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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Using Asus AiCloud and Smart Sync

Leading on from the review that I did on the Asus RT-AC66U wireless router, I wanted a bit more time to try out the new AiCloud features that Firmware brings to the device.

The purpose of AiCloud is similar to Dropbox in terms of providing a Cloud storage facility for your documents, photos, media files etc. Like Dropbox this means that you can access your files from different devices wherever you are, as long as you have an Internet connection. You can also share files with others by means of a unique download link. AiCloud also allows you to sync files across devices using a SyncFolder feature, however this requires that you sign up for the free Asus WebStorage product, which can be accessed using a browser or using a specific application for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Again all very Dropbox.

Where AiCloud differs though is that it allows you to connect remotely to a USB disk connected to your RT-AC66U router at home and also allows you to remotely browse your network storage locations at home. You can browse files, download, upload, or even stream them over the Internet to the device you’re using remotely. The streaming function works great with iOS, however is not perfect yet with OSX as Asus are still developing streaming software compatibility. The router also ties into the SyncFolder feature of Asus Webstorage, and by defining a sync location on the USB drive, it will remain synchronised with your Cloud sync folder.

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The Asus AiCloud website explains what it’s all about in a bit more detail, probably better than I can !

So what’s it like to use ?

I thought it would be useful to give an idea of what AiCloud FileSync are like to use, and have put together a couple of short videos and some photos.

The screenshot shows the layout of WebStorage. it’s pretty clear and shows the folders available, along with file attributes shortcuts, shares and account info. The shot I’ve give is of the SyncFolder. these are the files that remain synchronised across all my devices via the Cloud.

I thought a good way to show how this works would be to put together a short video. For this I’ve used a Windows 7 PC, iMac and iPhone to show how a file added to WebStorage on the PC automatically appears on the other devices. I’ve also shown how this all ties into the Asus RT-AC66U router, by using the Smart Sync function the USB drive connected to the router has a SyncFolder added to it. This makes the files available on your home network.

AiCloud In order to use AiCloud, it first has to be enabled on the RT-AC66U router. This is done by navigating to the AiCloud page in the General section of the router’s web admin.

  • Cloud Disc. This enables access to the USB drive connected to the router via the Internet. Access is gained by using the AiCloud App on a mobile device, or by typing the DDNS address into your browser (I’ve got a video later showing this in action).
  • Smart Access. This allows you to remotely access your home network via the Internet. Again this is accessed through the AiCloud App or via a browser.
  • Smart Sync. This works in conjunction with your Asus WebStorage account and allows you to define a folder location on your USB drive attached to the router which will be used as a SyncFolder. This is what you saw in action on the the video earlier in this post.

This shows the status of the SyncFolder on the router, and also allows you to change settings (such as Asus WebStorage user details, folder location etc).

The third tab allows you to set up password protection settings.

asus, cloud

This guards against a ‘Brute Force’ attack, and can lock access to the AiCloud account if the password is entered incorrectly. In order to reset it, you need to access the router web-admin (so for most people this would mean logging into it at home).

OK, time for another video ! This time I’m showing you what it’s like to connect remotely to the USB drive connected to the router at home (and my other LAN storage devices). I’m accessing the router using AiCloud via my web browser using a MacBook Pro and Safari web browser. The Internet connection was nothing special, and was the wireless access offered by a high street chain cafe in Aberdeen. Hopefully the video will explain what’s going on, as I haven’t voiced it over 😉

As I said earlier, you can also access the AiCloud service using mobile devices. I’ve tried this on both an iPhone 4S and a 1st generation iPad. Seems to work well in both cases, and the video audio streaming functions are pretty good. No video this time, but a few screen shots will give you the idea.

From the home screen you can explore the USB drive connected to the router (RT-AC66U in this case) or you can explore your other home network locations. Not all the listed locations can be viewed in my set-up though (Samsung CLX3185 is a printer and Wendy-MacPro isn’t sharing files). Also note that that it also shows PC’s that are sleeping. these can be wakened if required remotely. Drobo and NAS-M25 are both storage drives on my home LAN, and can be explored remotely (the App asks you to login to the drives as appropriate).



