AQARA SMART PLUG how to connect. The appearance of the AQARA smart house devices

Smart House with Yandex.Station-2 “: Now not only by Wi-Fi

The main feature of “Yandex.The station »second generation-the presence of additional protocols like Zigbee for communication with various devices of a smart house, not only by Wi-Fi. Otherwise, this is still the same cute “Alice” who is asked about everything in the world. Well, only now a little more smart.

The main drawback of Yandex.The first.generation station “was a total attachment of a smart column to the Internet. Without connecting to the World Wide Web, it was impossible not only to get an answer to any question from Alice or listen to music through the column, but also to make it execute the command to turn on the light or air conditioner, the signal to which also went through the Internet server. Without the Internet, they do not work and connected to Yandex.Stations »Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Other Smart House sensors, so you could call the first generation of a smart column a full-fledged hub only with reservations and restrictions.

The second.generation station also requires a mandatory connection to the Internet for the full.fledged operation of Alice, but, according to the manufacturer, he can communicate with the sensors of a smart house directly on the universal network protocol of Zigbee. In our test laboratory, “Yandex.The station is 2 ”, and a set for a smart house AQARA. a large Chinese manufacturer of devices for organizing a smart home with a representative office, including AQARA, there are dozens of different types of sensors, cameras, locks and controllers. The lineup of smart devices includes even automated roller curtains. The manufacturer offers numerous scenarios for working with his equipment, including his own hubs. But as a management center, we will use Yandex today today.Station “, to which you can also connect AQARA devices via Zigbee protocol.

Aqara M2 HUB. новейший мультиинтеейсный шлюз, первые впечатления, подключение, охранная система

Actually, let’s move on to the review “Yandex.Stations “and a set of AQARA sensors.

Contents of delivery

Packaging “Yandex.Stations. 2 “and AQARA sensors set

Second generation “Yandex.Stations ”received a more expensive and spectacular packaging, decorated in the same black-lilac colors as the models of the first version, but made of dense cardboard with a leap cover and a rough surface of the front wall, as if under the fabric style of the column itself. You immediately feel that you had a premium product in your hands.

In the same colors, packaging of AQARA sensors set is also decorated. This kit is supplied in different versions of execution, so each sensor is laid in its white and blue box, and all together they are already placed in a common box, on the outer sides of which its contents are listed in detail.

The number of accessories at the Yandex itself.Stations. 2 “minimal. only a power cable with an adapter and a set of printed products. But the presence of silicone brackets for laying the power cable, and neat styling, and cardboard cards with examples of scenarios of work are also attracted to the attention. The manufacturer really wanted to make a novelty as attractive as possible in the little things. and he did it.

Note that the food “Yandex.Stations-2 “provides a large adapter with a 35 W output capacity, inexpressible cable and a universal USB-C connector to connect to the column, which cannot but rejoice. Cable length is 1.8 m.

As for the AQARA sensors set, it is also minimal. With each device, only a short printed guide of the user and sticky grounds for attaching to flat surfaces of the walls, shelves or any other elements of the room are delivered. There were four devices in our kit:

  • AQARA Wireless Mini Switch wireless button;
  • AQARA Motion Sensor movement and light sensor;
  • AQARA Temperature and Humidity Sensor temperature and humidity sensor.

Xiaomi Smart Home Exit to the International Arena

Most Xiaomi devices are created for the China market. This affects the presence of a full multi.loser application. Of course we already know how to Russify Mihome, but many points are not possible to translate (for example, notifications).

The appearance of the AQARA brand is not only new Smart devices, it is also a new, official application in which there is a full-fledged Russian language, and also many other useful functions that are not in Mi Home. Read more about the AQARA Home application in a separate article.

The application has become available for installation on apple technique (and in Google Play). And this has been done for a reason, AQARA devices are integrated with the smart home Apple Homekit. System output beyond the border of China. A huge step for the development of the system. Now you can manage a smart home with the help of a voice assistant Siri, but so far only by devices under the brand Akara. And recently the company entered the market.

Let’s get acquainted with all the devices of this brand.


At the moment, 16 Smart devices are available, but with a probability of 100% percent I assure that their number will grow.

