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TOP-24 programs and online services that allow you to change your voice on the record and in real time

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If you are unhappy with how you sound in audio recordings or video, you want to play friends or maintain confidentiality during a telephone conversation, use the tools to convert vocals. Such software is easy to configure and use, so you can use it even with minimal audio monomontal knowledge or without them at all. In this article, we will consider commercial and free programs for changing the vote on computers and phones, as well as online services.

Step.By.Step guide for changing votes in the video in Filmora

Filmora. One of the best video editing programs for beginners with easy to use, but quite powerful tools for editing video and audio. For users of a free trial version, if you export audio from Wondershare Filmora, there will be no watermarks and restrictions. Therefore, you can download it and experience the possibilities of editing audio for free.

Now let’s see how to add and change the voice to Filmora with a step.By.Step guide.

Add a sunbathing voice or add a video

Wondershare Filmora allows you to change your voice in video/audio and recorded sunbathing voice. You can either click “imports” in the main windows to import video/audio files into the user album, or click the Sanding Voice button above the time scale to write down your own voice. Imported video/audio files then can be added to the time scale for editing, and the recorded sound will automatically appear on the sound track.

Each time you click the added video/audio or a recorded sunbathing voice on a time scale, you open the editing panel. You should see parameters such as speed, volume, smooth appearance, disappearance and pitch.

Change the voice by changing the tone height

Both video/audio files and a sunbringing voice on a temporary scale have a “pitch” parameter. With it, you can easily change the voice acting of a video or a recorded sunbathing voice. Just drag a small triangle button to the desired position. Value will vary from.12 to 12.

Best Voice Changer For YouTube Videos! (Free Voice Changer)

Change your voice in the video by setting speed (optional)

As you can see, 4 parameters are provided for the “speed” parameter. The “Video speed” parameter will act both for the selected video and for audio traffic. For music files and voicing the parameter “speed” also works, but only affects the sound itself.

Export the changed video/audio

When you are satisfied with a changed voice, it’s time to save the video or audio. All popular video formats and audio format mp3 are supported. To do this, click “Export” and select “Format”. From the list, select the desired format and press the “Export” button. The file will be exported to the specified folder on the computer.

Tips: Before export, always first watch the video/audio in pre.Viewing windows to make sure this is exactly what you need.


A universal audio editor, which includes advanced processing tools, audio filters and sound recording tools. The editor works with imported audio roads and captures an audio pass through a microphone, there is also an option to extract audio from video files.

The audiomaster recognizes all popular audio formats and includes such useful options as a tone height corrector, a package of audio effects, volume adjustment. It also has a built-in equalizer, a frequency filter, a tool for creating a 3D sound and much more.

Software is supplied with ready.Made installations that can be edited for a more unique sound. With it, you can edit any part of the audio file and improve the sound quality. The audiomaster is designed for users with any level of skills, convenient management allows you to master the editor in just a few minutes.

Download the program for free right now:

  • Extensive collection of built.In filters
  • Large set of plugins and tools
  • Advanced equalizer to create your own presets
  • Convenient working panel designed for users at all levels

How To Change Your Voice In Any App iPhone. How To Change Your Voice In Any App iPad

Frequently asked questions about Voice Changer

If the change in the voice is used only for entertainment, and not in order to intimidate or intimidate others on social networks, this is not illegal.

Open the Google Home application on your phone or android tablet. Touch the image of the profile or initial symbol of the assistant setting in the upper right corner. Tap the “assistant” “assistant’s voice” and choose a voice.

In fact, microphones will change the sound of your voice. Some microphones can capture your voice more precisely than others. How you hear your voice, differs from how it really sounds.

In this post, we mainly talk about the converter of the voice. We list the 10 best applications to change your voice to your choice. Regardless of whether you want to change your vote on the Internet or use a device for changing the voice on PC / Mac and the portable device iOS / Android, you will easily find the right application.

What is the best HD video player? This post lists the 5 best applications for playing a video in Full HD format (1080p / 720p video player), which will help you play multimedia files on computers running Windows 10/7/8 / XP and Mac with excellent visual perception.

What is 3D-sound and where you can download 3D-sound? In this post, we will show how to download and add 3D-Audio to the video.

Program for changing the voice with special effects

A novelty with a speaking name, predictable set of actions and to the smallest details thought out. Here each button is in sight, the records change by the first press, and persist on internal memory, in cloud storages or in social networks.

Of the shortcomings of the application, it is worth noting only a small number of effects (there were about 10 at the start, after a series of updates. A little more than 15), and a tremendous amount of advertising. Otherwise, a free tool will help with a change in voice, and will not even take a lot of time.


On the Google Play Market you can find many applications that allow you to change the user’s voice. Some of them can only process dictaphone notes and do not work in real time (during the call). Those that offer such an opportunity require the design of paid subscription.

