Application To Connect Phone To Tv

You can display information on a Samsung TV from various sources. The smartphone was no exception. As part of the article, the issue of connecting the phone to the Samsung TV was considered.

Connectivity options

If you synchronize your phone and Samsung display, you can:

  • Play mobile games that will be displayed in full screen. By pairing the mouse, keyboard or gamepad on bluetooth, you can build a kind of console for light versions of games.
  • Watch movies,s, photos and other sources of information running on the phone.
  • Search for information on the Internet through the phone, looking at the display of a larger diagonal.
  • Manage content on your TV via smartphone.

Let’s look at all the possible wireless pairing. There are many ways to connect Samsung Smart-TV with iOS and Android phones.

Screen mirroring

Technology for duplicating Samsung master slave screen. This option is on many smartphones. For example: Galaxy S8, A5, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc. TVs of the series: F, J, K, M. support this option. To connect:

  1. Turn on Smart TV.
  2. Press the “Sources” button on the remote control and select “Screen Mirroring” as such.
  1. Take the same action on your smartphone. Expand the notification curtain completely and activate the option.
  1. Select your TV in the devices found.

In later versions of firmware, the desired function may be called: “Smart View”. If the device does not detect additional devices, check that:

  1. The TV was connected to Wi-Fi, the Internet and was in pairing mode.
  2. Mobile was in the same WiFi network.
  3. The router worked properly, and the devices were in a good coverage area.
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Smart View App

So that you can connect to the TV from any Android and iOS device, the developers provided the above option for other models as an application. Consider a more detailed instruction on the question. how to connect the phone to the Samsung TV:

  1. TV and mobile should be in the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Download the Smart View app from the “Play Market” or “AppStore” and launch it on your phone.
  1. Nearby TVs appear in the software menu. Select your device and click “Connect”.

It is noteworthy that the option works adequately with iPhone 7, 8 and older versions.

In addition to the “screen mirroring” function, you can:

  • Control a Smart-TV smartphone instead of a remote control.
  • Use a touch dialer as an analogue of a gamepad.
  • Turn off the TV or put it into standby mode (sleep).

YouTube Broadcast

YouTube allows you to duplicate the playback of clips on the TV screen. For this:

  1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone. Click on the icon of your account and go to “Settings”. Click Watch on TV.
Application To Connect Phone To TV

  1. Connect both gadgets to the same Wi-Fi network. If the mobile does not see Smart-TV, do a manual pairing by clicking “Connect manually”.
  1. On TV in a similar application, request a code. Type in this code on the smartphone and click “OK”. Two devices will make a stable connection.
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If both devices are ready to connect, the corresponding icon will appear in the application.


If the previous options are based on Wi-Fi Direct (pairing two devices using one router), Miracast allows you to pair two devices directly, regardless of the network with which they receive Internet.

The only condition is that both gadgets must support Miracast technology. To sync:

  1. Activate Miracast on a TV device.
  2. In the gadget on Android, lower the curtain, enable the corresponding option.
  3. In the new screen, click “Start.”
  1. After the gadget is detected and paired with it, a stable connection will be established.

There will be a delay. it is especially noticeable during the dynamic scenes of a movie or game. It’s difficult to achieve perfect synchronization wirelessly, especially in high resolution. If you need a stable, high-quality picture without problems. connect the TV to the Android device via cable.

Wired connection

To duplicate the smartphone screen with a minimum delay in the information displayed on the Samsung TV, create a wired connection.

Dex station

There is a special accessory that allows you to build Samsung Galaxy phones (j5, j7, a7 or another line) with any TV. The accessory is called: “Dex station.” It works in two variations:

  1. The smartphone duplicates the image on the screen with a large diagonal.
  2. The smartphone is used as a mini PC, and the “Dex” shell appears on the screen.
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This accessory is connected to any TV via an HDMI cable. This is a hybrid docking station for the phone, combined with the functions of the TV-Box for large displays.

You can connect as follows:

  1. Use an HDMI cable to connect the station to the TV.
  2. Put the phone on a stand by connecting it to the MicroUSB port.
  3. On TV, select this station as the source.
  4. On the Android device, specify the type of information displayed. “Duplication”.

MHL-HDMI adapter

If both devices support MHL technology, they can be connected using the MHL-HDMI adapter. At the same time, the devices can be of any company, and not just Samsung. The adapter may also be called an HDTV.

To display on a large screen:

  1. Plug the adapter into the micro-USB port of the phone.
  2. Use a high-quality HDMI male-to-male cable to connect the adapter to the TV.
  3. Connect the power using a removable micro-USB cable. It is possible to network 220, it is possible to a portable battery.
  4. Turn on the TV and select the playback source. through the desired HDMI port.

USB Card Reader

If you need to take out the and photos stored on the phone’s SD card onto the big screen, use the card reader and play the data on the large display.

If you want to play backs and photos taken from the camera, they are located in the DCIM folder.