Application blocking on Android TV. Visidon App

How to delete, freeze applications on Android TV

In this article I will understand how without the use of additional devices using the Remote Adb Shell program installed on the Android TV device to send certain commands to perform the necessary actions.

In our case, for freezing-deprivation or removal of system applications.It happens that when you turn off the system applications in the usual way, such as the stock (full.time) Launcher (Loncher) or the recommendations (are found on TV) after rebooting the device, they are re.activated, launched, in this note let’s see how to turn off or delete the applications using the Shell command!

Attention! Before deleting any system application, first disconnect it and within a week or two (depending on the frequency of use of the device), see how the system works!

To begin with, you need to install the program “Remote Adb Shell“ For this, you can use the Download “Downloader” application (eat on the Play Market) enter the link (link a little lower) and click “GO” or use some browser with support support!

Installed the program, then it will be necessary to get the “developer’s rights”, we open “Settings”,

We open the section “Settings of the device”,

Next, open the item “On the device”,

We click seven times on the assembly number, before the notice of the notification “You became a developer”,

application, blocking, android

A notification appeared, click “Back”,

We open the section “For developers”,

Next, we turn on “USB debugging” on some devices may be called “ADB debugging”,

Included, we return “back”,

Next, it will be necessary to see the IP address of the device, open “Network and the Internet”,

Next, open our network,

We write out or remember the IP address of the device and return “back”,

Next, we see the “Application Package Name”, open the section “Applications”,

“Show system applications”,

Find and open the necessary applications,

We write out “The name of the application package”, in this case it is the Play Games program, then we also write out the “Package name” of applications that need to be frozen and can later be removed by pressing the “Back” button to “The main screen of the device”,

Let’s see how to turn it out and delete applications on the example of the program “Play Music“ (This application is no longer supported by Google, it was replaced by the program “YouTube Music”), I will also delete “Play Video” and “Play Game”, open the program “Remote Adb Shell “,

LAN drive для Андроид и не только ТВ приставки

Enter the IP address of the device and click the “Connect” button,

In the check box we put a checkmark and click the “Allow” button,

We freeze, turn off the application on the example of the Play Music program, enter the command and confirm on this keyboard this is “Run”,

The team was successful, the application is disconnected,

We defrost, activate the application, enter the command and confirm,


A powerful and at the same time simple means of protecting individual applications on smartphones running Android. Using Applock, you can prohibit access to any application or game.

Protection is carried out by installing a password. In this case, it is possible to protect certain files, for example, groups of photographs from the gallery. The main capabilities of this application include blocking incoming and outgoing calls, protection against application removal, the use of graphic keys, powerful self.defense (preventing the disconnection of tasks), hiding the Applock icon, automatic blocking the selected application at the indicated time, as well as many other useful functions.

Smart App Protector

Less well.known, but no less reliable means of protecting information on your device from prying eyes. Unlike Applock, Smart App Protector has a set of additional control tools.

The most interesting of them is the observer mode. when working in this mode, the application monitors unsuccessful attempts to remove the lock, capturing pictures of a potential “cracker” with a front camera.

The use of a text and graphic password, preventing the shutdown and auto-feed of the screen, blocking at a given time, also backup and restoration of the list of applications is supported.

Application blocking

Application blocking is a special application for protecting user applications from unauthorized access to personal data on a mobile device. Installation is free, possible for all users of the Android operating system.

At the first launch of the application, authorization occurs in the system. It is necessary to specify the used graphic key on the mobile device and specify the email address in order to increase the level of guaranteed security. In the settings of the application, you can also introduce a control question.

The functionality of the application provided:

  • application blocking;
  • encryption of photos and video content;
  • Template backup of applications;
  • Using gestures for navigation.

To add protection to user applications, you must activate the Easy Applock function in the mobile device settings.

The application integral integratively understandable, white-blue color scheme is used. The application screen is divided into three horizontal blocks, each of which is designed to set various encryption or protection settings for user files. The upper unit contains the following functions:

To add a ban on various installed applications, it is necessary to translate the button from the gray state from the red, which is located opposite the name of the application.

