Applications Not Installing On Apple Watch 3

Applications Not Installing On Apple Watch 3

Ten consecutive solutions to the problem.

About problems updating software and application loading error Apple does not give comments. You have to look for a solution, passing through all stages in turn: from simple to complex.

Note: To combat the problem of “gray waiting icons” and errors when downloading applications from the App Store, it is recommended that you complete all the steps in turn. At any time, the download can go further and the need to carry out the next steps described in this instruction will disappear.

Step 0. Read the news.. Step 1. Check your internet connection

The reason why the application may not load or update may be the banal lack of Internet traffic or problems in the operation of the wireless Wi-Fi network surrounding you. The icon of a working Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE still says nothing.

Decision: Open the Safari browser and go to any web page. If everything is in order with the connection, we move on.

Step 2. Stop the download

A hovering gray icon, which remains in the status of “Waiting” or “Download” for a long time, is a reason to stop downloading.

Decision: Tap on the icon, thereby stopping the download. Repeated tap can be a solution to problems and the application will start loading.

Step 3. Turn on / off air mode

You can also try downloading again with the help of a short-term transition to the “On Airplane” mode.

Decision: From the Springboard screen, pile up and down and click on the airplane image. Wait a few seconds and turn off the mode by tap again on the icon.

Step 4. Uninstall the application with reinstallation

A complete removal of the application (if possible) with further reinstallation can help in this situation.

Step 5. Parallel installation of the second application. Step 6. Re-login

You can reanimate a hung application by logging out of your account with re-authorization.

Step 7. Rebooting the iOS device

As another treatment option for a dangling and stalled loading of a gray application, you can resort to rebooting the device.

Decision: Hold down the Power key and turn off the device. After restarting, the application may automatically start the installation. Alternatively, use a hard reset: for several seconds, hold down the Power and Home keys.

Step 8. Sync purchases with Mac / PC

If none of the above items helped, and the application still flatly refuses to load (there is no way to either suspend the installation or remove it), you need to synchronize with the stationary version of iTunes.

Step 9. Complete reset

You can resume downloading the application radically by performing a complete reset.

Decision: Start Small and Exercise Reset Network Settings: open Settings. Reset. Reset Network Settings. In case this did not help, get ready to completely reset all the settings. Before performing this step, back up your iOS device. Open Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset All Settings.

Step 10. Switching to DFU Mode

The last hope for the opportunity to get the desired application or update right now may be the transfer of a smartphone or tablet to DFU mode.

Decision: Connect the device to the computer. Launch iTunes. Hold down the Power key and immediately Home. Hold for 10 seconds. The device will reboot. Continue to hold both keys until the Apple logo appears. At the moment when a white apple appears on the screen, release the Power key, and hold the Home key until the iTunes logo appears with the cable connected. After iTunes writes that the iOS device is in recovery mode, you can exit DFU mode. Hold down the Power and Home keys at the same time, and hold for 10 seconds until the device reboots.