  • ルーターのASUSWRTを最新バージョンにアップデートします。
  • ルーターのUSBポートに、外付けHDDやUSBメモリなどのストレージを挿します。ログインに必要な情報は、ルーターのログイン情報と同じです。
  • iOSまたはAndroid OSを搭載するデバイスからルーターに無線LANで接続します。Asus AiCloudソフトが自動的に設定を行います。

Smart Access データ共有

あなたがWindows®やMac OS、またはLinuxを使っていたとしても、Asus AiCloudならデータを簡単に共有できます。また、もしiOSまたはAndroidを使用するスマートフォンを持っているなら、スマートフォンにASUS AiCloudソフトをインストールすれば外出先からでもデータにアクセスできます。もしPCがスリープ状態だったとしても自動で起動させることができるのでいつでもアクセス可能です。


  • Smart Accessは、Network Places (Samba)のアカウントや共有フォルダなどを設定します。一度設定をしていまえば、Network Places (Samba)にいつでもどこからでもアクセスできるようになります。
  • プライベートIPアドレス(たとえばWAN側IPアドレス:192.168.x.x; 10.0.x.x; 172.x.x.x)のサポートは今後追加予定です。現在使用できるのは、ポートフォワーディングまたはDMZです。
  • もしPCがスリープ状態になっていたとしてもWOL機能を使えばPCが自動で起動します。

Smart Sync データを常に最新の状態に

Smart Syncは、すべてのデータやファイルをオンラインストレージサービスのASUS WebStorageと同期できます。リアルタイムに同期するので、アクセスするデータを常に最新の状態に保つことができます。


  • Asus WebStorageサービスにアカウントを作成してログインします。ルーターのUSBポートに外付けHDDやUSBメモリなどのストレージを挿します。
  • Asus AiCloudを起動し、Asus WebStorageと同期したいフォルダを選択します。

Router-to-Router Sync ドラッグ&ドロップでルーター同士を同期&共有


  • まずASUSWRT(ルーター管理ソフト)のAiCloudタブを選択し、Cloud DiskとSmart AccessをEnabledにします。
  • 次にRouter-to-Router Sync Serverを選択します。続いて、同期するフォルダを選択して同期ルールを設定します。
  • 同期ルールは、双方向の同期、ホスト(設定中のルーター)からクライアント(接続させたいルーター)への同期、クライアントからホストへの同期の3種類あります。双方向の同期では、ホストとクライアントで互いにファイルを共有できます。ホストからクライアントへの同期では、ホストのファイルだけをクライアントに共有することができます。クライアントのファイルは共有できません。クライアントからホストへの同期はその逆です。最後にXXXをクリックしてから同期ルールを選択して接続許可を送信します。

Asus AiCloudならいろいろなことができます

Asus AiCloudは、Asus WebStorageとデータの同期を行えます。また、異なるASUS AiCloudアカウント※との同期も可能です。

Asus AiCloud for Android

Asus AiCloud is a Productivity app by Asus. All you need to get into the Cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible Asus router, and up you go. Please goto http://www.

Download and install APK on Android

How to setup Asus AiCloud APK:

APK (Android Package Kit) files are the raw files of an Android app. Learn how to install Asus-aicloud.APK file on your phone in 4 Simple Steps:

  • Download the Asus-aicloud.APK to your device using any of our download mirrors. 99% guaranteed safe.
  • Allow 3rd Party (non playstore) apps on your device: Go to Menu » Settings » Security ». Click Unknown Sources. On Android 8, you will be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs.
  • Locate the Asus-aicloud.APK file and click to Install: Read all on-screen prompts and click Yes or No accordingly.
  • After installation, the Asus AiCloud app will appear on the home screen of your device.

Is Asus AiCloud APK Safe?

Yes. We provide some of the safest APK download mirrors for getting the Asus AiCloud APK.

Whats new in v2.

  • Release date: 2023-03-08
  • Current version:
  • File size: 107.89 MB
  • Developer:Asus
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. or Android KitKat 4.4, Lollipop 5.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, Oreo 8.0, Android Pie 9.0, Quince Tart 10, Red velvet cake 11, Snow cone 12 or later versions

9 things about Asus AiCloud

Keeps all media, data, and other content you want to share from online storage services like Asus WebStorage, your home network, and even other AiCloud-enabled networks up to date in real time to easily share and access the same file version wherever you are.