List of programs to which you can add blocking when starting:

  • gallery;
  • messages;
  • browser;
  • contacts and challenges;
  • Email;
  • camera;
  • Dictaphone;
  • Instagram;
  • Skype;
  • in contact with;
  • ;
  • telegrams;
  • and etc.

Available functions for application protection:

  • installation of a graphic key;
  • use of a PIN code;
  • unlock on fingerprint;
  • application blocking at the exit;
  • hiding the text;
  • Hare notification.

The application contains advertising content in the form of a strip at the bottom of the screen. The premium version of the application allows you to establish a locking and installation of new applications, as well as on the entrance to the settings of the user’s mobile device. To increase safety, you can hide the icon of the installed lock.

After setting the settings to the lock, the entrance to the application will be carried out in accordance with the selected methods. over, the user can set a few level protection to maximize data security on his device.

Application blocking on APKSHKI.COM downloaded 3201 times. Application blocking is distributed free of charge in APK expansion.

All applications and games on our website are mandatory with antivirus with the latest signatures.

Screen locks for Android

If you want to increase the level of safety of a mobile device and limit the access of persons to your confidential information, we advise you to choose the optimal solution that satisfies all the requirements. We are talking about a variety of ways to unlock the gadget, and in the collection below, you will find the best applications for blocking the screen on Android.

CM Locker is a free Android application that has a wide range of functions and a high.quality Russian.speaking Inte Week. To unlock the screen, you can use a graphic key or a pin code. There are a variety of topics and additional desktop widgets. The wallpaper you like can be added to the favorites.

There is an integrated charging master, as well as a tool to clean the RAM. To close the background processes loading the battery and RAM, it is enough to press one key.

You can manually choose programs, games and messengers that can send notifications. There is an option “Photo of an attacker” that allows you to take pictures of third-party faces on a selfie camera, with an incorrect entry of a password more than 3 times. Theft protection includes the functions of remote control of the gadget and activation of the siren.

  • Daily wallpaper car recorders;
  • Quick response to messages;
  • tint system;
  • Allows you to change the appearance;
  • Control of the battery charge;
  • Weather forecast (temperature, wind speed);
  • High positions in the Google Play store;
  • The ability to display notifications on the lock screen;
  • The choice of movement for unlocking (up, to the right, in any direction).

Hi Locker-a powerful program for blocking applications and screen using a pin code, graphic key or fingerprints. Offers the choice of beautiful wallpaper and styles. He knows how to show events from the calendar, as well as the exact time, date and weather forecast, which is automatically updated every hour.

  • Hiding a line of condition;
  • function App Lock;
  • Convenient notification system;
  • The presence of different widgets for the clock;
  • There are several methods of unlocking;
  • The conclusion of the covers of songs from the musical player;
  • Fast access to frequently used content.

Solo Locker will provide a huge number of styles and HD wallpaper to replace the standard display blocking integration. A thin setting of the main screen is available, namely, changing the color and size of the font of text inscriptions, adjusting widgets over time, date, weather forecast and media player, notifications and much more.

You can set the countdown of days to an important event, for example: birthday, wedding, new year, business meetings. The utility allows you to establish additional protection in the form of a photoparol.

  • The presence of the Applock tool;
  • Change in color and font size;
  • Reminders of the small charge of the battery;
  • Entering your text in the field for unlocking with a swipe;
  • Working with any devices on Android 4.0 and above.

Echo Notification Lockscreen. high.quality screen lock from Double Labs. Knows how to protect access to any programs and games by installing a graphic key. You can use a good set of animated wallpapers.

Soft received a modern design with a Russian.speaking intese. Includes a means of organizing notification from system utilities, social networks and instant messengers.

  • Change in the state;
  • Saving the battery charge;
  • Useful function “Time out display”;
  • Automatic backlight adjustment;
  • Integration with a musical player;
  • The possibility of setting up the sleeping mode;
  • Notification output from WatsApp, Viber, Skype and so on.