The long.awaited zigbee control gateway device. Visually, the gateway is very similar to Xiaomi Gateway 2, but do not confuse them. The fact that the AQARA gateway can be added only to the AQARA branded application. Yes, despite the fact that all Akara devices are added to the Mi Home application, this gateway is not available to add. Added the ability to add to Mihome. Think over the purchase several times, if you do not have Apple equipment, it is better to take Gateway 3.

But if you use Apple Home Kit, then you will like the novelty. The integration of all AQARA devices to the smart house, the possibility of voice control, as well as control from Smart watches. Of course, everything cannot be smooth with Xiaomi. Add Mijia devices to the system will not work (you can add some devices, for example, a temperature sensor, but they will not fully work), perhaps this restriction will be removed in the future.

The gateway is available for China, with the corresponding fork of connection. Released a version with our “native” euro fork. Let’s hope and wait, non.standard forks in 3 years managed to get tired. You can buy a gateway as in the Foxpox, and on aliexpress.

Zigbee protocol and its pluses

And the first thing to pay attention to is that almost all AQARA devices do not work on Wi-Fi, but on a special communication protocol called Zigbee. And if you are accustomed to the fact that Yandex’s “smart light bulb” or some “smart vacuum cleaner” have a Wi-Fi module and are directly connected to the router, then the system is different here.

The device first connects to a special hub through the Zigbee protocol, and this hub is already connected to the Wi-Fi to the router. You think that all these are extra troubles? Take your time with conclusions.

Yes, connecting to Wi-Fi directly is convenient. But Wi-Fi has one big minus-energy consumption. If we talk about devices that are connected to a 220V outlet, then this is not a problem. But if we talk about small smart sensors, for which the possibility of installing in any place is important, then we are not talking about any outlet.

Take the motion sensor for example. I need to install it in the corner of the room, under the very ceiling. Naturally, I don’t have sockets there. And it would be necessary to “collective farm” some extension cables, cable channels. Imagine a leak sensor. Connection to a 220V network would already be simply life.threatening.

But there is another solution. This is a zigbee connection. This communication protocol was specially created for smart home systems. Its main advantage is extremely low energy consumption.

For example, a temperature and humidity sensor in real time transmits readings to the system of a smart home. It works in 24/7 mode from a small tablet battery. You need to replace the battery with an average of 1 time every two years. Therefore, let you not frighten you such a feature of connection to Wi-Fi via hub. This allows the sensors to be small and install them in any place without wires and connecting to a socket.

By the way, such a hub is also called: “gateway”, “bridge” or “center of the smart home”.

So now about the devices. Let’s start with those very hubs.

AQARA Home app

By the way, about setting scripts. The manufacturer has its own AQARA Home app. It, of course, supports only this brand devices. And through this application you can configure various automatic scenarios. For example, the activation of the siren when the movement is detected.

Also, almost all devices work with the Apple Homekit system. And some devices are supported in the MTS application application. Only a few devices work with Alice and Marusia.

Chinese fork, or a huge minus of this outlet

Yes, the biggest minus of this smart outlet. Australian fork type I. This type is the main one in China, but is not at all used in our country.

There are several options for bypassing this annoying restriction. Simple, but undesirable. Connection through the adapter.

This is a grounding adapter, and it is more than the outlet itself. This very often sellers put with Xiaomi devices. I do not recommend using it, I burned one such, connecting an iron by 1 through it.2 kW. And how to connect such a colossus? So it looks in the euro.zoom:

Only 14 centimeters from the wall. Of course, there are other types of adapters, here is the option from the Chinese, without grounding:

But the socket in it is staggering, and I would not use that.

The most suitable solution was the adapter from Auchan for 26 (also without grounding):

First, he sits very tightly, the outlet does not stagger. Secondly, it is noticeably smaller, 10 centimeters of the retreat from the wall:

Yes, and from the side it looks more or less acceptable:

But in no case do not connect a strong load through the adapter, it can burn, and which is even worse. become the cause of the fire.

The best option would be to install a full.fledged universal outlet. How it looks with my AQARA outlet:

It doesn’t look so scary already, and the ground is connected. If you have a Xiaomi extension cord, you can connect through it:

You can still weave contacts, but this is already for an amateur.

