was previously changed).

Then you need to click on the right mouse button on the name of the device and select the subparagraph of the “status” or “status” menu (in the Russified version of Windows). When you click on the status, another additional window will open, in which the “Details” or “more” menu will be. By clicking on this button, the connection data will appear. There you need to find the line IPV4 Default Gateway or “default gateway” and the address indicated nearby. This is the IP address of the modem at which the connection is. It is necessary to copy this IP to the address bar of the browser, after which the entrance will appear to the administrator panel. We enter the login and password again. The administrator panel is open.

Wireless or wired router

Wireless routers (t.e. Wi-Fi support devices do not require the use of any special equipment for their configuration. There is enough smartphone, tablet, laptop or even Smart-TV-any device that can connect to Wi-Fi network. Wended routers can only be configured from a computer and for this you will need to prepare a network cable (as a rule, it is attached to the ruteer, but any) is suitable at all).

Entrance to the settings of ASUS wireless routers

It is enough to take a few simple steps to enter the Roter Support Cettlements menu.

When you turn on the wireless router in the “Wi-Fi” section (on the phone, laptop, etc.D.) a new connection will appear. If the router has just been purchased, then the name of the Wi-Fi network will have approximately the following view-“asus-“, where “” is the number of the device model or any set of characters. The network will be open, t.e. You do not need to use any passwords to connect to it (if it is still present, go to the step).

Open any browser (Opera, Google Chrome and T.D.). IP addresses must be entered into the address line, according to which the router is being connected. This address can be written on the back of the device, if not, we look at the instructions. If it is not there, enter the standard line (set by default with new routers) IP address-“ “, then press the input. When the browser appears in the window of the type “, it was not possible to open the site” go to step 4.

If you managed to go to the address, a dialog box will be displayed in the browser with a request to enter a login and password. By silence it is “admin/admin” (both login and password are the same). After clicking on the OK button, the Web-Inteatheis (aka Settings) of the router should open. If this does not happen (incorrect login or password), go to step 3.

Step 3-Wi-Fi network requires a password, incorrect login/password for a router Web-integer.

With an incorrect password for the Wi-Fi network, you will need to either return all the settings to the factory values ​​( Carry out settings), or configure the router when using a network cable (as in the case of wired devices). There is a password for changing the password on our website. The latter will be discussed in more detail. To reset the settings (both the password to Wi-Fi and the Login/Password from the Web-Inteate) you need to do the following:

asus, wi-fi, router, entrance, setting
  • Find the inscription “Reset”, “Reset” or “Restore” on the router’s case.
  • A button or a hole with a button inside will be located next to the inscription.
  • You need to click on the button (if the hole is using a thin object) and hold it for about 8-10 seconds.
  • When holding the button, all the LEDs on the front panel of the router light up at the same time, and then go out. this will mean that the reset is completed.
  • If the reset was not followed, you can try to turn off and then turn on the device without releasing the “Reset” buttons.

A detailed article on resetting the ASUS router settings is posted at the link.

After reset, all actions from 1 and 2 steps should be performed.

Step 4-Error entry into the Web-Inteatheis via IP address by default.

This can happen for various reasons. The most common ones, of which-the computer enters the network via VPN service or browser works through a proxy server. To solve the problem, it is enough to turn off the VPN and/or proxy. Also, the error may be due to the fact that the factory IP address of the router has been changed. Solution. reset the settings or determine the current IP device. For this (for example, Windows 10):

  • Open the “control panel” through the Start menu.
  • Go to the “Network and Internet” section.
  • Next. “Networks Management Center”.
  • On the left side of the newly opened window, go to the “Change of adapter parameters” section.
  • Find an active connection icon (Wi-Fi wireless communication or Ethernet network) and click 2 times by it.
  • In the newly opened window, press the “Information” button.
  • Here you need to find the “default gateway” parameter “.
  • IP address opposite this parameter will be an IP address to enter the router of the router.

Upon learning the current IP address of the router, go to 2 steps.

Varieties of connecting the asus router

The routers from the famous ASUS company are impressive with their reliability and functionality. Great for connecting smartphones, tablets, laptops and stationary computers. The user will be able to implement both a wireless connection and wired in an office or home room. Often 4 LAN ports are available in such routers. Thus, User can connect four devices with a network cable. Other portable devices-by Wi-Fi.