Joy Locker boasts several ways to block the display. With the help of a special Charge function, you can keep abreast of the battery charge state and prevent its increased load. There are many different wallpapers and there are also available installation of photos from the SD card or memory of the device. You can hide notifications from certain services and social networks.

  • The conclusion of the covers from the musical player;
  • Selection of templates for unlocking your smartphone;
  • Quick transition to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight and so on;
  • Support for 7- and 10-inch displays with high resolution;
  • Providing weather information in your region.

ZUI Locker. popular Android lock software. Contains the built-in ZUI Wallpaper store with various HDs and widgets. There is a tool for protection against random presses. There is a function of automatic updating of living wallpaper. Available tool for optimizing the RAM BOOSTER system.

  • Beautiful animation;
  • Sleep timer installation;
  • The presence of a master;
  • Display of the date and time;
  • Set of styles for the notification panel;
  • Creating a white and black list of programs;
  • Double press to include a sleeping mode;
  • Allows you to remove the screen lock with one pole.

GO Locker is a good utility that provides a fine setting of a lock screen in a tablet or phone on Android. The choice of background is available: transparent, standard, random, desktop or your image.

The latest version of the software allows you to download free new topics (Christmas, mechanics, space, Windows 10, etc. There is an option for a direct transition to the phone book, messages, gallery, camera, flashlight and so on.

  • Installation of hot keys;
  • Use of living wallpaper;
  • Unusual styles for Lock Screen;
  • Communication with the support service on the official website;
  • Unlocking the screen using a password, pin code or gestures.
  • Display of incoming messages from Skype, Viber, WatsApp. VK,

Screen Lock is a reliable and simple option to unlock your device. Includes the remote control administrator, provides several ways to activate the Android display, for example: Shake to Wakeup), hand over the movement sensor, raising the gadget above the table and so on.

Method 1. Best Blocking Applications on Android

Google Play Store is clogged with programs of this kind literally to the eyeballs. Search request “Application Blocking” will issue dozens of results. But what is the best? It seems to us that a rather good option can be the application under the laconic name Locker.

Locker allows not only to block applications, but can also customize your lock screen

The program is “prescribed” in the settings and allows you to block the Parol code any applications. At the same time, this program has a small flaw. by entering the “Settings” you can find Locker, without problems find a blocked program and unlock it. But this omission can be bypassed by putting the password on Entrance to the Support application of the smartphone. Keep this in mind

If you want more reliable protection than a password, which, if desired, can be hacked or selected, then a program that works with biometric sensors is suitable for you. For example, with a scanner of a fingerprint. For this, App Lock app is best suited.

Biomethetic sensors are quite reliable

With it, you can make it so that when you open any program (in your choice, of course) you would need to use a fingerprint to use the functions of the application. App Lock is ideal for blocking instant messengers like WhatsApp. Or to block access to a gallery of photos and videos. By the way, we even devoted a separate material to the issues of concealing photos and videos. Subscribe to our channel in telegrams so as not to miss such materials in the future.

How to block applications using Android tools

Unfortunately, the “clean” green robot on a similar trick is not capable. However, manufacturers very often add options for additional safety to their smartphones.

For example, Samsung smartphones owners have the opportunity to store applications, photos and other files in a special secure folder. A separate code is set on it. At the same time, without knowledge of this code, it will not even be possible to access a personal computer to a secure folder by connecting a smartphone via usb to it. You can turn on the protected folder in the “Settings” application by selecting the “Safety” item. There you will also get the opportunity to install all the parameters of the folder safety, select applications for locking, install a password, and so on.

Samsung took care of users’ safety

Huawei offers a similar function, only it works a little differently (and not so convenient, in our opinion). To do this, you can create a second user and move all programs to this account. At the same time, the programs are not only in different sectors of memory, the smartphones of Huawei also have the ability to choose a user on a blocked screen. This means that in order to gain access to blocked content, you can simply use another finger to unlock the smartphone. For example, an nameless or little finger to exclude random unlocking. At the same time, you will use a smartphone, as usual, and few will guess that there are “secrets” on your gadget in general.