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac OS, or even Linux PCs, Asus AiCloud lets you access, stream, and share content from your home network or online storage through a personalized web link.

Asus AiCloud is a revolutionary app that combines all the power of public and private Cloud platforms together with home networking into a single space.

Please goto to find the latest version of ASUSWRT which supports Asus AiCloud.

All you need to get into the Cloud world with AiCloud is a compatible Asus router, and up you go.

For greater convenience, download the Asus AiCloud app to your iOS smartphone and get everything on the go.

Support for other public Cloud services to be added at a later time.

Smart Access even lets you wake up sleeping PCs in your network for remote access.

AiCloud currently supports Asus WebStorage.

APK Mirror 1: : Download APK

Asus AiCloud Reviews

Asus AiCloud is the worst app never seen on the world of app, took me 7 days struggling to connect my USB drive remotely, l have spent many sleepless day and night looking for way to remotely access my USB which is connected to router and nothing worked, if Asus is promoting their own web Cloud storage then should remove that option from router rather than giving users headache and troubles. l really warn whoever want to use AiCloud remote to brace for impact. waste of time.

I have been a faithful Asus purchaser and fan for over 20 years now but my loyalty is waning due to the fact that their App’s just are not cutting it anymore! This App immediately closes when selecting the file or device that you want to open. That renders it useless and teases you because you can see what you want to access on your router but there is no way to get to it. Please fix this because I really don’t want to choose another brand of router after all of these years because I can not manage my router as well as I would like to.

You guys have to update this app! It’s soo old, and it doesn’t even connect to the Files app in the latest iOS releases that’s been there for AGES! Please bring it to the 21st century

I’m using Android and Mobile. A lot of old video files can not be played by the built-in player. Then it shows only 3 options:, 2.install glayer, 3. Install aceplayer. It’s unacceptable to download and aceplayer is not available. Gplayer doesn’t work either. There is no other choice and therefore it is useless for me. Why can it give me an option to use my favorite player ?

asus, cloud

Asus AiCloud: Stream iTunes M4V Movies on the Go

My mobile phone is running out of space and I can’t download movies to it any more. And I don’t feel comfortable to use third-party Cloud service like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive. Is there a way to set up my own personal Cloud which to get access to all my favourite backup iTunes movies? Asked by Bentley King.

It is a fact that most mobile devices including iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, Samsung S9 etc. all have limited storage 32GB, 64GB or 128GB. It takes only a short of time to fill your mobile phone with films if you are a movie addict. In general, you can use Plex Media Server, Kodi or any DLAN compatible devices to solve this issue.

But if you want to stream your movies on the go as well, set up an Asus AiCloud with your own external hard drive is one of the best ways. Read to to find out how to stream iTunes movies with AiCloud.

Part 1. Asus AiCloud Brief Introduction

Asus AiCloud is a Smart mobile application which enables you to access your digital media files on demand through your shared external hard drive from iOS and Android devices. By setting up such a Cloud drive, it keeps you connected to all of your data like music, video documents, etc. Besides, you can also access, stream and share data from any devices in the same network. Furthermore, if you have set up AiCloud from more than 2 different locations, you can sync your files to the other location.

There is no limitation on the capacity of the space because it totally depends on the external hard drive you have. And You don’t need to worry about data lose or privacy because you have full control over it.

Part 2. Tools You Need to Set Up a Personal Cloud Drive

So as to set up your own AiCloud and enjoy iTunes Movies, you need to get some hardware and software tools.

Asus Router: Not all the Asus routers has such a feature, please make sure to check it before you buy one. The highly recommended routers are Asus RT-AC66U, RT-N16U, RT-AC68U, AC86U.

Asus AiCloud App: You can download it directly from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

USB External Hard Drive: You can use any brands of hard drives such as Segate, WD, Dell, Toshiba, Kingston and so on.

DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows: Since iTunes Movies are encrypted with the DRM protection, you can’t access to them outside the ecosystem of Apple. That is why you need a DRM breaker. It offers solid features to convert iTunes digital media files. If you find it interests you, you can simply click the download button below to get the trial version for free.