Where you can use Power Plug

What can this Smart outlet come in handy for? 2 basic destinations can be distinguished:

Management of devices

Having such a socket, you can integrate almost any device into the Smart House system. Turning on the heater at low temperature and turning it off when the specified threshold is reached? No problem. Moisturizers, fans, backlight, etc.d all this can be controlled through automation scenarios.

Monitoring of energy consumption

And the second situation when you need to find out how much energy is consumed by the device. You can see both statistics of current consumption and statistics in a month.

How AQARA works in a regular apartment

One hub allows you to connect up to 32 devices at the same time.

An additional AQARA HUB is required only to enhance the noise immunity of the network or increase the number of connected devices.

All actions and settings for AQARA system devices are available in the component menu.

For all devices, you can specify the place of accommodation for the subsequent correct operation of the “scenarios”-macros.

The use scenario can be created after connecting the necessary devices by creating a new card in the “Automation” application section.

As if in the old Basic, only in Russian: select the device, set the conditions in the tabs “if” and “then”, set the frequency.

With their help, you can set quite complex combinations of actions. For example, turn off the light and enable the security system to press the “Leaving home” button.

Activation is possible in fully automatic mode according to the signal of the sensors, by pressing the corresponding key in the appendix, according to the predetermined action of a cube or button.

Another frequently used scenario B is the inclusion of the heater when the temperature in the room is reduced, for which it is enough to combine a smart outlet with a temperature sensor.

The button connected to the hub turns into a “smart” doorbell: pressing the key will make him flas a certain way or make pre.given sounds.

Homekit, Zigbee and Aqara. the perfect set

When using the Apple and iPhone ecosystem, the main room, called in AQARA Home, is automatically connected to Homekit.

This allows you to control the AQARA smart house from under the more familiar to users of the Apple Inte Wee technique.

In addition, with the help of Homekit, you can combine a brand zigbee components with components of other ecosystems, including working through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Important: sensors and other AQARA smart devices only work through AQARA Hub through the Zigbee protocol and are not available on the Wi-Fi network as independent elements.

How switches work in AQARA Home

After setting, management is available directly from the main screen screen

All AQARA H1 wall.mounted wired switches can play the role of a conventional circuit breaker and control panel, right in the application by installing the desired action that will be performed by pressing.

There are many variations: launch of automation, trigger scripts (you need to set one of the conditions as a condition if/action) or management of remote devices.

So you can teach a smart home to manage groups of lamps, turn on other devices or, conversely, turn off all electrical appliances while turning off the light.

over, for a two.key switch, the button is separated. One can be left for physical control of light, the second is involved for other purposes.

You can make both smart ones, then the lamps will still remain a virtual remote control with 2 buttons in the AQARA Home application, which will control the inclusion and off of light.

Умный дом Aqara (Apple HomeKit Google Home)

We explore the power consumption of devices with AQARA

Neutral (it is the zero wire of the electrocope, connected to the relay), is needed for its own power circuit breaker: a closed power supply circuit closed by a neutral wire allows you to nourish the relay even after turning off the light.

This allows you to use more complex automation directly, without complex scenarios from the application. it will be enough to press on the physical key to restore a pre.regulated lamp or a set complex scheme of spotlights.

Now the device fully replaces the AQARA multi.position cube: even if before turning off the action was performed by several presses, it will be restored in the initial state.

Another important function was the measurement of consumption: in the AQara Wall Switch settings in the AWARA Home application, the “Energy Consumption Journal” appeared, which shows dynamics by days and weeks, similarly to other brand sensors with its own power.

Statistics are conducted at any time intervals

Data is collected throughout the device, there is no division into separate lines for a double.button circuit breaker. Is it necessary?

In addition, now it is available to users not only protection against overheating of the switch itself, but also protection against overloading the controlled device itself. As soon as the a la voltmeter on the circuit breaker sees a voltage jump, it will turn off the power. The user will have to the key physically or in the application, but perhaps this will save the device from the final breakdown, and the apartment from the fire. Given that the maximum permissible load has increased to 8 A, the function may be very useful.

Another fact cannot be missed: it is the version of the with neutral circuit breaker that allows you to control low.current devices consuming up to 3 watts. If you force a more familiar option with a single small LED lamp, the relay inside is not enough power to turn on the relay. And nothing will work.