How to configure Open VPN on Android TV

Open VPN how to set up on Android TV Antizapret-TCP Zaborona-Shelp Ukraine, bypassing site blocking and applications!

In this article, I will figure out how to add configuration files (settings), for (antizapret-TCP) and Ukraine (Zaborona-Shelp) to the Open VPN program.As you know, the connection via VPN lowers the speed of the Internet connection, this application does not miss all traffic via VPN, and costs only blocked resources, that is, it does not affect the speed of the Internet connection of the entire device. detailed information can be found on the website of anti.back, the link will be slightly below.The Open VPN for Android program can be installed from the Play Market, there is also a version for mobile devices OpenVPN Connect.Configuration files can be downloaded on devices and moved to the Android TV device available; flash drive, cloud storage, etc!

Браузер для Android TV с полной поддержкой пульта, закладками и синхронизацией

Attention! Application version for Android TV 10 OpenVPN_ATV-28_0.7.23: http: // ccl.SU/Nimr

Let’s start all in order!

Open Google Play Store,

In the search we collect Open VPN, install the application, return to the main screen,

To download files, I will use the Google Chrome browser, (you need a mouse),

Opened chrome, in the search line we write “anti.background”, activate the search,

First download the “Anti.Brows” file, we go down,

Click (click), on the “configuration file”, download the file,

application, blocking, android

Downloaded the file, go up, download the file “Figory Help”,

Click (click) to the “Help”, go to the site “Zaborona Help”,

Choose and open “Android

Click (click) on Zaborona-Shelp_maxroutes.ovpn “, download the file,

The file is downloaded, we return to the main screen,

We open the program “Open VPN”

I import a downloaded file, depending on the location, for “Ru” to “Antizapret-TCP”, for “UA”-“”, I will download both files, for imports you need to click on the file icon in the upper, right corner,

If the device is not installed “ES conductor” (file manager), it can be set by the link (link for “Downloader”); http: // catcut.NET/VV2R or “ES Conductor”, if the system does not offer to use the file manager for this action, at the end of the article we will consider another option for importing files.Next, click “Only now”

Open the Download “Download” folder,

For “RU”, click (click), on the Antizapret-TCP folder “,

Choose the second option, “file”,

Give the application permission to access files, allow,

The configuration file is successfully read, click on the “check” with the upper, right corner,

It turned out all, now we add the Zaborona-Shelp file in the same way,

Click on the icon in the right, upper corner,

“Hatch” in the right, upper corner,

The second file is downloaded, you can use,

How to put a password on the Android application?

Some smartphone manufacturers provide protective mechanisms that can block any application from attackers and curious users. Such an option must be sought in OS configurations.

Miui firmware from the Xiaomi brand

  • The first step is to go to the settings and click the “Application Castle” item;
  • A window with a list of available utilities and games will be displayed, check the checkmarks opposite those to which you are going to limit access;
  • After entering the password, confirm it and press the OK button;
  • Now, when starting the applications you marked in the blocker, the window pops up on the screen with a request to enter the key.

Meizu Flyme shell

  • It is enough to go into “safety” and find the appropriate section (as shown in the screenshot);
  • Select the software icons that you want to block;
  • Then you need to create a password and press the confirmation key;
  • After that, all blocked applications request access permission.

Zen UI from ASUS

  • Open the configurations;
  • We go to the Applock Mode item;
  • To create a PIN code, we enter the combinations of numbers into the corresponding lines and click Next;
  • Next, you need to click on the icons of programs that you want to protect;
  • Ready, when opening a specific utility, the system will ask for a digital password for launch.

There are different manufacturers using such protective functionality, for example, Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Motorola, HTC, etc.D.

Install the password using App Lock

The utility from the developer 302 Lock Screen is one of the most common methods to install a password for applications for the Android system, as well as your files and folders.