DRmare iTunes Video Converter

Part 3. Remove DRM from iTunes Digital Films

Follow these 3 steps to decode your iTunes movies quickly. Believe it or not, it is the easiest converter I have ever used, no other software come close to it.

Step 1 Import iTunes movies Just drag drop the movies you want to the working area of the DRmare M4V Converter. If you have a big iTunes library, you can also click ‘Add Files’ button to open the media browser to select the media files in a more intuitive way. Step 2 Customize output movies (optional) It doesn’t matter with the output format for AiCloud because it supports all kinds of files, you may just skip this step. But if you want to do any settings, do it as you want. Step 3 Export to new videos Click ‘Convert’ and wait a minutes for it to complete. That is it. When it is done, the movies will be DRM free for any players and devices like Windows Media Player, Android devices, Cloud drives, social websites and so on.

Part 4. How to Set Up AiCloud to Play iTunes Movies Anywhere

Congratulations to the last part. Now you can follow these steps to set up AiCloud to watch the iTunes movies on the go.

Connect an advanced Asus router such as RT-AC68U to your home network. If you have already got one, you can skip this step. Or if you are the first time to set up Asus router, it will prompt you to setup an Asus account and password.

Transfer the converted DRM free movie files to an USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Plug in the USB drive to the Asus router, everything that are on the disk will be uploaded to AiCloud.

Turn on the Cloud disk from the ‘AiCloud’ tab of your router by clicking the ‘on’ button.

Download and install the AiCloud app to your iOS or Android mobile device. You can login with the same Asus account and password which you set up before, then you can follow the app screen instruction to stream your movie files.

Asus will offer local ChatGPT-style AI servers for office use

  • Benj Edwards
  • 06/1/2023 4:00 pm
  • Categories: AI, Biz IT

reader Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Taiwan’s Asustek Computer (known popularly as Asus) plans to introduce a rental business AI server that will operate on-site to address security concerns and data control issues from Cloud-based AI systems, Bloomberg reports. The service, called AFS Appliance, will feature Nvidia chips and run an AI language model called Formosa that Asus claims is equivalent to OpenAI’s GPT-3.5.

Further Reading

Asus hopes to offer the service at about 6,000 per month, according to Bloomberg’s interview with Asus Cloud and TWS President Peter Wu. The highest-powered server, based on an Nvidia DGX AI platform, will cost about 10,000 a month. The servers will be powered by Nvidia’s A100 GPUs and will be owned and operated by Asus. The company hopes to provide the service to 30 to 50 enterprise customers in Taiwan at first, then expand internationally later in 2023.

Nvidia are a partner with us to accelerate the enterprise adoption of this technology,” Wu told Bloomberg. “Before ChatGPT, the enterprises were not aware of why they need so much computing power.”

According to Asus, the Formosa Foundation Model that will run on the AFS Appliance is a large language model that generates text with traditional Chinese semantics. It was developed by TWS, a subsidiary of Asustek. Like ChatGPT, it will offer AI-powered text generation and coding capabilities.

As interest in generative AI services grows, concerns about data sensitivity have also risen. Many major generative AI services are currently operated through online data centers, potentially exposing sensitive information. Notably, Samsung banned its employees from using OpenAI’s ChatGPT after discovering workers had uploaded sensitive code to the platform. Apple also recently banned its employees from using external AI tools that might leak data to competitors.

Further Reading

To address privacy concerns among businesses, Microsoft announced plans in May to launch an isolated, privacy-focused version of ChatGPT that would target large organizations (such as banks and hospitals) with heightened concerns about data leaks and regulatory compliance, but the servers would still be located in Microsoft’s data centers. In contrast, the AFS Appliance hardware will be installed directly in the client’s own facilities.

Despite the growing demand for AI-training chips, Bloomberg reports that companies like Asus hope to secure a share of the market by offering holistic AI systems that offer a complete AI solution in a service package. Asus claims that its existing partnership with Nvidia will ensure that there’s no supply shortage of Nvidia’s chips as the AFS Appliance service rolls out.