The possibility of remote power management will help out in a variety of scenarios. Before traveling to the country or in a country house, you can turn on the heater directly from the smartphone by sending the Smart-plate the command to feed-during the time spent on the way, the room will already become warm. The gadget will come in handy in other situations. For example, if you do not want to get up from the sofa for the sake of turning off the floor lamp.

A smart outlet of a rosette is suitable for starting complex actions. With its help, it is easy to turn on the watering system in the country, coffee maker in the kitchen, extinguish the light in the nursery on the timer or manually. In addition, she can keep in accounting for the consumed electricity and measure the voltage in the mains. Pleasant model bonus. it does not require any special installation skills.

AQARA Water Leak Sensor leakage sensor

Despite miniature dimensions, a smart device can help out in the event of an unforeseen situation related to the water supply. On the lower part of the wireless sensor case, metal contacts responding to liquid hit. The device itself is not afraid of moisture or dust thanks to protection according to the IP67 standard.

If the leak is detected, the sensor will give the signal to the central hub, and he will notify the user, sending an alarming message to the smartphone. Having strategically placing several such gadgets along the water supply line, you can avoid large repair costs if an accident occurs.

Connection to Mi Home

To connect, you must use the Mi Home application with the Chinese region in the settings. Click the button for adding the device and look for the Mi Smart Power Plug 2 in the section of network sockets. We are offered to clamp the button for 5 seconds until the indicator lights up yellow:

Enter the data for connecting Wi-Fi and expect about 30 seconds while the conjugation is adjusted. If you suddenly cannot be connected, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, try to figure it out.

Let’s go to the control plugin. From the main screen, we can turn on and off the outlet, configure the schedule and set the countdown. The plugin was translated into Russian only by 50 percent, the rest is in English.

There is a function of calculating electricity, but it works through one place. By default, we can normally see only current consumption:

Other indicators simply do not work. But this can be corrected, or rather, there is a “crutch” that allows you to see the correct data. We change the time zone in the phone settings to Chinese 8, restart the Mi Home application and the data appears both on the main screen and in detailed history.

In general, everything is as usual, it will not work without a file. Apparently the data is entered on Chinese servers according to their time zone and cannot correctly display on our. The problem is not new, with the schedule of the temperature and humidity sensor was the same.

We go further, in additional settings we will be able to set cyclical inclusion and off the outlet, select the pre.installed countdown time, turn on the emergency shutdown when the set power exceeds, change the main icon and turn off the LED indicator.

Then I was offered to update the firmware to version, but nothing new added.

The Bluetooth gateway function is hidden deep in the Additional settings section \ BLE SLEADE:

She saw and connected all the active devices (only a round temperature sensor did not go immediately, but after 2 hours). It is worth recalling that zigbee devices are not supported, they need another gateway.

In the scenarios of automation, everything is quite scarce, the outlet cannot initiate scripts, but only as a controlled device.

Here Xiaomi is very far behind the Tuya sockets, in which you can configure the scenario when reaching a specific power. Through such a socket, I automated my electric heated towel rail, to automatic shutdown 3 hours after turning on. With the version from Xiaomi it will not work.

Voice Directed by Yandex Alice

The device supports integration into the Yandex smart house and the possibility of voice control through Alice.

And here it is worth praising Yandex, because the devices are supported not only in but also in the Chinese region (stone in the AQARA Home garden).

But in Homekit, the outlet cannot be added directly, there is no support.

Remote control

By replacing ordinary switches with smart ones, you can control lighting using automated scenarios, by timer or through the AQARA Home application. Device control is available through voice assistants. New items are compatible with all popular assistants: Alice from Yandex, Apple Siri and Marusya from

AQARA new products support different work scenarios. For example, turn on and turn off the devices in the application. it is convenient if you are already on the way, and the lamps must be extinguished remotely. The keys of the Smart switch can perform the functions of physical buttons to control directly by lighting, or logical-to activate any smart home devices, including air conditioning.

Prize design

The frame of the devices is made of metal, and the case and keys are made of white plastic. AQARA products are made in a minimalist design, thought out to the smallest detail. On the switches, there is a LED indicator luminous in the dark, which can be extinguished in the application, if you need to create complete darkness.

For safe use to SMART switches, added protection against overheating. But the manufacturer recommends using lamps with a power of at least 3 W, since the device switches the load up to 8 amperes.