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Funcalls. Voice Changer Call Recording

Let’s start with a rather funny FunCalls application, which allows you to call with a change of voice to any numbers of the world. Sound effects are used both during the call and when recording on the recorder. The calls themselves are also stored in a separate file so that they can share them in the future. There are five options for changing the voice: “helium”, “funny”, “man”, “terrible”, “ordinary”. Each of them has its own frequency and timbre, and they can be changed directly during the conversation.

The presence of additional sound effects that overlap on top of the voice should be highlighted. Among them are dog barking, feline meowing, bunches, etc. D. Calls are supported on stationary and mobile phones about 150 countries. It is impossible not to tell you about the two main shortcomings: firstly, the application has not been translated into Russian and can cause difficulties among novice users, and secondly, only one call is available for free. For each subsequent one will have to pay at the fixed tariff indicated in Funcalls.

Voice modulator

The next application has more modest functionality, since it does not allow to change the voice in real time. It is focused on audio recordings and their processing, but no one prohibits the use of the sounds received during the conversation in the future. The main menu contains four sections: “write audio”, “open audio”, “preservation of the record” and “more”. Thus, at first the user writes a regular voice, after which he imposes sound effects, which can be several pieces and saves the resulting file on the phone. The following voice modes are available: robot, chipmunk, child, old man, Martian, choir, bee, foreigner, nervous, drunk, under water, etc.

It is worth noting that you can process the voice modulator not only records from the recorder, but also any other sound files, for example, musical compositions. Each audio file received is endowed with metadata: the name, date of creation, the name of the effects used, the storage place in the phone’s memory, as well as the size and duration. The application is free and does not imply built.In purchases, but it shows an advertisement.

Magiccall. Voice Changer App

Based on the reviews in the Play Market, MagicCall is a somewhat dubious solution, but still allows you to change the voice when calling. The main claim of users is the expensive subscription necessary for the calls. Immediately after registration, you get free loans to try out the application, but in the future you will have to pay money. There are the voices of the girl, men, the hero of the cartoon, the child, the president, some celebrities, etc. D. As in the case of Funcalls, there are other sounds that can be applied over the voice: cotton, kiss, laughter, etc.

The application has an affiliate program that allows you to use it for free if you are giving friends. Translation into Russian is not provided. Magiccall is loaded from the market for free, but is equipped with built.In purchases and advertising.

Voice converter

The latest solution for Android, like the voice modulator, does not change the voice during a real time call. The “converter” uses a recorder, after which it allows you to process the received entry. The base of voice effects includes the following: dragon, giant, robot, zombie, drunk, squirrel, alien, backwards, under the helium ball, etc. D.

The received entry can be shared on social networks, send it by e.Mail or saved in your phone memory. It is also possible to establish it as a ringtone or the sound of notification directly from the main menu. It is not necessary to use your voice as an initial. The algorithm is implemented that allows you to automatically convert the desired text into the voice of the selected character. The appendix has internal purchases and advertising, and the Inte Weep is translated into Russian.

Description of the VoiceChanger application

The application was developed by Elias Limneos. It is suitable for iOS systems, versions above 4. The utility can be installed on Apple mobile devices. The program can be installed by any person who has at the disposal any gadget of the company.

Programs for a computer

Before installing the program to change the voice, it is recommended to check whether the specific product supports the recording from the microphone.

Fake Voice

The program is distinguished by a simple integration. Fake Voice is distributed on a free basis and requires a minimum of free space on a hard drive. After installing users, access to an equalizer with four sliders opens up.

Fake Voice also adds its own virtual microphone, so you can call messengers, speaking in a changed voice.

Voxal Voice Changer

The application spreads on a free basis and is intended to control the sound of the voice. The program, in comparison with competitors, offers more effects, differing at the same time as a convenient intensity.

Voxal Voice Changer can be used to change pre.Recorded conversations or direct speech. The program provides for various effects such as Echo, radio, phone and so on. To launch these functions, it is enough to open “Edit” and choose a suitable sound.

Morphvox Jr

Morphvox JR also spreads free and supports only 3 votes: male, female and gnomes. Users are available 4 sound effects that can be launched during the conversation.

Morphvox JR is able to change the voice in all programs that support the microphone, including online games and messengers. For a surcharge, you can purchase a pro-version of this application, which contains several dozen sound effects.


SCRAMBY, despite a simple performance, offers several dozen sound effects that can be applied during a conversation. The application is characterized by the following features:

  • Works in popular messengers and online games;
  • Contains sound effects of the environment (crowd, wind, and so on);
  • The effects are added by pressing one button;
  • Conversations can be recorded.

Scramby automatically sets up the sound quality, making a voice cleaner.

Clowfish Voice Changer

This modifier is able to interact with any programs supporting the virtual microphone. The application is automatically tuned after installation. That is, the program can be used immediately without making additional changes.

A lot of votes are offered to choose from, including an alien, child and others. Clowfish Voice Changer is not Russified, but understandable icons help to understand the functions. After starting the application, the interlocutor in the messenger will hear another voice. If necessary, during a conversation, you can add background sounds or combine several audio files into one (this function supports the combination of no more than four records).