ASUS tablet does not turn on and does not charge

What to do if the tablet does not turn on and does not charge

A very unpleasant situation arises when your favorite tablet does not turn on and does not respond to pressing. This is quite scary, but to be prepared for such a situation, to fix the malfunction will not leave. So in this article detailed actions will be described if the tablet does not turn on and is not charged, after which you yourself will diagnose and understand what you do.

First, we will decide on the possible reasons why the misfortune happened to Android devices. This will help us determine the next step. Whether to try to fix everything on our own or is it better to immediately go to the service center and give it for repairs?

In some cases, you will have to replace the components or charger (if the battery does not work, you will not do anything with it, except change to another, working). Or maybe your problem is easier than you thought, and stop cleaning contacts or changing the outlet in order to charge the Tablet.

asus, tablet, does, turn

What to do with full discharge

With devices from Lenovo, the first method can no longer be checked, but if you are lucky, and it is already turned on, and you only need to get around the lock screen, you will just have to connect the device to the network or connect by a USB tool to a stationary computer. After these manipulations, a pop.Up window will appear in front of you and it will be enough to enter a password to unlock the accessory.

And if you turned on the cable debugging in advance on the gadget, then even with complete discharge it is possible to start the device, only the PC command line will be needed. To do this, install on PC ADB, and enter in the CMD search line, the connected gadget must be displayed in devices and printers. If all conditions are met, then after the inscribed command “Adb Reboot” you will see the long.Awaited loading icon.

ASUS tablet hardware malfunction

During operation, natural wear of components occurs, which leads to their failure. This may be the problem of the swipe of the matrix, battery. As well as failure of the matrix themselves (screen), battery or motherboard. These problems are eliminated by the replacement of faulty spare parts. If one year has not passed since the purchase, then contact the place of purchase for a warranty restoration by the manufacturer. This will be free for you if you followed the rules of use prescribed in the warranty coupon (there should not be fluid and mechanical damage).

But it is not necessary if the ASUS Zenpad, FonePad, Nexus 7, Memo Pad, Transformer, TF300TG tablet does not turn on. Then there was some kind of serious breakdown. If you accidentally dropped it or there was an intensive shaking. There is a high probability that you just need to correct the connection of the connection to the connection place and the gadget will work again!

Also, moisture also has a negative effect. Contacts are oxidized and need to be cleaned to resume conductivity. Contact our service and you will definitely help you!

ZH960. Не заряжается китайский планшет / does not turn on does not charge the Chinese tablet

Be careful and careful when using the ASUS tablet. Do not ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations, observing the charging mode and you will significantly delay the appeal for specialized help.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

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asus, tablet, does, turn

Reloading the device

First set up for recharging for 20-30 minutes. If the device turns out to be completely empty, then it will not function and all the actions will not give an effect.

Pick up the inclusion key for 10-20 seconds. If the tablet turns on, but does not load, that is, it does not turn on to the end, try to restart: close the power button and look at the reaction. If nothing happens, or he did not answer at all after holding the key for 10 seconds, look for Reset housing.

Typically, this button is done to be sunk into the case to prevent random presses, and you will be able to poke it only with something oblong (near the needle in diameter. Spin a paper clip). If in your device it is provided, poke and detain for a few seconds. Wait 10-20 seconds and try to enable.

If Reset is absent, you can try to remove the battery (only if this is provided by the manufacturer) or squeeze the “Turning/Turning off”, “Volume”, “Home” key combination (which returns to the desktop).

Option 6. Amateur firmware.

Yes Yes! Do not be surprised. The tablet can slowly charge or completely refuse to do this if the custom version of the OS is installed. In this case, it is worth discharge of settings to factory or install a new Android. Software can simply conflict with the charger and mistakenly recognize it as a hostile. Usually after competent firmware everything goes well.

And here, friends, do not despair. If things are bad, you can try to figure it out yourself and eliminate the root of all evils at home.

Let’s start with an unexpected shutdown of a working tablet.