Wan and LAN ports Router ASUS

Settling scheme of some parameters

When setting the router, we work according to the following scheme:

  • Equipment connection and entrance to the admin panel.
  • Setting up by the classic method (selection of an individual type of connection).
  • Creating a password and a name for a wireless network.
  • Creating a unique Password for admin panel.

Before setting up, you should get a consultation in the technical department of the provider like a connection type, which is used in the Internet company. Do not forget to clarify for binding by MAC address.

Setting a Wi-Fi network

How to enter the settings of the asus router? For the entrance and the administrator panel, the subscriber is recommended to use standard tutorials from the manufacturer. But the principle of setting up routers is almost the same (with the exception of individual configurations).

Connect to the router via cable or Wi-Fi. Next, open any popular browser (Chrome, Opera, Friefox) and indicate in the address line the address of the personal account. You can go to the equipment control panel from any device: smartphone, tablet, laptop or stationary computer. For greater convenience, it is recommended to perform the settings procedure on a computer connected by a cable from a router. If there is no such possibility, connect to Wi-Fi. Just never flash the Wi-Fi equipment. Otherwise, get a “brick”.

Complete with a router is provided with a patch cord.

Patch cord with a connector RJ45

We connect one end to the LAN port of the router, and the other to the computer network connector. If a network cable is connected to the WAN port, you can not disconnect it. This is not critical.

Wan and LAN Ports

If there is no PC, you can connect by Wi-Fi from a tablet or smartphone. Connect the equipment to the mains. Go to the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Your router is most likely called asus. You can connect to it without a password (or it is indicated from behind on the label). If you forgot the password, complete the reset to factory.

It is possible to change the name and password from the wireless network immediately in the main configuration window “Network”. There is an opportunity to immediately set a new name and safety key. Next, keep the data by pressing the Apply button. Detailed settings can be performed by moving to the category “Wireless Network”. After saving, you will need to reconnect all your portable devices. If difficulties arise, delete the existing router from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and perform authentication again.

How to quickly connect and configure

On a note! In the absence of this cable or the necessary equipment, you can configure the Wi-Fi router. But experienced users advise using the cable, since it can be disconnected from your PC.

Important! There are times when the network is called differently. Sometimes she is protected by password. This is an indicator that another user has made attempts to configure Asus. Therefore, it is recommended to reset all the settings before starting actions. To do this, click the button that is located behind the device, and do not let it go for 10-15 seconds. After this time, the indicators will go out, the router will turn on again.

Go into the control panel

After a successful connection, the user needs to open a browser, which he usually uses.

    In the address line you need to write the following: If everything is done correctly, the settings will immediately open. The window will appear “Welcome to ASUS”. At the bottom of the screen will be the “Cross” button.

On a note! Often the whole process occurs without failures when the provider uses an automatic IP address. The device tunes everything by itself. But L2TP, PPPOE and PPTP imply a longer connection process. There is nothing complicated in actions, but the user will need to enter a number of data manually.

How to set up the basic parameters of ASUS routers

The main basic parameter of any router is the correct setting up the Internet connection and installing the password if the network is wireless. To do this, you can use fast or manual settings to fit the parameters for yourself. How to enable Wi-Fi and configure the asus laptop, you can see here

After the first entrance to the configurator and initial setting, change passwords: both to the router and to the network.

Fast settings

To start automatic express setting of the router, after the following instructions:

  • Press the “Fast Setting of the Internet” button in the upper left corner to switch to the starting screen;
  • Next, press the “Cross” button;
  • First of all, install the password for the entrance: for this, go to the “Connection check” tab and install a new password on the router. After that, click “Next”;
  • On the “Roter Settings” tab, change the name of the access point, if necessary. After that, click the “apply” button, after. “apply” so that the router connects the computer to the Internet;
  • Next, go to the “Roter Settings” tab, which contains the characteristics of the network. To continue the setting, click “Next”. Here, an example of setting up the asus router

The password can be changed in the “Additional Settings” section “Administration” tab.