The main advantages. spreads absolutely free, uses advanced encryption algorithms, has an understandable Russian.speaking Inteime. Does not conflict with antivirus agents, does not contain malicious. Profiles for different users are provided. The only negative is often pop.up advertising with active connection to the mobile Internet Internet.

How to work with eploc?

  • Download and install APK from Play Market;
  • Run the program, read the license agreement and give permission for upcoming settings and work;
  • Immediately enter the desired code code;
  • A separate tab with the labels of all applications/games will appear;
  • You can put a password on a gallery, market, chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram messengers, VK, Instagram,. and T social networks, and t.D. Lock is made by pressing the switch in the form of a lock;
  • After adding all the installations, you need to click the “apply” button and confirm the request for permission again;
  • Now all the objects protected in Smart Applock will not be opened in the usual way, you will have to unlock access by entering the key.

In addition to the above function, the program has a couple more beneficial advantages:

  • You can make not only a standard PIN, but also set a new text password for games or other applications;
  • Support for unlocking the imprint “Hold your finger”;
  • Defense protection from removal (no one can delete these objects except you);
  • The ability to hide any application/game from the list of utilities;
  • Knows how to put a password for calls, SMS, Wi-Fi connection, correspondence on social networks;
  • Will help to use several accounts for locks;
  • Allows you to add different shortcuts for “turn” and “screen” modes.

Privacy App

Privacy Applock has all the already mentioned “gentleman’s set” of options for concealing applications, so it makes no sense to repeat them. I would like to dwell on the distinctive features of the program. For example, for unlocking applications, you can assign a shaking function. Or “hide” it in the error report on the launch of the program, when to obtain access, you need to take certain actions in the window of this “error”. And there is also no annoying advertising. How it is not in our news group in telegram. Be sure to subscribe!

Applock IVYMOBILE. will confuse all the traces

Ivymobile Applock allows you to block almost everything in your device. In addition to all applications, it will also protect contacts, gallery, settings, email and so on. over, for unlocking you can also “shuffle” the keyboard for entering. Let’s say you can change some numbers, but they will be displayed in the old place. Why is it necessary? Well, for example, it is useful to include this option in crowded places and then even if the attacker saw that you entered the password, he will not recognize it, since he will remember the wrong sequence

How to install an aptooide TV on TV

You can install the application in three ways: through a browser on a TV, Wi-Fi or from a flash drive. I’ll tell you about the two most convenient ones. through the browser and from the flash drive. To install Aptoide TV through a browser, first you need to have Google Chrome on your TV.

  • Then open the browser on Android TV and go to the site
  • Click “Download Aptoide TV”.
  • Run the installation through the file manager. During the installation process, do not forget to give the necessary permits.
  • After that, go to the “Applications” on the main screen and open it.

How to install an application from a flash drive on Android TV

This method seemed to me the most convenient, since there is always a laptop at hand. Everything is done very simple.

  • Follow this link and click “Download Aptoide TV”;
  • Go to the “download” section and open the folder with the file;
  • Copy the file with the installer on the flash drive and remove it;
  • Then insert the carrier into the USB TV;
  • Open the file manager (I personally use ES File Explorer. it is free) and run the installer, following the instructions.

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How to use Aptoide TV

After installation, you just need to start the application store and find the right application. You can do this through categories cards on the main screen. Popular applications are displayed at the very top, you can find games, applications for broadcasts and updating all applications a little lower. In order to install the application from the Aptoide TV, just select the right card from the proposed and click “Install”. Please note that in Aptoide TV there is also the opportunity to leave reviews and grades.

Users also leave reviews on applications

The store has its settings at the Appendix store. For example, you can turn on the remote installation of applications from a smartphone or configure preferences based on your controller: Aptoide TV will show only the consoles for the remote control or only for the gamepad.

You can change the design topic or choose preferences of applications for the remote control or gamepad

In general, without Google Play, we will definitely not be lost until there are alternative applications stores. And what do you use on your TV?