  • Heat. All current devices categorically cannot stand a hot environment, whether it be 40 degrees on the street or overheating of internal details. How to help? Do not overheat the tablet and keep far from direct sunlight.
  • Mechanical breakdowns. Due to the impact or inaccurate handling of the tablet, internal damage to the microcircuits may occur, go off contacts. What to do? Carry the master and no longer drop. Samsungs, for example, do not at all tolerate strikes.
  • Bad battery. If the battery is very fast, it does not react periodically to the recharging device, then the expiration date is coming to the end. A specialist in a repair workshop can determine the degree of wear. Most likely, you will be offered to replace this important node.
  • Program failure. Glothes with outdated software can suddenly turn off with a full battery. If, in addition, your favorite mini.Compounder slows down, closes the applications in itself and, in general, does not work incorrectly. Urgently to reinstall the OS.

The next annoying factor associated with the daily restoration of the charge is the issue of excessively long charging.

  • And again we return to the serviceability of the charger. The most common cause of a long charge of the battery is an adapter, not a tablet itself.
  • Just reboot your mobile computer. Unexpected failures in work are characteristic of all computer devices. After all, they also have a character.
  • Try to charge the tablet through a laptop. This will help to identify problems with the device battery and eliminate them in time.
  • The tablet does not turn on and does not charge after updating the software? Return old factory settings. Traditional for ASUS and Samsung OS Android is quite simple in explovation. To return everything to place will not be difficult.

We deal with software repairs

You have a Samsung, Lenovo or ASUS tablet, and it does not want to charge or turn on? Then we try the next repair algorithm:

If the tablet turns on and turns off immediately, this may indicate problems with the charge scheme or with the battery. The device does not have enough current charge for its own launch. In this case, you will have to take him to the nearest service center, where specialists will be engaged in them.

If the tablet is charged, but the loading of the operating system continues to infinity, you should go the other way. To make a general discharge. To do this, you need to interrupt the download and try to enter the Recovery Mode mode (you will find instructions for the entrance to the mode in our reviews). Here we choose the item “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” and confirm our intentions.

Next, the device will go to the reboot, accompanied by a return to the factory state. If everything went well, after 10-20 seconds the tablet will start loading. Wait for the full load, check the operability of the charge scheme and proceed to further configure the device.

asus, tablet, does, turn

If the malfunction manifests itself again, perform a general reset again or try to find out what actions cause this problem (for example, this often happens as a result of the use of applications responsible for electricity savings).

General reset leads to a complete loss of data in the internal memory of the smartphone. In order to avoid data loss, regularly create and save backup copies.

So what is the problem?

All problems associated with the “magical” non.Launch of the tablet device can be divided into two categories:

It is these two enemies that can very strongly pat the nerves to the owners of sensory devices. It is necessary to examine in detail the causes of these two factors.

Hardware failure

Already from the name it immediately becomes clear that the cause of the device was not launched in the hardware part of the device, that is, in its equipment. The contacts were blocked or moisture came, due to problems in the mains, there was a short circuit, or you accidentally missed it to the floor, and much, much more, which can lead to problems with the equipment.

In such a situation, one of the most correct solutions is to attribute your assistant to the service center, it is good if you still have a guarantee by which you can get free repairs, but only if the cause of the breakdown did not have external influences on the gadget, for example :

Unfortunately, users are unfortunately, these categories do not relate to a service case, but are the cause of the gadget’s negligent use.

It is important to know that the repair of equipment, depending on the scene of the problem, can be from 40 to about 55-60% of the cost of the tablet, alas.

Program failures

In case of failures in the software, the user, using some recommendations, can restore the working capacity of the device. After all, probably, many users of personal computers running Windows XP have faced a problem of constant failures, and what was the tool for their elimination?

How to fix an Asus Memo pad / tablet when it stops charging

That’s right, the skillful owner, either re.Installed an updated version of the operating system, or through a safe mode or special utilities tried to remove those conflicting applications that interfered with the correct launch of the system, mainly these were viruses or malicious programs.

Other hardware problems

What to do if the tablet does not turn on after all the above actions? In such a situation, other, more complex elements of the device were damaged. So, the repair will be much more difficult. Without special skills, replace or replace the system board or complex food elements will not work. If the warranty is still valid, the gadget will be repaired, replaced or returned money. But there are exceptions.

Warranty support will not help if the device:

In such cases, paid repairs will be required. In any case, diagnostics will not hurt. So you will understand how much the repair costs, and is there any sense in the resuscitation of a tablet computer at all. In some cases, it is easier to buy a new product than to invest half the cost of replacing parts. In any case, if you are not a big connoisseur of technology, let everyone be engaged in professionals from the service center.