To finish the setting, in the pop.up window “Log in the System”, enter the user name and the password that were introduced earlier and click “Entrance to the System”.

�� ASUS RT-N19, PPPoE настройка роутера. быстро и просто!

You can also install an application for a mobile phone. ASUS Router to set up a router. It is available in Play Market and AppStore stores.

It should be noted that not all routers are compatible with this program.

As soon as you launched the application to the work, it immediately begins to search for a router: Asus Router can determine its exact model and IP addresses.

To start setting up the router, enter the login password and click “Enter”.

How to Setup ASUS WiFi Router via Quick Internet Setup? | ASUS SUPPORT

The main advantage of using the program is additional settings:

  • Backup of parameters: it will allow them to quickly transfer them in case of a system of operation of the system;
  • The possibility of regular firmware updating;
  • Network vulnerability tests;
  • Client of general access to files called Sambo;
  • The ability to share the connection by sending the username and password through social networks;
  • Traffic consumption graphs and control over its consumption.

Manual setting up Internet connection

If you want to install the Internet connection yourself, follow the instructions:

  • Go to the “Additional Settings” section and find the Internet tab;
  • Allow for WAN, NAT, URNP automatic connection to your DNS server. However, if you use a server, then in the “DNS Wan Settings” section, note “no”;
  • In the main settings, mark the type of connection that the provider uses.

Further, the settings parameters depend on the selected type of connection:

  • Automatic IP. Filling columns no longer need
  • Static IP-in columns setting up the IP address WAN and the DNS WAN setting, enter the data issued by the provider (they can be found on the rear panel of the router or in one of the documents);
  • Rrroy. enter the name of the user and the password that were received from the provider;
  • Rrtre, L2TP-write down the login and password from the provider, as well as the VPN server address. If the provider has a binding on the mass ads, it also needs to be entered in the corresponding field.

Manual tuning wireless network

When setting a wireless Wi-Fi connection on the ASUS router, it is required:

In the “General” section, go to the “network map” tab. Pay attention to the “System state” section: the main characteristics of wireless and wired networks are reflected here, which can be changed. After entering the data, click “Apply”.

However, if more detailed editing of the functionality is required, go to the “Additional Settings” section and press the “Wireless Network”. Next, we continue to work with sections of this tab:

  • General. if necessary, change the width and channel number;
  • Professionally. Advised the adjustment of additional parameters of the wireless network. However, it is worth noting that the system recommends using all default values. Here you can change the frequency range, turn on the radio module, a wireless planner, etc.D.

Other additional settings

If necessary, in the personal account of routers, setting up additional parameters is available that will help to simplify the work.

Creating a reserve connection through a USB modem

If the problem arises that the installed connection does not work, but there is a 3G or 4G coating, and there is a USB port on the router. In this case, you can create a backup connection via a USB modem.

It is worth noting that ASUS routers are not working with all modems. Therefore, before starting the setting, check the characteristics of the router.

  • Connect the modem to the USB porter port. We recommend using the USB 2 port.0, if it is available;
  • Next, we connect to the router’s interaction and go to the “General” section to the “USB-Division” tab;
  • Then select 3G/4G;
  • After that, we celebrate the country that we are, and select the provider;

Then we enter the user’s name and the connection password and click “Apply” to save the settings.

VPN server

To get remote access to the home network, we recommend prescribing a VPN server.

We recommend updating the firmware of the router on the relevant before setting.

  • We go to the router’s web-integer and go to the “Additional Settings” section and open the “VPN server” tab;
  • In the “Basic Settings” section and turn on the “server RTR”;
  • Next, go to the “Read more” tab and write an IP pool for VPN customers;
  • After that, it is necessary to prescribe the parameters of users who will use the server;
  • Then click “Apply”.

Parental control

If you need to limit the child’s stay on the Internet, in this case the function of parental control will be by the way.

  • In the “General” section, find the “parental control” tab, and activate this function;
  • After that, select the IP address through which the child enters the Internet and add his list;
  • In the time management unit opposite the client, choose temporary ranges in which access to the Internet will open for the child.
  • After that, click “Apply” so that the changes come into force.

This function works only on new devices and recent versions of firmware. About setting up the ASUS router and other models, to read this article this article